New York: Monticello Mayor Goes On Racist Tirade After DWI Arrest, “You F*cking Crackers”…

Can you just imagine what the media would do with a white Mayor who yells at his black police officers “you f*cking niggers”?    Think about it…

MONTICELLO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A video recording has shown the mayor of the Sullivan County municipality of Monticello in a heated confrontation after being arrested by his own police officers.

[Language Warning For This Video]

As CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on the night of Saturday, Nov. 16, on suspicion of drunken driving.

He was taken into custody after showing up to take a look at a serious car accident on Main Street. A volunteer firefighter noticed the mayor looked drunk, according to police, and notified law enforcement. Jenkins was arrested on the spot.

In a video recorded at his own police headquarters, a man identified as Jenkins was shown seated in a chair with one hand handcuffed to a wall. During the first minute of the video, he is heard apparently talking to himself, using a variety of obscene insults to describe the officers.

Soon afterward, an officer comes in to interview him.

“You know something, Davis?” he says to the officer in the video. “I’m the one that hired you in this job, man. I mean, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter about that. But you know something? How the f**k you guys going to play the game?”

When the officer later addresses him as “sir,” Jenkins replies: “Don’t call me sir.”

“Mayor? Is that better?” the officer says.

“Don’t call me mayor,” Jenkins replies. “Call me n****r, because that’s what I am when I’m right here in handcuffs. But you know something? I don’t give a f**k.”  (read more)

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47 Responses to New York: Monticello Mayor Goes On Racist Tirade After DWI Arrest, “You F*cking Crackers”…

  1. Jeff B. says:

    Sounds like the Mayor is up Shit’s creek… If his lawyer argues he is not drunk then it looks very bad the way he throws around racial epithets which is showing his true feelings of racial bias. If it’s proven that the Mayor was drunk then it shows he has no concern for laws or life endangering people on the road because well he was drunk (drinking and driving). Either way he is F”d….. But then again in New York you can smoke crack and pay for prostitutes and still hold office.


    • Partyzant says:

      Everyone in the employ of that town should use EEO process to put forth claims of a hostile workplace, stat. They should back it up by calling the state Inspector General to investigate as well.
      That will force the malignant fool in Albany to squash his pet in Monticello. Win, win, win.
      If Albany does nothing, it further accelerates the free fall plummet of working class New Yorkers and rural New Yorkers confidence in the existing structure.
      The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire….. We don’t Need no water (sic), burn (deleted for good taste), burn.
      As a side note, when you go to your friendly EEO office or seek out your state IG, it will be interesting to see how you are greeted when it becomes apparent that you are making a complaint against one of the protected class. Take good notes, you will need them for your attorney.
      Better yet, have your attorney do this, stay the hell out of those places yourself. Also understand that the state will not forget. Expect some unwanted attentions.


    • Paladin13 says:

      Excellent. But don’t expect his supporters to use morals, reasoning and logic.


  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:


    I wonder if ZERO will call another “Beer Summit”?


  3. ctdar says:

    Good, sounds like Jenkins had gotten away with all this crap for years because of the color of his skin & affirmative action. I bet that incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back with the locals. Unbelievable that he got as far as he did with his arrogant attitude. Seems lately chickens are starting to come home to roost, people have had enough of liberalism and white guilt.


  4. Junie G says:

    Monticello has gone down hill since the Rob Petrie Family lived here in the 60s…. I nominate this guy for the Mel Gibson Racist Rant Award. This was sickening to watch. Basically, he is saying, I’m black, therefore I should not be charged, and I am only being charged because I am black and y’all are racist; black guy, let the white guy book me, so I can claim racism.

    Hurling the racist epithets around was disgusting. I’m tired of the double standard.

    Darn tootin’ this would be national news if it was a white man insulting blacks, or asking the “good old (white) boys” to recuse themselves so the n*****s take the full blame in the law suit he plans to file.

