The Actual Cost of Cultural Marxism – How The Community of Myrtle Beach Is Hostage To The Politically Correct and Fear of NAACP

By now you have probably seen the outline and research we have assembled around the Myrtle Beach Massacre and Black Bike Week.

The reason we have continued to follow the story as it unfolds is because the event and consequences show a great example of how paralyzed a community can become when it allows fear to drive political correctness.

In addition, how the local government is responding is a case study in cultural fear and fear of the racist labeling.  In this specific case Myrtle Beach is also afraid of the NAACP because they have a previous history of being sued by them.

The local city government is willing to pay vast sums of taxpayer money just to avoid confronting the root of the weekend violence.   The violence is ironically created by, and enhanced by, their own avoidance policies.    Subsequently the entire community is subjected to violence because they are caught in a catch-22 of political correctness.

To that end during a North Myrtle Beach City Council Meeting held 5/27/14 the local city council came prepared to fight the reality of the citizens angst with a litany of PC statistics to support their position.

The city council quickly coordinated their defense within hours of the Memorial Day holiday ending.   Literally within hours.   At 2pm the day after Memorial Day the local government was ready to defend themselves with charts and statistics, as if they already knew what to expect and were preparing in advance for the ire of the victims.  Hmmmm?

The city council delivered their statistics to a packed house.    The audience was full of people who had just been subjected to a 3-day weekend of sheer terror resulting in ten people being shot, and three people killed.  The testimony lasted over two hours.

BBW Myrtle Beach

However, the city officials were unsympathetic and had a full presentation ready showing a comparative analysis between “Black Bike Week” vs. the earlier in month “Harley Week“.

According to Myrtle Beach city officials during Black Bike Week, held over Memorial Day Weekend, there were 105 arrests, 44 traffic accidents, 18 motorcycle accidents and 1,437 calls for service.

During Black Bike Week: 2014

BBW Stats 1

During Harley Week2014

BBW Stats 2

During the Black Bike Week last year there were 70 arrests, 16 traffic accidents, 11 motorcycle accidents and 1,436 calls for service.

Calls for Service Comparison:   Harley Week vs. Black Bike Week – 2013 [<-?]

BBW Stats 3

In preparation for the crowd, during Black Bike Week, North Myrtle Beach had about 110 state troopers and police officers from other South Carolina jurisdictions assisting the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department in managing the traffic and crowd, according to the released information.

In addition the city contracted the use of one helicopter working primarily at night to help identify hot spots.

Additionally public safety personnel worked 12 hour shifts, with about 50 officers working from 6:00 am-6:00 pm.  (4 hours overtime per shift x 3 days x 50 officers = 600 OT hours)  Their numbers were increased beginning at 4:00 pm, resulting in about 90 officers working through each night.  (source)

The obvious citizen question would have been“if you anticipated a need for that much additional law enforcement, then obviously you knew things were not going to be safe.  With that in mind, why in the heck would you allow the event to go on in the first place”?

Now if you look at what the council is sharing, and if you conservatively anticipate $20/hr for police and a 1.5 time overtime rate at $30/hr.   The “additional” hours on local police cost the city $18,000 in weekend overtime pay alone.

The additional payroll for the 110 borrowed law enforcement is tougher to estimate, but a conservative guess would look like:   110 x 3 days x 12 hours = 3,300 hours.    3,300 hours x $25.00/hr = $82,500 labor

Total approximated additional law enforcement labor cost would be around $100,500.00   ($82,500 + $18,000) for the weekend.

You would need to add general expenses, gas, tolls, housing, meal allowance, mileage, etc to the borrowed LEO labor cost to figure out the total LEO labor cost.   Again, an educated guess around $50k  (@110 borrowed officers) for the weekend.

Rent helicopter and pilot @$1000.00/ hr:  3 nights x 10 hrs = $30,000 for the weekend.

Municipal workers, traffic equip., trash removal, maintenance and cleanup $150,000

Rough total of all above approx.: $330,500  [<-Extremely conservative estimations]

Generally city municipalities make .05¢ on every economic dollar spent.   (3% local share of taxation plus 2% anticipated income tax revenue from patron dollars spent)  According to the city managers office it’s a municipal and industry standard figure for projections.

This means the “break even point” for revenue income / expenditures would need to be around $7,000,000 (seven million) in *positive economic impact over the three day weekend.

*Positive economic impact means over and above the normal economic activity which would be taking place without the event.

As we have continued to share, it’s an interesting case study in politically correct anxiety to follow.

