Bowe Bergdahl Allowed To Leave Hospital Unsupervised, Visit Restaurants, Etc…

It’s been almost a month since his arrival in Texas.  Have his parents or family talked to him yet ?   It sure sounds like the military is going to let this guy skate through without punishment for desertion; and that’s wrong.   

BoweBergdahl(CNN Blog) Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier held captive for five years by militants before his release a month ago, has ventured several times off an Army base in Texas as part of the effort to get him used to everyday life in America, a military spokeswoman said.

His release on May 31 in exchange for five Taliban being held by the U.S. military has rankled some, including former members of his unit, who said he was a deserter who endangered colleagues searching for him.

Yet while investigating circumstances surrounding his departure, the military has also said it’s focused on making sure Bergdahl gets better mentally and physically, so he can gradually readjust to normal life.

Since being freed, Bergdahl has been carefully monitored at a military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, and his home since June 13, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston.  (read more)

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29 Responses to Bowe Bergdahl Allowed To Leave Hospital Unsupervised, Visit Restaurants, Etc…

  1. benzy says:

    It would seem to me that if he’s “recovered” enough to venture off base into the public, visiting grocery stores (they don’t have a PX on base in San Antonio?) and fast-food restaurants (I guess that is part of his reintroduction to America and our cuisine) and other public venues, that maybe, just maybe, he should be “recovered” enough to talk to people about what he did the night he “ventured” off his base in Afghanistan and sought out the Taliban who spoke English. And also maybe “recovered” enough to say “hi, Mom” to his mother.


    • benzy says:

      I suppose the good news in this is he has apparently now remembered how to speak English… since very few store employees in San Antonio speak Arabic. Spanish, yes…. but few Arabic. Since he’s out visiting shops and stores, he must now be able to communicate. See, those “handlers” have much such great progress!!


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      You can bet he won’t be eating a pulled pork sandwich at Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ, or having an “Egg’s over my Hammy” breakfast at Denny’s.

      I would love to run into him in public one day,just so I could ask how soon he plans on going “Home” to Kabul?


  2. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Hmmm. Maybe it would be nice to see a new version of the “knockout game”. Maybe the “knockout traiter” game?


  3. maryfrommarin says:

    You can’t see the traitor for the squirrels.


  4. yankeeintx says:

    Yes, his parents flew to Texas. They asked for privacy. (Though I can’t guarantee that he agreed to meet with them.)
    What worries me is that not only has he been accused of being a deserter by his team mates, he is also a defector. With whom does he hold alliances with now?


  5. Old Hillbilly says:

    Wonder if he has grown his beard back yet, and more importantly, wonder if he has internet connections in his room at the hospital, and most importantly, does he have Al Jazeera network on his television so he can keep up with his “buds” back in his adopted homeland (aka Pockeestan)! Bowe Bergdahl is a waste of the “life force”!


  6. texan59 says:

    I heared that he was gonna go help the new refugees over at Lackland. Him just wants to help ever’body. 👿


  7. GoneGalting says:

    This is how you destroy the country. Let the military know they won’t be held responsible for desertion. Allow soldiers to shoot other soldiers and blame it on workplace violence. If I were in the military now, I would be turning in my papers to exit the military.


  8. Susan M. says:

    If he is looking to join the Taliban again, just point him toward the White House.


  9. Pam says:

    The article says his reintegration phase will end in several weeks.
    The Army spokeswoman says he will then be reassigned to an Army unit.
    Although the original Army investigation concluded that he left the outpost deliberately, there “was no definitive conclusion Bergdahl was a deserter, because that would require knowing his intent, something officials couldn’t learn without talking to him.”
    As of last week, he had not been interviewed by investigators and he did not have a lawyer.
    An “official” said last month that they had no reason to believe that he had engaged in any misconduct.

    Can someone who knows how the military works see anything in this, or is this article, if factual, just saying that he’s getting ready to be placed back into regular duty and it’s all over?


    • bstannehill says:

      He has to be assigned to a unit with an established leadership in order to receive any punishment. Article 15’s, a standard administrative punishment for military members is handed out by unit Commanders, from the level of Company all the way to Brigade. In essence, the fact that he is a soldier, means he has to have an assigned location of service.

      He may not get deserter, but people better get used to calling him Private again, because he most certainly did directly violate orders, specifically the General Orders taught during basic training. They are the very basic orders we must follow at all times.

      General Order 1: I will guard everything within the limits of my post, and quit my post only when properly relieved. Many dumb people will argue he was off guard duty when he left base, but when you are deployed, you are under orders, and those orders place you with the unit at the unit’s assigned location, and your post is the base you are at.

      General Order 2: I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner. There is very little anyone with a third of a brain can argue about that one. He certainly did not perform his duties in a military manner.

