Kroger Mob Beating Victim Speaks, Four Teens Arrested, and The Media Keep Pushing The Propaganda – *UPDATE* Eleven Arrests….

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton (right) listens as Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong speaks to the media outside the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library about the attack of employees and a customer Saturday night by a mob of teenagers at the Poplar Plaza Kroger

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton (right) listens as Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong speaks to the media outside the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library about the attack of employees and a customer Saturday night by a mob of teenagers at the Poplar Plaza Kroger

UPDATE 9/9/14 @4:20pm : Eleven Arrests – MEMPHIS — Eleven teenagers have been arrested and charged in connection with an attack on several people in a grocery store parking lot in Memphis, police said Monday.

The teens, ranging in age from 14 to 19, face charges including aggravated assault and aggravated riot, police said.  Police did not release the names of the boys and girls who were charged after the fight Saturday night outside a Kroger grocery store.

The fight was caught on cellphone video.

They identified the 19-year-old as Raheem Richardson. It was not immediately known if he had a lawyer late Monday.  Police said a group of teenagers first attacked a 25-year-old customer as he left his car to enter the store. (read more)

By now you’ve probably seen numerous professional leftists attempt to deflect the racial aspect of the assault away from the entire brutal campaign by saying there was a black Kroger employee also targeted. This black victim they claim proves there was no racial animus attached to the attack.

However, what the media don’t tell you is in order to add a black victim to the crime, they are counting the black Kroger security guard as “a victim” of the mob. Against the backdrop of four arrests, the 25-year-old initial target has now talked to the media.

HE THOUGHT IT WAS A FLASHMOB” – It’s a violent attack that was caught on camera — and now, police in Memphis say they have arrested and charged four juveniles. The attack happened in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store on Saturday, September 6th.

FOX6’s sister station, WREG in Memphis reports a 15-year-old has been charged with aggravated riot and acting in concert: to wit aggravated assault.

WREG reports the teen was out on gun-related charges at the time of the attack. WREG says the teen wasn’t enrolled in school, and his mother was previously charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

That teen is seen in the video wearing a lime green shirt.

WREG reports a 16-year-old is also charged with aggravated riot, and acting in concert: to wit aggravated assault. A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old are charged with aggravated riot.

This, on the same day we’re hearing from a man who claims he was victimized in the attack.

The man says he recenlty moved to Memphis, and pulled out his cell phone on Saturday when he was on his way to Kroger, thinking he was recording the start of a flash mob.

“Being new to the city, I don’t know where I can and where I can’t go. As I was starting to get my camera open, a guy popped around a car and said ‘hey bro’ and just started swinging at me. And I tried to put my hands up, another guy started rushing at me. I took off running backwards through the parking lot,” the man said.

Video captured on a Kroger employee’s cell phone shows the man.

“If you watch the video they say ‘oh they’re jacking, they’re getting that white guy.’ I’m that white guy,” the man said.

The man is seen in the video wearing shorts and a blue shirt — pushing several teens out of the way and running into the store.

“I had run clear in through the door. I was at the fruit aisle. And I turned back to see if they were still following me. So immediately I pulled out my phone and called 911,” the man said.

The man wasn’t injured, but when he watched the video of the incident on Facebook, he says he was extremely frustrated.

“It was nonsense violence. I can say that for sure. It seemed very unprovoked. They weren’t about anything, that it was fun for them. They were out having a good time. They were all smiling they were laughing,” the man said.

Laughing, as they knocked out a 17-year-old Kroger employee — kicking him in the head and throwing large pumpkins on him as he laid on the ground.

The man new to town says several Kroger employees were recording video of the incident — but one man seen at the end of the video knocked out, actually stepped in to defend him and the 17-year-old Kroger employee knocked unconscious.

The man says he’s grateful no one was seriously injured, but he says someone has to be held accountable for what happened.

“I felt like my life was threatened and I was lucky to get away,” the man said. (watch video of victim)

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53 Responses to Kroger Mob Beating Victim Speaks, Four Teens Arrested, and The Media Keep Pushing The Propaganda – *UPDATE* Eleven Arrests….

  1. nivico says:

    Where is Eric Holder…???

    Why aren’t there 40 DOJ agents on the ground investigating the matter already…???

    4 arrests isn’t enough… there were dozens upon dozens of criminals who need to be identified and brought to justice.

