Friday Open Thread – July 25th

tomb of the unknown - memorial dayOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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81 Responses to Friday Open Thread – July 25th

  1. Admins, I sent you an email. Hope you like it.


    • texan59 says:

      If they bring many of these miscreants up around the Beltway, the one thing Bronco Bama is forgetting is that they know how to climb fences. 🙄


  2. dmoseylou says:

    “By all indicators,” he (Nugent) asserted, “I don’t think they actually qualify as people;”

    These Libs Tried To Silence Ted Nugent, But He Fired Back So Hard They Didn’t Know What Hit Them
    “I am simply doing my job.”


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Wow. It’s even worse than I already knew:

      “The terrorist group is now in possession of as many as 52 U.S.-made M198 howitzers, McClatchy news service reported in June.”


  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ comrades! TGIF!!

     photo reset-1.jpg


  4. tappin52 says:

    I read a story on that had a link to a video of Johnathan Gruber speaking at Noblis. He was there to explain the ACA and he quite clearly stated that no subsidies would go to people who did not sign up for health insurance through an exchange set up by the State. I hope this link works.


  5. texan59 says:

    I’ve seen some crazy things on Kickstarter and I don’t much approve of some of their politics, but this is cool. 🙂


  6. partyzantski says:

    Treepers, this may be an interesting event to watch for next week. MVB at Sipseystreetirregulars posted an article about a trial regarding evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995. The summary is that the FBI is claiming evidence does not exist, plaintiff is seeking said evidence. This will get interesting.

    A question on these sorts of events- is it credible to believe that a single chap or a pair of guys can/did plan & execute events such as this? (OKC [McViegh, Nicholls], Utoya [Brievik])
    These examples in no way seem to be extraordinary or Steven Hawking level intellects.

    Consider if you will the depth of planning (reconnaissance, rehearsals, operational security, financial support, materials sourcing…). There were a lot of inputs to each of these events, by people with no known external support or documented training for same.

    The trial in OKC will be interesting to watch. Maybe the surveillance tapes are located next to Lois Lerner’s hard drives?


  7. Moishe Pipik says:

    This isn’t bad enough to rate a pouty hashtag from the FLOTUS but…

    The Institute for Palestine Studies published a detailed report on Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon in the summer of 2012. It reported that tunnel construction in Gaza has resulted in a large number of child deaths.

    “At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials”

    The author, Nicolas Pelham, explains that Hamas uses child laborers to build their terror tunnels because, “much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies”.

    We won’t see people protesting in Europe or in Berkeley about this either.


  8. Sibyl S. says:

    Kiev source: Ukraine shot down Malaysia Jet during training exercise.


  9. arttart1983 says:

    ‘Clinton, Clinton, Clinton! Read all about Hillary’

    Clinton had planned a triumphant return to the political arena with the campaign-style rollout of her new memoir, Hard Choices. The book’s first printing of 1 million copies showed that her publisher expected a good return on its $14 million advance, especially since Clinton’s book tour would receive the kind of blanket coverage accorded a prospective presidential candidate.

    But sales of the book have been disappointing, with only about 200,000 hard copies having sold so far. And while Clinton has received extensive media attention, much of it has focused on her missteps, notably her assertion that she and her husband Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House in January 2001.

    ‘Blood Ties’ was on the best sellers list for awhile, but even dropping notches, has outsold Hillary’s ‘Hard Choices.’ I’m appalled that Hillary was paid a 14 million advance, that publisher no doubt got burnt.

    Anyone else notice how Hillary’s isn’t interviewing as much as she did when her book came out? Though she remains popular w/Democrats as a Presidential hopeful, but even Bill couldn’t keep up w/the damage control over Hillary’s gaffes.


    • Josh says:

      IF she get’s elected (PLEASE G-D DON’T LET IT HAPPEN) the publisher WILL get a good return on its $14 million advance. This was nothing more than a huge & legal campaign contribution.


  10. Irish Eyes says:

    Scathing commentary from Mark Steyn on the Meriam Ibrahim case. He does scathing so well.


    • arttart1983 says:

      ctdar ~ I remain humbled/grateful those watching the FEDS that are trying to avoid scrutiny & recording videos. In my town, those large white vans are used to transport prisoners to & from the Court House for their scheduled court dates so seeing those vans in my city, unless in a caravan wouldn’t likely arouse suspicion.

      I was listening to local news yesterday while in my car/disc jockeys were reporting those running “The Hirsch Memorial Coliseum,” had been contacted about its availability by the FEDS/or H Land Security. (a 10,300-seat multi-purpose arena in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is located adjacent to the Independence Bowl stadium/& across from Fair Park High School.)(it’s too in the heart of a multitude of failing schools/head starts, etc.)

      The disc jockeys, forever uninformed seemed to opine “it probably wouldn’t be used” but imo, w/the anticipated influx of more than 100,000 expected, it likely will be used. It was used for Katrina victims in the past. What too I find interesting is, Fair Park located across the street from the Hirsch Coliseum has been a failing school for 13 years & is over run with rival gangs making learning impossible, hence, the school is failing as well as the nut jobs attending to fight/sell drugs instead of getting an education.


  11. arttart1983 says:


    While Gruber may have helped neuter Romney’s ObamaCare attacks, he may end up helping to neuter the law itself thanks to a video unearthed by free-market think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

    Gruber, an MIT professor who has become a Democratic health care talking head, also gets paid for talking to industry groups about Obama Care. In one 2012 speech, Gruber talked about the provision in the law that has state governments administer enrollments, including subsidies. “I think what’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits,” said Gruber, a MIT professor, in a speech two years ago. Why is that problematic? Because it directly contradicts what the administration argued in court about a lawsuit that could be “devastating” to Obama Care because it would end the subsidies paid to enrollees in the states that did not voluntarily comply.

