*UPDATE* Suspect “Marcello Marquez” in Custody *3 Police Officers Shot – Two Killed* – Sacramento County California

update-1UPDATE: 6:55pm Suspect Captured (Inside House at 220 Belmont drive) Suspect Name Marcello Marquez DOB 7-20-80 

california shootSummary.  During a routine traffic stop in Sacramento California (of a couple in a vehicle) the Hispanic male passenger opened fire on Sacramento County police.

One officer was shot in the head and killed, another returned fire.

The two suspects fled and attempted a civilian car jacking to switch vehicles. The civilian resisted and was also shot in the head. The suspects then stole a red F-150 pick-up.  Two police officers pulled over the truck, and engaged in a gun battle with the suspects – both officers were shot; one died and one was wounded.   The couple fled again to Auburn California.  The female was captured around 3pm, the male suspect, Marcello Marquez, was captured three hours later in a house in the Auburn area.  A total of three police officers were shot, two of them were killed.  One civilian was also shot.


It’s murder now – one of the police officers has died, two more wounded – civilian (carjacked) shot in head – two more police officers were shot when they stopped the stolen vehicle.

Two “heavily armed” suspects, one male – one female, have shot 3 Sheriff Deputies in Sacramento California area (one died). Ongoing situation.


• Suspects also shot driver during car jacking • stole RED Ford F-150. • Shot driver in the head • Suspects drove to woods near Auburn California. • Suspects heavily armed and appeared to be targeting police officers. • UPDATE: Female Caught, Hispanic Male 30’s still being sought.  update-1  (6:15pm EST) One of the police officers has died update-1 • Suspect captured inside residence at 220 Belmont, Auburn, California Suspect named Marcello Marquez 34 years old (DOB 7-20-80):

CBS Sacramento Live Stream

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73 Responses to *UPDATE* Suspect “Marcello Marquez” in Custody *3 Police Officers Shot – Two Killed* – Sacramento County California

  1. Tkim says:

    Once again TCTH has the news first!

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  2. jason says:

    prayers for those already hurt and that no one else will be.

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  3. Be Ge says:

    As the flowers are all
    made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew,
    so this old world is made brighter
    by the lives of folks like you

    Wish nothing like this is written on the new Bonnie&Clyde graves. After all, this is the fate of armed criminal couples — being shot by the law enforcement officers.

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  4. Josh says:

    Two separate incidents.


  5. Moishe Pipik says:

    There’s certainly no chance the “Religion of Peace” has anything to do with this attack. Just like the NYC Machete attack.


    • doodahdaze says:

      No chance at all. Meanwhile the Libs are trotting out the usual insane Gun Control Nuts about the murders in the school.

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      • lorac says:

        While school shootings are always tragic, I always remind the people who bring up outlawing guns because of school shootings, that it’s fewer deaths than happen every week in Chicago – and from illegal guns.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Y’all ever notice how few times the press/LEA ever mentions where the gun in a specific crime comes from – especially Chicago? Much easier to make the already scared public believe they were bought from some sweat-stained, bad dental hygiene redneck in a gun show – the truth is frequently too uncomfortable for the press and public to digest.


        • whodoneit says:

          lorac – that brings forward the common sense statement that if you outlaw guns – only the lawless will have them.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      Could be La Raza types?

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      • georgiafl says:

        Could be BOTH – LaRaza and Islamic. Hezbollah, etc. have infiltrated the Mexican drug cartels – hence the many beheadings and utter ruthlessness.


        • fred says:

          You are so right and must be from CA. where I live. I’ve seen the terror guys amny times right across the border and not hiding in any way. They frequent the bars and you can see for yourself most any day. They have hooked up together not out of love but partners in crime.


    • QuadGMoto says:

      Well, the Feds haven’t jumped in to say that it’s “not Islam”. That means it probably isn’t. If they had said that already, it would probably be safe to assume that it would be motivated by Islam.

