Mayhem At FLorida State Fair – Hundreds Of Black/Hispanic Teen Thugs Riot and Fight With Police… “worst violence in fair history”

You won’t see this outside of local news because, yet again, it presents an uncomfortable reality.

Tampa FL – […] The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office says they called in 60 extra deputies that night from the surrounding area.

“There was a strong presence from the Sheriff’s Office out there, but we were tapped to our limits,” said Colonel Jim Previtera with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Even the extra deputies were overwhelmed.

“We literally had deputies who were out there with no back up engaged in fights. We had at least one deputy who was attacked by multiple youth as he tried to arrest somebody,” said Colonel Previtera. “We had deputies who were targeted. They were taking candy apples from the concession stands and throwing them at the deputies like baseballs.” (link with video)

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  1. boudicabpi says:

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    Mayhem At FLorida State Fair – Hundreds Of Black/Hispanic Teen Thugs Riot and Fight With Police… “worst violence in fair history”


  2. justfactsplz says:

    I noticed when we went to the county fair in November that there was an increase in police patrols. You can’t go anywhere any more without worrying about thug attacks.


  3. nobaddog says:

    Something that was so much fun when i was a young. My kids looked forward to the local fair and saved up their money for weeks to buy things and ride the rides and these savages are throwing candied apples at the cops! The only police we had at the fair was the ones that came to meet their families after they got off duty. Isn’t integration and diversity wonderful. Trash all on the ground. They have no pride because they haven’t contributed anything to the community. Its not theirs. Its ours. They go to the fair to exploit the people that make the community they live in.


    • doodahdaze says:

      The fair let them in for free. This has happened before. PC strikes again. Now anyone who attends is at their own risk. The Po-Po will not crack down on them.. Stay away from danger zones


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Yup. This happened during their “Student Day”:

        Student Day, Hillsborough County Schools receive FREE Admission, Ticket Distributed by Schools

        These cretins (the pride and joy of Hillsborough County Schools) were let in free. The normal admission is $11 for kids 6-11 (under 5 is free), and $13 for anyone older. Notice that the cop said this only happens on the first Friday of every fair? You would think they could put two and two together, wouldn’t you? SMH


    • ytz4mee says:

      They have no pride because they haven’t contributed anything to the community.



  4. doodahdaze says:

    Wilding? AA yutes. Actually called it a “Stampede” this is insane.


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      I read the story this morning and laughed. No descriptions at all in the story…just teenagers. But far into the news story we see that next year the sheriff will have a pre-fair conference with the NAACP, area pastors (black), among others. SP Times never gives a description if the perps are black. .


  5. Gregg keyes says:

    Why visit Africa to see the Animal Kingdom when you can experience it right here?


    • doodahdaze says:

      This is like the annual “Running of the Bulls.” What is needed is Law and Order. Or a big woodshed to take them too.


      • DaneChile says:

        No. What we need are rifles in the hands of fed-up citizens from a long distance. Once two are three are dropped, the rest will think twice about minding their manners in a civilized society.


        • Partyzant says:

          Not exactly. Firepower of that sort did not stop the LA Rodney King Riots or other events. What stops them is the exhaustion of the participants. Note how the chaos tends to obliterate the home turf of the thug. They then are more on the dole for food and shelter. Of course, after the event, monied interests buy up the land at fire sale prices and the locusts move elsewhere to bring the benefits of their ancient civilization to undisturbed towns.


  6. more of obozos sons
    maybe it was the obozo family reunion


  7. tappin52 says:

    All we need to complete the picture is a rash of carbeques and we will be France. And my ancestry is French!


  8. Sal Paradise says:

    I’m in orlando all week for work. Just ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill and watched the local news. Wasn’t covered at all…..


    • doodahdaze says:

      Black Out. Goos term for the newz. Objective fact is no longer part of journalism. Newz has detached from reality. To expect truth in newz is foolish.


  9. ctdar says:

    Preliminary step to martial law decision?


  10. Triage says:

    Remember you can’t report it or enforce the law because it will have a disparate effect on one race and this is not allowed under this administrations new rules for public and school crime enforcement. Unless they can get an equal number of Asian females to arrest it would be unfair and have a disparate effect on thugs. We need to get used to it since even our republican representatives won’t stand up to it.


  11. ytz4mee says:

    Black people.
    The reason we can’t have anything nice.
    Now I’m beginning to understand why MLK’s children weren’t allowed to go to “Fun Town”.