      Other inarguable violations include: AWOL, punishable by as much as 45 days of extra duty, demotion, and half pay taken away for two months. Disobeying a direct order from a senior officer by leaving his post, and yes, if your commander states that the base is your post, you are guilty of both GO1 and disobeying an officer. It was a trick used during the days of DUI’s.

      If you got a DUI off base, the military couldn’t charge you if the civilian courts did, double jeopardy. However, if you were ordered not to drink and drive, and you get a DUI, then the civilian courts can charge you of DUI, and the military can charge you with Disobeying a Direct Order.

      People seem to forget that the only part of this that comes to trial is Court Martial. He can be punished by the unit commander, a Captain, for his other violations and brought down to private without ever seeing a judge.


      • Pam says:

        Thank you. That was very informative. So, if, for political or other reasons, they did not want to Court Martial him, he could go through these other punishments in his new unit. I would assume the public would have no right to be informed. I would also think that many, if not most, of his fellow soldiers would not look kindly on him.
        Could he request a medical discharge, say for PTSD? Or could the military just decide to issue him a medical discharge?


        • bstannehill says:

          I am going to tell you the same thing I told my father. If nothing happens to Bergdahl that is not severely negative, like an Article 15 demoting him all the way down or a court martial, or even a “failure to adapt” discharge, the only explanation will be interference from the highest, rubbing his nose in business that is not his as usual. If Bergdahl stays, his life will be a living hell, he may hurt himself, and his new fellow soldiers will be the ones on trial.

          SNAFU – Situation Normal, All Fucked Up


  10. Sharon says:

    From the article:

    The two-star general could ask to re-interview anyone who can shed light on the case; talking to Bergdahl himself would likely be the last step in this investigation, one official said.

    As of the middle of last week, the soldier hadn’t been interviewed by investigators nor did he have a lawyer, one official said.

    So, in other words, there is no investigation.


    • sundance says:

      Exactly. They are planning on letting this guy skate because to do otherwise would be adverse to the Rose Garden optic Obama created.

      …” U.S. Army soldiers who were serving with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl when he left his post and wound up in the hands of the Taliban say no one has contacted them, even though military brass are currently conducting a new investigation into the case”….

      There is no investigation, there will be no investigation, and everyone just needs to stop talking about it now so that we can just let Ballerina Bowanda go hide back in Idaho…

      Idjits. We are a nation governed by optics and idjits.

      High crimes and Misty Moaners.


      • John Galt says:

        “They are planning on letting this guy skate”
        He defected and spent 5 years with the Taliban. I suspect that he has something other than skating back to a normal life on his mind.


      • Pam says:

        The gentleman who answered my questions about punishment (see above) gave some helpful information. If I were the politician(s) trying to make this go away, I would consider doing just what he outlined, keeping to the rules and letting some of the punishments be applied. We won’t know what’s going on, and this will allow some time to pass so that the public will move on. Then quietly give him a medical discharge. They could say that “justice” had been served, and that he had received all the medical/psychiatric help he needed, etc etc.
        But if I were him, I think I’d be looking over my shoulder for a long time.


  11. David Barlow says:

    Still wonder what these people are telling those families that lost a son while trying to look for this traitor? “Your sons life wasn’t worth a damn because we’re letting this guy off the hook”?


  12. RJ says:

    I have not seen any mention of his Mother and Father being with him, visiting him, etc. Now we hear he is free to roam in public, off base, life. I am sure he has with him a “minder” to see that he enjoys such off the base ventures. Who cares?

    The real game is being played out at the Pentagon and White House. Look at our present leaders…inspiring aren’t they? Hagel, Dempsey and Obama-Mao all working together to bring forth the truth on what this AWOL soldier really did, this potential deserter and just perhaps this traitor. Nut jobs come and go all the time in our military system, same with our political system.

    Then again, what do we mean when we say: “It was the perfect storm!”?

    Keep your eyes on this problem while the Iranians work to get a nuclear bomb…oh, we’ve got other problems to take your attention, immigration for starters.

    ISIS gets it’s territory under control, Iran gets the nuclear bomb…what then happens?

    Iran says to others: We Iranians will provide protection for this new Caliphate where freedom will ring via Sharia law…kneel down to Allah infidels!

    Filthy Jews and the Great Satan beware…meanwhile Obama-Mao and Valerie Jarrett (who is of Iranian blood if memory is correct) come out and “talk about fairness for all” smiling, really smiling for a job well done!



    • RJ says:

      I think Jarrett was born in Iran, don’t really know if parents were native…don’t think so…my mistake…to a point…but her sympathies lie where exactly? I’ll go with door number 3…she doesn’t care if Iran gets the bomb…Jews are evil, right? Muslims are good, right? Men are bad–always right, right? Obama-Mao just might be a metrosexual who can be really controlled by women…no–I’m dreaming here, right?


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