While The Media Remains Focused On The Manufactured “Crisis At Hand”…

There’s a whole bunch of issues not gaining any attention.

Obama Racine♦  Whatever happened to the results of the Bowe Bergdahl investigation that was completed by the Army?  (link)

♦  What about that Unaccompanied Alien Children crisis that Jeh Johnson was saying required the emergency $3.7 BILLION dollar “emergency” appropriations that never took place? (link)  Apparently HHS found a way to get the money from somewhere?

♦  The IRS scandal which now appears to contain direct ties to the White House and former Chief of Staff Jack Lew (link)

♦  2015 ObamaCare premium increases that were never supposed to happen and all the various issues.  (link)

It’s enough to make you think this is all just a distraction; enabling the White House to kick the can past the distracted media.

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54 Responses to While The Media Remains Focused On The Manufactured “Crisis At Hand”…

  1. ctdar says:

    There have been so many cans…Obama administration, the ultimate trash can tour.

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  2. Spar Harmon says:

    the squirrels are staging a population crisis in this park, I think —
    no matter which direction you look, squirrels everwhur —

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  3. Madmax says:

    I’m just shocked at how many people can be manipulated by this administration to follow some untruthful cause. The Hands up don’t shoot is based on a complete lie, yet the sheeple follow blindly including government officials.
    All this is by design of course. I also don’t have a good feeling where this will end.
    I also can’t believe how they are throwing the police under the bus which will come back to haunt them.
    Wait for another big event to take place soon so they can escalate this even more. The good people of this country are going to have to get out of their comfort zones to stand up for truth and justice.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      They know that as things get worse and worse they will become targets. The whole socialist/communist taco is crumbling and it is becoming clears that it has failed again. Socialist failure requires a scapegoat so more socialism can be applied. never Socilism itself, always a flawed leader. In this case Obama.


  4. BertDilbert says:

    And immigration reform which would highly work against black entry level employment prospects by putting more competition out there. There are a host of reasons which make the Mike Brown story a very convenient cover for other issues. The UAC was probably a way to scam the taxpayer and divert funds to democratic election campaigns. That would be just as big as the IRS scandal.

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  5. Makes me wonder what world famous friday evening media dump will take place today or next week.

    “Irs admits ‘we have to destroy the gop'”
    “MIke brown caught on video robbing bank wearing ‘i punch cops’ shirt”
    “Isis thanks obama for forth round of funding this year. ”

    I give up.

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  6. Jim says:

    Love this Sundance, well done!

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  7. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    R=There is lots of diversion going on especially with the demonstrations over minor events. But the demonstrations take the eyes away from all the other really important issue of the day — Jonathan Gruber maybe right the American public especially the young are not capable of deep thought!


  8. Dean says:

    Actually my premium (for the same Obamacare policy) is going DOWN starting 1/1/15. I am now paying $130.98/month but that will be lowered to $100.46. Why? Because my income will be approximately 3500 dollars lower this year than last (interest rates lower plus working fewer hours). So one has to do his due diligence and be responsible by reporting these changes to your exchange. So not everybody’s premium is going up but a lot are.


    • RJ says:

      I’d be curious to know why your income went down, what percentage drop from previous level, what plan you have chosen via Obamacare, how much an employer would have paid as a percentage, etc. along with the previous amount/type of coverage such an “historical” plan would have provided that your Obamacare plan replaced, and if you are pleased being on the government plan supported by an insurance industry who never loses since teaming up with Mr. Government Man.

      If it costs me more than $75 to fill up my car, I wonder just how powerful a plan you bought on the 30 day payment program?

      If in fact you are truly pleased, then by deduction I just might conclude you are willing to give up a free market economy and the possible benefits it would bring for a government controlled ‘fascist style” economy. If so, I wonder why it is so appealing to you.

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    • pbunyan says:

      Your premium is not going down. I’m just being forced, at gunpoint, to pay for more it. You’re welcome.

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    • yankeeintx says:

      You’re welcome. I am not even on an Obamacare program, and my deductible has doubled.


    • 7delta says:

      Your premium has been reduced due to you working fewer hours, right? Plus, interest rates going down. First, interest rates aren’t static. They go up and down. This year…good. Next year? Maybe not so good.

      More importantly, your hours worked have decreased. That’s fine, if it’s your choice and maybe nearing retirement or whatever, but most working people are not at that place in life, so they won’t see a reduced rate. They’ll see only increases. Somebody has to pay for the subsidies. Insurance rates will continue to climb–they have to, by design, eventually into collapse–which means more and more will be taken from the full-time workers to subsidize all the other categories.

      Eventually, productive workers will throw up their hands and either drastically reduce their hours of productivity or quit altogether, since they’ll fare better under-or-unemployed. We see the problems this is causing small businesses now and having to reduce workers’ hours. Productive people won’t be able to afford to work. What happens then? Because this is what always happens, especially on the extreme end of socialism our domestic schemers are shooting for. It’s also why government running anything better suited to the private sector always fails. The policies always act as de-incentives to productivity and contribution (like, welfare) so it ends with lots of takers and few makers and none who are happy. In the end, all politics come from the barrel of a gun. That doesn’t make it work, it just keeps the liars, cheats and thieves on their perch.

