Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread 8/31/14 (Including The Black Canseco Theory)

Use this thread to discuss, analyze and evaluate all Mike Brown shooting topic issues:

NEW: Thanks to everyone’s help we have now been able to identify additional physical evidence on the scene which again supports the “Black Canseco” outline: ‘Mike Brown doubled back to confront Officer Darren Wilson’.

That evidence is the existence of an 8th cone identifying a large item located East of Mike Brown’s body. That item is about 8 feet East of Big Mike’s body (it could be packs of the cigars or something similar in size). This supports the stop, turn, and begin approaching Wilson who was West of Brown during the pursuit.   The evidence map is updated:

Canfield Map 5 Evidence Markers and Witnesses

Click to Enlarge


Canfield Map 6 Evidence Markers - Witnesses - White Vehicle

There’s many aspects to the possibility of the “White two-door” car actually containing at least one of the hidden witnesses that were on the Black Canseco recording.

Knowing the “white car” was half on the sidewalk, and just behind (East) Wilson’s SUV at the time of importance, is part of the puzzle. Knowing that Dorian Johnson temporarily hid behind that car is another piece. Knowing the car was gone immediately (within 30 seconds) of the shooting volley, is yet another piece.

We know the White Two-Door vehicle was gone when the 2nd patrol unit arrived, and Michael Brady began recording.

And here’s where it gets interesting:

In the hidden eye-witness testimonial of the encounter the narrator knows key specifics and details which are 100% supported by the physical evidence.

He also narrates “the dude with the dred” as a description of the 2nd person, Dorian Johnson – so we know this witness at least got a pretty decent look at him.

We also hear him say “his partner ran through there“, but obviously we don’t know where “over there” is.

However, if you think about where mystery witness was talking – you could make a case he was talking about “over there” being within his line of sight as he was explaining to the person next to him.

There” would be pointing right behind him.

6:05-6:11 WITNESS 2: They ran right past me as I was goin..coming out the house… the dude with the dred

6:11 INQUIRER/WITNESS 2: I went back in. [talks over the next line/inquirer]

6:12 INQUIRER: What about him?

6:13 WITNESS 1: That’s the one that ran behind this way here, ’cause he ran up there where we was at, where we live at.

6:18 WITNESS 2: When I came back outside, all I seen was the police …the truck, the dudes, I don’t know what happened.

6:26 INQUIRER: Whose hat is that right there?

WITNESS 1: That’s HIS hat.

6:30 INQUIRER: How did he get from there to here?

6:33 WITNESS 1: Cause he ran. The police was still in the truck.

6:35 INQUIRER: They came this way?

6:37 WITNESS 1: Naw… the police was still in the truck..

6:38 WITNESS 1: Dude was like, I don’t know, runnin this way with his hands fightin to get in that truck …

INQUIRER: Why his body come this way though? [Talking over the below witness statement]

6: 42 WITNESS 1: Yeah, Him and the police was in the truck. They was fighting over the truck right now?

6:47 WITNESS 1: But then he ran. The police got out and ran after him.

6:50 WITNESS 1: The next thing I know, he coming back towards the police.

6:53 WITNESS 1: The police had his gun drawn already.

6:55 INQUIRER: Oh, The police shot the gun ? (background)

6:57 WITNESS 1: Yeah, the police shot him…The police kept dumpin’ it.

7:00 WITNESS 1: I’m thinking that the police missing, like he’s like coming toward the police.

7:05 WITNESS 1: I’m thinkin’ like, there’s more comin’.


7:09 WITNESS 1: The police fired shots, The next thing I know, I think he’s missing!

7:12 INQUIRER: The police shot this dude?

7:14 WITNESS 1: The Police shot him.

7:16 WITNESS 1: Next thing I know, I think he’s missin!

7:18 WITNESS 1: Then the dude started running, coming toward the police.


8:18 WITNESS 3: I’m tellin you, I heard like, I heard like 8 shots. It was like 4 and then it was like 4 more.

8:24 WITNESS 3: It was like, pop pop pop pop pop and then it stopped for a minute
pop pop pop.

8:27 WITNESS 1 talking to WITNESS 3: The police was like…After how many times you heard that,

8:30 the police was like at least 10 yards away from this dude, and I’m thinking that…
The dude was still standing.

8:32 WITNESS 1: I’m thinkin that he was missing him!

