The Latest On The Chris McDaniel Challenge In Mississippi

An attorney for senate candidate Chris McDaniel gave a presser today to update on status:

In addition, new information has surfaced that links the National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC) to illegal use of campaign financing to hide their fingerprints on the attack ads against McDaniel.

This explosive development links the main Republican Party apparatus to the underhanded dealings in Mississippi that led to widespread voter fraud.

(Via Clarion Ledger) Video of a controversial radio ad found its way online today.

The ad, which features Bishop Ronnie Crudup talking, is aimed at the black community and encourages black voters to oppose Chris McDaniel in the GOP primary runoff for U.S. Senate. The ad aired just before the June 24 runoff.

The real problem with the ad is that it is paid for by All Citizens for Mississippi, which is not registered with the Federal Elections Commission. You’ll recall this to be the same group I first reported about on June 1. They ran a full-page ad in the Mississippi Link, a newspaper aimed at black residents in Jackson and Hinds County. (link)

Charles C Johnson has more details and the trail of evidence HERE.

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21 Responses to The Latest On The Chris McDaniel Challenge In Mississippi

  1. texan59 says:

    And just like the millions of dollars that Bronco Bama raised from around the world that was unaccounted for and untraceable, the worst that might happen is a small fine. The price is less than the pain.


  2. Sal says:

    I am happy that the McDaniel campaign is fighting back At the very least they will expose the rotten political machine that dominates Mississippi politics.


    • hoosiergranny says:

      Sal – I agree. Anything that exposes the graft and illegal activities is good. No matter how small, it is still sunshine on a very corrupt situation.


  3. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    With recent external events this has me quite upset.
    I prefer that for the remaining years Obama sort of limp through the presidency.
    I do not want him impeached, nor do I expect it. Despite the fact that the IRS thing has now reached Nixonian sliminess.
    But in recent weeks ( immigration, “so sue me”) , seems to me that that is where we are heading. To accomplish that Harry Reid must not be Senate Majority Leader.

    That means supporting McConnell and Cochran.


    • ctdar says:

      “Nixonion sliminess?”
      Obama overstepped Nixon during his first term and if you think he is going to “limp thru” the remainder of his 2nd term you are very much mistaken. Unless something is done now every seed that he has sown so far will start coming to fruition by 2016.
      Maybe in all your trips to the CTH you’ve missed the many threads outlining the reasons why people continuing to support obvious rino’s like McConnell & Cochran is part of the reason why the country is where it is. Or maybe you choose to skip those.


      • IntoTheFray says:

        Yes! We need to change the acronym GOPe to GOPs, for slime! The GOPs is no better than the DemocRATS! Even if the GOPs is successful in taking over the Senate and maintaining the House, NOTHING will happen to Obama, other than the crime may slow a bit. The GOPs will be happy to enjoy the benefits of the corruption while blaming Obama. Any who doubt this, just look at what happened in Mississippi.


    • springstreet says:

      Could you please give us the name of even one IRS agent that NIxon used to go after his “enemies”? Take your time. I’m waiting.
      OK, even after 40 years of “investigations”, can you give us one name of a US citizen who claimed that Nixon had him audited. What? Still crickets?
      The only IRS “sliminess” comes from Obama … and his Liberal press that must perpetuate their Watergate lies.


  4. Aslan's Girl says:

    “In addition, new information has surfaced that links the National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC) to illegal use of campaign financing to hide their fingerprints on the attack ads against McDaniel.

    This explosive development links the main Republican Party apparatus to the underhanded dealings in Mississippi that led to widespread voter fraud.”

    rubs hands together Ooh, this is getting goooood now!! We couldn’t defeat McConnell in the primary, but this is the next best thing because this is exposing the Establishment. Woohoo! I’m so proud of McDaniel, I’m fit to burst. He’s giving Cruz a run for his money on the chutzpah front (especially since Cruz refused to endorse conservatives running against incumbents).


    • You sell Ted short…..Probably no other political figure is more a Statesman than Ted Cruz. He has chosen to let each candidate stand on his own merit. I see nothing wrong with that. Look at the biggest disappointment in the last two decades, Rand Paul, and who he has endorsed. You should listen more to what Ted says, than what MSLSD or CNN/Pravda says about Ted.


      • ...a... says:

        He is not selling Cruz short, that I can see. Just like Rand Paul (and for that matter Mike Lee and Tim Scott and other folks with top-notch ratings from clubforgrowth and freedomworks and friends), Ted Cruz did not endorse any tea-challengers. Reading between the lines, this is because McConnell runs the senate with an iron fist. There are only a handful — as in, about five total — senators that are seriously tea-flavored. By comparison, there are nearly 40 liberTea-reps in the House, plus another 50 legitimate tea-party-reps (ignoring the faux-tea reps that want the label without the voting-record).