  12. ytz4mee says:

    Colonel Jim Previtera with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
    at the 1:08 mark…
    “This behavior is dangerous…”
    Yeah. Okay. Thanks for pointing that out, Mensa man.

    Then … this is where it gets interesting – when the indoctrinated Prog mask begins to slip ….

    his very next statement is:

    “It jeopardizes their safety, it jeopardizes the safety of others…..”

    Well glad to know the PD’s first concern was the safety of the feral savages. So happy my taxdollars continue to be stolen to support that type of thought process.


  13. dekare says:

    This is exactly why I have dusted off the word “N***R”, and have been using it as of late. The news and my govt are refusing to call it what it is and is hiding the truth from me. So, I will takeover and label it how I see it. Not all blacks are n******, but all n****** are black. I use to to display my ultimate dissatisfaction of the attitudes and actions of black people who are more racist of white people than most whites are of them. After all, I am accused of being a racist anyway just by pointing out my dissappointment in the actions of black people, so might was well earn the title.

    I will gladly shelve the term again when “they” start action “normal” again. Our news lack of reporting things as they are and the cover that is run for these people by holder and obama and the rest of his ilk has only emboldened them to act like this. The trayvon disaster, the black panther voting intimidation scandal, and others, and how those situation were treated, have given black people the courage to defy white people and authority, and this is the result. It will only get worse before it gets better…it is does indeed get better. If things are allowed to continue, a true race riot will happen.

    edit by Sundance (see below)


    • Be Ge says:

      The N-word is still a bad one. It is offensive, for good or bad, it implies slavery (which does not have all too much to do with it, JIMHO), and, finally, it implies that a set of certain character attributes such as ignorant,lazy (both physically and intellectually), self-indulging, u-owe-me,it-is-somebody’selse’sfault and other “lumpenproletarianism”(Karl Marx was good at this) is somehow peculiar and specific to the people of African Negro descent (all of us originated from some place in Africa approximately between today’s Kenya and Israel — regardless of the version of the Christianity/Judaism/Atheism or Darwinism). I would agree to the fact that lumpenproletariat of sub-Saharan negroid origin probably has the above feature list better pronounced and occurring more frequently vs lumpenpropletariat in any other kind of ethnic origin, but there is really nothing unique about that feature set . I simply know from actual real-life examples those features are not unique to “obama sons” or Negros. This is one of those moments Karl Marx was right. It is more about class( “lumpenproletariat”) than anything else (ethnic origin). Not there is totally no such thing as a genetic difference, and that higher-than-average aggression levels with lower-that-average levels of social adhesiveness and lower-than-average cognitive skills are not there for the African American Negro. I have numerous reasons to believe those factors are not decisive in today’s status quo, and that Karl Marx has more truth in his works than do the Klanfolk (who formed the core of the Democratic Party of the USA — the worst racists now standing for the most strict political correctness).

      Just take a look at the events (mass looting, property vandalism and so on) that followed the Kyrgyz people going full-blown “wolverines” on the thoroughly corrupt dictator Kurmanbek Bakiyev (who converted into a dictator from a revolutionary leader who lead the protest against somewhat less corrupt and authoritarian president Askar Akayev). Realize how many totally senseless victims there were. If that’s not enough, see the more recent Qumtor Gold “protests” in the said Kyrgyzstan. The russian/exUSSR word for that type of behavior is called “киргизинг” (kyrgyzing). Pro-Chavez/Maduro part of Venezuela is pretty much the same. None of the places have actual African Americans.

      The real problem is the world-wide Leftyist movement — as they specifically make the problem worse while pretending it is not a problem at all, the problem being us capitalists/racists/people with too low tolerance levels. We know they want to get rid of our present Western society by blowing it up from the inside — as opposed to actually integrating as many people into the said Western society as possible by letting them firstly and uttermostly to be responsible for themselves while helping them to get rid of lefty bullshiters and thieves in power. The only cases in recorded human history whereby large (millions) groups of people got rid of poverty and became members of the “first world” — are those where people have embraced capitalism under an authoritarian yet non-corrupt leadership — that is, have accepted personal responsibility, economic freedom, limited government with liberty and justice for all. Think Singapore or South Korea.

      Back to the African American Lumpenproletariat — there has to be a special wording for it. I just don’t like the N word for it all that much.