8:35 WITNESS: but he kept coming towards him.

8:40 WITNESS 1: Then the other dude Broke off running.

8:44 WITNESS 1: His Partner ran through…


8:47 WITNESS 1: His partner ran through here man

Here’s the theory being evaluated.  We’ll call it the “Black Canseco Theory”:

What if the two-door white vehicle didn’t actually leave? What if they just did a loop around and back to the place they came from which is the parking lot driveway where the video was recording their conversation albeit around 6-8 minutes later.

I have given that route a blue line in the diagram below.

canfield map 7 - Black Canseco Theory

What if Dorian, eventually took a similar path when the back-up police vehicle arrived, about a minute after the shooting?  This would give him a direct way back to his apartment which is behind the exact spot where the “black Canseco” recording was taking place.

What if the mystery witness was talking about, and pointing to, that back route taken by Dorian? It would be directly behind the recording taking place.

I have given that route a YELLOW line in the diagram below:

canfield map 7 - Black Canseco Theory

Then, at a point after the crime scene tape was established, Dorian would be able to walk back almost the same way -again behind the building- to end up back at the grassy knoll easily able to blend in with a now large crowd, and exactly where he was pictured, and later gave media interviews.

In any path he was taking Dorian wouldn’t want to get too close to where Mike Brown’s body actually was, and where the main activity of the police which was going on.  So he would avoid any path toward the conversation being recorded by the Black Canseco audio.

Walking behind the building would give Dorian a safe way back to the grassy knoll -where he could observe events- without passing the police, or encountering any of the crime scene tape.

I have given that return route a WHITE line below:

canfield map 7 - Black Canseco Theory

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas ?

That White Two-Door could then be the vehicle parked near the side of the building where the Black Canseco video, and hidden eye-witness audio, was being recorded.

You can catch a glimpse of it as noted in the screen shot below:


The driver and/or passenger of that vehicle could be the mystery eye witness heard talking in the background of the Black Canseco audio recording.

He/They saw it go down, and then drove back around to check out what eventually became of what he/they witnessed.

Remember, this witness is NOT tainted by the crowd and group-think that was taking place around the Grassy Knoll area, where Tiffany Mitchell, Piaget Crenshaw, Michael Brady, Anthony Shahid, Calvin Swings, Lesley McSpadden, Louis Head and eventually Dorian Johnson were setting up the narrative.

Again, this is all a work in progress so feel free to shred the ideas being discussed, prove or disprove the possibility – nothing is off the table.

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259 Responses to Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread 8/31/14 (Including The Black Canseco Theory)

  1. John Galt says:

    BGI networking @ 31:30

    @31:40 pale face gives his card to JJ

    ID of pale face?


  2. ftsk420 says:

    If there was one thing that was the same between Crenshaw and Mitchel is that it was a monte carlo and there is one in the parking lot of coppercreek as the cops come through the back


    • jason says:

      Crenshaw’s story is just what Mitchell (or a 3rd party?) has told them Tiffany says Monte Carlo… Piaget says Monte Carlo. If anyone says something that sounds somewhat plausible, Crenshaw picks it up and adds it to her story.

      It’s odd that Mitchell never once mentions seeing DJ, yet Piaget does (briefly, only to say she saw him hiding for his life, but nothing around the car or him fleeing after.)


    • VegasGuy says:

      Yep I see it clearly in the video SD posted way back up thread “@1:22 evidence cone”
      If you continue on in that video to 1:55 a Silver 2 dr Monte carlo is right there ckear as day. Sma parking lot as the Cansance & White car video
      Looks like maybe 2002 -2004 model.

      Liked by 1 person

      • VegasGuy says:

        Here is the screne shot
        Hope it posts If not just see SD’s “evidence cone @ 1:22” and scroll to 1:55


        • ftsk420 says:

          I’m pretty sure this is the same parking lot as la times video 240 in he turns around


          • VegasGuy says:

            Pretty certain also. As they continue panning you come up on the sdreened off area of Browns body. So same lot where white car was – just further back by about 100 – 150 feet.
            Looks like by this time they had cleared the area of all vehicles that were up front by the street entrance where BC was taping.


            • ftsk420 says:

              I think police would want to speak to owner of car if thats the car it’s an important piece to the puzzle.

