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The Desperation Of Wendy Davis Continues – Now She Supports “Open Carry” Gun Laws…

It’s obvious what is happening within the Texas gubernatorial race and Democrat candidate Wendy Davis.     Sunlight upon the “real” life story of Ms. Davis has shown her life story narrative was foundationally false, so now she is obfuscating and trying … Continue reading

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Sochi Olympics – The Odd Russian Quirky Problems Continue….

Check out the accommodations of the Swiss Olympic Delegation  A lot of complaints about the accommodations. This is the foyer of my apartment. #SochiProblems pic.twitter.com/gKnxCywKF0 — Mark Connolly (@MarkConnollyCBC) February 6, 2014

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Jay Sekulow – The IRS Targeting – Congressional Testimony and Talking To Media (two videos)

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The Weaponization Of Government – Unbelievable Congressional Testimony on IRS Targeting

[HatTip GatewayPundit for some particulars] – I hope EVERYONE watches the accompanying videos.  It is imperative that EVERYONE understands the full-throated attack currently underway by our own government.   Only by fully understanding the scope of the issue can you fully … Continue reading

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Beyond The “Smidgens” – Testimony On The IRS Scandal Continues….

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Today would have been Ronald Reagan’s 103rd birthday.  If you are interested, there will be a ceremony at the Reagan Library celebrating the occasion, and you can watch it live HERE.

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Chicago Father and Daughter Rushed By Two Home Intruders – One Thug Shot Dead By Dad – Dad Charged For Expired Gun “Ownership Permit”…

He didn’t pay the: “may I please protect myself tax” !   So now the victim is a criminal. CHICAGO – A 44-year-old man on crutches fatally shot one of two intruders who came charging at him Friday morning in the … Continue reading

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