Atlanta Bishop Builds Himself Two Million Dollar Home With Church Funds…

His response: (essentially)  “huh, wha… that’s a bad thing”? 

GEORGIA – The Archbishop of Atlanta’s Roman Catholic Diocese has been put on the defensive after it was revealed he built a multimillion dollar mansion for himself using church funds.


Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s $2.2million, 6,000-plus square foot palace has become a point of contention among parishioners saying it diverges from the example set by Pope Francis to live humbly.

‘They had an opportunity to be heroes, and I think it’s sad they they made a choice that is going to cause a lot of friction,’ parishioners Marci Maurer-Nunnery told CBS Atlanta.

The manse was built on land donated by the estate of an heir to the fortune earned by the author of Gone With The Wind, according to reports.

The gift included millions of dollars, was worth $15million in total and was stipulated to be used for ‘general religious and charitable purposes.’

The archdiocese tore down the home originally on the property in Atlanta’s exclusive Buckhead neighbourhood and built the new home there over the past four years, a church spokesperson told WXIA.

Neighbors include several professional athletes, CEOs and musicians.

It was built using the proceeds from selling Gregory’s previous home, the spokesperson claimed, but that has not made it any less controversial.

‘The money could be better spent on parishes that don’t have that money, for children who need help going to Catholic schools,’ Laura Mullins told CBS Atlanta.

‘We have to be very careful how we use our money to make sure that it’s used in the most purposeful way for the least among us,’ she added to WXIA.  (continue reading)

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14 Responses to Atlanta Bishop Builds Himself Two Million Dollar Home With Church Funds…

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Bishop in Germany who spent 20 times that on his complex was finally relieved of duties


  2. Lawyer says:

    I went to a private Catholic school in Atlanta. Trust me, these are the ritziest places in the city. The students generally hail from extraordinary wealth. The curricula tends to be socially liberal. The snobbery is huge. Oh they talk about giving a few scholarships out, but it is a small minority and the rich students are catered to like kings.

    Just saying. There is something wrong with the Church in that city. My take, anyway.


  3. LetJusticePrevail" says:


    “‘I will live wherever my people want me to live,’ the embattled Archbishop told WXIA through a spokesperson, but he also penned an apology of sorts in a religious newsletter.:

    LOL I would put THAT to a little test. Rent an apartment in the worst slum in Atlanta then tell this thieving bastage he has to live there. See how long it takes him to walk back that claim!

    “The spokesperson insisted to WXIA that Gregory lives only in a small portion of the upstairs part of the home, and that it will be used mostly for entertaining and parish events”

    Yeah, right. Anyone who’s ever been to Buckhead (I have) can tell you this is a very exclusive area. If he was granted permits to build a residence you can rest assured that it is in a neighborhood with very restrictive zoning laws. There is absolutely no way they would allow “parish events” to be held there.

    The manse was built on land donated by the estate of an heir…

    Good. So the church is the legal owner of the land.

    “It was built using the proceeds from selling Gregory’s previous home”

    Wonderful! How generous of Fr Gregory to donate to the church the proceeds from the sale of a home. Now the diocese can sell this property for a tidy sum and use the proceeds to do what the original donor intended:

    “stipulated to be used for ‘general religious and charitable purposes

    Maybe they can put a couple of chest freezers in Fr Gregory’s slumtown apartment so he can make Kool-Aid popsicles to distribute to all the little chillens on those sweltering “Hotlanta” summer days.


  4. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Could have bought a used house for way less since the market is so bad there. But when it isn’t your money, why care.


  5. John Galt says:

    As long as he doesn’t get caught raping altar boys, his maintenance costs are probably below average.


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    This is NOT a man of God.


  7. Chip Bennett says:

    The Pope lives in the most opulent residence in the entire world. Evangelical mega-church leaders live in multi-million-dollar mansions.

    And we wonder why the government has taken over social welfare (caring for the poor, the fatherless, the widows, the sick, etc.)?

    We as a Christian body have abrogated our responsibilities to carry out true religion as defined by Christ. This man is just yet another symptom.


    • stella says:

      I’m not Catholic, and I don’t think that I would see eye to eye with the Pope on a lot of things, but I understand that he did not move into the usual Papal apartments, but is living more simply. I will have to check, but that is my recollection.

      You are right about many of the church leaders, however. Personally, I support the Salvation Army, which pays small salaries and uses most of their donations for the purposes intended.


    • stella says:

      He is known for having a simpler and less formal approach to the papacy, most notably by choosing to reside in the Domus Sanctae Marthae guesthouse rather than the papal apartments of the Apostolic Palace formerly used by his predecessors. In addition, due to both his Jesuitism and Ignatian aesthetic, he is known for favoring simpler vestments void of ornamentation, by starting to refuse the traditional papal mozzetta cape upon his election, choosing silver instead of gold for his piscatory ring, and keeping the same pectoral cross he had when he was cardinal.


      Francis chose not to live in the official papal residence in the Apostolic Palace, but to remain in the Vatican guest house, in a suite in which he can receive visitors and hold meetings. He is the first pope since Pope Pius X to live outside the papal apartments.


      Francis abolished the bonuses paid to Vatican employees upon the election of a new pope, amounting to approximately several million Euros, opting instead to donate the money to charity. He also abolished the €25,000 annual bonus paid to the cardinals serving on the Board of Supervisors for the Vatican bank.


      • Chip Bennett says:

        Sorry, I should have clarified. When I said “Pope”, I was referring to the office/position, and not the current occupant.

        Pope Francis has admirably led by example, to the extent that I have followed him (which, admittedly, isn’t much since the conclusion of his election).


  8. Kayefair says:

    He needs to sell the house, rent an apartment, cook his own food, and drive his own car like Cardinal Francis Bergolio (Pope Francis) of Argentina did, when he wasn’t riding the bus. Then he might possibly get a little respect. Better late than never is still true. I love the Catholic Church, but have no respect for people, especially bishops, who don´t live the faith.


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