      • doodahdaze says:

        How about Comrade. But you hit it on the head. Part of the Communist organism. Chairman Obama knows.


        • Be Ge says:

          “Comrade” stands JIMHO, for a peering relations between two commies. Bad one, not to mention the abusive tone to millions of people from Eastern Europe or China who are very different from Obama sons-to-be.

          Black lumepnproletariat is good (a peculiar subclass of a well-defined marxist class), but it is too long and complicated. “Nigger” would probably be good as well if it were not for the whole slavery thing. Slavery was bad and should be condemned, but it should be clear that it does not have a lot to do with the subject of the story and the general state of “reversed evolution” or “going backwords” of the average early 21st century African American Negro.

          Blumpen? Blumreat? The commies loved these portmanteux.


          • doodahdaze says:

            Well they sure can’t be classified as “workers.” There is the problem. Communists had to work for their keep. So this can’t be Workers of the World Unite kine stuff. How about “Unemployable Fools Unite.”


            • auscitizenmom says:



            • Be Ge says:

              Lumpenproletariat class does not have to have an sizable cross-section with the proper class-aware proletariat, at least, this is how it seems to me after the Marxist description of Louie Bonaparte regime in France — which was based upon Lumpenprolatariat (populist/bullshiting-with-a-left-shift) as opposed to proper proletariat (proper socialist/commie regime) or the bourgeoisie(center-right regime). The right word for the regime, lumpenproletariat-power, would be Ochlocracy.

              Blochlos (black ochlos)? Blochlers (representatives of the class)? I like the word Blochlers instead of the plural for the N-word.


              • Chance says:

                Is anyone aware of the fact that the “N” word is an old English adjective that described behavior? It had nothing to do with race, but rather described the behavior of serf’s and waif’s (and they weren’t black) sort of shuffling along in no particular hurry to do a lot of thankless, difficult and unpaid work.

                To claim that the word is somehow a reference to slavery in the United States from approximately 1776 to 1865 is to ignore the reality of the more than 5,000+ years of slavery that has existed in EVERY part of the world. In fact, there are MORE people enslaved today than at any time in history by even the strictest definition of the word ‘slave’.

                If you honestly believe the “N” is racist and can never be uttered, then don’t be a hypocrite and sit quietly when blacks say, “Honkey, Redneck, Cracker, Casper, Trailer Trash, Polar Bear etc.” Where’s your outrage about these? Because every one of them is a DIRECT slur to the white race from a posture of supposed racial superiority!


              • doodahdaze says:

                Did they work or just cause trouble?


    • ZurichMike says:

      Don’t go there.


    • sundance says:

      dekare, while it may be argued that some of your comment is a reflection of frustration with evident behavior, combined with the refusal of media and police to directly address the root cause of such behavior, you lose your argument when you end up with this:

      …..”have given black people the courage to defy white people and authority”…

      That statement is racist. That statement is not *similar* to racism. That statement just is a racist point of view. It is a direct presentation of superiority based on ethnicity and race. It is not a statement of implied racism – it is a statement of direct racist connotation.

      At the Treehouse we are not afraid to confront the inherent disconnect between right and wrong through the prism of race, and as a consequence the inherent obfuscations, and politically correct avoidance by the media in that regard. However, we do not, and will not, present opinion or discussion from the framework of racial superiority (or any other superiority for that matter).

      Your use of the N-word against the backdrop of that cognition process is innappropriate and directly racist.

      Because of the presentation I will be editing out the disparagement used as both an adjective and a noun, and I would advise you to think carefully about what is actually reflected therein.



  14. Gunny G says:

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  15. Partyzant says:

    This act at he fair would be what is called in military parlance a “demonstration”.
    The street militia of Erich “My People” Hold Herr provided a public display of the military strength that they possess.
    They put the fair (ironically named, eh?) under the effective control of the seething horde. The police were NOT in control, the civilians were not in control; anarchy prevailed.
    The ability to destroy a thing is the ability to control a thing. NEVER forget this.
    The huge mob of street militia that has the nod from the DoJ (due to hue and outlook) are showing what they can do.
    Sure, it looks disorganized and mostly is. It is driven by simple operational concepts that even the drug addled, the crack heads, the elementary school drop outs (remember the number 85, folks) can handle. The LRA (Lords Resistance Army) had as an operational concept for his child soldiers… they would tell bands of kidknapped, drugged and traumatized 8-14 year olds to “kill every living thing”. The operational name and design, as well as objective were summed up as “Operation Kill Every living Thing”.