        Cruz has very cautiously come out in favor of investigating the allegations in MS, a couple days ago. No more. He will stay well shy of actually endorsing McDaniel, is my prediction. Ditto for Rand… unless possibly, all the current handful of tea-senators and the current bucket-full of tea-reps band together. But I doubt it. 2016 has not only Rand Paul and Mike Lee up for re-election to the senate, in safe seats, but also allies Toomey in PA and Ron Johnson in WI, which are destined to be tough races even with estab-repub-support.

        Anyways, long story short, McDaniel has no reason to play it safe. He is already hated by estab-repubs the world over. I expect him to strongly contest the illegal crossover votes in the runoff, and methinks he has a shot at winning. Should McDaniel become a senator in January 2015, methinks he will endorse anybody he pleases, incumbent or otherwise. 🙂 Not much caution in the man who likes to quote Churchill. Or maybe, McDaniel will mute his chutzpah once elected, and concentrate on dems, plus on making “friends” like Cruz and Rand are doing.

        p.s. You sell Rand short. His voting record is as good as Ted Cruz, if not better (plus twice as long). Rand’s endorsement this year of RINO Collins in Maine is perfectly valid; she is the best candidate in the race, RINO or otherwise. Also, there is a chance she will help save Governor LePage of Maine, who is liberty-leaning, and the guy that boycotted the RNC’12 trauma when Maine’s Ron-Paul-delegation was not fully seated, you may recall. Rand’s other endorsements this year were good: Maybe you are complaining about McConnell, but he ranks 85% on c4g, putting him in the top ten for the senate. Bevin was better, prolly a 95% person, but not that much better. (See also Cornyn 90% versus Stockman 99%.)

        There is always the Rominee endorsement, but I’ve always thought that was an intelligent hedge, made with his father’s cooperation. It turned out to be the right move, in the end, methinks. The rominee lost, after all, remember? Rand endeared himself to all the party-first types in the primaries, which won’t be forgotten. Nowadays, Rand’s face is on the frontpage of the RNC website at in 2014. Rand is getting airtime on the Senate floor. Rand is getting bills out of committee. That’s hard, with only a handful of people on your side! Ron Paul never had those things; thanks to Ron’s 2008 and 2012 success, Rand does get those things — as long as he “plays nice” he can vote the way he wants. And like I said, Cruz and Rand both have awesome voting-records.

        Anyhoo, I think we probably agree on what a great candidate would look like, overall. I’m just less worried about the little things like endorsements, and more worried about voting records — and the core principles that drive them. Cruz and Rand have flying colors in both those categories. McDaniel, if he gets his shot, I expect will also do us proud.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Calling Maxwell Smart!


  5. justfactsplz says:

    I admire and respect McDaniel for making a stand. I believe in standing up, making a stand, and standing your ground for what is truth and right. Much needed sunlight is being shed on this voter fraud. Hopefully this will help other states fight voter fraud in their elections. I hope McDaniel ends up winning this election so that will be two rinos down anyway.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Uh Oh, I’m in moderation.


      • Whatever brought you there….I stand with you…..for I agree with all you have stated….lol….. must be a technical glitch………McDaniel IS the proper choice AND the obvious winner.


        • IntoTheFray says:

          I agree with you 9thGA, but the voters have a short memory. It will only matter who sits in the seat after the main election and it appears now that it will be Traitor Thad, who is part of the GOPslime and will fall in line and do as he’s told. Come Nov, no one will remember what happened in the primary and how Traitor Thad got on the ballot. As I see it now, whether someone votes D or R, it doesn’t make much difference. Both parties are incredibly corrupt, kind of like making a decision as to whether you would want to step in dog doo or cat poo.


          • ...a... says:

            Yes, many voters have a short memory. Many voters don’t even participate in primaries whatsoever! Many voters listen to their televisions/newspapers/etc.

            We are starting to wake them up. Stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly will help. One of those stories we should regale our converts with, is the tale of team McDaniel versus team Barbour (plus some white-haired guy) in 2014. Remember Mississippi isn’t just a slogan, it’s a necessity, if we ever want to subvert the twin-party system.


        • justfactsplz says:

          It happens to all of us from time to time. It’s something with word press.


  6. Yakmaster says:

    No one is more impressed with the flatulent stink of Congressional dinosaurs than the old farts themselves.


  7. taqiyyologist says:

    This CC Johnson should have a banner at his site: “I want YOU to be Sundance!”


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