              Liked by 1 person

              • VegasGuy says:

                I am more comfortable with this vehicle being part of the scenairo that I was with the White mid-1990’s Toyota. May not be the car but at least it matches up description wise to 2 or 3 witness interviews.


                • ftsk420 says:

                  I agree now how do we prove that’s the car


                • VegasGuy says:

                  I do not know how we could “prove” that. We certainly can replace the white car with this in the scenario. At least a silver Monte Carlo is close in color and is a Monte Carlo. That at a minimum, matches some witness descriptions of a car that was seen.
                  My tack would be to begin a review of the captured videos and witness interviews. It would be great if we could somehow see them in sequential time views.
                  Then begin looking for connections to a silver Monte Carlo vs a “white car” . There is probably something existing that was missed, ignored, or overlooked in the “white car” search since the objective was “find a white car”. People tasked on finding “X” seldom see or place importance on “Y”. Human nature. Then a memory jogger comes along and then they say “wait..didn’t such and such…” But by that time they can’t remember where they saw it. Data overload I guess.
                  Remember the “search” for the bullet hole building where most posters were focusing on the reflection in the window when we had the exact building and window in a screen shot all along. That was what I called the “Where’s Waldo” scenario. Sitting right in the open and no one noticed because they were searching for the mirror image.
                  So I would firm up the witness accounts and see who saw “silver” “Monte Carlo”, White car” and spread sheet them for consistencey and location. We really need a consensus of that or we start going off on tangents.
                  I am going to just focus on the witness interviews to find consistencies (vs the BS) There will be far fewer consistencies to match up.


                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  There’s no “reply” button to your comment below (about organizing the videos, etc to avoid going off on tangents or duplicating effort) I agree. What we need is to build a site like Diawtaman built for the Zimmerman case. A place where ALL the information is stored and sorted by category, such as videos by witness, list of witnesses, timeline of videos, etc etc etc (say that in Yul,Brynner’s voice)


                • VegasGuy says:

                  Exactly so posters can directly access a particular video/screen shot by video / screen shot, date, witness name etc. Would help a lot in organizing the data as these threads grow. I have been creating my own files by witness / Media outlet / date aired etc. so at least I can reference back to some item and be able to find it.
                  Otherwise we spend 1/2 dozen posts trying to specify something of interect and by the time you find or get someone to post the item the thread has moved by 50 – 60 posts.
                  Just my thoughts.


      • ftsk420 says:

        Now I know Brady said white so did Mitchell but maybe it was silver. That car is in the right area all it would have to do is continue straight past the suv to the nex rd on right and come back around building


        • jason says:

          true, DJ also said silver as well.


          • ftsk420 says:

            In some light and angles silver can look white not saying it’s the car but it’s pretty dam close


            • VegasGuy says:

              It wound up in a parking location that fits the scenairo. I agree color can be deceptive and not out of the possibility that a White car was also on scene. Eye witnesses can at times be the most unreliable as lots of action unfolds quickly and each of them are focused on different aspects based on their perspectives and what caught their eue (and hence their attention) at the moment.


        • VegasGuy says:

          Yes One or both did say Monte Carlo. I do remember that. And I think it was in totally different interviews – so a bit of consistency for once. And one of the witnesses (I do not remember who) did specify a Silver car on scene. Considering, for a vehicle that Chevy did not sell a lot of, boom an early 2000s’ Monte Carlo Silver. What are the odds? LOL


          • ftsk420 says:

            Now there is another monte carlo same year but black in another color but I think this is the one


            • VegasGuy says:

              Average production per year 2000 thru 2004 (6th generationbody style) was only about 70K per year. Not really a common “see one everyehere” kind of vehicle, especially when you start breaking it down by color.

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  3. John Galt says:

    @ 2:44:00 to 2:48:00 Sharpton actually points out problems with thugs in black community

    Liked by 1 person

  4. KPM58 says:

    On the morning of MB’s death, some have said he was out spreading the word of God. Could it be that he was in the company of Anthony Shahid. A man known for his hatred of police and non-AA businesses. A friend of the STL area gangs. A Muslim who operates a Mosque.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Possible? I recall on the first morning very early FOX had a clip. The clip was an audio interview with an unidentified “friend” who stated he was with Brown in the very morning before the robbery. He stated that Brown had “anger” issues that morning and he had been worried something bad was going to happen. But I doubt it was Shahid. I think he said he was a church person. Not mosque.