      Seriously, I’m glad your premiums are reduced. I don’t wish anyone to be bankrupted over health care, but the price is going to be disastrous for the whole country, especially when a true free market health care system would bring the costs down much more on its own. The high cost we have now is the direct result of government manipulation, starting with Medicare in 1960’s. From there, it just snowballed.

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  9. Mimbler says:

    Dean, please don’t take this the wrong way, because I’m glad you are able to benefit from increased insurance subsidies; I understand that low interest rates are killers to savers. But…your insurance went up too, you just aren’t paying for as much of it, the taxpayers are,


    • Dean says:

      Yes but the implication is that all personal premiums are rising dramatically, but that’s not necessarily the case. And the other point I’m trying to make is that people should be responsible and do what they are supposed to do–like report changes in income to their exchanges.


  10. Tkim says:

    The Obama Administration taught us something that many of us we knew in theory, but never truly got on a gut level: our great nation is but one seismic shift, or several lesser shifts, away from oblivion.
    Every Cuban I ever knew who came to the US circa 1960 is conservative, patriotic, and can smell socialism from a mile away. They know what happens when it gets a toehold on freedom.

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  11. pbunyan says:

    Sundance; “enabling the White House to kick the can past the distracted media.”

    The Whitehouse and the “media” are not two separate entities. The “media” is a part of the Obama regime, thus you’re suggesting that they are kicking the can past their distracted selves.

    Now is would be correct to say that the regime/media are using all the b.s. to distract ignorant voters. That pretty much all they ever do. And it works well for them. The regime would not have been so successful at destroying (fundamentally transforming) the former United States without it.

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    • 7delta says:

      I would only add that all the turmoil also overloads the system and overloads people who are trying to keep up, so that the resistance will just throw in the towel. Then they can continue on their merry way unimpeded. The message is: Resistance is Futile.

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      • screwauger says:

        It’s called Dispiriting and it’s a part of the rules for radicals I believe. It’s most certainly intentional and based on my self, it works; and one has to continually find ways to cope.


        • 7delta says:

          I know what you mean, but I get usually over it in minutes, then it has the opposite effect. They’ve just gone and made me madder and my heels to dig in deeper. I despise manipulators. If they have to manipulate to get their way, they have nothing to offer that can withstand scrutiny. Some manipulation is so subtle it’s hard to recognize, but I do my best to weigh what’s going on against the truth as best as I can and against the morals and principles I know are right. It’s not that I can’t be fooled, but I know they’re worms from the git-go. Since they live in the dirt, they will eventually bury themselves in it. I’ll gladly provide the shovel, even if it takes me a few minutes to find it.

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    • Josh says:

      Pretty much what I came to post.
      “… enabling the White House to kick the can past the distracted media.”
      The media is not distracted – they’re part of it.


  12. rightie says:

    My theory is that the current mayhem is all tied to the left getting trounced in the midterm elections. I have not read this anywhere else but this is a distinct possibility. The Occupy movement a few years ago was merely an exercise or tryout if you will for what they would do if the Senate and House ended up in Republican hands. Now that that has happened we can look forward to the left becoming a daily pain in the behind, destroying things and generally undermining society in all ways possible. All they needed was a catalyst in the form of Mike Brown, something that they could point to in their eternal quest for identifying so-called victims. We can look forward to looting, destruction and total anarchy. We had better think of something good because barring a couple of good blizzards nothing is going to stop this scum.

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    • RJ says:

      The “gentle giant” issue is just one more step for Obama and pals to “get even with Whitey” while adding to our national debt…which makes us taxpayers the “new and improved bond slaves” in America…see the twisted reality?

      The real “racists” are behind this game. Your color or ethnic heritage is the last set of reasons I’ll decide when not liking you…long before I arrive there, I’ve already judges you on such things as character, integrity…you get the picture.

      Exit question: Why have the voting Americans chosen such losers for higher office?


  13. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Here is some info to build the story more regarding Gruber, the quickly-forgotten world-class economist who helped build Obamacare.

    He is a world-class economist. I discovered one thing that he has been well-recognized for: one of the first, leading empirical investigations of insurance “crowd-out” – citation below. He has done more work, but this is like the seminal work.

    David M. Cutler; Jonathan Gruber. Does Public Insurance Crowd Out Private Insurance. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 111, No. 2. (May, 1996), pp. 391-430.

    There is the ol’ rule of thumb that the free market gets to do what it does better than the government, and government does what free market cannot do – such as provide a decent freeway system or provide firefighters to a community.

    “Crowd-out” is when some government program is started, and it steals away private business. one example that irks me is I lived in a town with a commercial classical music station, and a “public” station also playing mostly classical music, plus the BBC news, and other stuff like that.

    The classical music station went out of business. The public station prevailed. If the public station, funded by government and other non-commercial sources, was not splitting the audience, the classical station might have lived. So, the public station killed the private business. The private business was crowded out.