    WATCH ObamaCare Architect Gruber ADMIT in 2012 that Subsidies Were Limited to State run Exchanges

    Seems to me, Gruber EXPLAINED exactly what was meant in the law DISPROVING Earnest & others claiming “it was obvious what the law meant, the intent was clear!” HMM! They better watch the video of the Obama Care architect Gruber which proves them to be LIARS! Those testy videos never die, they lay dormant UNTIL someone remembers the speech!


    • texan59 says:

      He sure do sound better when he’s not taking those pain pills. Almost sounds presidential. 😉


    • Josh says:

      The optic of him being in Governor Haley’s “space” needs to be corrected.


      • Dixie Darling says:

        Well, true, but she was in his “space” also. I am impressed with Nikki Haley. She never lost her train of thought, she kept to the subject and obviously knew exactly what she wanted to say and followed through with it. Rick Perry stammered a bit but I agree that he could be presidential material, but more for his actions than his speeches. The point I really got out of this was that the President was telling the Governors not to disagree with him,……or else – definitely a dictator type attitude. And also, that he doesn’t trust them to do as good a job as he can when we all know he doesn’t “do” anything……but play golf and campaign.


  12. Moishe Pipik says:

    This anti-free-speech liberal college professor pleaded “no contest” to assaulting a peaceful protester:

    But she gets to keep her job at a CA State University.


  13. Josh says:

    “The Internal Revenue Service today [2014-June-10] announced the adoption of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” that will become a cornerstone document to provide the nation’s taxpayers with a better understanding of their rights.”;-10-Provisions-to-be-Highlighted-on-IRSgov,-in-Publication-1


  14. labrat says:

    Am I reading this wrong? Maybe we were to quick to criticize Cruz for participating in Beck’s display? It seems to me he’s trying to turn the “humanitarian crisis” narrative against the administration. If so, I think it’s a brilliant strategy. Any attempts to discredit the “HC” narrative will backfire against conservatives as being mean and uncaring, placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the amnesty crowd seems like a brilliant strategy to throw it back in their faces. It’s a tricky road to take and has it’s dangers – but it has possibilities. What do you guys think?


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I wondered if Cruz went down there to show Repub’s compassion. So, maybe he actually learned more than what the Administration wants everyone to know. It sounds like it. I sure want to believe that.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Cruz is one smart tough cookie. I hope this is what he is doing.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Saw this beside the article you posted:

      Although it would be nice to believe that this administration does fear the prospect of impeachment, in reality I think it’s more …… look! Squirrel !!


    • Dixie Darling says:

      Ted Cruz is keeping some good company in Jeff Sessions. I agree with everything I ever heard that man say though I may not have heard everything he ever said. Ted Cruz was interviewed by Greta on Fox and sounded like he meant business about the immigration situation. He was not complimentary of the administration/sarc as he wasn’t in the post above and I wondered if maybe we had him pegged wrong. The only thing I heard him say that was dubious was he referred to the little girls and little boys often and repeatedly. Surely he knows better after having been there…..?


  15. labrat says:

    All the President’s lies. BUSTED. This should be in an ad in every campaign.


  16. auscitizenmom says:

    Israel Might Have Just Scared Obama Into Removing the Flight Ban To Israel


  17. Josh says:

    Oh, the irony!
    Beatles George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By Beetles


  18. WeeWeed says:

    Bar! Beer!! TGIF!!!

     photo 400kegsbar-1.jpg


  19. partyzantski says:

    In Killadelphia, tragedy continues. This just leaves me speechless:
    This is why, when I am in the area, I TOTALLY AVOID Killadelphia.


  20. partyzantski says:

    Time for theater of the absurd:

    Apparently, the PoPos are checking DNA evidence in the white flag/Brooklyn Bridge caper. They are also researching all the license plates and cell phone records that may be relevant to this.

    Stop for a moment and think about this… they will do a full court press on some people who at most trespassed and destroyed municipal property (dollar amount has not been mentioned), yet they will let 100k illegal aliens across the border. The same regime writ large that funds ISIS (too extreme for Al Qauada), the same regime that writ large pals with the muslim Brotherhood.

    Why is this event so threatening to them? The meaning of the bleached flags is not clear, no political motive or rationale has been put forth. Is it because the DeBlasio regime is embarrassed?

    So, because the regime is embarrassed, they will go full stupid and spend tax dollars looking into this. DNA evidence screening is not free. The electronic surveillance dragnet is not free, either. These resources are being allocated (or maybe they just SAY that they are being allocated) to the detriment of combating actual terrorists and threats to the city-state of New York City, and the registered voters who still believe in that construct.

    Bleached flags now equate to a police state frenzy. The Commissioner of Police in NYC should take a look from the 50,000 foot level (the big picture) and see just how ridiculous this makes them look on the world stage. The over-reaction will generate unintended consequences. I hope that they take some folk wisdom to heart and “keep calm, chive on”.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I mentioned on some thread just a short time ago that I heard this on Bret Baer. I am glad you found this. I am appalled. I am angered. I am ……………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  21. labrat says:

    This is brilliant.


  22. labrat says:

    Workers protesting in FAVOR of a CEO? This is my favorite grocery store, I guess there was a reason I liked this store most. The workers were happy.


  23. P.Spinach says:

    Hey, look what I did with the heels of ma boot.

    Admins, can you post the picture?

     photo DSC_0001.jpg


  24. partyzantski says:
    Another triumph of the cessation of NYC’s “stop and frisk”. DeBlasio should pay the medical bills himself, he cancelled the policy that stood in the way of this nonsense.


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