    Why hasn’t Obama addressed this senseless act of violence yet…???

    Why isn’t this being discussed 24/7 on the cable news networks…???

    Why did the one CNN anchor actually seem angry and incensed that they were covering the story even briefly… he made sure to inform the viewers that HE is the one who feels hunted, not these people who were actually attacked and beaten unconscious. Perception trumps reality… he ‘feels’ hunted, they ‘were’ hunted.

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  2. Ian says:

    Africa lives among us.


  3. jke456 says:

    “Teen was out on gun charges” SMH.

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  4. Shibbity Boo says:

    If you choose to vacay in Liberia, do you have the right to not catch Ebola?


  5. trackker3 says:

    In similar urban areas it is wise to take a battle buddy with you…that, a side arm, a couple full mags and an edged weapon would ensure your survivability in an event such as this. Mike Brown would be so proud. [sarc]

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  6. We were the victims of a dog-napping for ransom ring in Houston several years ago. The perpetrators were a group from the worst ghettos in Houston who were also engaging in armed robbery related to the buying/selling of iPhones through Craigslist. We pursued the matter, with the help of police and ASPCA investigators which ultimately led to the arrest of an adult ringleader and a juvenile who was directly involved in our case.

    We appeared for his hearing in Juvenile Court and, while waiting on our case to be called, witnessed the handling of several other cases. One, in particular, was so outrageous it is still a topic of conversation. A 15 year old, who was being held in the Juvenile facility, was brought before the Judge who was a middle-aged white man. The kid (you can guess his race) was charged with carjacking and joyriding while on probation for the very same offense. Keeping in mind that this is a 15 year old and the legal driving age in Texas is 16 and he was already charged/convicted of carjacking once, we were completely aghast when the Judge yucked it up with him and his legal guardian (possibly a parent) and then told him he did not want to see him again in his court. He was let go with a slap on the wrist yet again – more probation.

    What message is being sent to these kids? No wonder they feel like they can riot and rampage and wreak havoc with impunity – that is the message they are getting from the authorities. How frustrating this must be to the cops who have to put themselves in harm’s way to arrest them and then watch as they are paraded through a kangaroo court and sent on their merry way.

    Is it any wonder, then, that cops feel “threatened” when confronting these thugs in other situations – particularly a thug who has just “graduated” from juvenile to adult status? These are the MOST dangerous of the thugs. They will kill in a heartbeat to avoid arrest and prosecution.

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    • JT says:

      Sounds about right for juvenile system. I live in a suburb of Houston and my wife was a victim of juvenile crime. I posted about it yesterday in another thread. A 17 year old black male stole her cell phone, purse, and car keys. He was caught on camera and sent to an alternative school. That’s it. Whoopedeedoo!! I’m sure he really learned his lesson (sarcasm). None of the items that he stole from us were recovered. This was 9 months ago and we haven’t seen a dime from this kid. Why wasn’t he made to get a job and pay us back? Where’s the justice for the victims of these hoodlums? He should have been made to work a hard labor job as part of his “probation” and had his wages garnished and sent directly to us until he paid us for everything that he stole.

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      • TeddyOn20th says:

        This is the biggest problem I have with the justice system today — no attempt at restitution is even made, or expected. As if a theft victim should be happy to see the person who stole from them tossed in jail but not to get back what was stolen.

        You could even argue that The State wins twice over in such situations — the victim has to re-buy what was stolen (earning income to buy it and then paying income tax, then paying sales tax when the purchase is made) and the criminal puts in free labor for the State while in jail.

        Restitution should be a higher priority than incarceration when dealing with theft.

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      • That MIGHT have taught him a lesson, for sure. I’m in agreement 100%. Even if they don’t learn a lesson, it is some form of justice for the victims.

        Sadly, the “lesson” they usually learn from such events is that next time they will look more closely for security cameras and avoid or destroy them in advance. They also learn NOT to get caught – even if that means killing their victim, the police pursuing them or innocent victims as a result of the chases they lead police on. Very sad state of affairs in this country.

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    • Attorney says:

      This is very well put. When I was a juvenile prosecutor in a mostly white area in Georgia, such a kid what have been spanked hard.

      The left-wing cancer is spreading though. Now judges are taught the diversity / multicultural canon.

      So see the future being written.

