White Driver Stops After Accidentally Hitting Black Kid, Mob of Black Men Beat Him Nearly To Death, Steal His Wallet… His Daughter Speaks

Almost all of the media avoid the race of both the driver and the thugs who attacked him. Here’s a brief segment from the only one we could found who did not censor race.

Detroit 3DETROIT, MI – A motorist stopped to check on an 11-year-old boy after he struck him with his vehicle at a gas station in Detroit and was severely beaten by a crowd of bystanders late Wednesday afternoon.

The child ran into the road in front of the vehicle and was struck,” a representative if the Detroit Police Department Public Information Office said. “The driver stopped, got out to aid the child and he was severely beaten by 10-12 black males.”

Detroit police say both the motorist and child were in critical condition Wednesday evening. (read more)

Detroit 2

The Driver’s daughter speaks out – (WXYZ) – The daughters of the driver who accidentally struck a boy on Morang Road in Detroit, are speaking to 7 Action News about the brutal attack on their father.

The Clinton Township man hit the boy Wednesday afternoon after the 11-year-old stepped out in front of his truck. After the accident, a crowd of people attacked the driver as he attempted to stop and help the boy. Not only was 54-year-old Steve Utash beaten, but he was robbed.

“He hasn’t woken up since the attack,” his daughters said over the phone Thursday night.

One of the daughters, Felicia, first contacted 7 Action News on Facebook to comment on the incident and talk about her father.

“All I’d like to say is what happened to my dad is a shame, he was doing the right thing like he always does,” she said. “He’s the guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He’s a tree trimmer for a living and makes sure all the squirrels were out of a tree before he cut it down. He’s an amazing dad and person.”

“He’s the best dad in the world,” the daughters said over the phone. “He’s there for you when you need him. He’ll give you his last dollar. It’s just sad because he’s such an amazing father to us.”

The daughters say their father was just trying to stop and help the boy, when he was suddenly attacked by a group of people.

“His wallet was taken. Everything he owned was in that bag that they took out of his truck. He doesn’t have health insurance. It’s terrible. I don’t want my dad to have to come out of the hospital after something this tragic and have a giant bill hanging over his head for the rest of his life because he tried to stop and help a kid that he accidentally hurt.”

They say family members are in the process of setting up a fund that will help with the hospital bills and hope people will help their dad.

“It would mean the world to us, because he’s such a giving person. You know, he’s the person that would give you his shirt off his back. For him to have to have these bills hanging over his head forever, it’s not fair… for anybody.”

The daughters say they don’t understand what the motive was for the attack.

“It’s not fair. It doesn’t make any sense, because it’s not like he hit the kid on purpose and they were trying to get revenge… he literally just tried to stop and help the kid and people came out of nowhere and tried to kill him.” (continue reading)

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94 Responses to White Driver Stops After Accidentally Hitting Black Kid, Mob of Black Men Beat Him Nearly To Death, Steal His Wallet… His Daughter Speaks

  1. sundance says:

    Lest anyone would stand surprised by this event, allow me to remind you of a VERY similar situation which occurred 5 years ago in Milwaukee Wisconsin:


  2. CurlyDave says:

    Advice for all:

    1. Never stop in a neighborhood which is racially different that you are. Drive to safety, stop and call police. If there is no injury, only property damage, do not call police at all. Write a letter instead. If you call, they always record their calls, and what you said will come back to bite you in the rear end. If you write a letter, you have a copy of exactly what you said which is a perfect script for you and your attorney to answer more questions without contradicting yourself.

    2. I have only stopped for gas in a racially mixed neighborhood once in my entire life. The experience taught me to plan better and only fill the car in a safe neighborhood.


  3. benzy says:

    The Milwaukee story is doubly troubling since the mob not only attacked the driver of the car that hit the little girl, but they also turned their anger and venom on the very people who were there to HELP her. Nothing more than blind rage… focused on anyone who is available as a target. That is NOT how people behave in a civilized society.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Urban jungles filled with animals.

      There, I said. it.