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  6. Josh says:

    Schools have been on lock down for “several hours”.

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  7. Videodrone says:

    Reports say “Hispanic”


  8. Screenshot says:

    Reblogged this on Screenshots News.


  9. Josh says:

    Prayers for the officers and the civilian.

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  10. Daniel says:

    I know. Baseless speculation on my part. No proof or evidence or precedent. Just saying “what if” based on the insane things we have seen to this point. After all, we’ve seen massive loss of life at this presidential administration’s encouragement — ISIS and “moderate rebels” and Fast and Furious and all manner of other things like Islamic terrorists that aren’t terrorists. What if this is the result of government sponsored radicalism (real live straw men) set out on the world in order to justify everything that has happened before now to this point.

    The last time we saw a rampage assault against police, we discovered just about nothing about the people involved or their motives and as people begans to research into it, the story goes completely cold.

    I’m not saying I actually believe that there is conspiracy behind it. But the more these things keep going on, the more willing I become to see it when it’s increasingly possible. Because at the core of why people don’t believe the government wasn’t behind the 9-11 attacks? Because they can’t possibly believe anyone “of us” would allow something like that to happen. Forget the violation of various laws which enabled it to happen… local, state, federal and NATURAL laws alike. It can’t happen because no one but “terrorists” could be that evil.


  11. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Why are all the police out there?

    Were the NB PP too busy to protect this neighborhood?

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  12. N. CALI says:

    Hispanic and this is California’s Special plant Harvest time (MJ) they were probably looking to rob someone’s dope at gun point when the suspicious vehicle call came in. Here is the Live scanner for Placerville… http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/559/web


  13. Josh says:

    Uhhh …
    220 BELMONT DR
    AUBURN, CA 95603-5517

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  14. Josh says:

    Sad, sad, news. Some dead 😦


  15. screwauger says:

    Can we say this represents a trend (at least) that there may some orchestrated focus on our Law Enforcement by those who wish to do America harm??

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  16. polk8dot says:

    I just had a horrible vision of what’s coming. And it is coming at an ever-increasing speed that has just been shoved into overdrive.

    Day by day, whatever our personal circumstances may be, the external pressures on us are intensifying. * Obamacare premiums shooting sky high, Ebola danger, Obama’s refusal to ban West Africans, EV-D68 Enterovirus. * Illegals straining the system to the breaking point and beyond; more illegal invasion openly anticipated; Amnesty for the tens of millions of illegals looming. * ISIS propaganda, Islamic Terrorism, Muslim conversions and brainwashing. * Prison overpopulation. Judicial system overburdened way beyond capacity.
    * Rampant black racism. ** BGI. ** ‘Polar Bear hunting’ attacks. *
    LoFos sweeping political hacks, conmen and criminals into public offices. * Representation without Taxation skewing election results; blatant election fraud and vote stealing. * Attempts to abolish First and Second Amendment. * Abuses of Power. * Activist Judges. * Political partisanship. * Common Core destroying the REMNANTS of American education system. * Politicization of governmental agencies. * Political PERSECUTION. * Cronyism and nepotism. * Street and prescription drug addictions * Destruction of family and marriage. * Killing of Innocents – Abortions. * Purging of American military old guard. ….……..*………………

    {Breathe, breathe, breathe!}

    OK, I have to stop. I’m bloody shaking in helpless rage, and in anticipation of what most of us probably considered at one point or another in the last 6 years.

    None of what we are bombarded with daily is purely serendipitous. None of it is unexpected. The slide into a total demise of society is accelerating daily.
    People are worn out. They are forced to pick their battles. They are starting to go nuts. People are losing their minds. People can’t cope anymore.