And if you want to follow the sociology, and watch how it plays out, here are some links to reference and follow along:

The Sponsor site and promotional page of Black Bike Week – HERE

The Sponsor Facebook page of Black Bike Week – HERE

The PC correctly titled opposition Facebook page “End Bike Fest” – HERE

The PC Local Media reporting HERE and HERE and HERE and Here, and HERE

More Local Media reporting HERE and HERE

A local website that tracks “The Thug Life” activity outlines some of the issues – HERE – And presents the history of the events and the “characters”, some with astounding criminal backgrounds, as they are revealed.


The NAACP Vows To Enforce Black Bike Week Rights:

naacpbikeweekjustice(VIA NAACP) The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will again keep a close watch on the City of Myrtle Beach (S.C.) and local businesses this holiday weekend as annual Black Bike Week festivities get underway.

For the fourth consecutive year the NAACP will conduct Operation Bike Week Justice to monitor activities in the resort town during Black Bike Week, the annual Memorial Day weekend gathering of African American motorcycle enthusiasts. Throughout the weekend, NAACP teams will be monitoring police activity and treatment of African American visitors, observing the practices of local businesses and watching traffic patterns.

In recent years, the NAACP and African Americans have filed and settled federal lawsuits against the City of Myrtle Beach and areas businesses for unequal treatment of Black Bike Week visitors compared to those who attend Harley Week, traditionally held one week earlier and a predominately white event.

Any form of racial discrimination against Black Bike Week visitors will not be tolerated,” said NAACP Field Operations Chief Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, and a native South Carolinian. “Closing businesses or refusing to provide equal services to Black Bike Week visitors that are provided to visitors at other times of the year, not only makes no economic sense, it is against the law.”

Again this year, a complaint hotline will be activated for individuals to report closed restaurants, police misconduct or other unfair treatment. Black Bike Week attendees can report incidents by calling or by visiting Sandy Grove Baptist Church located at 1008 Carver Street [in Myrtle Beach] to file a complaint in person. Calls in previous years listed complaints against businesses for increased prices and noted police misconduct, frivolous charges and large fines for minor offenses.

Some progress has been made the last two years. Two more undisclosed settlements with offending businesses were reached recently. However, the NAACP remains concerned about the disproportionate number of arrests and the quality of police training in response to such large gatherings. Additionally, several establishments remain closed and continue to engage in discriminatory practices despite being aware of the lawsuits and Operation Bike Week Justice.

Moreover, last October the NAACP, the Conway, S.C. Branch of the NAACP and a Maryland resident were compelled to file a class action lawsuit against Friendly’s Ice Cream Corporation, its local franchisee, Myrtle Beach Friends Boulevard LLC, and the franchisee owners for discriminating against African Americans by closing the inside of their Ocean Boulevard location during every Black Bike Week from 2000 through 2005 and only offering inferior services outside the restaurant.

“This degrading second class treatment harkens back to an era when restaurant lunch counters were reserved for whites only,” said NAACP Interim General Counsel Angela Ciccolo. “African Americans were forced to eat substandard food, not regular Friendly’s fare, outside the restaurant which was in plain sight and in proper working order. Such practices send a clear message to African Americans that they are separate and unequal.”

In 2006, the NAACP successfully concluded every federal discrimination lawsuit filed in Myrtle Beach that arose from complaints by African American tourists who attended Black Bike Week festivities between 1999 and 2003. The lawsuits referenced unequal treatment of black motorcyclists by the city, four restaurants and a hotel.

Negotiated settlements were reached with the City of Myrtle Beach, Damon’s Oceanfront and Barefoot Landing, Greg Norman’s Australian Grill, the Yachtsman Resort Hotel and J. Edward’s Great Ribs and More.

“The NAACP remains vigilant in order to ensure that all tourists are treated equally,” said Myrtle Beach NAACP Branch President Mickey James. “We will continue to pursue litigation to right these wrongs.” (read more)

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57 Responses to The Actual Cost of Cultural Marxism – How The Community of Myrtle Beach Is Hostage To The Politically Correct and Fear of NAACP

  1. ZurichMike says:

    So who elects these clowns to the city council?


  2. benzy says:

    I would LOVE to ask the NAACP just how a business can “continue to engage in discriminatory practices” when they are CLOSED!!! It is physically impossible for them to treat one person or group differently from another when they are not open for business and not interacting with the public. What a complete and total CROCK!


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I don’t think the mayor has the balls to do anything about this. How many officers do they need to control things? I would say, it needs to be 1 officer for every 2 people.


