Posted Without Comment Because Such Visible Moonbattery Deserves To Stand Alone….

Sooooooooo…… why the “hyphen” ?
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20 Responses to Posted Without Comment Because Such Visible Moonbattery Deserves To Stand Alone….

  1. auscitizenmom says:



  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Who is the idiot in yellow? She’s rude, interrupts constantly, and talks over the other woman so often that it’s hard to tell what either of them are trying to say. Please tell me these shrews are not professional “journalists” or TV news personalities. They sound like a pair of magpies arguing about who is blacker than whom.


  3. Joel says:

    I love it when liberals get into a pi$$ing contest about who is the more victimized.


  4. Coast says:

    Send them all back….:)


  5. realitycheck says:

    I haven seen a poll when it says … spend 4 billion to allow them to argue to stay, send them ASAP all back .. would be interesting to see a well done HONEST NON+BIASED poll


  6. rashomon says:

    Cultural affinity suggests the main problem afflicting our president. He’s an alien who has used his Occidental comrades, Rev. Wright, Charles Ogletree, Bill Ayres and other marginal subjects to define his idea of “America,” never understanding the core values and morals that HAVE made our country exceptional.


  7. realitycheck says:


  8. Lou says:

    I just don’t even get what they are talking about.


  9. benzy says:

    Very interesting that she “identifies” as “African-American” and yet two sentences later says she has “NO cultural ties to Africa”


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Yes, that’s the issue at the core of many “African” Americans. They aren’t from Africa, have no ties to Africa (save their fake “Kwanza” holiday), yet lay claim to that title purely for the sake of “black unity”. If I called myself a “European-American” and talked about “white pride” I would be called a racist, or maybe even a “White Supremacist.”


  10. canadacan says:

    If she went to Africa she would be rejected.


  11. partyzantski says:

    This is an absurd clip. The gal on the right of the screen should take a course in Logic so she can at least be embarrassed.


  12. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Let me reduce the argument of the gal in yellow: “Yeah, they broke the law but, dude, that was like years ago.”


  13. ctdar says:

    Illegals have cultural ties to free money.


  14. ctdar says:

    An illegal activist was subject of their conversation. Why isn’t he in jail?


    • arttart1983 says:

      I’m furious that let Vargas off, he wrote an appalling rant for HuffPo last week, claiming ALL the illegals were not “illegals,” they deserved citizenship! He’s just going to be a “martyr” for the cause, though readily admits he doesn’t qualify for citizenship in the US..


  15. lovemygirl says:

    Wow, I thought I could let it play in the background while I snacked on a late dinner but between the talking over each other and the lack of any reasoned argument I couldn’t even figure out who was trying to say what.
    On a different note, Jamaican Jerk made with Habaneros is eye watering, tongue and lip burning hot. That is the last time I cook with it and depend on my daughter telling me it isn’t that hot instead of tasting it myself.


  16. nivico says:

    Here’s another Grievance Industry graduate who’s skert that other minority groups are usurping her victimhood… her op-ed piece is titled “Dear White Gays”


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