    How much longer, do you think, is the Imposter, the Usurper, the Conman-in-Chief going to let it go on unattended? How many days of scandals, shootings, terrorist attacks, Ebola diagnosis, etc. is he going to need before he feels publicly justified to act on it? It is his motto after all to ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’.
    How long do we still have to ENJOY the Freedoms of America before they are all suspended FOR OUR OWN GOOD?
    How much longer before there is a Declaration of Martial Law?
    How soon before they imprison the American Spirit and take away our Freedoms of Speech and Arm Bearing? How much longer do we have before they bang on our doors, try to take away our guns, shut down our internet access, and black out politically incorrect forms of media? How long?

    Dear God, I hope and pray I am wrong. I am not an alarmist. I’m a pragmatist.
    I love this Country. I love what this Nation represents. I love those faithful to the Ideal, the self-sacrificing American Patriots. I honor the military; the uncorrupted law enforcement; the Greatest Generation; the seniors who had to witness the Disease of Progressivism turn this country into an unrecognizable handicapped perversion of their dream. I love the hardworking Everyday Heroes. I gave up everything I was born with and to, with joyful abundance, to become a part of the greatest living paradigm of the Western Civilization. I would do it all again in a blink of an eye. Nothing, NOTHING else in my life has made happier than being accepted with open arms into this wonderful ideal. Becoming an AMERICAN has been the greatest miracle and the greatest gift I ever received. And I will NEVER bear false witness to this country. I will always be vigilant, I will always be dedicated, always be faithful. Always be an American. And I will always shout from the rooftops when I feel this MIRACLE is in danger. As I feel it is now.

    If tomorrow’s America never came – I could not live with myself for not calling our the warnings.
    Maybe today is the last day we have to even speak freely? So herewith I give witness to the killing of America. I give witness to the gradual Death of American Ideal. I extoll the virtue and patriotism of all TRUE AMERICANS. It is an honor and privilege to roam among you, and I cherish it every single day.
    So if you think I am being alarmist, oh well. So be it. If you think I’m overreacting, so be it. For all our sakes, better you be right than I.

    “Forewarned is forearmed. To be prepared is half the victory.” – Miguel de Cervantes

    I am thus shouting the warning FOR PUBLICO BONO. God Bless us all. God Bless America.

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    • Sharon says:

      For starters, turn the TV off.

      People are worn out. Yes. That is why we have repeatedly discussed the importance of individuals tending to their inner man, taking care of their spirits, not overloading themselves with things the human spirit was never intended to bear.

      They are forced to pick their battles. Yes. And there is wisdom in picking our battles carefully. See SD’s post today on why we don’t cover school shootings in detail.

      They are starting to go nuts. Not all of them. Some of them.

      People are losing their minds. Some are. Not all.

      People can’t cope anymore. Some can. Some can’t. There is a limit to what any of us can do at this point in the battle. Perhaps all we can do is stand in our place. If that is all we can do – well, then, let’s do it with all of our might.

      It is important that we know how to be less worn out, pick our battles wisely, not go nuts, not lose our minds, and cope well enough. Try not to generalize the bad stuff (which truly is bad).

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      • Col.(R)Ken says:

        Sharon, you took the words right out of my typing fingers. Well said.


      • You are strong and right, Sharon.


      • polk8dot says:

