Kobani – Turkey’s Abandonment May Spark A Dangerous Dynamic With Kurds Throughout The Region – Meanwhile Obama’s State Department Says Meh, no biggie, “it’s not a big concern for us”…

Kurdish populations throughout Turkey are visibly angry at Prime Minister Erdogan and President Obama’s decision to stand by and watch their brothers and sisters slaughtered by ISIS in Kobane (Kobani) Syria.   The anger has the possibility of tearing apart a tenuous dynamic within Turkey…

Meanwhile Team Obama actually says: ‘meh, no biggie if 10,000 or so Syrian moderates are killed fighting ISIS, we’ve got a great plan to train and arm 5,000 over the next year’.

Wait, wha… no… huh?…

U.S. officials: “ISIS will capture Kobani, but it’s not a big concern to us

TURKEY – […] The likely fall of Kobani may mark an irrevocable breach between Turks and Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Many of the 30 million Kurds in the region believe that, if Kobani falls, it will be because Turkey refused to help its defenders as they faced repeated Isis assaults and cut them off from reinforcements and fresh supplies of weapons and ammunition. “We are besieged by Turkey, it is not something new,” said Ismet Sheikh Hassan, the Kurdish Defence Chief for the Kobani region.

kobane 3 map

The already faltering peace process between the Turkish government and its Kurdish minority could be a long-term casualty of Kobani, particularly if its capture is accompanied by ritual massacres of surviving defenders by Isis.

[…] One observer in Turkey writes: “These events could turn what began as a general humanitarian protest at the abandonment of the besieged in Kobani into a headlong collision between the Kurds and the Turks.”

The fall of Kobani will give Isis control of a large part of the 510-mile Syrian frontier with Turkey. This will be a further incentive for Turkey to establish a buffer or ‘safe’ zone on the Syrian side of the border, though this would shift Turkey towards becoming a military participant in the civil war. It plans to use a Turkish-controlled zone to train anti-government fighters and to house Syrian refugees.

kobane 4 isisThe Turks were not alone in abandoning Kobani to the Islamic militants. The US was careful not have any direct liaison with Kurdish fighters on the ground though local intelligence should have made their air strikes more effective and might have stopped the Isis advance. Over the past 24 hours, these strikes have increased in number but may come too late as Isis militants fight street to street.

The US campaign against Isis is weakened not so much by lack ‘boots on the ground’, but by seeking to hold at arm’s-length those who are actually fighting Isis while embracing those such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey who are not. There is a similar situation in Iraq, where most of the fighting against Isis is by the Shia militias from which the US keeps its distance.

As Isis closes in on Kobani, the city’s defenders have been abandoned. They may have hoped for assistance from the Syrian government, with whom they have a truce, but there are no reports of Syrian aircraft in action at Kobani though bombing Isis there would have been keeping with Mr Assad’s claim to be defending Syrians from Isis.

Ponder This Headline

kobane 5 cnn headline

(CNN link)

kobane 3 map

Kobani: A brief history – Kobani started out in 1912 as a stop on the Konya-Baghdad railway and was populated by Armenian refugees fleeing the forces of the Ottoman Empire in 1915. The name “Kobani” may be a corruption of the word “company”, although in Arabic the town is called Ayn al-Arab or “the spring of the Arabs”.

Kurds and other groups also moved into the town, which was developed under French rule in Syria after the end of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the population was Kurdish but also included Turkmen, Arabs and Armenians. The 2004 census gave Kobani’s population as 45,000, but the outlying districts were home to hundreds of thousands of people in villages. In 2012, Kurdish People’s Protection Units took over control of the own and other Kurdish areas from the Damascus government, in what was seen as a deal between Kurds and the Assad regime. As the war continued, Kobani became a haven for those escaping the fighting. Some reports say 160,000 people have left Kobani for Turkey recently. (link)

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18 Responses to Kobani – Turkey’s Abandonment May Spark A Dangerous Dynamic With Kurds Throughout The Region – Meanwhile Obama’s State Department Says Meh, no biggie, “it’s not a big concern for us”…

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  2. chiavarm says:

    More blood on Obama’s hands

    Liked by 2 people

    • doodahdaze says:

      Hope the Kurds do not think Obama will save them. He is treacherous and not to be trusted.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        I believe the Kurds would welcome any help they receive from America, but know better than to depend on it, or trust the source. Especially after what happened to them in Iraq after the first Gulf War. How many of them died because Bush I didn’t provide support for their uprising against Saddam in 1991?


  3. justfactsplz says:

    People need to wake up and see this faux war for what it is and what it is not. Obama is not in it to win it. The poor Kurds don’t deserve this massacre.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. maryfrommarin says:

    “It’s not a major concern”?

    Of course not. It’s all in the game plan.

    It burns me that they’re so open with their callous indifference. Because that means they know there’s no significant opposition to their holocaust-excusing mentality.


  5. Yakmaster says:

    Already being reported by CNNi that Kurds have taken to the streets in violent protests with police and Islamists in Turkey. Erdogan was shown making a speech saying Kobani will inevitably fall. A reporter in Istanbul said flat out that Erdogan’s primary goal was the removal of Assad. These rports are just glossed over in daily U.S. news coverage. The rest of the world can connect the dots, but the White House doesn’t want the American public to have an objective look at the game he and Erdogan are playing. People here might start to wonder why both of them are now obsessed with toppling Assad instead of commiting themselves to fighting ISIS.