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      • Agreed – a future my poor “Aryan race poster children” children are going to inherit. I say Aryan race poster children because they are both blond/fair complexioned. I worry so for their safety now and, especially, in the future.


    • That’s why the Fergie riot squad saved a lot of lives in the long run!


    • jfmoris says:

      To understand what is going on, it helps to realize that almost every function of government has been perverted into a “profit center” for democrat constituencies.

      How many govt. employees are feeding at the “justice system ” trough? The police would prefer to reduce crime – it’d make their jobs easier &amp; safer. <b> All other govt. employees involved, the more crime = more job security</b>. It’s not like govt. employees live in the crappy neighborhoods that are created by revolving door justice, among other perversions of the left.

      You just can’t be cynical enough.

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    • I have been saying for a long time that blacks want preferential treatment not equal treatment. they want and have been getting lately no consequence’s for their actions. I’m afraid that it’s come to the point where we will have to start taking the law into our own hands. It’s a shame but if the Police can not do their job and when they do these bleeding heart judges let them go then there is only one other way to go. I just hope we are able to separate the good ones from the bad.


  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    If you as me, THIS is one of the most prophetic lines in the story:

    ““Being new to the city, I don’t know where I can and where I can’t go.”

    I have a clue for you, buddy: If you pull into a parking lot and all the faces you see are black, don’t park. Just step on the gas and drive away.

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  8. timmihendrix says:

    There is going to be an instance where these “teens” pick the wrong guy to pull this stuff on. A down & out white guy with an 18 shot mag trying to protect his family from one of these mobs. Sad but true.

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  9. Yakmaster says:

    If our society would just be more magnanimous to young AA’s, more understanding, more forgiving, more generous with more abundant opportunities for them, and take away all parental responsibility for moral instruction from their poor parents and not expect their children to have those values, THEN we’d see the blossoming of problem youth into responsible law-abiding adults. Because they would have no more reasons to be angry, rebellious, callous troublemakers who think the law shouldn’t apply to them.
    Oh wait. I think that might give them affluenza. You know that’s the condition the judge attributed to the wealthy White teenager in his court for killing people while driving drunk in his shiny car. So, maybe MORE of all of the above that the Left wants wouldn’t work after all.
    What to do, what to do?

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  10. TKim says:

    What burned me up was that CNN played the video and then the black talking heads immediately admonished any viewer against see these incidents as anything but isolated. We are NOT to exaggerate and call this an epidemic.

    Funny how that goes. George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson connote an epidemic. These attacks are indicative of nothing.

    And the black talking heads fell over one another explaining the hijinxs that “kids” get into when there is “nothing to do.”

    God help us all. Seriously.


  11. tnwahm says:

    I was wondering if you would post about this. I was not disappointed. I am on vacation, so I wasn’t in town when this happened. I also haven’t been on FB much, but I can tell you that my local friends have made a big deal out of this. I wish I was home ~not really because I’m enjoying the beach~ and could give you more local info on this.

    Here is the blog of one of my friends. She quotes one of the witnesses that describes the game the hoodrats were “playing.”

    “They were playing a game called ‘point them out, knock them out.’ Where they would point someone out and attempt to knock them out or fight them. There was no real reason behind it.”

    “One adult and six more teenagers have been arrested in connection to this weekend’s Kroger parking lot attack.
    “Nineteen-year-old Raheem Richardson is charged with aggravated assault and aggravated riot.
    “Three boys and three girls, all either 14 or 15 years old, are each charged with aggravated riot, which is a felony.
    “This brings the total number of people charged in the attack to 11.”

    As far as where this happened; it is close to the University of Memphis campus and some nice, old neighborhoods that are filled with young, artsy liberals who are PC. Poplar is a street in Memphis that starts downtown at the Mississippi ~201 Poplar is our jail and courthouse~ and runs east through some areas that are not real safe but then ends up going through our most wealthy suburbs ~Germantown and Collierville~. As far as the victim saying that he is new to town and didn’t know where it is safe, the saying here in Memphis is that if you are lost, you just head east.