        ‘For starters, turn the TV off’
        You know, Sharon, I did that once. On 19 Jan 2009. I felt so disappointed by Obama’s victory, so disillusioned with our political system, so saddened by the conviction of what was to come, I chose to not worry anymore, as it seemed the country has gone mad and nobody else cared. I had no President anymore, I felt like an orphan, and for my own sanity I checked out. .
        I lasted 4 years. 4 years of no political news. 4 years of no News Channels at all. 4 years of willful disconnect and forced ignorance, with only occasional glimpses into what was going on in the country, only superficial exposure to the growing troubles. Obama’s first term. 4 years of daily fight with my own spirit, of forcibly putting stuff out of my mind. The only 4 years of no involvement in my whole adult life.
        I re-immersed myself in politics a week before the November 2012 election. I just KNEW there was no way he was going to be reelected. I was certain that with everything that passed it was impossible for him to blind people once again, to sell them the same bill of goods, and think they’d fall for it again.
        My heart was broken when the results came back. I lost so much faith in Americans, in politics, in the media. I lost faith in people’s ability to see through the lies, to reach and absorb the truth.
        That was the day I promised myself I would NEVER again do that. I ‘left’ for 4 years, and on my return I barely recognized my country. I felt irrational yet keenly painful responsibility for not helping stop it. My tongue tasted the bitterness and sorrow over lost opportunities. I felt empty and a traitor to myself and to my country. Not because I had any delusions of my own powers, or misconceptions about the influence of my own involvement, but because I knew that I forfeited, that I gave up the fight before the fight even started.
        I feel my own powerlessness painfully. I can do but very little due to my poor health and my disability. My physical limits preclude me from being and living as I truly wanted to. I accepted that a long time ago. I can rationalize and fall back on logic readily. And yet the twinge in my soul, the regret and remorse refuse to go away.
        That’s why I will never again turn the TV off.

        As to generalizing – it is not a pleasant realization, and I try to stay away from it. Alas, sometimes there is just no way to fully express the breadth of one’s idea without using words like ‘people’.
        When I say ‘people’ it’s to express what the basic meaning of the word conveys, i.e. plural of ‘person’; ‘many’, ‘more than one’. It is not the same as ‘all people’, ‘The People’ or ‘everybody’. We all use mental and verbal shorthand, rely on memes and paradigms, assume and stipulate, without actually having to put to paper every single word to flesh out our thoughts. And when we express ourselves, especially via blog comments, we speak but for ourselves. I would no sooner worry about others thinking I speak for multitudes absent a specific qualifier of ‘in my opinion’ or ‘I believe’, than I’d expect them to get a notion that by ‘people’ I mean ‘everybody’.
        If it comes across as lexical laziness or carelessness, then demonstrably I have missed the mark, as the intention is always streamlining the thought via usage of handles, litotes, trope or hyperbole.

        I take your feedback as rooted in the spirit of caring, for me and for all of us; a valid advice to protect mine and other’s sanity. I thank you for it, as I’m sure all 😉 of us want just that. I also hope that this time the idea intended and the thought expressed have not diverged as pointedly as it appears it might have happened in my previous post.
        But I’ll keep trying.

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        • moogey says:

          Right now the liberals/progressives are calling conservatives “hysterical” because we question why the government spent billions but we have no Ebola contingencies in place. We have no stockpiles of vaccines & we have no coordinated director in either the Medical Field or in the Administration. I’m tired of being told that common sense concern is panic or hysteria. Calling someone an alarmist or telling them that they are overacting would not be something that I would think of after reading your posting. I see a patriot that can’t believe how many people are not listening and not seeing. Your frustrations are experienced by many of us and I understand wanting to put the enormity of danger in words. Don’t apologize for tuning out, our experiences make us who we are, your awareness now would not be so acute or deeply felt, if you hadn’t had the experience that you did. Embrace it as a learning experience, don’t beat yourself up.

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        • Sharon says:

          ….willful disconnect and forced ignorance, with only occasional glimpses into what was going on in the country, only superficial exposure to the growing troubles. Obama’s first term. 4 years of daily fight with my own spirit, of forcibly putting stuff out of my mind. The only 4 years of no involvement in my whole adult life.

          Turning the TV off does not inherently produce these results. I’m more involved on line and off line than I have ever been in my life.


  17. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Looks like they have their suspect in custody.


  18. QuadGMoto says:

    They’ve just stated that the suspect has been caught.


  19. polk8dot says:

    PRO Publico Bono.

    ‘Pro Publico Bono’ – NOT ‘For..’

    Now I feel like a deflated balloon, darn it. {head bangs on the desk} I can’t believe I still missed the error in 3 proof-reads.