    Butt Naked was in Liberia, pretty much the same deal.
    It is absolutely urgent that Americans understand that the operational concepts of tribal African slaughter are being applied at state fairs (think of the last few fair fiascoes as “soft openings” for what is to come). It also is operative in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Wash DC… name any blighted American city.

    Now, I URGE all readers to consider what these developments mean for their own personal safety and those of loved ones. Understand that the mass organism that these mobs become CANNOT be reasoned with, is not subject to intimidation (going against armed cops with apples? The thugs were REALLY scared, huh?)

    To all the cops out there, my first reaction is that I personally would cheer you all if you were to medieval on them.

    The fair organizers? Quit now. If I were an attorney for anyone hurt in this hazard that you helped create, I would sue until your business resembled downtown Dresden in 1945. Hey, either way… you keep letting in the hooligans and wreckers, your “fair” WILL look that way anyhow from the vastly accelerated wear and tear. I am sure that you care about your employees, too. Good luck with that. I’d no sooner visit any state or local “fair” than staple baloney to my forehead.


  16. mung says:

    ““Typically in the past, when they engage in this wilding, we’re able to control it by placing bodies on the midway, placing deputies on the midway and interrupting that pattern, if you will, up and down the midway. We started that very early in the evening. By 8 o’clock, we had begun to make a number of ejections.”

    Well if they piled up some of the bodies of the rabid animals in the midway, this, it might have stopped them sooner.


  17. Abagail says:

    The only real world solution won’t be forthcoming from those hired to maintain order. Period.

    When these feral mobs descend on your castle, and defense of life is what’s at stake, imagine yourself a Boer, and respond accordingly.


    • Be Ge says:

      Imagine yourself a Jack London hero. Think “The Terrible Solomons” or “Yah! Yah! Yah!” Whoops, a relatively poor imagination was on of the requirements.

      All the foregoing is quite true, and yet there are white men who have lived in the Solomons a score of years and who feel homesick when they go away from them. A man needs only to be careful– and lucky–to live a long time in the Solomons
      (read: a ghetto full of African Americans); but he must also be of the right sort. He must have the hallmark of the inevitable white man stamped upon his soul. He must be inevitable. He must have a certain grand carelessness of odds, a certain colossal self-satisfaction, and a racial egotism that convinces him that one white is better than a thousand niggers every day in the week, and that on Sunday he is able to clean out two thousand niggers. For such are the things that have made the white man inevitable. Oh, and one other thing–the white man who wishes to be inevitable, must not merely despise the lesser breeds and think a lot of himself; he must also fail to be too long on imagination. He must not understand too well the instincts, customs, and mental processes of the blacks, the yellows, and the browns; for it is not in such fashion that the white race has tramped its royal road around the world.

      Bertie Arkwright(an average guy) was not inevitable. He was too sensitive, too finely strung, and he possessed too much imagination. The world was too much with him. He projected himself too quiveringly into his environment. Therefore, the last place in the world for him to come was the Solomons(ghetto).

      Mr. Bertie got finely trolled, of course, for trolling is the whole point of the story. One is to ask, of course, where is that mood and thirst for thrill and conquest which basically made a white man the dominator (just sum up the territories of the Spanish, French, English and Russian empires — that’d pretty well be most of the world) of the planet. One of the things that have happened to the white man is called “socialism”.


  18. Angryoldlady says:

    The weekend news in Tampa was only about how a 14 year old AA boy was struck and killed crossing the interstate outside the fair after being ejected by the Sheriff’s department. The devastated parents were on the news blaming the Sheriff’s office for not contacting them when he was tossed out for being “unruly” (lawsuit was unspoken idea). NOTHING about the unlawful stampede of 200 black/latino youths that night that led to the arrests and ejections.

    Then the Sheriff’s office started commenting and videos were released of this Friday night Mayhem (3 days after the event) – no more sympathy/coverage of indignant parents.


    • benzy says:

      Wonderful logic on the parents part… first he broke the law by being “unruly” (enough so as to attract the attention of the Sheriff and to be ejected from the Fair).. they, he broke the law again by trying to cross an interstate highway on foot…. and the parents want to place the blame squarely on someone else’s shoulders… can’t be the fault of their dead child. It’s sad that he’s dead and they have lost their child.. but that does NOT change the cause of his death.