  5. VegasGuy says:

    Just an FYI
    Check out the rubber band tying the dreds
    Remember the rubber banded left hand at the Grassy Knoll?
    Sure could have lost that right hand “what ever it was” in the robbery video


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I don’t think his dreds were tied back in the CCTV video but that doesn’t mean he didn’t tie them back on the walk from the market


      • VegasGuy says:

        I agree. I scanned thatCCTV 100 X’s to see if I counld spot a rubber band on 1 0r more Locs. Didn’t catch any. Guess additional evidence releases will determine what the item at the SUV was.


  6. ches1 says:

    Sorry if someone has posted this already, but there are so many threads and I couldn’t find anything.
    I found this, and it fits in with the consensus here, and the evidence that witnesses were coached.
    If I’m not allowed to link this, or if it’s already been posted, please delete it or let me know and I will.
    “FRAUD: Ferguson Witness Coached By The Black Panthers?” http://gotnews.com/ferguson-hands-meme-invented-black-panthers/

    Liked by 1 person

  7. doodahdaze says:

    Black Panthers and the Crumpsters and the Black Foot Soldiers. Of course it is all a fraud. The whole thing is a Crumped up lie. Everybody knows that. Now I am working on why the media silence now.


  8. Angie says:

    Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection posted an informative article, “When can you legally use a gun against an unarmed person?”. It’s interesting and I thought you might enjoy reading it.


  9. Sandra says:

    I have a question for you brilliant researchers. I will post a link to the video as soon as I can find it, but I’m hoping you know which one I’m talking about by my description. There is a video taken shortly after the police yellow-taped the area. A male is using his phone to record the scene, and he’s narrating while he pans. You can hear and sometimes see a woman wearing a gray t-shirt screaming repeatedly, “oh my God!” and “I’m sorry!” and some other stuff, and it looks to me like she’s screaming into a phone. I’ve been wondering who that might be. I don’t think it’s grandmother Desuirea Harris. Who else would say “I’m sorry!” about the MB shooting? Do you think this is the person who notified mother Lesley McSpadden? Lesley said that she learned about MB’s death through a phone call and the person actually took a picture or video of her body and Lesley ID’d him.


  10. tommy boy says:

    They MOVED THE SUV!!1 watch the SUV at around 1m30s


  11. LTC8K6 says:

    Wilson could have retreated as Brown charged. That could leave some brass beyond Brown’s body.


  12. LTC8K6 says:


    This video shows Wilson’s SUV on a flatbed, and it also clearly shows the gold bracelet on the ground next to Wilson’s SUV.

    Start at about 1:18, it’s HD and looks good fullscreen.


  13. justfactsplz says:


    This is a very good article about Darren Wilson. He moonlighted at night in private security. He called in the night of the shooting to say he wouldn’t be able to come in to work. It’s a long article but worth the read.


  14. Daniel Brofford says:

    Al Sharpton Speaks at MB funeral and most of what he says between 2:44.00 and 2:48.00 is true. When blacks start taking responsibility for their actions and stop blaming everyone else for what goes on in their community they will find that their lives will improve in a much quicker time then the way they are going about it right now. When they take a situation like what is going on in ferguson MO and are holding up signs that say [ YOU HAVE BEEN KILLING US FOR YEARS AND YOU CAN”T SACRIFICE ONE WHITE COP FOR PEACE] sacrifice not make sure there is a clean investigation for peace like if we don’t do that there will be war. Well I would like for all of us to get along living by the laws of the land but if we have to SACRIFICE white people to get along with blacks then the blacks that want this is in for a fight that their little minds could never imagine.


  15. VegasGuy says:

    Here is an issue that bugs me regarding Tiffany Mitchell.
    When asked if she recorded anything she said she started and then a shot rang out and she got outta there.
    But still able to view incident.
    Every witness, and non witness on that street had the urge to tape did. Despite their tapings being far after the incident. Except Tiffany? Think about it. Pretty odd to me.

    Did she actually record and get something that contradicts her & Paigets stories and she deleted the video? Wonder if her phone was the one confiscated? Maybe she decided to claim no video (conflicting recording) when she actually had so Police do not seize her phone? Remember she is with Paiget within 5 or so minutes to compare notes
    Did anyone else catch her going to Crenshaws at 3:38 on Bradys’ video?


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