Virginia – Nelson County Officials Announce Intentions of “New Search” For Alexis Murphy…

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Alexis Murphy 9 selfie computer(VIRGINIA) Officials in Nelson County just announced they are planning a new search for missing teen Alexis Murphy.

Murphy went missing from her Nelson County home in August 2013, and Randy Taylor was convicted of her murder in May 2014. Her body has never been found.

This announcement comes just three days after human remains were found off of Old Lynchburg Road in Albemarle County, that could be those of missing UVa student Hannah Graham.

Detective Billy Mays of the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office released this statement following the announcement:

“Our goal has always been to bring Alexis home, and to bring closure to the family.”

Mays said they had certain areas planned for the new search, but he did not disclose where those areas are.

Anyone with information about Murphy’s disappearance is asked to call the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 263-7050. (link)

Alexis Murphy 10 convenient store

Alexis Murphy 3

Alexis Murphy Virginia MapAlexis Murphy 8 selfie.

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33 Responses to Virginia – Nelson County Officials Announce Intentions of “New Search” For Alexis Murphy…

  1. Chip Bennett says:

    So, this is tacit admission by the authorities that Randy Taylor did not act alone, and that Jesse Matthew is suspected as his accomplice.


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  2. stormyeyesc says:

    The charges for the 2005 rape/attempted murder ………the original Matthews sketch was from this vistim’s ordeal:


  3. sundance says:

    On Monday, Matthew was indicted in Fairfax County on three felony counts related to a 2005 sexual assault. It’s unclear where the 32-year-old Albemarle County resident will first stand trial.

    Matthew was charged in Charlottesville on Sept. 23 with abduction with intent to defile in the Hannah Graham case.

    […] “There’s now a speedy trial clock that’s actually running in Fairfax that’s not running in Charlottesville or Albemarle,” says Heilberg.

    In addition, because it’s unclear how strong the prosecutor’s case is in Charlottesville, it might make sense to try Matthew first in Fairfax while local investigators continue to build their cases, Heilberg says.

    Charlottesville is not a very death-friendly locality if they’re contemplating a capital murder charge,” says Heilberg.

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  4. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    One disappointing thing about the photos of Alexis Murphy at the Liberty station… they were both taken from the CCTV video, but we have never seen the video, itself, which is purported to show Randy Taylor holding open the door for Alexis. Also not seen is any other views of the parking lot that might have shown Taylor, Matthew, or both.

    Regardless, it seems that the local authorities might very well believe Matthew had some involvement in Murphy’s disappearance and probable murder. Here’s hoping that they manage to locate her remains and answer the questions that now linger over that case.

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  5. stormyeyesc says:

    The skull was shipped for dental confirmation today. Other skeletal remains left in place as grid plotting continues. Much as in Caylee Anthony case. Other vacant properties within 10 miles of the area must be checked IMO.


    • peachteachr says:

      They do need to continue to search. Was it you who suggested earlier that the Texas Equusearch would be a good addition to this search? I think they could help, a lot.


  6. Lee Jan says:

    One word. Heartbreaking.

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  7. chuckles49 says:

    She was definitely a pretty girl.. Looked sort of like Aaliyah. Hopefully affirmative action also applies to his right to a speedy death after sentencing.


  8. She was a gorgeous little girl – too bad she was on the wrong path and hanging out with people who would do her harm. These girls, I cannot imagine displaying the amount of sexuality they do these days. Honestly. First of all, I didn’t know ANY teen-age girls with the level of confidence girls have today (I graduated high school in 1983.) We “looked” like teen-agers – most of had braces on our teeth until we were 16 or 17 years old. I remember getting my first bikini for my Sr. Trip to Florida and never went out in public in it without a large t-shirt that hung halfway down to my knees covering me up!

    I have a daughter that’s now 22, almost 23, and I worry about her constantly. Fortunately, she’s not one of these girls that dresses so provocatively. They have the bodies and seeming confidence of grown women but are clueless to the danger around them. Many of them are just asking to catch the attention of a predator without even realizing it. It’s very sad.

    As parents, we can talk to them about the dangers that exist, but ultimately we have to leave it in God’s hands and say lots of prayers and lose lots of sleep. To quote a line from a wonderful story, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” – it’s equally appropriate for danger, too:

    The daughter is experiencing her first broken heart and has told her mother the story of the boy who broke it.

    “Katie heard the story, ‘It’s come at last,’ she thought, ‘the time when you can no longer stand between your children and heart ache. When there wasn’t enough food in the house you pretended that you weren’t hungry so they could have more. In the cold of a winter’s night you got up and put your blanket on their bed so they wouldn’t be cold. You’d kill anyone who tried to harm them – I tried my best to kill that man in the hallway. Then one sunny day, they walk out in all innocence and they walk right into the grief that you’d give your life to spare them.’