    • west1890 says:

      Key words..”civilized society”…. I suspect that because, thanks to Lydon Johnson, we have treated certain segments of society like our pets..feed, clothe and house them at our expense, clean up after them when they make a mess, ensure they get medical care when needed, excuse their bursts of anti-social behavior..we are now paying the price.


      • ytz4mee says:

        No, they have broken their side of the unspoken but socially understood contract.

        A very wise mentor of mine I reported to on several political campaigns many years ago when I was young and naive explained to me the “real” social contract: Welfare and all the other similar payouts that flow from that is literally the payoff for peace. We’ll get you an allowance to stay home and behave. Smoke dope and play COD all day for all we care, but understand that if you accept our payments, your “right” to break into homes, or commit armed robberies at stores and gas stations, or rape and terrorize evapourates because you have no “need” to commit these crimes to “provide” for your family.

        It is similar to the scene in Boardwalk Empire, where the criminals round up all the citizens living in a small town that is the nexus for the liquor trade. He explains to them they are going to be paid cash for their silence and that they are to go quietly about their daily lives as if nothing untoward is happening under their noses. What is not spoken but is implied through the rough involuntary roundup and armed guards posted at the exits of this “community meeting” is that those who choose to not submit to the arrangement and/or decide to snitch will be dealt with in the “Alternative Justice” system. The scenes ends with the citizens cowed and shuffling through the payoff line as the “Treasurer” is counting out hundred dollar bills into their outstretched hands.

        The welfare scheme for the black community is the same approach and attitude. The difference is, they’re still collecting their “peace payments” but have gone back to piracy. Why sit at home and play COD when you can live it in real time?


    • Chitownmom says:

      I think this really speaks to the unspoken (at least unspoken to the white media) white hatred that has been instilled in the financially poor black communities. They really believe that their problems are caused by all whites. They don’t see how it is the policies and actions of liberals that keep them in poverty, deny them good schools, pacify them with low cost handouts all for votes.


      • ytz4mee says:

        Absolutely. I am always amazed at how the immediate default is somehow a “white person” has robbed them of some entitlement/right.

        We had a raucous multi-family Section 8 hoard move into a house very close to ours several years ago. It was social hell, but that’s for another post. One of the denizens of this household towed an expired tag vehicle to the parking lot of the kiddie park for the community. At night, he used this inoperable vehicle as a four wheel hotel of sorts – running hookers in the back seat and conducting drug deals in the front. Literally. The local kiddies would show up at the park in the morning and find used condoms, needles, empty dime bags, etc. It was gross. And this is an upper middle class income area.

        The local libtards would jabber about the terror at the school bus stop but not a single one of them would deal with the issue because it was scary black people and they would be called “racist”. So they let this completely unacceptable situation proceed apace.

        We had been away from our house for several months as this situation unfolded due deployment orders of my DH. When I got back home and saw/heard what was going on, I was having NONE OF IT.

        I called our local PD and county Park Ranger and had the vehicle ticketed repeatedly. Both the county PD and PR would knock on the door of the house from hell but no one would answer, even though everyone KNEW they were all home. (In retrospect, I now realize prob more than one of them had outstanding warrants).

        So, the day arrived when the vehicle had accumulated enough tickets and the PD showed up with their tow truck. I was standing there with the officer and the ranger filing yet another complaint. The very SECOND the tow truck put the hook on the car and began to rise it to tow, the front door of the house from hell opened and this screaming banshee that looked like a character cast in a SNL skit came running down the driveway to the park. When she got about 20 feet away from us, she pointed her finger at me in the classic “J’Accuse!” pose and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs,

        “Just because you white don’t mean you better than me!”

        Fortunately, on this specific occasion, the Gods of Perfect Randomness had smiled on me because one of the very few black officers in our county PD was the one who had been dispatched to the call out. We were all stunned and looked at her, jaws agape. It was the black county PD officer who recovered first and stared right back at her and firmly stated, “Ma’am, race has nothing to do with this”.

        But, yeah, it was my first real exposure to how my “whiteness” is an excuse for all kinds of bad behavior and deflection on their part.