    In one sense, this is the govt failing to preserve “the pursuit of happiness.”

    In this study, Gruber analyzes the degree that Medicaid stole business from the private sector. So, this shows that Gruber knows very well that the government can take over portions of the private economy by new or expanded government programs – he is one of the pioneers of the study of the concept!

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  14. lovelyd24 says:

    Spot on observation about the politics of distraction. It is amazing what is being ignored by the MSM and the average American. The scandals are too numerous to list, sadly I have no hope that the minions will awake from their stupor.

    Whatever happened to that group of Libertarians who wanted to buy up a bunch of land and start a self sustaining community? Neal Boortz used to talk about it years back.


  15. Dean says:

    The “po” lice are this week’s big crisis–don’t worry next week it’ll be something else.


    • doodahdaze says:

      The democrat War on the Cops is running off more voters. The GOP is in position to wipe them out. Their soft underbelly is the black base. If the GOP can take even 5% of it down the democrats are done in all close elections. Except their strongholds full of white liberal nitwits. Like Kalifornia.

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      • Elspeth says:

        The War on Cops is about getting Homeland security and Federal micromanagement at every level of policing. The police will no longer be responsible to the people who pay them but to whoever is running DHS.


  16. Col. (R)Ken says:

    Alway look for the short term deception plan, while we are looking to our front, flanks and rear, what is being done, behind the curtian.


  17. Rev Bacon says:

    Thanks for compiling a list of all the inconvenient truths they’re trying to shove down the memory hole. I would like to nominate another item, an IRS story also. It has to do with the war against Sharyl Attkisson: the email between Holder’s aide, Schmaler, and the white house deputy press sec’y, Eric Schulz.




  18. chick20112011 says:

    Phx police are now in the hairs of the media for the “unarmed shooting of a black man by a white officer”. This article while admitting the suspect has been shot before and arrested, failed to duly report that he has been arrested 6 times since 2011 and had 6 criminal cases.
    The protesters including a protege of Al Sharpton claimed that: ‘it’s open season on black men’ and that ‘every black man and woman in Phx should be worried’.


  19. ftsk420 says:

    Garner resisted arrest and was taken down for it same thing happens to everyone who resists arrest. If you don’t want to deal with police stop breaking the law period


  20. Lee Jan says:

    It is becoming more clear as to how the people in Germany became Nazis.
    Terrifying that so many Americans are willing to accept a false narrative and take to the streets in the name of racism.

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  21. zephyrbreeze says:

    Lookee here. The Huffington Post is helpfully publishing locations of the Ferguson protests so people can join.



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  23. watchert says:

    While you are watching the right hand, what’s the left hand doing? Have you heard a peep about Zero’s agreement with the Chinese about our slice of the carbon pie? If you dig, a lot more dung is there.


    • czarowniczy says:

      It’s how the system operates. It does so irrespective of who’s in power, it’s like toothpaste, everyone uses it regardless of their political philosophy. Come back just after Sup[er Bowl and see how far down/off the list these ‘problems’ have moved.
      How about Obama giving the Chinese ten-year visas which will make them even more receptive to buying larger chunks of US real estate than they already own? How about China agreeing to maybe but probably not cut their carbon emissions to some level by some far off future date while the US forges ahead to drive what manufacturing and power generation capacity we have left to 1775 emissions standards by 2020ish?
      Oh LOOOOOOOK! Something bright and shiny on a string!!!!!!

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I have similar concerns over every trade agreement that Obama sticks his nose into. Not only is he using international pollution agreements to affect our domestic manufacturing, but he’s also entangling America in unfavorable trade agreements that stifle domestic production AND gives monetary advantage to imports from overseas. He doesn’t have to shut down our factories in order to break our economy. All he has to do is give investors the incentives to invest elsewhere, and our factories will close on their own.


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  25. Sam says:

    Thanks for the links. I have had the feeling for a while that the racial “unrest” over cops vs thugs was just a squirrel, ginned up to take media and public attention away from whatever else the Obama administration is up to. And it’s up to no good as usual.

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  26. justice099 says:

    Second attack in Bevo neighborhood. Being investigated for hate crime this time:


    • justice099 says:

      This time it was a women whose car was surrounded by 4 black men. When she tried to go around them, one of them pulled out a gun, so she stopped. They smashed her window and pulled her out of the car and threw her to the ground kicking her. At some point, they asked her if she was Bosnian (in my opinion, this was meant to distract and also why they made sure she lived to tell people they asked this.)

      If my cynical theory is true, the war on whites is a coordinated effort. Like guerrilla warfare. Take out a few whites here and there, widdling away at them. The attention to this in Zemir’s case may have triggered someone to go out and attack someone and make it look like a target on Bosnians to get the media off the black-on-white agenda.

      Probably just being tin-foil hat here, but seems very odd and intentional to me.


  27. moehamhead says:

    media? what media?


  28. doodahdaze says:

    I am for a Special Prosecutor to arrest the REAL Perp. The Black Female Cop (Supervisor On Scene) in charge of this Murder. Give her life without parole. This is a coverup of her role in it.


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