  19. auscitizenmom says:

    I found this in the Tampa Tribune. This has been going on since the 90’s and the admit it is mostly blacks.
    “The problem of rampaging youth on the first Friday of the fair, when students are admitted free, dates back to the 1990s or earlier, Previtera said. Some years are worse than others…………… Previtera said the youths who take part in the stampede are predominantly African-American, and the sheriff’s office has worked with its partners in the community — including the NAACP — to address the problem and reach out to youngsters beforehand with a message: This behavior is dangerous and unacceptable.”


  20. IFoundMyVoice says:

    Florida. Land of the concealed carry. Young thugs look forward to Student Day at the fair. Tweet one another. Looking forward to jacking, harassing, assaulting girls, terrorizing families, stealing.

    Family man takes his wife and kids. Maybe he’s new to Tampa. Yankees move there daily. Besides, the news doesn’t inform, or warn. He and his family are having a nice time when a great cloud of pushing, punching young men surround his family. They curse and threaten. Wife and kids start to cry in fear. He orders the thugs to get the F away from his family.

    The mob jeers. That’s DISRESPECT. They move on the man who has pushed his wife and kids behind him. He draws his gun. Some of the gang runs, others decide to not be a “P” and stand their ground. The man sees no cops, sees other citizens have ran away, so he warns the gang to get lost.

    The gang is loud, cursing, telling him he is a dead man. His wife and kids are hysterical. He shoots, once, at the most aggressive of the gang. The thug falls, his buddies run like hell.

    A citizen yells for a cop. The man is detained, the thug taken away by ambulance, the questioning begins.

    *Teen and white gunman didn’t know one another
    *Teen was with childhood buddies for Student Day
    *Teen had no record, was B student with dreams of playing for the Chicago Bulls
    *”Never hurt a flea,” says stepfather.
    *”Like an angel” says stepmother
    *”I only met him twice but he was already my best friend” says father.
    *”They shot him like a dog and my lawyer says they will pay” says mother.
    *”No justice, no peace etc et al yadda yadda” says the gaggle of local and national civil rights blabbermouths.

    The “shooter’s” name address and photo are publicized. He is no longer a husband, father, software engineer, 4H booster, Methodist. He is “the shooter.” Well, the “white shooter.”Thirty eight years of life, work, worship, love, pain and goals reduced to the minute he saw no way to protect his family (breath itself to a man) except top pull out his legal firearm and discharge it.

    So, in short, publicity may make the “youth” feel ever so bad but golly it may save their widdle lives. Because Mr. Family Man or Mr. College Student or Mrs. Wife and Mother who carry legal firearms don’t want to shoot anyone. So WARN them to stay away from places that often become Wild Kingdom in an instant so they don’t HAVE to shoot.

    You love the “youth” liberal media? Then protect t them. Print their picture, give a description, tell us when they start to act out a XYZ Mall or XYZ neighborhood or Student Night at the fair.

    And for what it’s worth,. those youths who are threatening to rob, beat, rape and kill? They don’t read the news. Or listen to it. Only regular, law abiding citizens do. So it’ll be our little secret, ok? They won’t get their feelings hurt, we will be avoiding them like Black Death, and they can grow up to make rap music and play pro ball and lead their brethren into the Promised Land.

    And we and our families will be safe. Because no matter what you think about us, that is all we want from the…youth.To be left the F alone.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      I still think it is best to avoid them. Even if the newz will never report on it. Anyone with a brain knows. Avoid the danger at all cost. If you see a thug get away from the area.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        Since this has been going on since the 90’s, it seems that they would have stopped giving out free tickets to “students” by now, since they know what is going to happen. They are putting people’s lives in danger.


        • Abagail says:

          Or hoping for a mini Civil War in a heavily armed state.


        • doodahdaze says:

          No doubt. A good way to repel them is loud music. Country or Heavy Metal. Any white who goes to the fair is at his own risk. If nobody goes they will finally either address the problem or close. They could move it to a rural area away from the Hood’s for one.


        • allhail2 says:

          Apparently, the organizers lack any cognitive learning ability.

          When the fair came to Volusia County we met up with another family. Both of us dads have cwp. There was a cute little sign at the entrance “prohibiting” any concealed weapons. Saw it, walked right past it, never looked back. I do the same thing at the movies.

