Do You Remember “Dee Dee” March, 20th 2012 ? If So, “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Is Analogous…

On March 20th 2012 ABC News, Matt Gutman and Benjamin Crump introduced America to a very specific person.   They called her “Dee Dee”.

Crump PresserMatt Gutman - ABC News interviews Tracy Martin

Dee Dee was said to be a 16-year-old girlfriend, “puppy love girlfriend”, “minor child”, of a notorious headline story surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Dee Dee a distraught “girlfriend” who was “on the phone” with Trayvon during his encounter with George Zimmerman.  A girlfriend since “kindergarten” who was so emotionally distraught at the shooting she had to be hospitalized during the weekend of the funeral and unable to attend services.

Only there was a slight problem.

There was no “Dee Dee”.  She was a complete fabrication – she did not exist.  She, as she was described to exist, was a lie.

Everything said about her was totally constructed to sell a narrative and advance a false proposition.   The character was constructed by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, and journalist Matt Gutman (ABC) sold her story to the world.

Everyone believed it, everyone.

The truth was only discovered, but brutally ignored a year and a half later, during the trial.

Dee Dee was actually Rachel Jeantel.   She wasn’t 16, she was 18.  She wasn’t a minor, nor was she a “girlfriend since kindergarten”.  Trayvon met Rachel on Feb 5th 2012, at her birthday party, and had only known her for 3 weeks.   Rachel was never at a hospital, and did not attend the funeral -not because she was sick- but because she barely knew Trayvon.

The Persona of “Dee Dee”, was a total fraud known not only to the Martin Family -who continued the fraud- but also known to the State Prosecutors who were fixated on taking a transparently innocent man to trial.   The attorney’s, the prosecutors, and the State of Florida knew it was all a lie.   ABC News also knew it was a lie, but they said nothing.

Eventually the motive for her construction became obvious.   The character of “DeeDee” became the entire premise behind which George Zimmerman was arrested less than three weeks later.   This, despite the fact that local law enforcement was not allowed to speak to, see, interview or even know the identity of this “ear witness” girlfriend.  Her construct was then used by various media and grievance advocates to support their contentions.

Again, just to emphasize, Dee Dee was a fictional character.  She did not exist.   At all.

Yet somehow, because of the media reporting, millions upon millions of interested people bought the entire story and framed their opinions around the portrayal.


So when we say today that “Unaccompanied Alien Children” are figments of the imagination – constructed  from various leftist assemblies which needed a cause to champion – you might think that’s too incomprehensible to believe.

But I’ll remind you of how “Dee Dee” was similarly unbelievable, yet believed.

After extensive research we are confident in saying there is no such thing as “thousands of unaccompanied alien children” crossing the border.  It’s a total ruse.

Keeping that false story true is also why bus windows, said to be carrying such entities around various facilities, are blacked out.    Those buses are not transporting “unaccompanied alien children” to detainment centers.   They are transporting illegal alien “families“, which might also contain children, around the country to various staging areas.

“Families” not “Unaccompanied Minors”.  Period.

The purpose for selling the false alien child narrative is the same purpose for selling  the false construct of “Dee Dee”.   Both are tools to achieve a goal.  The goal of the former to achieve support for Immigration Reform, the latter to achieve an arrest and subsequent positioning for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Both thoughtful constructs are/were useful fabrications, and both advanced by an ideologically aligned and willing media.    Facts be damned:

•  The Martin Family extorted almost $2 million from the Homeowners Association before the Zimmerman trail even began.

•  The Obama Administration is extorting $3.7 Billion from the U.S. Taxpayers, before the border is even secure.

Both financial demands based on a necessary, albeit false, premise.   Both financial demands based on fiction and sold by the media.

justice-for-trayvon-martin-rally-studentsObamas immigration

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29 Responses to Do You Remember “Dee Dee” March, 20th 2012 ? If So, “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Is Analogous…

  1. What can I say to all of this? I’m just one of those “crazy a** crackers”!


    • tenndon says:

      Me, too. Das Regierung is no longer to be trusted in ANYTHING, repeat, ANYTHING that it tells us. Even the color of the sky…….


    • I just could not believe that parents were sending their small child/ren, all ALONE, with the thugs that were bringing them all that distance from their home to the U.S. border, and at thousands of dollars per child; thousands of dollars for a whole family makes more sense. Also, the blacking out of the bus windows, and the press/pols not being able to view the facilities with no cameras…yep, we have been lied to AGAIN! How low can this administration get…


      • Sarah says:

        exactly, no mother would send their baby off with a coyote. if the children are coming alone, they are being used by relatives here or to get their family here, What kid doesnt need him mama here too. Mothers dont do that kind of thing. they just dont do it, not dangers trip with dangerous people to go into those warehouses. Maybe 1% of the mothers would actually do it like the administration wants us to believe.
        We dont here anything from those countries. I went looking for their newspapers last week and had problems finding anything in english. I want to see what their people are saying about it.


  2. I am so confused. I never heard of Dee Dee. I thought Trayvon was on the phone with Rachel Jenteel (sp?) and that is why she testified at the trial. Is Dee Dee really Rachel?