  4. John Galt says:

    Bankrupt, 90% Black, horrible public schools, and an extremely high violent crime rate. Why is a white guy with young daughters living in Detroit?


  5. ytz4mee says:

    This is so, so sad. The guy was trying to do the right thing. How many of us, as motorists, have worried about the exact same scenario – hitting a small child who has darted out into traffic – happening to us?

    The social fabric will continue to be rendered as this type of response from certain social groups continues and escalates.

    Does anyone know if someone close to the family has started any type of Kickstart / CrowdRise type fundraiser to help this family out with medical bills, etc?


    • kkdgrace says:

      The story I linked to on WeasalZippers mentioned that some type of fund had been set up- “if he makes it”. Apparently, according to my last reading, he is in critical condition and in a coma…and it doesn’t look good at this time.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I had it happen to me. I was driving down a residential street and a little kid came running out of his front yard. At first he was running parallel to my direction of travel. As soon as I saw him I started to slow down, but it was too late. He just looked at me and tried to cut in front of the car. I slammed on the brakes, cut a hard right, and the kid bounced off the side of my car and fell down in the center of the street. I wound up in a shallow ditch.

      I jumped out to see if the kid was OK, but he stood up and ran back home,screaming bloody murder. I was so afraid that he would hurt himself even more, so I followed him up to the house. His Mom came out as we both ran towards the house and I figured she was going to really lay into me but, instead, she grabbed him by the arm, gave him a quick once over, then spanked him on the butt and screamed “I’ve told you before to stop running in front of cars!” then made him go inside. He was lucky. If I hadn’t cut the wheel when I did, I would have hit him with the front bumper and rolled right over him. As it turned out all he got was some road rash and some bruises. I fell all over myself apologizing to the Mom, and she told me she had seen the whole thing through her kitchen window while she stood at her sink washing dishes. She told me it wasn’t my fault, and that he had done this sort of thing before. I guess it was a game to him,seeing if he could outrun the cars.

      While I waited for the cops to arrive, the neighbors started to come out. They didn’t approach me, but I could see them talking among themselves and shooting me dirty looks. I was “The Teenager” who lived two blocks away that they didn’t like because I dressed differently and wore my hair long, so they had PLENTY to say to the cop when he got there. I can’t say for sure who had actually seen anything, but those porches and yards were all empty on that hot midday afternoon, but to hear them tell it, they all had front row seats. They told the cop I was doing at least 60 in a 25 zone (I was speeding,but it was more like 30) and all sorts of things (probably rumors they had heard-I grew up in this neighborhood) and made me sound like the devil incarnate. The cop took my statement and then measured the skid marks. He told me he knew they were wrong about my speed, but (IIRC) gave me a ticket for careless driving because I had put the car in the ditch, which I thought was fair. He also told me I had done the right thing, by swerving to avoid the kid, and staying to see if he was OK.(I didn;t have a lot of choice-the car had to be pulled out of the ditch by a wrecker).

      As I look back on it now, and remember how quickly those neighbors had decided to exaggerate the situation, to make things look even worse than they already were, I have to wonder how it would have been under different circumstances? These were neighbors,people who had known me, or seen me growing up for most of my life. How would they act today, in this day and age, and if I had been a total stranger?


    • stella says:

      Here is the fundraising site for this guy. So far they have almost $12,000.


      The police have stated that he was NOT at fault – the kid stepped in front of his truck, and he could not have stopped in time.


  6. afghanvet18f says:

    Sub-human dregs. The law of the jungle applies, kill or be killed. Damn shame its come to this.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Prey or predator. There are no other choices in these situations.

      It is said that once domesticated animals that have gone feral can never ever be successfully re-domesticated. Sounds like the perfect summation of the sitrep of some of our urban cores.


