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Mike Brown Shooting Eye Witness Talks To Media About Grand Jury Testimony….

The article left me trying to figure out how the witness could be on the passenger side of the SUV, the same distance from the SUV as his opinion of the construction workers location, yet see the entire event from … Continue reading

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CDC Was For Ms. Vinson Flying Before They Were Against It – CDC Pre-Approved Her Commercial Travel With Fever…

This is what happens when you politicize a public health issue. Bureaucrats have to keep the concentric circles of protectionism around the President fully supported. Contradictions then become glaringly obvious. CBS Reports Ms. Vinson was cleared to fly with a … Continue reading

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White House Again Refuses To Consider Travel Ban For West African Nations…

The most unfortunate outcome so far is that Ebola has become politicized.  Val Jar and McDonough are applying the political prism to every statement, policy, instruction, speech and action.  Hence all the inherent contradictions…  EXAMPLE: Vinson called CDC several times before flying, … Continue reading

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Perspective Retention – Join in 15 Minutes of Rejoicing !!!!

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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Details Of Second Ebola Nurse Released: 29-Year-Old, Amber Vinson, Travelled Via Plane Two Days Ago…

President Obama Has Cancelled Tonight’s Fundraiser !! CDC Thomas Frieden says: “We have stopped every Ebola outbreak, until this one! The second Ebola treatment nurse, diagnosed with Ebola herself, is a 29-year-old named Amber Vinson. Riddle me this: The second nurse … Continue reading

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BREAKING OVERNIGHT – Another Confirmed Ebola Case – Second Dallas Healthcare Worker Tests Positive With Ebola…

…”It is Now Officially An Outbreak”… THIS IS BREAKING NEWS – Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is confirming another healthcare worker has now been diagnosed with Ebola as a result of their exposure to Patient Zero. Two patients sickened as a … Continue reading

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