    In its correct form it is Latin. (the way I butchered it, who knows?)

    The exact meaning, in word and spirit,, is actually ‘For the Good of the Public’ i.e. ‘of ALL’

    (yo no hablo espanol, either)

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  20. hoosiergranny says:

    Wonder whether they will turn out to be some of the non-violent illegals who were released recently by our government. Or maybe they are just newly arrived.

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  21. mazziflol says:


  22. yakmaster2 says:

    If Marcelo Marquez or his female companion is an illegal alien will the msm ever report it? They usually avoid any mention as if it doesn’t matter.


    • 1hear2learn says:

      Nah, they not only want our guns, but also to leave the border open and give fast and furious guns to illegals to use against innocents in both countries.

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    • John Galt says:

      Criminal illegal alien previously released by DHS and armed with a F&F gun? Yeah, it will be all over MSNBC. LOL

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    • fred says:

      ganged up in some way or another. Tats shaved head. You can bet drugs and criminal activity is involved. These guys are everywhere near my house in So CAL. They root and shoot all night every night. Dreamers from centro. Scenes like this are common but the cops usually don’t suffer such losses. This could happen in Ferguson if the cops aren’t careful and need to kick the feds out of there. Great risk for them.


  23. czarowniczy says:

    And this is all going to be about the guns used in the crime and the issue of the shooters ethnicity will be filed under ‘IGNORE’. This has nothing to do about the shooters ethnic-based cultural perceptions of LEA any more than Ferguson – it’s all about something else.

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  24. texan59 says:

    Anyone wonder “why” all of the disparate killings are happening all of a sudden right around the corner from anational election? Black swan, false-flag? 2016. Or is it just me? 😯

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  25. notyours says:

    MKULTA in North America Union


  26. whodoneit says:

    So is Marquez an American citizen – or one of Holders “minor offence” illegal releases?


  27. chuckles49 says:

    Call me paranoid, but I think there’s been a secret pact made between the Black leaders and the Hispanic leaders. Their mutual goal is to wrest control of America from Whites. They hate each others with a passion, murder each other daily, but they all seem to support the same things, especially Obama. They’re Obama’s Personal security Force that he’s wanted all along that will be as large and well-funded as all our military combined.

    Every day we’re under attack whether it’s by executive order or physically on our cities streets. The media hides and denies it, law enforcement looks the other way and can’t seem to make the connect to hate crimes, and things continue to get worse every passing day. Call me Chicken Little, and I pray your right in doing so.

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  28. Doug petri says:

    The Sacramento Bee identified the female as Janelle Monroy of West Velley City, Utah. She has a Facebook page. Check her out. Marcelo Marquez is listed as her friend. Be sure to check out Julian L. Beltran on her friends list. It appears to be Marquez’s AKA profile. Gang looking tattoos. Why can I find this info, but news outlets are not reporting what appears to be a Mexican national that murdered our Deputies? They show no pictures and state he is from Utah, but infact, it appears that he is from Siniloa.

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    • John Galt says:

      Yes, apparently also a/k/a Julian L. Beltran on FB.

      Yes, apparently a Mexican. Likes Obama on FB.

      Stay tuned for MSM to release further information after the election?

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  29. potus says:

    Siniloa…is that anywhere near Sinaloa?


  30. Gunt says:

    Marcelo Marquez – illegal Mexican deported twice (1997 and 2001) – from Culiacan, Sinaloa – a member of the SInaloa drug cartel. See http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article3368389.html


  31. chuckles49 says:

    I feel so safe knowing Obama and Holder have our backs! The Sinaloa Cowboy cartel is now in our country shooting police officers indiscriminately just like they do in Mexico!


  32. Edgar Hernandez says:

    Anybody know if the shooter’s guns were registered?


  33. Alex fin says:

    Payback is a bitch. Think of Oscar grant and mike brown. Lmfao


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