Hero Grandpa – North Carolina Home Invasion: Seriously Wounded Grandfather Shoots 3 Thugs (Kills One) As They Attempted To Rape Teen Granddaughter…

Grandpa was shot multiple times by three thugs yet he did not stop shooting back. He killed one thug and wounded two thugs who were arrested in the hospital.  Grandpa is in an Intensive Care Unit….  ((Prayers))

LUMBERTON, NC – A grandfather shot back and is believed to have killed a suspect in a home-invasion and attempted rape of his teen granddaughter on Monday night, Robeson County Sheriff’s officials said.

jamie lee faison - dead thugjamar hawkins

Jamie Lee Fiason DEAD ~ ~ Jamar Hawkins WOUNDED

The grandfather was also shot – but he also managed to shoot the 2 other suspects in the home-invasion and attempted rape, said Maj. Anthony Thompson with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident started around 10 pm at a house on Yedda Road in Lumberton on Monday night when someone knocked on the home of the grandfather, his wife and their 19-year-old granddaughter, according to the sheriff’s office.

Two of three men – all wearing black clothes, ski masks and gloves — stormed into the house and demanded money, officials said.

The grandfather and his wife ended up in the back of the house and were directed at gunpoint to open a safe. The three men were all armed and tried to rape the teen girl, officials said.

The 67-year-old grandfather managed to grab a gun and shot all three of the suspects. The suspects fired back and the grandfather was hit several times, deputies said.

After that, all three wounded suspects fled in the grandfather’s gold Cadillac.

Later, the sheriff’s office was contacted when 2 men with gunshot wounds showed up at McLeod Hospital in Dillon.

Deputies received information that took them to Singletary Church Road near Lumberton where they found Jamie Lee Faison, age 20, dead inside the stolen Cadillac. He died from gunshot wounds, deputies said.

The grandfather was taken to a hospital and was later airlifted to another hospital. (read more)

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107 Responses to Hero Grandpa – North Carolina Home Invasion: Seriously Wounded Grandfather Shoots 3 Thugs (Kills One) As They Attempted To Rape Teen Granddaughter…

  1. jason says:

    Prayers for Grandpa and his fam!

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  2. georgiafl says:

    Grandfather should get a medal! What a man!

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  3. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Grandpa needs to exercise better “gun control”.

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  4. allhail2 says:

    Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out.

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  5. Sharon says:

    When Grandpa got up on Monday morning he wasn’t planning to shoot and kill a young black man. I’m glad he did all that shooting.

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    • jello333 says:

      I don’t know. I wanna hear what Holder and his buddies think first. Grandpa was probably a raving racist, probably a Paula Dean fan.


      • James F says:

        “he should have stayed in the back” “if he was so afraid why did he go confront them?” “if he had just stayed put there would have been no casualties…besides the adult white girl who is over 18”


  6. Worc1 says:

    Always keep your doors locked and never, ever open door to someone you do not know or are not expecting, such as cable guy or such. Get well Gramps and good job.

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    • Sharon says:

      Check. Even in broad daylight when I answer the door, IF I opened the inner door there’s still steel mesh and two locks between me and whoever’s standing there – lately it’s all political hacks.

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      • lovemygirl says:

        I was trying to figure out all the sales calls and door knockers lately and then it became clear it was the Pols.

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      • Col.(R)Ken says:

        What’s your backup? .45 or 9mm? I live in the rural part of W.PA. If you come up the lane, you are either lost or looking for me. My biggest threat is dismounted. Door are always locked, even when entertaining, armed, and most if not all of my guests are. Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

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        • I think a .45 is more powerful and is more efficient in putting a threat down. Problem 9mm shells are too small. Takes more shots to stop the threat. I believe science backs this.


          • Chip Bennett says:

            You’d be wrong in that belief. The round responsible for the plurality of homicides is the lowly 22LR. I carry 9mm; depending on which magazine I use, I have anywhere from 11 to 18 rounds available. My dad carries .45. He has 8 rounds available. (And most defensive gun uses involve about 3 rounds discharged, on average.)

            Caliber wars are stupid. Placement is critical. The caliber is secondary. Use what you’re comfortable with, what you’re competent with, and what you’ll actually carry/use.