    I did post this on a friend’s wall when I saw it on Sunday. This friend is one of my dh’s former clients. He is a big old black guy that hated whites and originally wanted to kill my dh. But my dh introduced him to Jesus and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” He just celebrated his 10 year anniversary for working with a christian organization that repairs homes in Orange Mound which is one of Memphis’ poorest neighborhoods. He literally touches the down and outs everyday, including prostitutes and drug addicts. He had been posting a lot of racial things ~including on Ferguson~ and I have been challenging him on his “facts.” I even sent him here a couple of times. Long story short ~because there was a lot of different facets to this story~ he asked me where I find out all my facts. He is now starting to question the media and their headlines. One of my dh’s colleagues actually called my dh and told him that I was really good and should be on FOX. Anyway, I posted this on his wall on Sunday and asked him what he thought the “crime” was for this beatdown. He replied that it was probably just being “white.”

    Memphis is a place where the BGI keeps things stirred up because it benefits them. Thankfully, there are several of us who are speaking truth on a local level and are having an impact. We are building coalitions around different local issues that is scaring the ruling class here in Memphis ~both Repub and Dem~. There are many in the black community that had had enough. You just don’t hear about it on the news.

    Sorry this is so long, but you know me . . .

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  12. Hughes Angell says:

    One has only to think through the ramifications of ‘doing something’ about black crime to understand why so little is done. Let’s say prosecutors and judges actually began throwing the book at young black criminals. Charge them with a felony and give them prison time even. Well that has political implications. AFAIK no state allows inmates to vote ( though Jerry Brown may attempt this) and many do not allow convicted felons to vote after they are released from prison. With the black bloc vote making up over 25% of the Democrat voting base actually enforcing the law on black criminals would destroy the Democratic party. Now where do black criminals tend to live? Why in predominately Democratic Party run fiefdoms. The mayor of Memphis, Newark, Philadelphia, Oakland etc may talk a good game about getting tough on criminals but they know who gets them elected to their lucrative sinecures.

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  13. McGuffin says:

    Last year a man (black) was in a fast food drive thru (in a very bad part of Dallas where he lived) at 11 p.m. getting something to eat after he got off of work. He was held up at gun point in the drive thru by 3 guys (black). When he refused to hand over his billfold they shot him. He died.
    The 3 were caught and charged. The comments at the bottom of the story were so shocking. Most of the people commenting were actually defending the criminals stating things like “there needs to be more jobs in the area” …”it’s hard for ex-cons to get a job”….”ex cons need job training” blah blah blah poor ex cons etc…….and so on. One person commented that the victim was a good guy “he had a job”, she said.

    I’m worried for my descendants that they have to live in the same world with these people.

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  14. Chip Bennett says:

    Being new to the city, I don’t know where I can and where I can’t go.

    Safari Principle

    NatJack couldn’t be reached for comment.

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  15. lovemygirl says:

    So is this a new way to not count black crime? If a Security guard or cop that is black shows up then it can’t be a racially motivated crime.


  16. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Sadly this is not uncommon today and much the same as the knockout game that’s played today by some.


  17. Reggie says:

    “His daddy is not a male role model, that’s my son and he’s not,” said the grandmother, “I hope he looks at this news thing and sees me saying this since he never wants to listen to me, he needs to be more involved in his child’s life.”


  18. Yakmaster says:

    I hope with all my heart that young man lying unconscious on the ground is now physically OK. And I pray he’s not going to be so traumatized by this senseless surprise attack that he develops PTSD. I suffered from that for a while as a young woman when a criminal opened my car door at night on a badly lit empty street in a poor neighborhood (I was working and needed to be there). He knocked me back in my seat, threw himself across me and snatched my purse off the passenger seat. They didn’t really attach a term to chronic nervousness after a big scare back in those days, but it can take a long time to get over symptoms once you develop them.
    I feel so bad for him and his family!!!


  19. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    “The fight was caught on cellphone video.”

    That was no fight. It was an assault.

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  20. Joe says:

    It is a shame that no charges of Hate Crime exist here. Its outrageous to see that the justice system has failed the whites again. Most of these kids will get a slap on the hand and probation after nearly murdering a young honor roll student trying to make a buck why they sit on their rear ends and smoke weed and rob and steal and yes…beat innocent people…..sick of this….

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  21. averageworkingman says:

    it is pretty senseless to allow this to happen while all the greedy politicians are lining their pockets trying to agree on a way to fix this problem and create some new tax revenue to benefit there own causes somehow, the upstanding citizens of this country are being beaten ,robbed and generally live in fear because noone wants to take the political repercussions for doing anything about sickens me.i will protect my family at all cost and ill make sure its nationally televised.the victims in this country need some wind beneath their wings.

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