    Salute to all the officers for their objective professionalism. Please note how calm and appeasing all of them are – and that this has no effect upon the mayor at all, who seems to become evn more highly agitated when addressed in calm, straight-forward manner.

    Any punk can threaten a cop, but we have the mayor on film saying he’s coming after these two guys, whether as Mayor, or a community organizer.

    Thanks for posting this – never would have seen it on the evening news….


    • Partyzant says:

      I found it amusing. People are not under the thrall of being called Racist! Much anymore. People can see what is going on and the obvious end insanity that this PC campaign leads to.
      Best thing to do, per Alinsky, is to ridicule, mock and laugh at them as the flimsy construct they thought was impervious disintegrates. The tighter they clutch it to their bosom, the more control they lose.
      DUI is an equal opportunity choice…. What an idiot, a buffoon, a clown. Monticello deserves better. Monticello deserves a sober Mayor. Monticello deserves a Mayor who will not expose the municipality to ruinous lawsuits from EEO for his insane, racist rants and threats issued under color of law, as well as abuse of the office.


  5. taqiyyologist says:

    A Liberal says this:

    Yeah, but… you know… that’s what “those people” do, so it’s not an offense at all. I mean, really. Do you fret and moan about your cat scratching the furniture? Your dog pooping next to your dogwood? That’s what these creatures DO, brah Pass me that bong… Yeah, they can’t help themselves but to act badly — they’re BLACK, DUDE! But just like Socks and Bo, we have to be NICE to them. We can’t teach them to read and write! Dude! It would be cruel to expect that of “those people”. It’s “their” culture, besides, we can’t teach them other cultures’ knowledge, like reading and writing and stuff. That’s so wrong to teach cultural knowledge to less advanced cultures. So what if they do evil. There is no evil. Slavery, FTW, brah. Just give them A’s and B’s Because Slavery, man.

    Mmm, mmm, mmm.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      And which party is the racist one, again?

      “Blacks just can’t help themselves and are incapable of making good decisions because 170 years ago there was slavery, and so they will always need government help.”

      Man, oh, man.


    • Be Ge says:

      Well, a private initiative about giving some cash — a few K USD for target group members voluntarily agreeing to a theoretically reversible sterilization (the reversal would cost dozen+ times more). Did not really get enough momentum, AFAIR.


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  7. Wowee wowzers, I sure hope MADD gets a hold of this ignoramus drunken racist rant, a leader of the community out driving around while drunk. Great role model, with the typical racist hype when caught. He needs to be removed from office now. He tried to bribe, threaten, coerce and intimidate poor officer Davis and Johnstone. Don’t you know who I am bs so let me go or else. Yikes, hope Al, Jesse and PoTuS see this example of their brother/son, yep arrested cause he was black, just like all the other mo fo cracker cops are doing to them. They are so brainwashed in their victimhood, its disgusting to actually see it in action. Excuse me while I go bleach my eyes and ears.


    • Partyzant says:

      The 2 officers should get a public commendation from the Governor. If that does not happen, then the Governor condones this behavior! Award those who do the right thing, punish criminals…. Particularly drunk criminals who have no decency or care for public safety.


  8. Trevor says:

    Trade him to Toronto!


    • Partyzant says:

      No one is claiming or has any proof that the Mayor of Monticello was high on crack at the time. I am sure that his blood sample will come up spotless.


      • Partyzant says:

        Oh, forgot… Sarc off.


        • KPM58 says:

          At least it seems Ford is a good mayor for Toronto when he is sober. This guy just seems to be a criminal.
          His comment about not paying taxes and owning 6 properties should be looked into.


