Libya: The Dirt Brushed Under The Rug…

For all intents and purposes Libya is the forgotten mess created by President Obama’s team and their insufferable incompetence.   Perhaps a time will surface when someone in the Western media will actually call Obama or Hillary Clinton to account for the mess they have created, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Libya Banner 2

Imagine if Islamists were raging a power struggle throughout Canada while a Russian armed civil war was taking place in Mexico ~ imagine the position of our country in the face of such a problem.  That’s the analogy to a situation faced by Egypt as a consequence of our 2011 action, ISIS in Syria (with their eyes on Jordan), and neighboring Libya simultaneously in a civil war.

It’s easy to cast aspersions to the heavy-handed decision making of Fatah el-Sisi as he deals with the Sinai highway between Hamas (East) and the Muslim Brotherhood factions, which include ISIS, (West) along his borders with Gaza and Libya respectively.

Modern Middle East

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Susan Rice and Samantha Power deconstructed the governing authority of Libya under the auspices of a “Responsibility to Protect“.   All of those “good intentions” went to a land of perpetual FUBAR once Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed and it all, well, needed to be brushed under the proverbial rug.

Libya The State of TerrorYeah, they threw a bag on it alright.

However, the slaughter in Libya 2013 and 2014 is a direct outcome of the White House initial action 2011 and 2012.  It’s annoying in the extreme how no-one ever calls them to task.

This is their construct.  Readers will well remember that congress was avoided completely in 2011 as Obama and Co. used the R2P principle to militarily destroy the political systems within Libya and appoint Mustafa Abdel Jalil as the interim head of the Libyan Transitional National Council.

Yes, the White House owns these outcomes exclusively.

Current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was part of President Obama’s Office of Legal Counsel in 2011 as the legal counsel for the Pentagon.  To his credit Johnson told President Obama his constitutional authority was exceeded as the unauthorized Libyan campaign continued through the summer of 2011 without congressional approval.  Yet Obama ignored the advice and continued on unilaterally.  Perhaps the cabinet position was payback for mouth-shutting, perhaps.

Oh yes, the White House owns these outcomes exclusively.

Yet, it’s strange how no-one ever calls them on the current crisis in Libya.  And by “them” you might add the United Nations who authorized the NATO/Obama approach, and who has similarly turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Libyan people.

Oddly the last Libyan mention was from President Obama to Tom Friedman of the New York Times just prior to his August vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.   Regarding Libya Obama said he learned the mistake was in NOT nation building after the intervention.  Strange how “nation building” was the selected attack message Senator Obama used toward George W Bush in Iraq; yet he seemed to acknowledge it was a part of the equation Bush did correctly and he himself missed.

Of course that’s hindsight…. and then, without further ado it’s off for golf.


Stuck in the middle is Egypt’s President el-Sisi who is now considering building a wall along the border with the Gaza strip so he can block Hamas and prepare his limited resources to defend the other border with Libya more effectively.

Egypt is squeezed between two heads of the same serpent.  It’s no wonder why Egypt hates Hillary Inc. with such disdain.

Every single aspect of the crisis in Libya is directly an outcome of Obama – and yet with everything else going on, it seems to be a crisis no-one wants to even admit exists.


For want of a nail the shoe was lost“…

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda  (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)


Egypt Freedom Loss 2


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22 Responses to Libya: The Dirt Brushed Under The Rug…

  1. RJ says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure to call this a “mess” in that those who put forth this American policy did not have a clear objective (of destabilization) going far beyond Libya. Note how close Iran is to creating a nuclear bomb and the now open attack on Bibi in Israel, how Ebola is coming to America and Isis loads up the propaganda for lone wolf attacks in the USA.

    “I hate what America has done in the past, its continued world arrogance and it white based culture!” Isn’t this what Obama really thinks? You’re nor sure? Wait, he will shown his hand during the last two years while in office. Recall his Daddy exploded his life in Africa: What makes you think Obama will not do the same?

    We’re in for a ride you won’t believe until the dust settles.

    Relative to the United States, Obama is evil, just evil.


    • sundance says:

      Agreed regarding specific intent, but the outcome is still a mess.

      What took place in Cairo (February 2009) was well planned in advance, and yes all of the consequences flow from that point of origination.

      The U.S. State Department Rivkin project in Europe was peaking in December two months earlier just before the rapid collapse of multiculturalism. When Obama went to Cairo he was unaware the multi-cultural crest had been reached and fully anticipated a continuing rise….. that laid the backdrop for the Fabian globalists mid-east policy.

      While the EU began the multi-culti collapse the arrogance of the Fabians refused to consider the consequences of advancing Sunni Extremism simultaneous to EU shrugs and reversals.

      Gates locked on the Northern bound roadways to Cyprus exploded Tunisia….

      The Obama Fabians did not anticipate the blockage. They needed the gateways to remain open in order for Rivkin Phase 2 to roll smoothly.

      For lack of a nail the horse was lost….


  2. We got out of Libya while the getting was good. This is typical prog/marx behavior: distort, distract and deny. Funny how we never hear about Libya anymore. Hopefully that will change come January 2015. I would love to see the lot of them held to some accountability with Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton being charged with murder.