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    • chuckles49 says:

      It’s stressful having children, no matter who you are, where you live, or how grown up they might be. You can teach them all you know about the World and staying safe, but in your heart you know the barbarians are just outside the gate.

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    • Lucille says:

      txconservative, you can imagine the difference between being in high school in the 1950’s and present day!! I came from a devout Christian family in a small country CA town. Naive…oh, my! I moved to L.A. in 1963 and it’s amazing to look back and realize now how protective the older males in my office were toward me, giving me advice and warnings. Good old Texas boys, all of them. We remained friends for many years, exchanging birthday and Christmas cards. God bless their memories!

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    • Concerned says:

      I grew up during the hippie free love 60’s and whatever you want to call them early 70’s, so I’m quite tolerant to varying lifestyles and behaviors, but the outrageous hypersexualization of young women and men these days makes me cringe! Back in my day people were sexually open in a very conscious manner, much of it to do with expressing attraction and love in the most intimate way possible. It didn’t usually work out as well as intended but hey, they made a good effort. These days it seems to be pure prostitution, sex as a commodity, to get money, clothing, or some other kind of payment.

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  9. NB “NELSON COUNTY, Va. — The man who abducted and murdered a Virginia teen was formally sentenced in a Nelson County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

    Circuit Judge J. Michael Gamble sentenced Randy Allen Taylor, 48, to two consecutive life sentences for first-degree murder and abduction with intent to defile in connection with the disappearance of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

    Additionally, Taylor’s lawyer stated in his client maintains his innocence, but knows where Murphy’s body is located.

    Taylor’s attorney said that his client claimed a third person was involved and that Taylor would reveal the body’s location in exchange for 20 year sentence.

    However, the judge, along with Murphy’s family, rejected that offer.”July 25,2014


  10. georgiafl says:

    Alexis Murphy’s tweets, texts, emails, and any real hair (not extensions) as well as interviews with friends and family, and any prior police record would reveal whether she was a user and in the market for marijuana.

    If not, Taylor’s story is false – and – she was abducted, but either by Taylor or Jesse Matthew or someone else. The police may know the answer to this already.

    Randy Taylor claimed he was afraid of the dealer and his people – more afraid for his family than for himself in prison. Perhaps Taylor was confused about African American hair style terminology or gave the description as corn rows rather than dreadlocks intentionally to confuse the authorities to protect his family.

    There was a heap of Alexis Murphy’s blood on Randy Taylor’s shirt and it was wrapped around her hair extension with the natural hair and roots attached, plus a diamond stud. The inside of the trailer didn’t have the same amount of her blood/DNA, as I recall. If it was planted, it was not done by police, but by the killer or accomplice.

    Of note, there was blood/DNA on the bed sheets of Randy Taylor’s trailer that was not Alexis Murphy’s nor Taylors and it was never identified.

    Something violent happened to Alexis Murphy, but it is not crystal clear what or where that occurred.


    • sundance says:

      I think Randy Taylor was involved and participated. But I also wonder if Jesse Matthews might have been that “other” somebody.

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      • georgiafl says:

        I do too… there are several reasons to think so. What about the other cab driver who took RT home?

        A rash of cab fires and criminal indictment of the Access cab service supervisor named Poole on drug charges puts the Charlottesville cab community under suspicion. I wouldn’t want a bouncer to put my child in a Charlottesville cab expecting the driver to get her home safely.


    • georgiafl says:

      The fact that Alexis Murphy’s phone was found smashed near the Taylor trailer may be a Jesse Matthew signature clue. (Wonder if there was any unidentified DNA on it?)

      Morgan Harrington’s phone was found smashed on the Copely bridge, I believe. (DNA?)

      Matthew first grabbed (and smashed?) the phone of the lawyer that he assaulted before he hit him.

      Hannah Graham’s phone was also disabled that night.

      Jesse Matthew always cuts off any calls for help.


  11. chris says:

    BREAKING RandyTaylor defense attorney: FBI lab performing DNA testing to determine if JesseMatthew’s DNA was in AlexisMurphy’s car


    • Curious13 says:

      Chris, where did you read that the FBI lab is performing DNA testing to determine if JM’s DNA was in Alexis Murphy’s car?


        • Egghead says:

          Here’s a good comment on that website from HoovilleMom:

          Jesse Matthew’s DNA has been “in the system” since 2005–LE just didn’t know his identity. That’s how LE was able to link the 2005 sexual assault and Morgan Harrington’s killing to the same “unknown black male,” who turned out to be Matthew. So, when LE did testing on the Murphy’s car, YES, if JM’s DNA was in the car, it would have come back as being the same DNA profile as the suspect in the 2005 case and Harrington case. After Alexis’ disappearance, we would have seen that same sketch plastered all over the news as being linked to Alexis.

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