      • partyzantski says:

        Don’t give the thugs too much credit. They do not stand 10 feet tall and stomp the earth. Understanding a threat should be key. Overinflating a threat frightens the voters. we must get past fright and to understanding, so that more people will know where and what to do about this. Fright can paralyze people.


    • dws says:

      Ugh. I feel sorry for those people. Hostages in their own homes during that weekend every year due to that “young” mentality that bikers bring down with them.


    • Josh says:

      One guy blamed it on the “young mentality”. It is NOT the “young mentality”! We have many people, the same age as these thugs, that are serving our country right now. No, it is NOT the “young mentality”!


      • Amelia Darwall says:

        “Youthgs”, “Young mentality” all code-words for black thugs and the ‘hos’ who love them.

        It seems blacks have only become more emboldened to sink to the lowest common denominator since having a ‘first black president’ rather than rising above the worst of their lot. It’s a pity they are making every stereotype about them more and more the truth every day rather than fighting to beat that rap and become a pride to a nation who has bent over backwards to help them. :\


  3. ctdar says:

    Should be renamed Shakedown Beach.


  4. Daniel says:

    The obvious question is obvious as is the answer. The trick is to get them to STATE the obvious. “Are you basing this expensive action on the history of this event? Isn’t that prejudiced and racially insensitive? Are you expecting them to act in a way which requires law enforcement presence of this scale because their are black? Isn’t it better to be surprised, shocked and traumatized each and every time this happens?”


  5. drdoct says:

    We went there once for a family vacation. (Myrtle Beach, not BBW). All I can say is never again. It’s not exactly a ‘safe’ place when there isn’t a big event drawing them in. We used to have Freaknik in Atlanta but even Atlanta got tired of all the rapes and violence that comes with those types of events.


  6. TC says:

    This whole thing reminds me of Va Beach in 1988-1989 when the thugs converged upon the area under the guise of “Greekfest.” After much damage and violence in ’88, the town decided to not allow the event in ’89, which resulted in even more deaths, mayhem and ultimately a curfew and National Guard-enforced martial law when the thugs descended in even greater numbers in ’89. Many smart business owners closed their shops in advance as if they were preparing for a hurricane strike. The BGI of course accused structural racism and vowed to “own” the town, and for many years after the beach was not the same – definitely not the kind of place you’d take your family for a peaceful vacation in the sun. I suspect that the cost to the tourism industry there was in the $billions. What a shame. Anyway, that probably explains why Myrtle Beach is treading lightly, because they are facing a lose-lose-lose situation.


    • partyzantski says:

      When faced with a lose/lose/lose situation, it is best to go out with honor and leave ruins. It will make the inheriting BGI then king of what, a pile of debris? Let them parade around the ruins.

      The Jews at Masada knew the deal and are immortalized in history, instead of unnamed slaves in the dust.

      That is the nature of what civilization faces when the locust horde that is the BGI comes to town (see below).


      • Josh says:

        I like your post, partyzantski.


        • partyzantski says:

          You are welcome. They can’t stop the signal.
          Remember that they rebuilt Dresden, they rebuilt Moscow. Detroit is a wholly different matter. Detroit is a human Chernobyl. The Myrtle Beach Event was merely the fallout pattern of that. It poisons the ground and the public discourse. It remains to be seen what the half life is. It remains to be calculated what the LD 50 is.


      • aliashubbatch says:

        That is one of the few books I enjoy reading from time to time.


  7. LittleLaughter says:

    We’ve been vacationing in North Myrtle every year for the last 25. We stay close to Barefoot Landing, the area where several of the businesses were sued by NAACP. We always have a safe and enjoyable time. We never go to S Myrtle, where Ocean blvd is located and never go during black biker week. My in laws live near Myrtle and once while visiting them many years ago, we happened to drive to that area and it was nerve racking. They would be in large groups on hwy 17 that runs through the main areas to Broadway on the Beach, the aquarium, restaurants, and shopping. They’d totally surround the car, scream at each other, rev the engines on the bikes, and get right on the bumper. They’d do this every time we had to stop at a light, which was every few feet. We will never go back during black biker week.
    Contrast that to the Harley week and it is night and day. The Harley riders never act like this and would even let my son sit on their bikes at restaurants, taking pictures!
    Thugs become even more brazen when in packs.


    • rovatek says:

      Odd how this is portrayed as a mass shooting when most of the victims were stabbed. And it was supposedly an attack on blond women yet most of the victims are Asian males.


