*Update* Riots Start In Ferguson Missouri – Looting, Violence, Robbery, Destruction of Property, Gunfire – Media Vans Attacked By Raging Mobs….

update-1Looks like they are going THE FULL TRAYVON Playbook.

Benjamin Crump RETAINED !!

In response to the shooting of Michael Brown, and with full support of the leftist provocateur media, the riots start in Ferguson:

And of course MSNBC’s staff of racial agitators is giddy with glee:

FERGUSON • A QuikTrip store near the vigil for a teen fatally shot by Ferguson police was looted tonight and possibly on fire. It appeared that looters set upon some other stores nearby as well.

No injuries were reported, but fire crews were dispatched to a first-alarm at the store, at 9420 West Florissant Avenue, a little after 9 p.m.

A Post-Dispatch photographer on the scene moments earlier saw broken glass and people rushing into the store, with someone yelling, “Everything’s free at the QuikTrip!”

He moved away after being threatened by bystanders and was later ordered out of the area by police.

It was not known if the looters were part of a crowd of at least hundreds who gathered tonight near Saturday’s shooting scene, in the 2900 block of Canfield Drive, in remembrance of Michael Brown, 18.

The crowd had choked off West Florissant to traffic, including police cars.

Some people were seen making off with lottery tickets and breaking into the cash drawer at the QuikTrip.

A Post-Dispatch reporter in that area was slugged from behind and helped away by police officers. He was not seriously hurt.  (read more)

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171 Responses to *Update* Riots Start In Ferguson Missouri – Looting, Violence, Robbery, Destruction of Property, Gunfire – Media Vans Attacked By Raging Mobs….

  1. Dick says:

    It’s a good thing I am not one of those business owners or they would be picking assault rifle ammo out of their asses.


  2. Look, I’m just going to go ahead and say what a lot of White folks in the St. Louis area are feeling, and if you want to call me a racist, fine. What you have in Ferguson right now are a bunch of lazy, worthless, unemployed **** from outside of the St. Louis area (most are members of either the New Black Panther Party or the Nation of Islam, also known as the Black Muslims) who are causing problems. These people have been deliberately imported to the St. Louis area from all across the country by various Black political leaders to create problems. The people of Ferguson ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. By and large, they are good, decent people who don’t want to see their community torn up by these outsiders. Unless and until these outside influences are eliminated, rioting, vandalism, and arson will continue. And unfortunately, I believe a violent, confrontational military type of response is going to be necessary to end this mess. That’s why I expect to see more rioting in the streets tonight (Monday, August 18, 2014) that will be answered by shots being fired by the National Guard. And unfortunately, that’s going to mean more deaths.

    When White Americans see this kind of behavior by Blacks, they think all Blacks are animals, and this plays itself out by Blacks not being hired for jobs in the community, and by Whites turning their backs on Blacks, believing they are unredeemable. Why waste time, money, and energy on Blacks if they are just going to destroy everything, including their own neighborhoods? Why not invest in something that is going to produce positive results? Leave cities like Ferguson be. They will soon turn into mini versions of Detroit, complete with crime and corruption. You aren’t going to be able to help the people of the city, so why waste your time. That’s the message White America is getting from Ferguson, and that message will affect the Black community in the St. Louis area for many, many years to come. I’m sorry, but those are the facts. The truth may hurt, but there you have it.

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