A New Year Dawns In Denver….. The Knock Out “Myth” Continues Unabated

More evidence of what the media calls “the myth of knock out assaults”.

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9 Responses to A New Year Dawns In Denver….. The Knock Out “Myth” Continues Unabated

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    He was just a white guy. Nothing happened. (sarc)


  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Yeah, they warn people to “keep an eye out”, but fail to give any description of the perps. Even though the reporter waved a handful of papers at the camera, stating they were police reports from the attacks, she makes no mention of how the victims described their attackers. More Sons of Obama at work? That’s my guess.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Here’s ONE news article that accompanies a video, in which they writer reports what the on air personality would not:

      “Police said a total of four people were assaulted. In each incident, the victims were knocked down or knocked out by groups of black males, police said.”



    • Murse says:

      Violence is almost never a solo endeavor when practiced by AA’s. I think that fact reflects a strong correlation with racial politics. And I am certain this hatred is taught at an early age. I remember being in seveneth grade when an AA peer stated to me that it is useless for blacks to try to make it in the white mans world, that whites deliberately keep blacks down. I remember being bewildered because I had no frame of reference of ever hearing or seeing any whites in my social circle stating or professing that blacks were to be controlled and isolated. The interesting thing is that I walked to his home after school and when his parents saw me at their door they told him to come in and for me to go where I belong. I distinctly recall a look of hatred toward me from his mother. That was the last time this kid ever spoke to me. By the way, he never graduated high school and spent most of his adult life in prison prior to his death from AIDS.


  3. rooferx says:

    I remember being downtown with my Dad when I was younger (nothing to worry about with him around if you know what I mean), and we both noticed a 40 some aged white man with scraggly hair but otherwise a regular looking person walking down the street kinda fast. He was seemes to be on a mission to get somewhere, but he was constantly pulling at his hair like a schizophrenic person might. Constantly walking fast and pulling at his hair to it’s ends, and making his way through the crowd. I thought it was kinda wierd, but who knows, right? It’s the Big City. Later we saw the man entering the same office building we were and he ended up on the same elevator and same floor as we did. Funny thing is, he acted completely normal in that building. I think he felt he was safe. Later we saw the same man outside acting out that same schizo act.
    To this day, I believe the man lived in the area and did this act everyday just to avoid any confrontation.
    If you act completely insane, these “thug” type people seem to leave you alone. It’s not any fun for them.
    This was about 15 years ago, BTW.


  4. Skip says:

    With all these reports of ‘knockout’ attacks very few if any describe or ask those assaulted on camera during the interview to describe their attacker. Why are they hiding the fact that at least 90 percent if not more were done by blacks.


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