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  7. Scott Angell says:

    I like the cross the dead lout is wearing in the photo. Too bad grandpa didn’t have time to use Charles Bronson’s line from the movie “Death Wish” when confronting one of the punks who had raped his daughter. Eyeing the cross the low life wore around his neck, Bronson asks if he belie”ves in Jesus. The punk says ‘yes’ to which Bronson replies ” Good, you’re about to meet him” followed immediately by Bronson shooting him dead!

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  8. Murse says:

    Way to go Grandpa! Your only mistake was you left two of them alive. What brazen little punks to think they could break into an occupied home and rape a girl. They deserve to die for they are unfit to live among human beings.

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  9. bogeytct says:

    Hopefully the final two get life at the very least for the death of their scumbag friend.

    Crooks ought to know, you bring a gun to a robbery, you’re responsible for every death.

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  10. truecoiors says:

    Did any of the perps have their hands up when they got shot?


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  11. kornesque says:

    As sad as this story is, gramps can go knowing he did more than most of us will be able to accomplish. Good shooting brother.

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  12. maggiemoowho says:

    Heres the other A-hole that survived

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  13. libby says:

    Those gentle giants werent doin nuffin.
    Sons of obambi.
    Aspiring rocket surgeons all of ’em

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  14. David In TN says:

    Except for TheBlaze.com, no national news sources seem to have picked up the story.


    • libby says:

      Black privelege means never having to admit most violence if inter racial is black on white.
      Hi sunny hostile


    • ZurichMike says:

      Of course it’s not reported in the national news. Haven’t you heard? All minorities are innocent, no matter how heinous the crime or how many facts are against them. If there is anything reported, it will be that gramps was a racist for shooting the three thugs.


  15. Moishe Pipik says:

    Not that it should matter, but I just want to make sure this wasn’t motivated by “hate.” What race were the victims?

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  16. kinthenorthwest says:

    And they want us to give up our guns–No Way.
    On the best of 911 calls it will take the police around 5 min…in my area at 10pm it would probably be more like 15 to 30 mins., especially considering my called could get pinged to several different places.

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    • I called in Houston one evening (the sub-station is walking distance from our house and our HOA pays for 24/7 sheriff patrol) and it took over an hour. I THOUGHT my husband was being carjacked in our driveway at 1:30 in the morning. Good thing I was wrong. It took them about an 1:10 to get there. By the time the cops show up, you’re a victim and they’re there to take a report or investigate a murder.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Back in ’03 my car was stolen in Fresno . Without thinking I dialed 911–About 6 or more rings later i realized that I should just being calling the station instead. However I also realized that if I hung up that I’d probably end up with them maybe bashing in my door too, So after another 5 minutes someone finally answers. (yes I finally starting timing the calll).
        H3LL do you realize what could have happened to me in that 5 plus minutes. If you ask any police office they will tell you that most 911 calls will average at least 5-10 on a slow night. However on a busy night, weird weather night, short staffed night or ??? night they usually average way over 30 minutes to get to the place of a 911 call.
        People need to learn know how to protect themselves even if you have a good police department.


  17. Dean says:

    Too bad they didn’t all croak.


  18. mazziflol says:

    Left to Right: Jamie Lee Faison (Deceased), Brandon Stephens, Jamar Hawkins

    Curious to know the Ethnicity of the victims


  19. arttart1983 says:

    God Bless Grandpa, just protecting his family/his grand daughter from being raped by 3 scum bags. I shudder to think what might have happened to Grand Pa’s family had he not had that gun handy.

    Prayers for Grandpa/his family. I hope they get his gold caddy cleaned up for him before he’s released from the hospital, he’s lucky to be alive.


  20. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Praying for that Grandpa, his wife and granddaughter. I hope that one who died, after stealing his car, had time to repent; before he died. I will pray likewise for the other two thugs. Throw away the key!


  21. It would be interesting to know if the gun was loaded and in the safe they made him open.

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  22. Sha says:

    I pray grandpa makes it. I hope those guys spend the rest of there lives in jail .

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  23. libby says:

    The white hut must send representatives to the dead thug’s funeral to express solidarity with thugs everywhere.
    Who let that grandp out of his bedroom?
    He shouldnt have left the bedroom.
    The dead thug was surrendering.
    Every living thug within a thousand miles will testify the thugs feed the elderly in their spare time.