      • Moishe Pipik says:

        I’m shocked, shocked, how all the attention was on the women who were killed. Liberals, instead of valuing everyone equally as Conservatives do, value people INVERSELY proportional to how much they’ll contribute to society. So a white women’s studies and an english lit major who were out partying at a sorority house are worth more than the three Asian Engineering and Computer Science majors who were stabbed to death while they were studying at home.


        • rovatek says:

          Yep, it’s shameful that the media is more interested in their anti-gun “war on women ” agenda than they are the lives of these fine young men.


  8. partyzantski says:

    The answers are stark:
    The city management of Myrtle Beach should be recalled, for the safety of life and limb of the population.
    That the population is terrified makes the creators of the events terrorists.
    That the city leadership is siding with the terrorists makes them enablers and promoters of terrorism.
    How many more big commercial events like this can the City leaders afford to have before they are totally bankrupt?


    • ytz4mee says:

      The beach tourism industry subsidizes a lot of the lifestyle of those who live in and around Myrtle Beach. If tourism goes down precipitiously because of their inability to stand up to thuggery, then the costs of living in Myrtle Beach for the natives will go up exponentially – and I’m not just talking about taxes.

      The cognitive dissonance of the far Left never ceases to amaze me. Here we have a situation when an established organization, the NAACP, is rising to the defense of not just boorish and low brow behavior, but outright thuggery, intimidation, robbery, and property destruction. The blacks who are participating in this “fest” represent just a very small fraction of black America; and their behavior is not typical of the majority of black Americans that have achieved middle class success. The behavior of the small subset that comes to places like Myrtle Beach and Ft Lauderdale reinforces the sterotypes that organizations like the NAACP were founded to debunk. Instead, they are working overtime to uphold the rights of those who chose the “thug” lifestyle.

      There were problems along the timeframe of the turnover of Hong Kong back to Chinese control. Many wealthy HK Chinese purchased visas to live in Canada as a safety net. They left their overindulged teenage children in the care of elderly grandparents in Toronto and Vancouver, while the parents returned to HK to continue to run their businesses. Predictably, these unsupervised, pampered and wealthy teens began getting in to all kinds of trouble – joining Asian gangs, street racing of motorcycles and souped up cars, which led to many deaths and injury.

      The Asian community at large did not rise up to defend the actions of these few that were creating destruction and mayhem – instead, they petitioned the police to do more. Very stringent anti-speeding/racing/loitering laws were the result to crack down on the nascent problem. No Asian spokes organization sued the governments for discrimination, instead they threatened to sue unless the situation was brought under control.

      Where are the moderate, law-abiding blacks in all of this? How come they are not speaking up to state, loudly, that the NAACP does not speak for them on this issue? Their silence must mean they think this behavior is not only acceptable but should be coddled and promoted – and that when non-blacks think of black youths going to the beach, the graphic images from hiphop channels should be front and center in their minds?

      It is no different from reasonable Westerners demanding that moderate muslims speak up and condemn radical islam and its imams with their poisonous fatwas in the wake of 9-11, the London bombings, etc.

      Where is moderate black America on this? Does the NAACP speak for them?


      • partyzantski says:

        There is no way to know for sure if the behavior is or is not mainstream in the so-called “black” community. I suspect the marketing departments of a number of Corporations have a better insight into this.

        There are a few possible answers as to your question “where are the moderate blacks”:
        1- They are too afraid to come forward, due to the pervasive “no snitchin” culture, which would make them prime victims of terrorism.
        2- They largely agree with the shenanigans and let the street level players get their hands dirty for “the cause”.
        3- They are disengaged and don’t care, and see no downside to silence.

        If #1, then that has an imperative built into it for the security state… enemy identified.
        If #2, then there is a much bigger problem.
        If #3, then there is no difference between them and the people who stood by as people were herded onto cattlecars, just not at the same magnitude.

        There is probably room to argue for elements of each, but the overt sanction from POTUS and the AG supports all 3 possibilities.

        There are either NO black moderates (the evidence remains to be discovered), some black moderates ( the ones out there are peeing into the whirlwind, I believe), or all blacks are moderate, except for these aberrations.


      • Dixie Darling says:

        Taking into consideration what only one commenter said yesterday, the moderate blacks are afraid of the violent blacks….much like we dare not speak up against the pc police.


