#Ferguson Protestors Move Anger Shop To The Big Apple…

The perpetually disgruntled must not have families.

Why do I say that? Because they spent all of Thanksgiving in Ferguson Missouri doing their silly Stompy Dance, and never left, yet they didn’t live there.   They must not have families, or at least any family that wants their association. But you can’t really blame their families though, would you want a house filled with constant grouches?  Exhausting.

Now, I guess, they’re moving on up. Apparently they’ve moved the unwashed drum circle and grievance committee to New York City. Travel expenses courtesy of donations?

These people are genuinely in a perpetual state of joylessness.

We’ve only watched the traveling occupy types during their actual events; so it’s somewhat odd to watch them go from place to place chanting angrily against, well, the stuff they’re always angry about.

That “stuff” to be angry about seems to be rather fluid depending on the geography, but essentially it appears there’s always something to be angry about.  Then again, maybe they just need to find stuff to be angry about.


Gateway Pundit has been monitoring their travels. It’s the same crew, same disposition, just a new locale:

Anger in perpetuity must be some form of a business model…

…. or something.

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51 Responses to #Ferguson Protestors Move Anger Shop To The Big Apple…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    “The most hurtful part, the officers who were the most vocal & disrespectful towards the protesters were people of color too.” Hm. What does that tell you? Hm?

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    • Gary says:

      It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the how vocal and disrespectful the protesters are to police officers of color, could it?

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      • Chip Bennett says:

        Is Deray still employed by the Minneapolis school district, or is he a professional agitator now?

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        • CCG says:

          Agitator seems to be his current profession. Fox showed a tweet he sent out asking if anyone knew NYPD Commissioner’s home address. I don’t think he realizes he’s not in Ferguson anymore. He’s messing with the big guys now.


          • Chip Bennett says:

            Yeah, DeRayRay could be in for a rude awakening. Missouri is a pretty conservative state, and overall, even St. Louis County is more conservative than not. For all the complaints about a “militarized” police response to riots, the county has tolerated him and his fellow agitators for months now, because a state like Missouri will still err on the side of freedom.

            He’s in the Socialist Playland now. DiBlasio don’t play. He’s a statist, and will use his police power to take your salt, your Big Gulp, and your illicit loose cigarette.


      • Moishe Pipik says:

        Nothing hurts a Liberal more–especially a white one–than seeing a Black person not acting the way Liberals think blacks should act.


  2. d'hack says:

    I’ve tried watching some of the streams recently but, the chants have become too much for me to bear. Tedium, pure tedium! How long will they be permitted to disrupt people on private property??

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    • justfactsplz says:

      I haven’t watches the streams recently either. I didn’t have the stomach for it. The foul language and total abuse of their town and law enforcement officers was sickening. I wonder if most of the live streamers from Ferguson are in New York? Maybe Ferguson can get a break from it now they have found a new cause.

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      • Watched the guy (Berkeley, CA.) … Supposed Marines Veteran with his dog … for awhile. He has lost all respect that he might have learned in the military. He seems to remember boot camp vividly regarding the tear gas. Maybe he never went far past boot camp. Out there with his dog … spouting that police are terrorist according to some FBI definition and some US Code #. He’s a real drama queen.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        They left a few streamers behind unfortunately and are still harassing the police daily and nightly. I am concerned about what happens in 10 days when the State of Emergency ends, and they are without the reinforcements they have now (Nat’l Guard, etc.)


        • justfactsplz says:

          I guess they are just not going to go away quietly. To think what all these people rioting have caused across our whole nation. The streamers just egged them on.


  3. When did “African American” go out of style and “People of Color” replace it? I’m so tired of the various politically correct way of saying negroid (as opposed to Caucasian) or black. While “African American” always got on my nerves, “People of Color” fries my arse. Are we not ALL people of color? I believe we are…I just happen to be a kind of rosy beige.

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  4. ar10308 says:

    Frankly, NYC is full of Bankers, Marxist, media/propaganda companies, sexual deviants, hipster trash and the most vile group of Progressives you’ll find anywhere. I can’t think of anyone who deserves those protesters more.


  5. TexasRanger says:


    Left Has Gone Totally Insane: White Christmas Song Now Racist!

    During the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Square, Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer Darius Rucker sang “White Christmas.”

    Posts on Twitter criticized Rucker, who is a black man, for singing the song written by Irving Berlin, a Jew.

    The Left has truly gone insane. The song is about snow, not race.

    It is now racist to use the word white in any context.