          • Partyzant says:

            It seems that Canadians like Rob Ford. Although they have a history of treating the office like a SCTV skit, previous office holders Mel “What the hell do I want to go to a place like Mombasa…. I just see myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me” Lastman, June “bare naked ladies (the band) can’t perform here, that would be obscene” Rowlands…. These are pretty much direct quotes from the hapless mayors of yore. Toronto is like a clean New York, but getting less so.
            Rob Ford actually stood up to unions and did some pretty ballsy stuff. It looks like he ran afoul of a segment of society back in the day for his rather straight laced view of life ( modern events notwithstanding) and they have been slathering at the bit to exact some absolutely fabulous revenge upon him. It seems that that is what has come to pass.


  9. doodahdaze says:

    The fact is that the racists are black, and non-black perpetrators of racism. Look to Rev. Wright who has been conveniently forgotten.


  10. auscitizenmom says:

    I am actually glad to see this……..IT IS ON VIDEO! I am so sick of hearing how racist white people are.


    • Partyzant says:

      You want to see crazy racism? Take a look at the Brazilian racial classifications on Wikipedia. It will blow your mind. I thought it was somewhere around 80. I was horribly, horribly wrong & naive.


  11. doodahdaze says:

    NYC is now North Venezuela.


  12. Coast says:

    After watching the video I would say that driving drunk is the least of his problems.


  13. myopiafree says:

    I take you seriously.

    Can you just imagine what the media would do with a white Mayor who yells at his black police officers “you f*cking niggers”? Think about it…

    The answer – he would have had an “accident”, like falling off a bridge (after having the shit beat out of him.)

    But it would never have been listed as a “racial crime”.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Drunken Driver Democrats. Hate crime. Nobody should drink and drive now. Or go to dinner and drink fine wine unless you call a cab. Don’t take your car out on the town and drink. Do nothing because you will end up in jail. Unless you have the dough for a cab. The date rate has gone through the roof.


  14. Eggs Nihilo says:

    “Da mayah wus hunted down in da street–like a rabid dog–he wuz raaashully profiled.”

    The idiot drove to the scene, obviously inebriated, offering to “help out” with all of his wisdom applied to the issue at hand. He’s da mayah!


  15. texan59 says:

    Dont’cha hate it when the drunk at the party starts to get surly. He’ll be in rehab by Friday gettin’ squared away for his next election. 🙄


  16. Eggs Nihilo says:

    I think this is what Mayah Jenkins really wanted to say to Officer Davis. He hired him. He loves him. He’s his boy!


  17. maggiemoowho says:

    What kind of cracker is what I would like to know, a Saltine, a Ritz, Oyster or Soda cracker (kidding) 😳😁😊 But, Rachel Jeanteul says it’s ok so it must be ok.


  18. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Oh, dat po’ mayah! He not no raycisssss! He jes’ fearin’ dat dem po-po’s be a buncha nasty ole ass-cracka’s, ’bout to commit a sodomy on hiz person. Somebody gots to help dat po’ boi !


  19. Be Ge says:

    There is a longer, almost an hour and half version:
    Got to love the way mayor talks to a black officer tête-à-tête.


  20. Libby says:

    Remember, You cant be racist unless you are powerful (and black people are not powerful even though they have black mayors, black govenors, black legislators, black judges, black generals, black cabinet misinters, black president, black chiefs of police, etc, etc, etc


  21. Sal Paradise says:

    It’s their fault and the fault of his skin color why he got arrested. People’s hard earned money is paying this guys salary……..


  22. Sal Paradise says:

    Here he is threatening a cop and then taking the clock off the wall and throwing it down the hallway.


  23. eweturn says:

    Would like to see the dash-cam


  24. Gary says:

    I don’t think it is a racial thing as much as the usual fact that politicians are above the law compared to taxpaying citizens, “That’s a fact” in America.


  25. This is a guy, again, who was elected to a position of power by the “white guilt” crowd – Monticello has a population distribution of 49% white, 32% black with the balance being “other” but he hates white people, obviously, because they are “down on the black man”. What a crock. This is what we get for giving these racists asses any credence whatsoever and it’s beyond time people open their eyes.


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