Anarchy and Left-Wing Activists Planning To Swarm Ferguson October 10th – 13th

Grand Central Moonbats Traveling To Ferguson

ferguson october 17

Pete is riding his bike to meet up with Justin in Ferguson.

Every hard core left-wing, communist, socialist and racist group is coordinating to advance upon Ferguson Missouri this weekend. However, the problem the professional agitators might run into is if they are met by the real boys of the hood who are smart enough to know professional opportunists when they are noticed.

ferguson october 1

Check out this All-Star list of groups planning to support Ferguson October !

Then again, with all of these Brangelina Beatnik Moonbats running around parading their social justice causes – the liquor stores might be less guarded. Lucky Day, Lucky Day…. Whoot, there it is.

ferguson october 2

Ferguson october 3

Quite an assembly of leftists eh?

To assist identification of the inbound activists here’s a short summary of expectations.

Your average unemployed moonbat  (the social activist types) will have a college degree in Medieval Poetry, Gender Studies or something similarly non-valuable (except in moonbat land).

ferguson october 16ferguson october 11

The Moonbat Brangelenia Beatniks are similar in disposition to modern hipsters, the only usual difference is they live-stream Rachel Maddow shows, watch Matt Daman on U-Tube and consider Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow intellectual powerhouses.

In addition “the keffiyeh” is a dead giveaway adornment to identify the “justice” activists:

ferguson october 4ferguson october 7

ferguson october 5

Ferguson october 9Ferguson october 6

ferguson october 10Ferguson october 8

Ferguson october 14

Head’s Up Ferguson, they’re on the way

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166 Responses to Anarchy and Left-Wing Activists Planning To Swarm Ferguson October 10th – 13th

  1. stormyeyesc says:

    Bassem Masri ‏@bassem_masri · 35m35 minutes ago
    Warning #police have said on scanner they are targeting protesters leaving Busch Stadium who are heading back2 #Ferguson PD watch ur 6 yall


  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    Heather Mc Donald writing for City Journal spanks the presstitutes on Ferguson Coverage.


  3. No, not the old doctor who cast. Leave them alone 🙂

    Oh well, either way i agree and hopefully some moonbat crackas get a banagaz put to them by a young astronaut.


  4. stormyeyesc says:

    They are back Still yelling cuss words No respect for the children of the community.


  5. pookiesmommie says:

    This man on twitter is absolutely awesome…he is rollin on Bassem Masri.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. stormyeyesc says:

    Short Stack ‏@stackizshort · 17m17 minutes ago
    Lead from #Ferguson scanner watch: They are trackin yall comin from ferg to the cardinal game, be on alert.


  7. stormyeyesc says:


    #Ferguson live streamer cuts audio when protesters start calling fans “White Cracker”.. Then turns it back on when fans reply.

    11:48 p.m. Mon, Oct 6


  8. stormyeyesc says:

    MariaChappelleNadal ‏@MariaChappelleN · 36m36 minutes ago
    PROTESTERS AT THE GAME: Be careful coming to #Ferguson tonight. This IS an Alert.


  9. jason says:

    yeah. capture any vid if you can before they edit and delete


  10. stormyeyesc says:

    I don’t know how but I agree that those that do should


  11. TheSitRep says:

    It is going to funny to watch these idiots get the shit stomped out of their lily white asses when the good denizens of Ferguson start mugging them. LOL


  12. Bill says:

    Are those guys at the top of the column of pics calling for someone to do the Diamond Cutter?


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