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      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        I don’t like the fair. Never did. The crowds are rude, the games are rigged, the food is greasy and the areas around the ride exits always smell like puke.


  21. allhail2 says:

    SURPRISE!!! /s


  22. dekare says:

    These people do not want to be labelled “n******”, but they seem to be doing everything in their power to earn this title.

    Act like a decent human being and treat others accordingly, and you will be respected. I understand kids will be kids, but this is not the acts of playful children, this is behavior seen during riots, and placing innocents lives in danger is beyond antics of young boys.

    The cops are at the point that they are terrified to take any needed action or even shoot if necessary in order to protect the lives of the innocent. It seems they are at the point where they would much rather feel bad about the serious injury or death of an innocent family then face the wrath of harming or shooting a black thug. After all, it’s not their family, and if that family needed to get hurt or dead, so that some n***** doesn’t accuse the police of racism…well, that’s a fair tradeoff in their eyes.

    We are faced with one of two outcomes. Take action, and black juveniles get hurt, or do nothing, and white innocents get hurt. We can see what the police have chosen.
    Apparently the repeated use of the word “n****r” is very important to you. Please take it to another site. –Admin (additional edit by sundance)


  23. genomega1 says:

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    Mayhem At FLorida State Fair – Hundreds Of Black/Hispanic Teen Thugs Riot and Fight With Police… “worst violence in fair history”


  24. morrison says:

    A Warning to America from South Africa by: Gemma Meyer 4 page article


  25. Sarahlynnid says:

    I live here and weekend nights at the fair were never a good idea. I am 45, but even when I was in highschool, we didnt go on weekend nights, it was not worth it, the rude crowds, different level of courtesy on weekend nights. I have two 19 yr olds going today. They even know better not to go when the “rude” crowds would be there. Spoils the fun for everone, people rude, cant ride rides, then this year the stampeade crap. Reminded me of the videos I see of the gatherings breaking into stores and taking over. I asked my son, “what is going through their minds to want to jump into a stampede situation like that? and What would you do?” He said they want to belong and he would jump back and get out because he would be scared. What struck me about my conversation with he and his girlfriend, both 19, is that they are desensitized to this behavior and gang stuff. I personally would freak out if it happened while I was there, but his response was “we would duck out”, as if it was just another day and another benign decision.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Yesterday I watched a special about the Memphis riot that accompanied the march to get “justice” for the sanitation workers. MLK denied any complicity in the violence, but he was certainly there to inflame the crowd as he marched down the street. The mob violence that followed looked exactly like the stampede at the fair, or the “wilding” (flash mob) at the Jacksonville WalMart in 2012.


  26. I lived for a while in MA, just a few towns north of Boston. We had a carnival every year at the little park on Ell Pond, at “The Knoll” just across the Fellsway from the high school.

    One year, about 1990 or so, reports began circulating (outside the press, naturally) of vibrant “youths” coming to the carnival (one year it was “with a shotgun”) all at once (and this was before “social media” or even the internet), just to cause mayhem and, as Voice put it above, to engage in jacking, harassing, assaulting girls, terrorizing families, stealing.

    That was 24 years ago? Oy. This phenomenon has amplified considerably since 1990.

    To understate things considerably. Cabbage Patch Kids™ was a called a Big Fad.

    This is bigger.

    A buddy of mine at the time worked as a Carny. These carnivals travel in routes. His was up and down the U.S. East Coast, with the seasons. He always told me that their company made the most profit in “Da Hood”, because people in da hood like to spend that cash money on frivolity. They like to wave it around when they have it, and they like to ostentatiously spend it, just for show.

    The games may be rigged, but they are rigged for profit. Just like the casinos that our Tahoe and Escalade-driving sistahs like to frequent. Money, money, money. Count the discarded scratch-tickets on the ground near your local ghetto convenience store. The basketball game, my buddy could swish it 10 times in a row. The local Bruthas couldn’t hit three. It wasn’t an over-inflated ball. It wasn’t a smaller-diameter rim. It was a 8.5 ft. basket height. The Bruthas were used to ten.

    And they got violent when this skinny white kid could hit ten for ten. He talked about it like it was great fun, but I don’t think he understood the danger he was in.


  27. taqiyyologist says:

    It’s neat that “wilding” is making a comeback, as a word.

    Yeah, when was that big? The 1980’s? New York City before Guilliani?