    If allowed to spread, the irrational insanity of the Left will destroy America.


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  6. Lottacats says:

    Black Americans or African Americans? Hmmm, the African Americans seem to be the ones yelling about how mistreated and targeted they are. Being as they prefer African and just add on the American as a second. IMO, they should head on to Africa and bitch there, see how protesting works out for them.
    And take that damn loud mouthed Al along with them!!!!

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    • eastern2western says:

      African American could also be white too. remember charlize theron because she is officially an African American, but a white African American.


      • whodoneit says:

        Right you are – I know two individuals who are originally from South Africa, and have since become American citizens, who are blond – blue eyed – and as white as they come. All blacks in this country don’t necessarily have African ancestry – so why are they all referred to as African Americans? Never made any sense to me either.


  7. Lottacats says:

    Wonder just how much was pilfered from that Disney store!


  8. skeptiktank says:

    My 1st grade teacher, who taught eight grades in one room in rural Illinois, told us that those who whine the most have the least to whine about, and are usually the guiltiest. How true.


  9. James F says:

    Rebelutionary Z and short’n’strange begged for money so they could go to NY to live stream. Neither is streaming. They claim to be sick. short stack is drunk tweeting from a bar calling it “self care” and complaint about being mobbed when going to the bathroom because she is such a big star. Thanks for the money and NYC vacation suckaz!


  10. They did a thing in Miami also. Sponsored by the Dream Defenders. Miami wasn’t putting up with the same crap they put up with in Ferguson and elsewhere. They shutdown an area and let them protest there only.


  11. Complete insanity here in Berserkeley. I skirted around the protests earlier, passed a phalanx of police just a few blocks from home, I’ve never seen so many people milling about in the streets. Now it’s 1:30 am and the helicopters are still circling overhead.


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    • Oh that’s a good one! Berserkeley ! 🙂 I watched one guys live stream (crappy, blurry video) for too long to admit about. The veteran guy with the dog. The drama queen. He’s got the whole hate police, terrorist police, thing going. Sounds like a knock off of Bassem Masri.


      • eastern2western says:

        how can any one tolerate their work of parkinsonism. especially at night time because the camera just seems to stay in and out of focus constantly.

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    • pozzo says:

      Good link , especially that last photo. Die -in while on the phone?


  12. I can’t wait to go to NYC for Christmas/sarc.

    These low info idiots need to go home and stop ruining everyone’s holidays.


  13. StormyeyesC says:

    While we all know that in reality, this ‘Revolution” is not about Mike Brown or Eric Garner or the case of the day, this shooting could have easily been the one that the left hung their hats on instead of Brown or Garner or any one of their perceived victims of racist police. This is about the communist/anarchist/Occupy revolution but they need to appeal to the emotions to get people to “empathize” and support them. They want to “Gruberize” the masses.

    Watch the 7 second video .

    This video is of actual Detectives attempting to stop a CRIMINAL in Chicago. It was taken by a Police Officer Videographer who was also in harm’s way.
    WATCH the Video First… Two or Three Times if You Want… (and) THEN Read TheText Below…
    DON’T READ UNTIL YOU WATCH THE VIDEO! Please remember these cops acted in real time.

    WHAT DID YOU SEE???? Officers ordered the suspect to put the assault rifle down, and that is what he is doing, Right? it appears he is complying and then they shoot him! OMG, he is shot! Is that what you saw? Do you want to know what it is like to work the streets as a cop, and what risks our Officers face daily?

    Watch the video again… Watch the suspect’s right hand while he places the rifle down with his left hand. What you don’t see by facing this Criminal face to face, but the Officer behind the suspect does see, is the suspect pulling a hidden handgun from his rear pants, with his right hand – the back-up yells “Gun” before firing.

    Watch as the bad guy goes down….. the handgun is still in his right hand. This is a reminder… What you think you see does not always tell the truth.

    Watch it again, and learn! It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. Citizen as well as the Media to have a better understanding of why people REALLY get shot and WHY our Officers are always in Jeopardy.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      What is even more interesting is that after being hit by multiple shots, the perp is knocked backwards from the impact of the slugs……..and he was standing still.

      Anyone see the connection to Big Mike falling face forward? Hint…Big Mike falls in the direction of the inbound slugs…..

      Amazing how inertia works.

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    • kc10lvr says:

      Wow. First two times, w/o the explanation…totally missed it. This should be required watching for all! But, alas, as all shootings now are…it will be twisted to make the perp look completely innocent. 😦


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