Michelle Obama’s World – We Control Any Space We Occupy, And We Occupy Any Space We Choose – Deal With It…

The leftist media have inflated the ego of the current regime…  It’s how you get a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing noble or prize worthy.

Vocativ was on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to film a piece about the African-American community on the island. While we were shooting on Beach Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares on the Vineyard, the Secret Service approached and asked us to switch off our camera for 15 minutes.

A moment later, first lady Michelle Obama power walked by our crew. She was out for some exercise with a small group—and a serious security detail. It was 9:30 in the morning.

Our producer and cameraman were surrounded by Secret Service agents and very strongly advised to stop filming. At one point, Mrs. Obama looked in their direction and said, “Don’t do that.” It’s unclear if she was telling the agents to leave us alone, or scolding us for filming on public property.

We wondered what the big deal was. The first lady is a fierce advocate for wellness and exercise. And there she was on her vacation—getting out and actually practicing what she preaches. (read more)

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43 Responses to Michelle Obama’s World – We Control Any Space We Occupy, And We Occupy Any Space We Choose – Deal With It…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    So do we.


  2. joanfoster says:

    The issue with Moochelle was probably not related to being filmed or photographed power walking, but the sheer evidence that she needed to be power walking. These grifters have zero class. If that had been Laura Bush, she would have stopped, chatted, shaken a few hands and moved on. Moochelle is suffering from Oprah syndrome.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      If I remember correctly even Bill Clinton used to chat when he jogged with some DC joggers.

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    • Lilly White says:

      The “hiding my face from the paparazzi” reaction demonstrates what a low mentality this woman has. Mrs. Bush or pretty much any normal person would have waved, maybe even called over to the videographer, “Tell the kids to remember to take a walk every day!” They would have converted the moment into something positive rather than using it to demonstrate and advertise their contempt for the masses.

      Mooch constantly demonstrates what a congenital lowlife she is–petulant, narcissistic, small minded, contemptuous. If she were white, the media corps would be falling all over itself to call her out on “white trash” behaviors. Like having that much power and exercising that little grace or magnanimity.

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    • John Galt says:

      “sheer evidence that she needed to be power walking”

      Moose seems to have confused Let’s Move with Let’s Eat.

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  3. Jeff says:

    Just curious, Is that Jarrett in the purple top?


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    It is very evident that Michelle has put on a few pounds since she became first lady. Usually that would be no big deal, cause H3LL I could lose a few myself.
    However I am not the one who is preaching all this healthy eating and exercise stuff. I am not the one who has totally screwed up the school lunches of millions of school children.
    Enough said.


  5. Dixie Darling says:

    In the website that was linked to this article (back at the beginning where it says “read more”), the comments are hysterical. Nobody commenting on that site was trying to be polite and considerate. ROFLMAO!

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  6. Speaking of Moochelle and her “Health Eating for Kids” campaign:
    My family is temporarily living in Louisiana long-term (I know) to care for my Mom who has Dementia/Alzheimer’s. I have a son who turned 7 this year and is now in 1st grade. We are from Houston and had planned, for sure, to home school him. Louisiana is a different state and the laws here not very friendly to home schooling. That being said, my Mom lives in a very nice neighborhood in a very nice school district – I attended Middle School in this school district. The people in this area tend to be very conservative and most are Catholic, ergo Christian. So, the Administration is Conservative/Christian. We are very “wary” of public school education and are intending to be very involved at every level. That being said – LUNCH:

    The school has an open-door policy and we can have lunch each day, in the cafeteria, with our son. This is an Elementary school, grades K-4. We have gone up each day. You cannot believe the mess they are serving these kids in the name of “healthy choices” food. Actually, the food is most likely healthy. That’s not the point, really. The point is, not ONE of these kids eats the food. We sit and watch them go through the line, get their trays, sit quietly and look around like deer in a headlight, push some of the stuff around and, occasionally take a bite of the bread or something, then line up and dump trays that have food that has not been touched. Here is the menu today:

    Hot Dogs/chili – flaccid looking dogs on whole wheat buns that looks “stale”
    Pear Chunks
    Salad with ranch dressing

    This was the best, by far, so far that we’ve seen.

    Yesterday was:

    Beans over brown rice
    Mustard Greens
    Apple Chunks with some kind of watery white sauce on them
    Cornbread muffin (some of the kids actually ate this)

    You get the picture. There is not one thing that most of these kids will actually eat so these little, small children are going all day with nothing to eat in the name of “healthy eating” habits. Not to mention the shear waste of money going into the trash cans.

    Very sad. Way to go, Mooch!


    • joanfoster says:

      Will the school allow you to send in lunch or has the administration outlawed lunches brought from home. There really is a way to be nutritious and appealing at the same time. Apparently, the Dept. of Agriculture has long forgotten it. I would have to say from the pictures of her thighs and rear end, Moochelle is eating “high on the hog”.