    We call it flash-mob, flash-rob, and flash-beating now. It never changed.

    Wilding. Good grief. The Uber-Literate couldn’t make a new word, but had to go back to one they think we’d forgotten?


    • taqiyyologist says:

      Wilding is like violence.

      As words. “Violence killed X people in Xtown”. Wilding Results in a Rape-and-Beating that was Caused by an Occurrence of Wilding.

      I surely do hate the passive voice in reporting. With a passion. It’s so insidious. Violence didn’t kill X people in Xtown. A bunch of black people killed X people in Xtown. Wilding was NOT AN ACTOR in the rape-and-beating by a bunch of black people of a white girl. People were.

      X-number of Jews didn’t just Up And Die DURING the Holocaust.

      X-number of Jews were murdered by German citizens following a charismatic dictator.

      “Wilding” is, like “Tea Party”, a construct which can be used as a whipping boy.

      And the passive voice makes an action an actor, to protect the guilty.


  28. raskog says:

    This is why Reverend J Manning is furious with Barack. How do you turn Harlem around when you’ve got a pot smoking, affirmative action POtuS with Fast & Furious Holder as DOJ, and an Marie Antoinette wannabe wife? Now he has to deal with Harlem not in one city but in every town across America.


  29. flaladybug says:

    While I agree that avoiding these situations is the safest solution, it is becoming apparent that soon the only “safe place” to be will be in our own homes, afraid to go anywhere lest we be in danger.
    I try to avoid areas of conflict where I know safety will be an issue, but I am becoming increasingly tired of feeling like I have either the option of living like a prisoner in my own home, or being labeled as “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” for going to an event or venue that I have enjoyed so much in the past. I REFUSE TO BE TAKEN HOSTAGE BY THESE THUGS ANYMORE!! I would never go and look for troublesome situations to place myself in, and I just have to pray and have faith that God will protect me and my family if, in the course of living our lives, trouble confronts us. God Protect Us All


  30. Richie Rich says:

    I live outside of Tampa and they have never really given any details about this on the local news because one of the 14 yo black kids that got ejected tried to cross Interstate 4 after that and got hit and killed by a car. The story now is about the parents not being notified and the parents are saying the kids who got locked up are safe and their kid is dead. I hear the words “law suit” resonating somewhere…


    • kenny says:

      Only if a legally armed victim shot one of these wilding animals would this be a top story.

      To bad the one that got splattered on I4 didnt have a few friends with him


  31. dws says:

    It seems to be continuously increasing, incidents like these. They aren’t lessening. The problem isn’t being addressed. The possible solutions are not only not being considered, but the solutions being proposed and implemented actually worsen the problem. So what is the inevitable end we seem to be marching towards? Scary times. I see this and I think, how many people are going to simplify and just see “black” or “brown” as the problem? And the more people that just see this as an “us” vs “them”, “colored” vs “white”, the closer we get to a full-blown race war.


  32. Pingback: Mayhem At FLorida State Fair – Hundreds Of Black/Hispanic Teen Thugs Riot and Fight With Police… “worst violence in fair history” | theplainpatriot

  33. kenny says:

    Black teen crime is out of control in hillsborough county. The juvenile justice system is a complete joke. How many people have to be robbed, beaten, or god forbid killed before someone tells the truth about these out of control savages

    Liked by 1 person

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  35. Chairborne says:

    Holder youth.

    After all Eric,”my people” Holder has openly stated that federal hate crime laws dont cover white victims of black hate attacks. And they know full well that their Black Race Privilege will protect them from most of the consequences and that the black racist culture of their peers will make heroes of them for attacking whitey.


  36. jeff B. says:

    If Law Enforcement, the State and Country refuses to step and prosecute and hold these feral youths accountable then the solution is simple… White families and other law abiding citizens of any color just need to stop going to these Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals…PERIOD…. Then these aforementioned places will take a huge hit finacially and they will have but no choice to clean things up or just shut down…. Don’t even go during the week when it’s supposedly safe… Just stop going to anything run by the city and state altogether…. It’s amazing how fast people listen when their finances take a beating even these same people don’t listen when actual people take beatings….


  37. JD says:

    DIVERSITY Is Our Strength – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    DIVERSITY simply means an America without White people.
    DIVERSITY is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE


  38. American says:

    The wonders of easy citizenship and immigration. Watch Pollyanna for what a fair used to be in this country before immigration ruined them.


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