Just Sayin’… Might Be Nothing…. Or Could Be A Thing That Make Other Things Make Sense…..

Light BulbLast night WH Correspondent Media (several) reported Executive Office “in the dark” when the hatchet attack happened in New York City.  They reported it seemed “strange”, and White House officials were a little “off guard” about questioning. Something seemed quirky.

Then today the prolific dot connector (meaning this guy sniffs “unusual” tremors before anyone else – and he does so with subtlety) Mark Knoller tweeted:

Now this:

[Powerline] A faithful reader who asks us to withhold his name informs us that he has reason to believe the computer network within the Executive Office of the President has been down for close to a week, and staff throughout the various components still lack basic access to their files (though many are now able to access e-mail and the Internet). He advises that EOP staff have been told not to say anything about the situation to anyone. He adds that a major security breach is suspected, but no information has been forthcoming, either to those inside the EOP or to the public. (more)

Could be nothing.  Probably is nothing.  Then again, there’s a chance it’s all connected and the White House communication system has been “compromised”.

Which is to say either: A.) A security breech, or, B.) Some needed Scrubbing because White House email accounts etc. have just been identified as communication sources for illegal activity.  [A dose of “Lois Lerner Malware” is in the works?]

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63 Responses to Just Sayin’… Might Be Nothing…. Or Could Be A Thing That Make Other Things Make Sense…..

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  2. TFred says:

    Oh good grief! Someone got slammed with CryptoLocker while downloading porn! Bet’cha.

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  3. maryfrommarin says:

    The hamster escaped.

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  4. Aslan's Girl says:

    Hmmm, interesting. Any number of groups would love to hack the WH, from ISIS and AQ to Anonymous. Maybe there’s proof in the computers that O is a Manchurian Candidate and the “smoking gun” could be revealed to the public?

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    • Egghead says:

      He is, and the spy groups of the world have been laughing at us for years as they used the info to blackmail Obama to give them cash and concessions. Anyone who wanted to, could have revealed it already. Now, they just like the perks.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      “Any number of groups would love to hack the WH, from ISIS and AQ to Anonymous.” Don’t forget Congress. They can’t seem to get the info even with a subpoena.

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  5. moogey says:

    I caught this as well. I sat there and asked myself, why he would be going to the State Dept to have talks regarding ISIS? That would be something that was done in the Situation Room. I even question if the discussions were regarding ISIS or if there were discussions about the Iranian Nuclear Treaty. I try not to be paranoid, but I do try to question everything that we are being told, because most times, were told to watch the left hand, and it is the right hand doing damage. I had not heard that there was a possible computer melt down. I would guess whether it be for secretive non military meeting or breach of security, the general public will not see much in the manner of further reporting.


    • polk8dot says:

      Maybe the Situation Room needed refitting under the Ebola Hazmat Scrubbing Protocols (surely the protocol for Zero would be much broader and more involved than for any of us peons). Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if some administration minion came in contact with the virus and now everything had to be quarantined? There is no way they’d ever tell us that such a situation transpired, and the poor endangered lackey would be definitively erased from any governmental records. The secure network having been breached would be a tangible red herring.
      (Yup, when I get out there , I do try to swing for the fences 😉 )

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  6. Bill says:

    Hope they were able to get Lois Lerner files. 😎

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  7. 7delta says:

    Thank goodness the TV’s are still working. He would never have known about any of the fake scandals without the news ticker scrolling across the bottom of ESPN’s screen.

    Now for my serious question. Wasn’t it finally admitted that they have multiple off-site backups? How long would it take to scrub those too, if they are indeed doing a little fall housecleaning?

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      I have a feeling Obama watches FOX in one of those side boxes to keep up with the Scandals

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    • hoosiergranny says:

      Depends on how the backups are setup. If they have dual data centers, they should be able to hide the evidence in about 24 hours. If they send out backup tapes, it depends on how long it takes to get the tapes/media back in house to scrub. Something like that would be pretty hard to hide forever, too many people would be involved.

      Now if they’re being really nefarious (which they usually are), they would have setup a special backdoor years ago. They then just give that info to a well paid hacker and viola! they no longer need that pesky judge to grant them executive privileged. And I’m sure they have a nice target to throw under the bus.