    • I don’t know what the laws are specifically in Louisiana, but have you looked at Home School Legal Defense Association at all? They might be be able to help wade through the laws if you still want to home school. their website: http://www.hslda.org/

      That said, the lunch is a waste. I still want to know under what qualifications Michelle O is allowed to be messing with school lunches in the first place. I never heard anyone say that she ever studied to be a dietician. Changing things merely because the First Lady has an idea about how things should be is the worst excuse to changes things.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Too bad she is not advocating for literacy. Laura Bush encouraged children to read. There are many graduating that can’t read.


      • DeadMessenger says:

        I wouldn’t care if she were the most well-educated, experienced and award-winning dietician on Earth. She wasn’t elected to anything, so she’s just some random, leeching slug.

        As for the SS on this vid, I would have said to them, “Refresh me again: who is paying for this little outing of hers.” Old Thunder Thighs should be performing for the camera at the very least, not having brownshirts hassle citizens on a public street.


    • Duh says:

      What’s the problem? Did you raise your kids on McDonalds that they don’t eat…

      Hot Dogs/chili – flaccid looking dogs on whole wheat buns that looks “stale” (did you try one?)
      Pear Chunks
      Salad with ranch dressing
      Beans over brown rice
      Mustard Greens
      Apple Chunks with some kind of watery white sauce on them
      Cornbread muffin (some of the kids actually ate this)

      Kids today eat at the slop trough so anything nutritious is something to run away from.


      • Uh, no – I have NOT raised my kids on McDonald’s. I cook, almost every meal, and make most things from scratch, including breads. They have been introduced to many, many different foods and I always serve vegetables and/or salads with meals. There is fresh fruit always available in our home.

        The SLOP they’re feeding these kids is ridiculous and they are NOT eating it. Today’s menu was “Egg roll, fried rice, broccoli, dinner roll and peach slices.” The ONLY thing these kids at today was the roll and few nibbled on the peach slices. The “egg roll” looked like a log of pressed meat (light tan in color – either chicken or pork) that looked like a “chew stick” for dogs only bigger around, wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and deep fried. It was gross. The broccoli was so over cooked it was yellow looking. The peach slices were actually peach halves with a blob of what looked like mayonnaise in the middle. Of course, the “fried rice” was just a spoonful of brown rice with nothing on it or in it. It was so “sticky” it held the shape of the scoop they used to slop it on the tray.

        What I’m seeing are kids, aged 5 – 9, going all day with nothing to eat.

        That is not to say they’ve not had McDonald’s – they have. They mostly don’t eat it but like the atmosphere and the playgrounds.


      • And to answer your question – I absolutely did NOT try one. No how, no way. And no matter how you slice it – hot dogs are NOT nutritious. That being said, these were “pressed” into a hexagonal shape and were grey looking on the inside. It looked a lot like a big Vienna sausage. So, no, I sure didn’t try one. And I pack or bring my son’s lunch each day so he’s not subjected to this, either.


  7. Ronan says:

    Michelle and her posse could have found ample places to exercise on the glorious estate we were paying for.
    Which had to include a workout room that would make Gold’s Gym envious.
    Instead they take to a public road, wearing what looks to be sails ?
    So their Secret Service detail can hassle normal citizens ?
    And why not take the 2 dogs they pretend to love so much on the walk ?
    “The seven-bedroom, nine-bath, 8,100-square-foot house, sits on a 10-acre lot and is assessed at more than $12 million.
    It features 17 rooms in total, expansive water views of Vineyard Sound, an infinity pool and hot tub, and a dual tennis-basketball court.”


  8. Lulu says:

    The photo of her arriving back after dark showed a phattened up body in a shapeless black dress with large allover pencil yellow disk or lifesavers. Fugly.


  9. skylarkva says:

    If you want a d@mned “Private Moment”, Michelle, stay the heck off the public roads…. duh!


  10. Richard_Iowa says:

    They should have turned their backs on her and her party.


  11. Plain Jane says:

    Moo was almost keeping up with the chubby one who had the sweater tied around her hips.


  12. cohibadad says:

    Michelle Obama is a carefully prepared package not meant to be presented unscripted and unadulterated without hair hats, shape-altering clothing and facial expressions shot from the correct angle.


  13. Did their sound guy catch The Worst Lady yelling, “Walk faster! We’ll miss the breakfast buffet.” ?


  14. Murse says:

    I have been curious as to what paintings and portraits the Obama’s have had removed from the Whitehouse walls. I know about the Churchill Bust, but do you think they have made other childish decisions?


  15. JanineC says:

    Wookie walking


  16. I’d agree her reaction was in large part about not wanting her increased girth to be caught on film. When I saw a recent pic of her I was shocked by how much weight she’s put on, given all her preaching about school lunches and healthy eating. I’d eyeball her at BMI ~27 which is mid overweight range. Hiding her face Lady Di style is tacky to say the least.


  17. ed357 says:


    trying to have a “private moment”….

    on a public street…….

    Idiocracy in action.


  18. Hey Michael Robinson…..BITE ME!!!!


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