  7. CoffeeBreak says:

    It’s a very sick mindset. This problem won’t go away- there’s too many people making money from creating dangerous levels of dissention while living very, very well. I don’t think it can be fixed without a coalition of black leaders dedicated to rolling back what the other black advocacy groups have been laying out. You can get educated blacks united to screw Whitey but try fresh new thought like telling the young people to pull up their pants and it gets really tense. People don’t want to end up on a list that diminishes your own future prospects and disrupts your home life. But, only blacks will be able to steer other blacks in the right direction. Blacks working individually can make a tiny difference (and that’s always a very good thing) however without an uncorrupted coalition, reaching lots of young black minds remains difficult. My prayers to this man and his loved ones.


    • ytz4mee says:

      I no longer care. At one time I did, but I refuse to expend any more energy on THEIR issues and THEIR dysfunction and the refusal of THEIR educated social class to step up to the plate and solve this issue (even though the “Talented Tenth/Boule” love to whine on their blogs how they’re tired of being painted with the same brush as the street pirates/ghetto behaving thugs).

      I am laser focused now on saving my own community, my own culture, my own heritage. That will involve demanding accountability for behavior and choices, uncoupled from any specific skin hue or place of cultural origin. I have begun demanding that same code of conduct for those who choose to live in a civilized, Western culture adhere to the social constructs of that culture. I don’t care if you’re black, light skinned asian muslim or a white libtard. There are certain ways people in the civilized West behave (public personal space, noise levels and use of language in the public sphere, etc).

      They can either get with the program or their enablers can pay the price.


  8. jeff B. says:

    Im wondering if this was a planned car jack/beating gone wrong….. Something tells me that boy that got hit by the car may have been part of a bigger plan by the feral black mob in waiting but the problem is the boy got hurt more than expected…


    • Chip Bennett says:

      I was going to posit the same theory:

      Not only was 54-year-old Steve Utash beaten, but he was robbed.

      I wouldn’t put it past feral mobs to use such a tactic. It’s not that far removed from the “damsel in distress” ambush.

      1) Have gullible kid intentionally walk in front of an oncoming car
      2) Wait for driver to stop to help the kid
      3) Jump the driver


      • scaretactics says:

        That child was not “small.” A 3 or 4 year old running in front of a truck is typical for a 3 or 4 year old.

        This child is 11 years old. 6th grade. Middle school. Any 11 year old should know better than to run in front of a moving truck.


  9. jeff B. says:

    Does anybody ever tweet Nasty Jackson and company about this stuff and ever get a response?


  10. jeff B. says:

    If whites did even a 1/4 of the stuff that Feral blacks do on a daily basis the News stories would be never ending….


  11. Lawyer says:

    Utter savages. The black elite’s refusal to condemn en masse this kind of brutal conduct tells me that the lines have been drawn and the writing is on the wall. It is as though war is being declared upon society in general and whites and other minorities in particular.

    It ratchets up each passing year.

    I dread the day when white folk finally say they’ve had enough.

    Prayers to the family and victim. We can all see what is going on in this country. It is the Left, regardless of race, against the rest of us. If anything positive comes of this, it will be that it is another brick in the wall of truth and eventually people will catch wind that finally action must be taken to stop the degradation into a feral hell.


  12. elvischupacabra says:

    The 11-year old was probably the “bait kid”.


  13. froggielegs says:

    According to this report, the father of the boy is suspected as being involved with the beating…


    “Reports stated the father of the boy hit by the car was involved in the beating. Police say the father is in custody but for unrelated charges.”

    Also in the video accompanying that article, the uncle says he was also there as was the boys mother. So much for the family not knowing who did it.

    Now, if you watch this video from USA today closely, you will see that the boy actually puts one foot behind him and rocks back and forth (as if he is standing on third base ready to steal home) and runs into the vehicle. The truck was already in front of both cars when the kid bolted out and ran into it.



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  15. taqiyyologist says:

    Ghetto kids: potential winning lottery tickets.