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  8. czarowniczy says:

    Clinton’s ‘team’ had any number of insiders whose backgrounds were not properly vetted for security clearances and I’m betting this POtuS has the same thing going on. The more ‘free souls’ that Clinton and The Boy Wonder attract also tend to be freer and looser with their comms. The have official and personal devices and official comms are not supposed to be done on the government/secure one and official stuff is supposed to be kept off of personal devices. We had secure laptops and checks on them would invariable show some people had decided to ‘just this once’ check their personal emails accounts on the secure units. We had people doing highly classified work on secure system while they listened to personal CDs on the disc drive – our SSO went so far as to super glue the USB ports on the desktops shut to prevent personal thumb drives from being used in them. These were – supposedly – trained and aware analysts, so you can imagine what the flotsam and jetsam the likes of this Administration lets into the pool.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Forgot – the Russians have had professional hacking courses in some of their colleges since the early 90s, they were ahead of the game we invented. Not sure when the Chinese started training their professional hacker courses that wasn’t my AOR but they weren’t far behind as we were taking MANY attacks on our systems from UNKNOWN (wink wink wink) sources that numbered in the hundreds daily. Wouldn’t take much for the IT security folks to get blindsided by a dedicated attack from trained hackers – look at how the Secret Service has devolved under the POtuS.

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      • hoosiergranny says:

        Technology has advanced to the stage where they no longer need their super glue. Our corporation has things so locked down that they use algorithms to open all internet sites. If they don’t find enough evidence that the site might be used for your job, access is denied. Then we need to put in a security request to open any legitimate URLs. All CDs, DVD, memory sticks cause error messages unless our security team has added coding to enable them on our devices. No peripheral devices, including printers, can be used. I had to get special permission to connect to my secure home internet that I use with our VPN. I’m sure the government has much more advanced security folks than we do. Believe me, big brother is watching all the time…

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Oh yeah, our systems used the regular MS OS and apps you’d find on your PC but were in a closed loop in the site and connected to the outside systems through heavily encrypted dedicated lines. We had a civilian contractor from a vetted company who managed the system as we oversaw it but we didn’t fully trust him (way ahead of our time) as he was out doing personal stuff as much as he was what we were paying him to do. We had software that would lock ports but considering the info we were handling and the propensity of the staff to play fast and loose with the systems the SSO decided that she’d make a statement. We had a central classified printer and the only paper allowed in it without the SSO’s personal oversight was light blue and no light blue paper was allowed to leave the processing area. We had three separate walled-off work areas, one for classified and compartmentalized work, one for lesser classified and FOUO work and a totally unclass civilian internet room but the troops, even those with years of experience, still had to be watched like a hawk. The Navy even had a site upstream that randomly monitored whom was accessing which site and downloading what as an added precaution. Familiarity breeds attempt.

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  9. Col.(R)Ken says:

    Sundance, Concur with your thoughts, the complete server network would replaced. Or the Russians/Chinese found the back door through a down loaded file, ICloud. Has to be an online breach.

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  10. doodahdaze says:

    Or maybe Obamas E-Mails were accidentally, shall we say “Lost.”

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  11. Burnt Toast says:

    Down for a week?

    Hmmm…Has anybody tasked Uncle Joe with calling tech support?

    Tech Support, first question they always ask – “Is it plugged in?”

    Uncle Joe – “Let me get my flashlight and I will check”

    Tech Support – “Why do you need a flashlight?”

    Uncle Joe – “Somebody plugged in the espresso machine when the lava lamps again tripping the breaker and the intern isn’t here to reset it.”



  12. doodahdaze says:

    Obama and Hillary Passport records.

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  13. thenothing says:

    its the ValJar virus. very destructive, it is.


  14. wrongonred says:

    Might it actually be a security breach and this be related? http://www.infowars.com/white-house-emergency-alert-interrupts-tv-viewers-across-america/

    Who knows anymore? Every word out of the Federal Government is a lie.

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  15. lepanto says:

    Here is the original emergency message.


  16. Leslie says:

    Let’s not forget the fake emergency message that went out via television, to numerous American homes on Friday. Seems a little odd, to say the least.


  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Network down or not there is no one there that has a brain sufficient sized to analyze much of anything beyond the 6th grad level, so it didn’t matter that it was down.


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