    Speaking of Hillary – we’re not hearing much from her, either. What’s up with that?


  3. Old Hillbillt says:

    txconservativemomof2: It is hard for her to speak when her mouth is so full of her own foot (and her head is so far up her adz at the same time)!


  4. libby says:

    Impossible to address unless Bush can be blamed?


  5. partyzantski says:

    The Libyans were thrust into the role of hapless victims by the Obola Regime under “R2P”, yet “R2P” does not apply to Americans regarding intentional Ebola infection/contagion? How does THAT work?

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  6. Col.(R)Ken says:

    That is why the Honorable Tray Gowdy will sweep this whole mess under the carpet. Gowdy will have a few sound bites, sweat some people, mostly his hearing will be good theater.


    • Spar Harmon says:

      Col. Ken, I enter these remarks in reply to you only because you are such a clear, representative, and honorable man through whom I can address my concerns. Trey Goudy I read as a canny, realistic fighter for the revival of fundamental American values. He seems to me to be in command of the limitations within which he must operate as a elected member of the House in a Congress, as he declared a year ago, is being rendered irrelevant.

      Col. Ken, as a trained tactician and strategist, and all the other fine trained minds among us as well, consider the trap that the Honorable Trey Goudy quite deliberately stepped into on our behalf. I invite you all to revisit Mr. Goudy’s inaugural address for the Select Committee and then tell me that fine man not aware, and was not warning us of all that was arrayed against a positive outcome.

      I pray that Mr Goudy will be able to make some breakthroughs in the besieging forces hemming him in. I know of no member of Congress who has been so brilliant at creating flashes of illumination out of such limited possibilities. I will continue to watch and observe whether he can find a way to cut his way out of the paper bag the committee is constructed to be. Mr. Cruz and Mr. Paul, et al, our warriors in the Congress, are none so consistently effective with limited resources and lacking an honest media as The intrepid Mr. Gowdy.

      My hat is off to you, Mr. Gowdy.

      PS- Either Word Press is floundering, I am under some kind of viral attack, or my keyboard is failing, for I have had to retype every word, phrase and sentence multiple time to get this out.
      Any insight, Admins.??????????????

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      • Sharon says:

        If it’s happening at the point of keyboard input it’s probably not WP. My wireless keyboard acts like that when the batteries start to go.


      • rashomon says:

        I agree that Mr. Goudy represents the finest of elected officials of whom we have less than a hand (as in five fingers) working every aspect of our Constitution to deliver the freedoms, opportunities and limitations that document promised.


  7. Allan L says:

    This would be the prefect time for someone to invade Kuwait again. Obama wouldn’t do a thing to stop it.


  8. doodahdaze says:

    He is a human wrecking ball. Leaving death and destruction behind him in everything he does.

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  9. sangell51 says:

    There seems to be a Clintonian aspect to the Obama presidency. The Clinton’s overwhelmed the public with their personal sleaze. It was one scandal after another until the public just could not keep up with it and as soon as the media focused in on one outrage two more would erupt and the Clinton spin machine would divert attention away from the prior misconduct.

    Obama, by and large, has avoided major scandals involving personal misconduct but his presidency has been so incompetent, made so many blunders and committed so many abuses of power that the public is overwhelmed by the sheer number of failures, abuses, gross incompetence by so many that it has become impossible to hold Obama to account for an specific abuse or policy failure because ALL of his presidency has been on big abuse of power and litany of policy failures.

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  10. John Galt says:

    Afghanistan will be the next Obamastan.


  11. The entire Middle East is on fire because of the Obama Administration’s policies. They have royally screwed up everything. They describe the change taking place as “messy” – that’s not how I’d describe the brutality, carnage and wholesale slaughter of human beings.

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  12. czarowniczy says:

    Sigh. One of my least favorite but so oft used phrases: “I Told You So’. Early on I’d mentioned what I saw as the obvious course of events and it looks as if that prediction’s come true. No crystal ball on this one, it’s just how these things are handled. Public’s interest lasts only as long as they don’t have to really digest what’s being served, they have a limited capacity for rumination and a very short (and easily distracted) attention span.
    I can name a number of other and equally disgusting events from both Republican and DemocRATic administrations that have been handled like this since the end of WW II. It’s just how screw-ups are handled – events move too fast for the government to be able to stop and wail over spilled milk or dead bodies. As for Hillary’s vampaign – this will have about as much effect as a wet noodle.


  13. yakmaster2 says:

    It’s sad to see the late Ambassador Stephens beside John McCain in the photo. Senator McCain is so convinced that we can bring democracy to countries of the Middle East (using covert operations or whatever means necessary) that he has unwittingly contributed to the chaos in Libya. And, ideologically undeterred, he still insists the U.S. should be arming the ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria because he’s convinced they’re freedom fighters. Sigh.
    I know McCain is a war hero and I respect his service to our country, but he’s always been convinced he’s a military and geopolitical expert. However, I don’t think he understands the importance of stability in the Middle East based on the role of government leaders to forcibly keep the lid on Islamic extremists. Maybe it’s time for McCain to retire from public office.


  14. bob e says:

    ‘avoided major personal scandals & misconduct’ like posting a fraudulent birth certificate
    on the www for everyone in the wide world to see ??


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