    • Lucille says:

      Yes, it is confusing. My understanding is that Rachel is the “ear” witness who was speaking to Trayvon on the night of his death. Sundance is apparently saying that “Dee Dee” is the name the Martin family lawyer used to cover her identity. For what reason I don’t know. I guess we’d have to read more background info to understand the reference.


      • stella says:

        Dee Dee (the made up girlfriend) morphed into Rachel by the time of the trial. “She” was kept under wraps until then.


      • stella says:

        For one thing, the lawyers kept saying she was a minor, and that was why they were “protecting her identity”. In fact, she was older than 18 at the time of the Zimmerman/Martin encounter.


        • Lou says:

          looking back it all worked out for GZ, while the Martin side looked like a bunch of liars (which they were and still are) Witness 8 also went by another name and wrote letters she couldn’t read.


    • Sarah says:

      Sharpton made up a girlfriend for trayvon, because he said she was a minor (she wasnt) they called her DeeDee, said she and trayvon had a puppy love going on and he had been on the phone with her all day….cause they were in love, but when the world wanted DeeDee information, everything that came out was bogus, then at trial we see the enitre deedee was a lie, and no one got in trouble for it. huge ethics violations, all those attys should have lost their lic. they lied to media but to court over and over, the phone was broken, nothing could come off the phone, but it was there, the pics of guns and pot and the texts………..the scammed the courts with it all.


    • 642,000 criminal acts and 3,500 murders in Texas since 2008 committed by immigrants?!!!! No wonder Texas wants to call out their National Guard. They care about the people in their state. One has to wonder if the administration is sitting up there in their ivory tower on Capitol Hill with their hands over their ears! What Josh Earnest said today was insulting to Texas and the concerned citizens of this country. Thank you for posting that video, SD.


    • Spar Harmon says:

      REVERSE THE POLARITY; they do what here they describe Fox as doing. Classic application of Alinsky tactics! Thank you for this clear demonstration.

      Have you also watched the progression of changes in the Surrender flag reporting? Think of all the Twitter and Facebook virus infections they will be unable to stop…

      What a masterful move by our team. Do you think Fox News is behind this terrorist act…


    • tappin52 says:

      Dewherst claims to have spent $800 million Texas tax dollars on border security and thus, they have the best border security in the nation. He claims to have begun appropriating money 7 years ago, yet the problem just keeps growing. He claims that their job is not to stem the flow of the illegal invasion (that’s for the Fed to do), but to deal with the crime that comes from it. You can’t clean up the flood if you won’t turn off the water main. He sounds like a career politician. I don’t see a clear mission for the Texas National Guard. Sounds like its populist theatre to me.


      • stella says:

        And if Texas tried to take over the task of deporting illegal aliens? They would run into the same problem that Arizona did – Feds say exactly what you just wrote was Dewhurst’s claim: that’s for the Fed to do.

        It IS Texas’ job to deal with the crime. It IS the Fed’s job to deal with the Federal crime of illegal immigration.

        News: They are all politicians.


  3. doodahdaze says:

    Where is Mr. Crump and Natjac anyways? They are awfully quiet lately. Hmmmm. Wonder why?


  4. joanfoster says:

    A great expose of how the MSM works their deceptive magic on the unsuspecting and gullible public. Indeed Dee Dee is a representational figure of all of the so called “CHILDREN” we have heard about from the media talking heads for the last four weeks. It is uglier than the Rep. Decepticons and more dangerous to the stability of the republic that this farce is being perpetrated upon the American public who unfortunately and sadly are not engaged in the current assault on our sovereignty. If we go under as a nation, it will not be because Progressives willed it or brought it to fruition, it will be because an ignorant populace stood by and allowed it to happen. I have been saying that the “children” was a farce from the outset. Pictures do not lie and therefore, it is evident why the windows of the buses transporting these lawbreakers have been blacked out from the outset. Obama has opened up a den of vipers upon this nation and it’s a matter of time before the venom begins to kick in.


  5. justfactsplz says:

    I have doubted the little children story. Most all of the pictures we have seen that weren’t of mothers and families with children were older teen and adult males.


  6. libby says:

    Not true.
    Obambi is extorting far far far far far more than $3.7 billion.
    The $3.7 B is just a downpayment authorizing all subsequent payments


  7. nomorebsplease says:

    Rahm Emmanuel set us all up. Never let a good crisis go to waste. They have done this with every key demographic:

    Trayvon: Black
    Fluke: Females
    Sandy Hook: Children
    Endless crisis for gay people
    This for immigrants

    All emotionally laden bs. The public will believe it because you are beaten with bs so much you have no other response left but to believe it.


  8. libby says:

    Rachel Jeantel for prez.
    She’s smart, sassy and tells it like it is.
    And she’s progressed in her education faster than any of her knuckle dragging critics could have ever imagined.


  9. bob e says:

    happy to see this brave texan stand up to barry o’fraud & the rest ..


  10. Pingback: Sharyl Attkisson: Obama Regime Stonewalling Congress On Refuge Children’s Whereabouts (Video) | Nice Deb

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