  16. czarowniczy says:

    Which begs the question: why the %$#*&^ would one remain in Detroit? We moved as our neighborhood, post-Katrina, became largely Section-8 and the thuggery, general violence, murders, random drunken shooting, burglary – by now you get the picture – skyrocketed. Yes we had money invested in our house but we had a lot more invested in our individual lives. Our neighbors, bothered by the drug-sales and pit bull emporium that opened up across the street from us would come by and ask ME to deal with it as I was a deputy and they didn’t want any blowback coming onto them if they reported it. Sidebar: one day in ’08 I saw a car full of thugettes getting ready to go out and called the district – within five minutes patrol cars hit them from all sides, proned the four juvies out on the wet grass (all four were between 14 and 17) and, when they tossed the car, found four sets of rubber gloves, tape, rope and three firearms. The items matched the MO of some invasions/robberies going on in the city but when they turned the kids over to the juvie folks they were let loose as they had no proof they’d driven the car there and the guns were in the trunk and not in the juvies personal possession – the kids claimed they didn’t know the guns were there. They let the kids all go. Sidebar to the sidebar: one of the punks was a neighbor’s son and they are pissed to this day for having their innocent son, who was ‘just walking by and stopped to talk to his friends’ manhandled by the police.
    Didn’t take as much convincing for me as it did the poor dud above to hat-up and hidey-ho outta town, now my house is going out rented to Section-8 folks. I may not get my full investment back but I’m more likely to live to spend what I do get.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      …when they tossed the car, found four sets of rubber gloves, tape, rope and three firearms.

      Sounds like kidnapping gear, like they were planning a Christian/Newsom horror.


      • czarowniczy says:

        There were some murders on the East Bank that fit the MO – most likely drug related which is probably part of why the people in charge of deciding to arrest/release the thugettes decided to let them loose.: let them continue to do the job. Just part of life in a Big Easy.


    • stella says:

      The guy doesn’t live in Detroit, but was on his way home from work. Where it took place is very close to the Grosse Pointe neighborhoods, which is probably where he was working. The Pointes are very nice, and employ lots of companies that do lawn and yard maintenance. My SIL did that when he was in college to earn money in the summer. My SIL’s family was living on the east side of Detroit at the time. Lots of cops in that area too – at least there were, when the city required that police live in the city.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Ahh..I stand corrected – however I still wonder why anyone would live in Detroit. On the NG-channel pieces where they feature Detroit neighborhoods I see the really beautiful old houses and think that it would be great to buy one and refurbish it and then catch myself. Sort of like buying one of the old 19th century houses off of S. Claiborne and Napoleon in NOLA – where can you get 3″-thick Kevlar paint? NOLA’s trying to get cops to live inside of the city – they’re smarter than that, fighting that like mad, might as well paint a six-foot bullseye on the front door. A decade or so back there was a plan to give police free apartments in the Projects – thinking was that their presence would deter crime. Still laughing about that one.


        • stella says:

          There still are some really beautiful neighborhoods in Detroit – Palmer Park/Palmer Woods and Indian Village, to name two of them. My SIL’s family lived in the city because they had six kids, and his mother stayed home while they were small. Later, she taught in a parochial grade school. You can get a lot of house for a small amount in the city. All of the kids went to parochial school, and their neighborhood was pretty good at that time.

          I live close to the city, but wouldn’t move there. For one thing, taxes are ridiculously high, and city services are really bad. Then, of course, there is the crime.


          • czarowniczy says:

            Sounds a lot like NOLA – some really nice (not to mention super expensive) neighborhoods but the ones with the really old and ‘power’ money have the best police coverage. You can be in million dollar mansions on one block and just down the street the roaches carry knives. Taxes in NOLA are increasing and services have and still do suck. The city tried to pass off the decades-overdue repairs to its water delivery system onto FEMA (i.e., YOU Federal taxpayers) as Katrina damages but the billion-plus dollar costs (that’s before a lot of the finds are stolen) was too much for the Feds to swallow. Now water bills are skyrocketing as the city loses some 50% of the water it make s daily to leaks. City screwed the fire department for decades on overtime and a Federal court has ordered it to pay many millions to them – that means a lesser standard of possibly/police/fire protection until the cash-strapped city can pull a few many millions out of some taxpayers’ orifices. Gated communities that resemble Middle Ages fortified cities are popular – especially in the surrounding parishes which are generally safer than the city. Too bad,. we really loved it but centuries of crooked pols, neglect of infrastructure and a huge welfare base are holding it back. City growth stats are showing a booming growth but they also include the surrounding parishes, otherwise numbers would be a bit different.