  9. ytz4mee says:

    “Orange Crush” a social media organized invasion of Tybee Beach near Savannah also results in violence, mayhem, destruction of property, robberies of stores and restaurants….. here is the typical Liberal response:

    The writer ignores all the violence that is concurrent with these “invasions” and speaks only of the complaints regarding the trash left on the beach (which is gross, and reminds me of the Mall after the elevation of teh Won).


  10. Josh says:

    Re: the video posted by Moishe Pipik yesterday
    No animal on G-d’s green planet act as these people do. It is sub-human. It is not at all human.


  11. Josh says:

    “Myrtle Beach’s economy is dominated by the tourist industry, with tourism bringing in millions of dollars each year.” – say goodbye to this!

    “Myrtle Beach is one of the major centers of tourism in the United States because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches, attracting an estimated 14 million visitors each spring/summer/fall.[3] As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 27,109, with the Myrtle Beach-North Myrtle Beach-Conway combined statistical area population of 329,449.[4]”

    Motorcycle rallies
    “Myrtle Beach Bike Week, also called “Harley Bike Week” is a week-long motorcycle rally that started in 1940 and attracted as many as 200,000 visitors to the city every May. Black Bike Week, founded in 1980, takes place the weekend around Memorial Day Weekend and is the largest African American motorcycle rally in the US and attracts as many as 400,000 visitors. The event was created in response to a history of discrimination against African-American visitors and riders to Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand Area.[12]”

    “The Myrtle Beach government created 15 new laws aimed at preventing all sanctioned motorcycle events within the city in response to controversy including accusations of racism by African-American riders during their event and complaints of lawlessness and poor behavior during all highly attended events. Several lawsuits by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) against Myrtle Beach businesses were settled with agreements that discrimination cease, compensation be given to some plaintiffs, and employees be given diversity training.[13] The NAACP suit against the City of Myrtle Beach was settled in 2006 without the city paying damages, but with the agreement police would use the same traffic control rules during both the black and the white motorcycle rallies.[14]”,_South_Carolina


    • auscitizenmom says:

      May I point out this sentence. It may be part of the problem. “The event was created in response to a history of discrimination against African-American visitors and riders to Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand Area.”


      • Josh says:

        Yes you may 🙂 and yes, it probably is.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          I don’t know if any of the yutes that were there actually knew about this, but if they did, they would feel they had every right to “get back at white people there.”


      • ytz4mee says:

        I think the event was planned as a deliberate poke in the eye of people they perceive as “rich and privileged” – much the same way that Tynbee is singled out for the fourth tier HBCU fraternities to show up and destroy the place.


    • partyzantski says:

      with 400k people at this event in such a small city, where do they get water & where do they go to relieve themselves? It must be a challenge to the infrastructure.


  12. ytz4mee says:

    Speaking of Prog cognitive dissonance in all of this, where is the EPA? Shouldn’t they be demanding fines/arrests etc of those who are trashing the beach and the coastal waterways in these “fests”? They usually have so much to say about what can or can’t be done on any waterway. Mein Obama and his henchmen are letting us down. Dispate Impact on environmental complaints!!


  13. nivico says:

    “Literally within hours. … the local government was ready to defend themselves with charts and statistics, as if they already knew what to expect and were preparing in advance for the ire of the victims. Hmmmm?”

    Yep, the city/county is keeping these statistics close at hand and at the ready to defend against the inevitable claims of racism and attempted lawsuits.

    There are shades of MDSPD policy here, too, in that the police have stated that they are only responding to the most egregious incidents… so the statistics are a fairly meaningless gauge except to show to the NAACP’s Operation Bike Week Justice as proof that there was no disproportionate number of arrests or disproportionate enforcement during BBW compared to Harley Week.

    The local government is catching a lot of grief and blame for failing to control the problem, but in all fairness, they have tried utilizing helmet laws, anti-cruising laws, noise ordinances, and the like in the past only to get sued and have the South Carolina Supreme Court overturn the ordinances anyway. Hotels have also tried requiring pre-paying for rooms and requiring guests to provide id at sign in only to get sued as well. Other businesses have closed in an attempt to avoid the chaos altogether… sued.


  14. Amelia Darwall says:

    I wonder if blacks in majority blacks cities/neighbor hoods think its ‘racist’ for local store owners to have items walled in behind bullet-proof glass with a revolving little door for exchange of money/goods to protect not only from theft but from the store employees getting shot or killed?

    What will it end up coming to? Will store owners in relatively peaceful areas of the country but where blacks decide to descend upon them once or twice a year have to just wall up whole blocks with plexiglass and revolving windows for purchases and then retract them once the black plague is gone?


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