  6. benzy says:

    Having watched the events in Syria unfold over the past week or so, particularly the last several days; it is no longer a question why the other members of the “coalition” to fight ISIS (or is it ISIL today?) have done absolutely nothing. There is NO reason for any of them to trust Obama (and thus the United States) when it comes to actions (or a lack of actions) in the middle east. Obama says publically that he (notice how he’s willing to take full credit for it) has created this “coalition” to fight ISIS, and then does NOTHING when the Kurds are fighting ISIS and need assistance. Obviously, the other nations of the world are seeing that being Obama’s ally is only a short-term condition, ONLY for as long as it benefits Obama politically. Once there is no political advantage to be gained by Obama, you will be dropped like the proverbial hot rock.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    One of my base operating points: dead bodies do not matter in politics be they local, national or international, unless they meet or harm one’s needs. Obama and the Euro-pansies are trying to push Erdogan into action and Erdogan does not want to go it alone. The dead work for Obama and country by putting pressure on Erdogan to act and by inflaming the Turkish public in support of any action. They work for Erdogan who’d like to act (Ottoman Empire II) but wants assurance of substantive Western support to ensure a quick an decisive victory and a basket of Western goodies after the fight in gratitude for saving their apples. West is willing to let more die as they are of no fiscal or political consequence to them while their deaths ratchet-up the pressure on Erdogan. Obama can also use their deaths as an example of ‘why should we help them while they won’t help themselves’ to deflect some blame for sitting on his hands and as part of the ‘put the pressure on Erdogan’ campaign. In a side game I’m betting Erdogan’s putting pressure on his Rooskie buds to do something for him as the Turks will either control the areas the Rooskies have Syrian interests in, will be the Go To Guys post-ISIS and be the key to the Russian petro pipelines and ports in the area. Meanwhile the Russians, like the US, don’t dare to put the numbers of bootskis on ground there it would take to secure their interests.
    Peoples in that area just happen to have the bad fortune of getting ground up under the wheels of international politics and all parties concerned in the grinding process will sleep well each night, berift of any guilt or bad feelings as they are just doing their jobs, as they have in many other lives-for-gains issues. Spinners will try to negate my point by saying that I’m attacking a peoples or scared ideology, some such crap, but it’s POLITICS, and politics here is the raw application of power by a certain type of person irrespective of ethnicity or nationality. Their only uniting point is a lack of what we refer to as morals.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Your analysis adds a significant layer of understanding as to why this has been allowed to unfold in the manner that it has. Thanks.


      • czarowniczy says:

        To me the most important thing anyone can do is to NOT believe that anyone who aspires to a high political position (or any one, for that matter) is a warm, fuzzy teddy-bear who can be trusted alone in the same room with you kids and your trash can. I believe that too many people don’t want to be bothered with what really goes on behind the screen in the political brothels as their personal lives are much more interesting. Same went in Russia-1917, Germany-1932, Cambodia-1975 – for examples. People generally don’t control their dogs or politicians and generally end up getting bitten in the end.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Czar, well said, there might be a wild card, Merkle in Germany. She just might do something……..I don’t know, she did fly in some medical aid, some limited weapons, maybe the Kurds will cut her in on oil/natural gas. I just have this feeling she is still PO at Obama for spying, and if she secures oil/gas will out going through Russia and EU that secures her future for the foreseeable future. I just have a feeling there a white knight out there that will step in on the side of the Kurds.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I’m betting that Merkle will go with Russia/Turkey as the US has zip to offer her. Germany is now where it wanted to be in 1941 – THE power in mainland Europe. The German banks are the most solvent in the EU, Germany has the largest industrial capacity in the EU and, quite frankly, is the major thing holding that economic dog”s dinner together. Russia supplies most of Germany’s petro energy. Even though Russia dismantled and carted back to the Motherland much of Germany’s undamaged industrial and scientific capabilities, Germany still managed to outstrip Russian capabilities over the last 50 years. I think Merkle and Russia can build a nice, stable two-scorpions-on-a-frog relationship as Russian energy will keep Germany as Europe’s boss and Russian energy will keep Germany in the Russian sphere. Germany had a working relationship with Turkey during WW I as Russia does now so it all seems to come together nicely.


        • skeptiktank says:

          For what it’s worth, here is a BAS News article about Germany opening a base near Erbil. http://basnews.com/en/News/Details/Germany-Opens-Military-Base-in-Erbil/36782


          • czarowniczy says:

            LOS! Deutschland ist wieder erwacht! Can’t play this too loudly or older family members start reaching for their Stahlhelme. Glad we didn’t throw away all of the old 78 rpms, looks like weeerrrrreeeee baaaaaack.


            • czarowniczy says:

              And they are only training the Iraqi forces – seems that we tried that once too. They are training the Pesh in advanced German weapons – seems we tried that too. Some of the Iraqi forces being trained went to Germany for training (hope they stopped by and had a beer with the Turkish gastarbeiter who’ve been there for over 50 years) – seems we brought some here too. “Germany has taken an active role in supporting the Kurds since IS insurgents began attacking the region.” let’s see what happens when the Pesh start to threaten Turkey with those weapons and training and the Turks start calling in cards and turn their huge military machine against them full throttle. I can’t believe Germany’s going to drive Turkey even closer to the Russian’s outstretched arms unless they’ve hired Panetta and Kerry as strategic advisers.


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