Shameful – BOLO For Two Middle Aged Women Patrolling Florida Beaches and Brazenly Stealing Stuff – Here’s What They Look Like

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida (FOX 13)No charges are expected against two women who were caught on camera apparently trying to steal items from a Florida beach, police said Monday.

A man, who identifies himself as “Flicky Rich” on YouTube, caught the whole thing on camera. He confronted the females who attempt to take his canopy from the beach.

In just three days, the video has more than 1 million hits on YouTube.

Contacted by FOX 13 on Monday morning, New Smyrna Beach police said the incident happened July 4 around 6:30 p.m. They received a phone call after the incident, but by the time officers arrived, the women had left the scene.

“Is that yours?” the man in the video asks the women.

“Yeah, but we don’t know how to do it,” said one of the women.

The man quickly reveals that the items belong to his family. After a few awkward moments, the women get angry and actually demand that he turns off the camera. (read more)

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21 Responses to Shameful – BOLO For Two Middle Aged Women Patrolling Florida Beaches and Brazenly Stealing Stuff – Here’s What They Look Like

  1. taqiyyologist says:

    I wonder which government union these “ladies” work for?

    Based on the number of views, and the clear images, these two will be caught.

    And then given a light slap on the wrist.

    When the “Top Men” say “screw the laws”, everyone under them act accordingly.

    I like the last word on the video… .”Seriously??”

    Like, you’re gonna try and steal all my s&^t, and then act like a typical government layabout with authority, with all the imperiousness that comes with it? SERIOUSLY?

    I would bet my last dollar they are both Government workers on vacay.

    And still doing what they do when not on vacay.


  2. taqiyyologist says:

    And ladies? Research women’s swimwear from the late 1800’s.

    This, you need more than other people’s stuff.


  3. allhail2 says:

    Now, I’m not going to hit a female, but in all the flapping over the camera I’m not opposed to a single warning followed by a quick leg sweep straight into the sand. Don’t touch me, period.


  4. Moishe Pipik says:

    They’re just following the President’s orders: Redistribution!

    One of the women struck the cameraman. If enough people carried, this would never happen.


  5. doodahdaze says:

    Two Obama Bull Dykes doing their thing.


  6. Fantasia says:

    The article says they were caught and the man decided not to press charges. He feels the public shaming was enough.

    I disagree. Just because of her attitude, I would have pressed charges. Public shaming my arse. He should have made her pay with criminal charges, otherwise, she won’t stop.


  7. Sentenza says:

    Should have pressed charges.

    Good grief. You get filmed in the act of theft, and then you assault the guy filming you.

    She’s stealing his stuff, and then has the gall to tell him off. Wow.


  8. Col(R)Ken says:

    I’m shocked, yes shocked!


  9. drdoct says:

    I’m not about hitting anyone especially older age womyn, but when you start swinging it’s on. I may even let you walk away while I follow you until the cops come, but after you attack me, you’ll be on the ground with me sitting on your ass until the cops come. We don’t leave our stuff unattended anywhere. We also tend to pick beaches where it isn’t crowded so you can keep an eye on people. I guess when Obama became pResident, the blacks went nuts with crime (and still are) because they were entitled. Now that Hillary is lining up the war on women, I guess the bull dykes are going to start their crap. I hate a damn thief.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      40 years ago I had along overdue epiphany. It was the realization that if I left a valuable unattended, eventually someone would “take” it. Once I realized that a large majority of people only pretended to be honest, the puzzle pieces started to come together.


      • John Galt says:

        Depends on the people. On my grandparent’s ranch, doors were never locked and keys were left in the ignition. In 70 years, nothing was ever stolen, AFAIK. When I moved to the Washington, D.C. area, if you left parking meter change in a vehicle cup holder, you could count on a broken window.


  10. twolaneflash says:

    Life lesson from “Silence of the Lambs”:

    “What do people covet? They covet what they see.”


  11. Federale says:

    Word to black people. Whites will not defend these white criminals. Blacks should take that as good advice to not do the same.


  12. Sean says:

    Kathy Duffy & Linda Duffy Kelley


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