  24. libby says:

    Never once does the article mention how this cop wanna be grandpa deprived these feral yutes of their bright futures

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  25. Attorney says:

    Prayers for Grandpa, he is a hero and his granddaughter.

    Thank God he took the savages out. One by one. Thugs need to go. Every extermination is a step in a positive direction for this nation. Hate to say it but it is true.


  26. justfactsplz says:

    If Grandpa had not been armed, both he and his granddaughter could have been shot to death by the intruders.

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  27. Ken says:

    I dunno. A safe in the house and being home invaded and forced back to the room where it was. The way some kids or ‘yoots’ are these days, I’d put that granddaughter in the box and interrogate her hard and make damn sure this was not an inside job.


  28. lovemygirl says:

    I’m trying to figure out how thugs like this are in a small town. I wonder if there is a prison nearby. Maybe it’s my reminiscing about small towns when not all are Mayberry nice.


  29. Madmax says:

    Dirty scum. Keep feeding them lead.

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  30. God bless this brave man who fought to save his family. Prayers for him.

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  31. WeeWeed says:

    My heart bleeds for these misguided yoots. Bleeds…

     photo waaaambulance-2.jpg

    Good on ya’s, Gramps. 😉


  32. TexasRanger says:

    Thugs – all 3 of them! Good job Grandpa, at least one of them is down there with the biggest one – big Mike!
    Who do we want? Thugs! How do we want them? Dead!

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  33. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  34. whodoneit says:

    Dear Lord – it seems that our world is exploding. I often feel that humans are nothing more than one of God’s failed science experiments. And we too shall pass.


  35. Pingback: Armed Badass Grandfather Defends Wife and Granddaughter from Rapists in Home Invasion | pundit from another planet

  36. Daniel says:

    Several thoughts:

    1. 67yo… technically a grandfather, but not “old” (I used to think that but not so much) Still awesome but stop calling him grandpa unless he is your grandfather.
    2. The race of the victims (not the assailants) is somewhat immaterial but it’s bad for the narrative either way when you think about it.
      2.a. If the victims are white, the media cannot dare put out a justifiable self-defense claim especially when he took the weapon of death from the assailants.
      2.b. If the victims are black (or other) this would further serve to show these animals are simply that and the world has no use for them… at all. But honestly? Because there was rape involved, based on statistics alone, I would say that they aren’t black. Black on black rape rates are pretty low.
    3. It’s only a little surprising the media didn’t ID the “Indian” (from India? Doesn’t look like he’s from India) as white to help hide that while this may or may not be a “race based crime” the statistically higher danger of one “group” over another is further demonstrated in yet another instance. (The media has a lot to fear from the ‘Native American’ lobby if they dared to ID the criminal as white.)

    Bill Whittle said “Make him own it.” I support the notion. I also want to make black people own it when they “defend” criminals and criminal behavior. I also want to make black people own their children; their products of neglect and abuse, their literal “ranching” of children so they can collect more welfare and subsidies and other benefits. There can be no improvement when it is being denied that there is a problem at all.


    • crossthread42 says:

      Daniel,the First 2, the “Deceased” and the second THUG, are whats known in these Parts,(Robinson County).. Are known as LUMBEE INDAINS ….. Or so they think.. They have been trying to get federal recognition for several years, I mean DECADES…


  37. crossthread42 says:

    Wanna be LUMBEE INDAINS spit…. (the first 2), WORTHLESS sumbitches… they really are.. Speaking from experience..


  38. Chip Bennett says:

    Good shoot, and good riddance! Hope the grandfather, grandmother, and especially the would-be rape victim granddaughter, are all okay.


  39. Richard_Iowa says:

    If Obama had a bunch more sons, well, you know who they would look like.


  40. Chip Bennett says:

    By the way: does NC have a felony murder statute?


  41. TruckinMacK says:

    Al, Jesse, Barack, come quick! Some old, white, Christian, gun owner just killed a poor helpless African American, in cold blood no less. He also tried to kill another African American youth and his best friend and sidekick, Tonto, a native American.

    This is a hate crime pure and simple! Let rioting mobs commence.

    (This was typed with the Font Sarcastical, which most computers do not have.)


  42. auscitizenmom says:

    Jamie Lee Fiason DEAD = Good Boy


  43. urhucklberry says:

    Good enough for them. I’m in NC and grandpa is my hero.


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