  17. auscitizenmom says:

    Animals. This is nothing new. I say this because I remember reading of several instances of drivers being beaten after hitting a black child back in the 70’s. I decided then I would just drive on to a police station and turn myself in rather than take a beating from animalistic thugs.


  18. taqiyyologist says:

    Just imagine: if the Chinese ever collect on our debt and do a full-on takeover of the United States?

    They will deal with the problem. The Russkies would deal with the problem. The Latinos would deal with the problem.

    We sure as hell won’t. So, hey, looking forward to an invasion, if just for that.


    • ytz4mee says:

      One of my children is a Mandarin chinese linguist and lived and worked in Beijing for a year. He was the only white Western person at his place of employment and in the Chinese hutong he lived in.

      He has many many stories about how overtly racist the Chinese are towards blacks and how they truly feel about them. The news stories about the Chinese take over of the natural resources in Africa is telling about their attitude towards blacks and Africans in particular.

      But educated Chinese who like to consider themselves knowledgable about the West and Westerners would castigate him about being a “racist” because he is an American, and lecture him how China and Chinese people are not “racist” (which is hilarious).

      The internal coverage of Mooch and entourage’s visit to China was much much different than what was portrayed in the Western press. On one level, the Chinese loved hosting them because it was an endless party pointing out how superior and better they and “their” First Lady are than Mooch and Company. They also wrote reams about how uncivilized Mooch’s Mama is.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      LOL and SMH


  19. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    The witness in the USA Today video, linked by Froggie above, shows the exact spot where the beating started. It was clearly in the driveway of the station and would have been clearly visible in the same camera angle that shows the truck striking the jaywalking boy.

    So why did they only release the footage of the truck hitting the boy, but not the footage of the driver being beaten? Once again, the cops ask for tips, but don’t provide the public with info that could help.


    • stella says:

      I just read that there is no video of the beating. Seems strange to me. Maybe the police are holding the video pending identification of suspects?


      • auscitizenmom says:

        Can I make a slight adjustment to your statement? “Maybe the police are holding the video to prevent the identification of suspects?” 👿


        • stella says:

          I don’t think that’s true. Detroit has no problem arresting people and putting them in jail. Maybe the gas station owner deleted video? Who knows.


          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            Why would there be no video of the beating if it occurred right in plain view of the same camera that that recorded the accident? Either the witness lied about where the beating started, the police lied about there being no video of it, or someone in the store erased the video for one reason or another.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        The good news is, this guy is moving and talking (a little). Maybe he will survive.

        As Steve Utash lies in a Detroit hospital bed, with his brain swollen and a gash in his head, he appears to remember the brutal beating that a neighborhood mob inflicted days earlier.

        “He wakes up and his arms start struggling and he says, ‘Help me! Help me!” said Terry Emerick, a family friend.



  20. jojodancer says:

    While spending my adult life riding a busy engine company and 911 ems ambulance, I can only say, the general public has no idea and its worse than u can possibly imagine.


  21. Murse says:

    Maybe they can apply to the “Trayvon” foundation for funds given that he attempted to assist one of theirs. The character of the average urban black is best described as sociopathic.


  22. texan59 says:

    Miss Wee, we have an answer to our chupacabra sighting from yesterday. 😉



  23. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    I see that the Milwaukee County District Attorney has declined prosecution of Jeremy Rosetto, the janitor who shot and killed two teens who were beating him with a baseball bat:

    The investigation found that Rossetto, 39, of Cudahy, went to the apartment building at 1410 N. 27th St. to change some fire extinguishers as part of his job. While at the apartment building, Rossetto became involved in a verbal confrontation with James Bell, 19; Anmarie Miller, 17; and Clarence Alls, 20, according to the district attorney’s statement.

