About The Specifics of “Phony Scandals”…

Remember the “Bathtub Principle”?   The same strategy applies to outward “messaging”.

obama-halo-getty-550x390Part of this Administration’s strategy has been continual use of cover to avoid sunlight.  In a larger sense it’s part of the liberal/progressive strategy to cover the moment when they begin to lose an argument.   But for this administration adjectives become action words.

So long as President Obama doubles, triples, and double-dog quadruples, his use of the words ‘phony scandals’ – all those who are dependent upon his success are forced to maintain the rigor of their defense.

Whether it be the Obama media complex or the outer circles of protectionism around the official office of the presidency, there is no more concrete way to reinforce their directives than to continue standing firm on a singular position.


His retention of this basic principle remains regardless of how ridiculous it appears to anyone not vested in his success.     If you are not vested you can see how ridiculous it looks.   However, if you have staked your reputation, your credibility or your alignment on President Obama, his message continuance forces you to continue the cover.

That is why *this president* continues to use words to reinforce the action of his ideological fellow travelers, and they are listening intently.

Those “phony scandal” words may seem dangerous even ridiculous to people who are not in-tune with the mindset of this presidency; because in pre-Obama terms one might look at them  “as if” the President could be embarrassed by the disconnect.

However, such embarrassment is only possible when you evaluate political risk -within messaging- from a historical pre-Obama mindset.    This is now 2014 – we must reset our cognition to recognize that ‘risk’ in Obama’s hope and change world is not subject to the same previous definitions.

The more President Obama doubles down, the less risk there is for anyone to stray off the range.   His reputation is what they are dependent upon, they will do nothing to expose it.

The Emperor is naked, but you will not find anyone within the emperor’s well fed, and well cared court to tell him.

And when his frolicking creates a position of his nakedness becoming so obvious, or if a well manicured court viewer begins to look doubtful, the emperor pauses, bends down, peers menacingly and directly into their eyes, and says:

…”it is a most glorious coat, isn’t it“?



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14 Responses to About The Specifics of “Phony Scandals”…

  1. carterzest says:

    It Most certainly is 😀 Went to the beach this weekend. I have friends ask me why I sport the NOT A LIBERAL sticker on the back of my Syncro Westfalia…well, our next door neighbors for 4 nights had a 2wd Vanagon Westfalia and it had a cute little mirror hanging which stated *I LOVE YOU BACK! -Barack Obama**

    I posted the pictorial essay on my FakeBook account and will tweet it later.

    It is amazing hearing prog/liberal’s justifications for the failures, coverups and lawless actions of this administration. I feel like I am getting through to some. Its hard to argue with stupid!

    Well stated. Excellent!


    • Sarah says:

      I have been wondering if this is blatant stupid on purpose. No one is this stupid. Add it to Hilary broke story….could it be a set up? I just dont get it, how can this be happening, how can America be so stupid. Hard to talk to some about it. Including my own family, they are brainwashed still…..many friends are seeing the light.


  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    “That is why this president continues to use words to reinforce the action of his ideological fellow travelers, and they are listening intently.”

    Obama is using repetition, along with other Neuro-Lingustic Programming techniques to persuade the weak minded members of his constituency, His cadence when speaking, his emphasis on certain “buzz words” and his manufactured -but initially likable- persona make him the perfect snake oil salesman. He is Svengali, and America’s unwashed masses are his collective “Trilby”.


    • partyzantski says:

      I have found that those skilled in this can really throw a shoe into the works, particularly if people either have no idea about it, OR if they have a superficial understanding of it, they can be led far astray.
      I am not sure if it is a real thing, or the mass hysteria of the thing that produces the results. Either way, it is worth understanding.
      As Americans are continually dumbed down through the relentless application of so-called “public education”, there will be less and less need for any subtleties. The subject masses either won’t care or won’t understand.
      It is all our jobs to forestall that potentiality.


  3. justfactsplz says:

    His use of the terms “phony scandals” and “not on the level” has me seeing red and spitting nails. He is the phony and he is never on the level. The low fo people will eat this up. It is sickening.


  4. Sentient says:

    97% of computer geeks agree that IRS e-mails do not irretrievably vanish. 97%! The science is settled.


  5. Dixie Darling says:

    Zero has spent a lot of time whining….whining…..whining today.


  6. bleuwater says:

    Thank you for your refreshing perspective! While I was reading, I wanted to say the “Emperor Has No Clothes” — but you got there first!


  7. joshua says:

    Phoney President.


  8. GracieD says:

    I prefer to call him the “Coullion in Chief”.


    • twolaine says:

      ❤ I just call him "The Oh?"
      Since he knows nothing, and supposedly learns everything from the news…
      And it must be Fox, because no one else reports anything…


  9. Yes…the phoniness is located in Washington, from the WH to Congress and regardless of the recent stunners from SCOTUS the Judiciary. But you know what? In spite of some setbacks due to obvious voter fraud (which is common since 2007 at minimum) I am for the first time since Lott let Willy go, feeling somewhat hopeful. I am sure most here “observe” other sites on the “interwebs” and have seen the same thing I have. We The People are stirring from our sleep…even CNN and other MSM’s are of late making statements “unwater carrying like” and LAUGHING about this administration, Congress and the expected “Queen Killary’s” assumption to the “throne”. Still, so far left to go to save our precious Republic, but this is the closest we’ve been to having “THEM” on the ropes that we’ve seen in 20+ years……..WOLVERINES!!!….. And again, God Bless Mary from Marin for her “Daniel in the lion’s den” faith and patriotism. I don’t know if she is from Nancy Botoxies district or not, but I DO know she is in enemy territory. I have family from that area and the rest of the state, and am ashamed to say they are from the other “camp”. Prayers and God’s Blessing to you Mary….you GO girl !!!!


  10. twolaine says:

    Like this other imposter, who bled his people dry, and left his city in shambles. But where is The Oh? on what is going on here? He won’t talk about that, or visit them. “OBL is dead, AK is on the run, and GM is alive.”



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