Explosive V.A. Whistleblower Testimony – Whistleblower Experienced “Harassment” After Contacting Obama Deputy Chief of Staff, Rob Nabors…

There was a lot of shock testimony during the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee Hearing last night. The hearing lasted until midnight, but started four hours earlier with testimony from four whistleblowers who outlined the targeting they encountered as a result of their speaking out.

One of the more damaging testimonials came from Mr. Scott Davis, Program Specialist, VA National Health Eligibility Center. Mr. Davis explained how he became the target for harassment after contacting Rob Nabors, President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

You might remember the name Rob Nabors after the initial VA scandal hit the headlines. Nabors was the person President Obama dispatched to Arizona to be his “hands on” representative and investigator:

As the Washington Post reported at the time:

[…] One of President Obama’s top aides is being dispatched to Phoenix this week to investigate deaths allegedly connected to a Department of Veterans Affairs medical center there, part of the administration’s efforts to contain growing outrage over delays in treatment and accusations of rigged recordkeeping at veterans hospitals.

Rob Nabors, a White House deputy chief of staff, has been assigned to assist top VA officials in probing allegations of wrong­doing by staffers at the Phoenix facility and elsewhere, the White House said Tuesday. He will be meeting with Arizona hospital officials Thursday after gathering Wednesday with representatives from several veterans groups in Washington, officials said. (link)

After contacting the personal representative of the President, Rob Nabors, who was specifically assigned by Obama to look into the VA scandal, the whistleblower had his confidential identity “outed” and became a subject of “harassment”.

Mr Davis further testified under oath when his union representative contacted the White House to find out who revealed his whistleblower identity, the response was: “no-one from the White House is authorized to discuss the issue”.

I wonder if we’ll see anything about this in the main stream media today or tomorrow ?

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14 Responses to Explosive V.A. Whistleblower Testimony – Whistleblower Experienced “Harassment” After Contacting Obama Deputy Chief of Staff, Rob Nabors…

  1. sundance says:

    …”In a hearing that stretched to midnight Tuesday night, the VA faced more bipartisan Congressional criticism as a group of four whistleblowers detailed how they spoke up about internal problems only to be subjected to personal attacks and retaliation from supervisors and top officials in the VA.

    “I was immediately removed from my position,” said Dr. Jose Mathews, who raised questions about the very light work load of psychiatric doctors at the St. Louis VA.

    Mathews said just last month, he forwarded his concerns on certain work issues to the Acting VA Secretary – and he was quickly rebuked by a top VA official in his office.

    “I clearly felt that I was reprimanded for writing to Secretary Gibson,” Mathews said.

    Mathews wasn’t the only one”…



  2. Yakmaster says:

    All the VA officials who’ve come to Congressional Hearings are Sargeant Schultz. Everyone knows nothing. They’ve heard nothing, they’ve seen nothing. They say sincerely and repeatedly, “I don’t know, but I’ll get that information for you.” (I’ve watched and listened to all those televised testifiers.)
    Thankfully, those lower on the totem pole know a lot and they’re speaking out despite efforts to muzzle them by the various VA Departments Of Stupidity. And now, their whistleblowing has resulted in the new Acting VA Secretary sending out a VIM (very important memo). Swift, decisive action indeed.


  3. RJ says:

    Ahhh…it smells so sweet in here! Why others are aghast over a few rumblings of poor service to our Vets, I’ll just never understand…unless one gets a serious look at their “books” sooner, rather than later. Think of your neighbor’s swimming pool, that pool across the fields where monies have created a true “garden of Eden” in so many ways.

    Want to keep swimming in that pool? Learn the “magic words” and you will be allowed to join the party. Ask to see the books…well, dear boy, that is not going to happen!

    New faces…same games. Get used to it.


    • Sharon says:

      I have no intention of getting used to it. I’m really old and fully understand the wash-rinse-repeat-adnauseum approach. However, they have never had so many hundreds of thousands of citizens who have direct access to much of the manure they are trying to cover up. I’ve learned a new phrase from skilled warriors in the last couple of years – force multipliers.

      With my limited abilities, I intend to be the best little old force multiplier I can be. I do NOT intend to get used to it. It sounds like you already have. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting.

      I’ve been consciously watching this crap for fifty years and have never gotten used to it…just never saw a way to fight back.


  4. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    My power went down at 8:30 last night, and stayed off until ?:??am so I missed most of the testimony at the hearing. When I Googled “VA” this morning, there was very little to be found about it, unless it came from FOX network sources or right-leaning blog-sites. Am I just incompetent when it comes to “searches” or is the rest of the media treating this hearing like it never happened?


  5. Moishe Pipik says:

    I like his name: Rob [Neighbors]. That’s exactly what Obama does!


  6. scaretactics says:

    My goodness. Barry makes a catastrophe of everything he touches.

    Oooooooohhh….I hope the whistleblowers keep coming and stating their cases. It won’t do a thing for all of the vets who were on waiting lists/death lists and died in the meantime, but maybe it will make a difference for the vets who are treated at the VA from this point on. I hope so.

    My family lived in England when I was growing up in the 70’s. Socialized medicine at it’s finest. 3 month wait for emergency gallbladder surgery. It’s no different at the VA.

    My dad is a WW2 vet…. he was a bombardier. He’s celebrating his 90th birthday in October. He is not being treated at the VA, thank goodness.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    “…has been assigned to assist top VA officials in probing allegations of wrong­doing by staffers at the Phoenix facility and elsewhere,…” Obviously the whistleblower hasn’t been with the Federal system long enough to learn bureaucratic speak. That does not mean he’s there to air and clean the dirty laundry but rather to help dig a hole to bury it. Had the whistleblower have talked to someone who’s been with the Feds longer they’d have told him his first step before contacting any WH official sent to assist in a major scandal is to look for a new job in the civilian sector. Congressional hearings will be much the same – they are looking for someone to pin this mess on without it splashing back on them – they’ve been first-tier party to the screw-ups in the VA since the first day they took office – guar-an-teed. Even some DemocRATic Congressjerks will be splashing the mud on Obama, only question is how much they’ll splash. Congress does not relish the lights in the pantry being turned full on.
    A few staffers I’ve talked with have said that band aids are in the works, as are studies, perhaps a commission (or two), all of the delaying tactics that one can imagine are ready to be emplaced as the public’s interest starts to flag. I stand on my previous position that the only way this problem will get anything more than yet another corn plaster stuck on it is by vets and interested civilians keeping it alive in social media.


  8. lovemygirl says:

    The Free Beacon had an article, all I’ve seen so far are right leaning publications covering it.



  9. gayle says:

    It’s almost 10 am on the Left Coast. I’ve had Fox on for a couple of hours as I peruse the net. I’ve heard the VA hearings last night mentioned once, maybe given 10-20 seconds. No video shown.


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