    The district attorney’s office determined that at one point Bell grabbed Rossetto from behind and pulled him onto the stairs, while Alls punched the janitor at least once and Miller repeatedly hit Rossetto with a small, souvenir baseball bat. Rossetto drew his gun and shot Miller in the chest as she was hitting him. Seconds later, he shot Bell, who had him in a chokehold.

    The district attorney determined that Rossetto believed that his actions were “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself.”


    Angela Corey take note: Not all prosecutors feel compelled to buckle under to the like of Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Why did you?


    • taqiyyologist says:

      Hallelujah! I hope Holder and Obama don’t get involved. The vibrant community of Milwaukee is probably holding candlelight vigils for the deceased, and still demanding justice for these future astronauts.

      There are sane, courageous, non-sitzpinkler people SOMEWHERE in the legal system, at least. Certainly not in Florida.


  24. Richard Via says:

    As a Michigander not far out of Detroit, I’ll tell you this story is just terrible to hear. I’m a gas station clerk at a local gas station, luckily I’m near the police station and in a safe neighborhood. I try to avoid going to Detroit whenever I can. The city is in shambles, and not much is being done to prevent things like this from happening. Luckily Detroit has a new mayor now, Duggan, who looks like he’ll be better than previous mayors, *cough* *cough* Kilpatrick. I live in Sterling Heights, which is the 2nd safest city in Michigan and 12th in the country based on a 2011 FBI crime statistics report. We have had a murder near us this year in Clinton Township, it was a party store clerk that was killed mercilessly by 3 masked men. It’s shocking what goes on the further you go down. Like they say anything pasted 8 mile is dangerous, and boy are they not kidding. I hope we see improvements over the next 10 years. More and more people are leaving Detroit and the crime is being more diluted. As criminals leave Detroit they are having to deal with cities that actually give a damn and crack down on crime. I wish the government would be stricter on welfare and benefit programs, like mandatory drug test. People who abuse the system are ruining it for people who actually need it. We don’t need to cut back how much we give people but how people are eligible to get it. I also work at a gas station that is closer to Detroit and it deals with some scumbags every now and then. We accept EBT, so people come in and use it. They have nice cars and pockets full of money, somehow they are receiving benefits. These people don’t work, they sell drugs and collect welfare and unemployment insurance. They keep rallying for extensions and extras. This is only one of many problems that are reinforcing this type of behavior. Education is despicable, money is being wasted and education is being put on the backburner. Kids are dropping out at younger and younger ages because they think no good is coming to them in the future and that college is out of their reach so they stick to this idea of the streets as a means to live. Doing the math there’s almost one homicide each day of the year in Detroit. Crime has decreased a bit but because of the lack of tax collection, and benefits that cost money the city isn’t making enough and can’t afford to keep doing what it’s doing.


  25. Tisha says:

    This is really sad. I am so dissapointed in my race. And I am truly praying and wishing the best for this man’s family. 😦


  26. jordan2222 says:

    Show of hands… Yes, white people are civilized and generally follow the law when this crap happens but how many people here feel like resorting to violence while reading stories like this? One of these days, all hell is going to break loose. Read Fred Reed for an honest analysis of race relations.



  27. DanJ1 says:

    I work in a much more depressed area of Detroit. Industrial buildings back up to neighborhoods filled with burned out homes and garbage piled six feet high in the middle of the streets. Whether you’re white or not (and I am) you have to be aware of everything around you while you are driving.

    During the winter when it’s dark by six, people (children and adults) just walk down the middle of four lane streets wearing dark clothing. During the summer kids fly in and out of traffic and sidewalks on bikes and on foot never looking to see if it’s clear. And year round people just step out into the road to cross anywhere, again, never looking to see if cars are coming.

    I can’t say if it’s lack of intelligence, lack of education, lack of care, lack of respect, or total lack of common sense. Poor urban folks used to get by on “street smarts”. Apparently they don’t even have the smarts to know how to cross a street anymore.

    Given the number of billboards in the area advertising ambulance chasing attorneys, I would say it’s a feeling that the only way out is to get hit by a car driven by somebody with insurance. Unfortunately, a white guy driving a newer luxury car may be just the ticket.


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