Jack Cashill’s “If I Had A Son” The Comprehensive Book About The George Zimmerman Case – Available Beginning Today

ifihadasonIn March of 2012 no-one could have predicted that a rag tag bunch of misfits spread around the globe would ultimately identify the beginning of the largest full scale media fraud in our lifetime.   And certainly no-one would have predicted that most would end up here sharing their discoveries and identifying the Truth behind the headlines.

What we identified as the *real story* around the Trayvon Martin shooting was little, if anything, to do with the actual George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin encounter.   The real story was how this one self-defense shooting was used by an assembly of disparate interests, and then manipulated in the extreme by a monolithic over powering media machine.

It was, and still remains, arguably one of the most, if not *the most*, astounding examples of modern, full-scale media manipulation ever witnessed.

Social media, mainstream media and various professional grievance artists all participated in one of the most bizarre examples of modern sociology run to the ideological, and political, extremes.

Such is the complex outline behind the Jack Cashill book “If I Had A Son – Race, Guns and the Railroading of George Zimmerman” – which is available today, released in hardback.

March 8th Presser Crump - Tracy Martin - Brandy Green - Nat Jackson - Stephen  Tracy+Martin+Mary+Mary+attends+rally+held+F5_Be7oMhSjl

Initially, when Jack Cashill first requested review of our research, and later, when he asked if we would assist his efforts with use of our content – we were reluctant.

We were not reluctant because the story was not important or valuable, but rather because the sheer size and scope of the story seemed almost impossible to present into one accurate, and yet digestible, format.

However, Jack Cashill has done the impossible.

He has actually managed to put the myriad of concentric circles into a book that is both engaging to read, and unbelievably understandable. By itself, that’s an accomplishment beyond the capability of most authors;  but actually drilling the story down to it’s most essential core is one of his keen intellectual abilities.

The book is highly digestible and walks a reader though the timeline of events leading up to trial. Once the reader arrives at the trial itself the chapters are filled with excellent summaries of daily events while dispersed with the much unknown groundwork of historical references.

Cashill really has mastered the ability to deliver the most essential, while avoiding the pitfalls of minutia.  Masterful, because the complexity of characters in/around the events after the Trayvon Martin shooting are FILLED with minutia if an author decides to go there.

Thankfully for the reader, Cashill avoids getting too far away from the core issues in the fraud, which became the scheme, which became politically charged, which became a potential criminal case, that eventually became The State of Florida VS. George Zimmerman.

Ryan Julison -with-Matt-Lauer-and-Jones-familyJack disperses enough intel background research into the central players enabling the reader to get a great understanding of motives and objectives of each. Again, as previously mentioned, this is quite an accomplishment considering the scope and secrecy behind many key players.

If the reader is not aware of how broad the scope, they will be.  Similarly, a person who generally gets their news from TV will find there was much more behind how that story was placed on their screen than they ever would have known. Everything presented to the public was done for and with a purpose; the book captures that without getting too far off in the weeds.

julison communications FB post

Cashill outlines how a self-defense shooting, this White-Hispanic Zimmerman shooting, which should have been nothing but a local newspaper page five mention, was used by a group to serve a very specific purpose. Cashill accurately outlines the purpose, then helps to bring clarity to the reason why the media was willing to assist the professional grievance industry in their goals.

ryan julison facebook New York Times Editorial March 22 ryan julison facebook final

Meanwhile, Jack takes the reader into a new insight, to see a little bit about what we, the Treehouse community, and I, an inconsequential and generally average person, were doing – as together we found hidden keys to the real motives behind the people and places surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting.

None of us knew in March of 2012 what a little research and intellectual curiosity could find. However, each of us found what was not being reported of such significance to leave it undiscussed was not an option. How could the mainstream news media not find this stuff?  Unless, that is, because they didn’t want to.

Pam Bondi - Benjamin Crump - Martin Lee Anderson case  Bondi - Carvalho

Coast to Coast, and even outside of the U.S., individuals, doing research on their own, found their way here and together the group pieced together one of the most complex social, legal and political puzzles of the past two decades. This really was an incredible accomplishment, and Cashill finds a way to highlight those aspects into the story line.

George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said in June of 2012 that social media and the crowdsourcing of research in the Zimmerman case “could change the very landscape of legal trial research and discovery“.  He later said “if current criminal defense teams are not using social media, after this case they probably will be“.

That research O’Mara spoke about was happening, in real time, and completely outside the legal defense team.

A lot of that research was happening right here and Cashill highlights much of it in his book as he engagingly jumps back and forth between what was happening in the pre-trial, what was happening in the courtroom, and what was happening on the web by those who were more apt at understanding the real story.

The trial chapters of the book are some of the most engaging reading for anyone who was interested but didn’t have time to watch every nuance as it unfolded.  Even if you did watch every scintilla of the trial you’ll draw an even greater understanding of events as Jack walks through not only what was happening, but WHY.

If you are fascinated by the media, politics, sociology and race, or by Hollywood and how criminal cases can be manipulated for public consumption, this book is a must read.

However, there is one flaw.   The book should come with a warning specifically directed to your friends and family, notifying them: “once you get started, you won’t put it down”.


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45 Responses to Jack Cashill’s “If I Had A Son” The Comprehensive Book About The George Zimmerman Case – Available Beginning Today

  1. stella says:

    Excellent review, Sundance! Here’s a link to Amazon, if anyone is interested in purchasing a hard cover copy:



  2. This is an excellent book. I read it when it came out on Kindle. I also liked the shorter book written by Robert Zimmerman Sr.

    Sadly, this isn’t over for George and his family. About the only thing that is over seems to be the support he once got. Perhaps this book might stir that up again.


  3. Springstreet says:

    Wonderful review. I too read and enjoyed Jack’s work … but felt one vital element was left unaddressed.
    My niece’s new friend is a minister and she was at our communal dinner table gushing about her New Jersey congregation all wearing “hoodies” after the Trayvon Martin “shooting”. Being the informed Treeper that I am, I was ready to pounce … and inform the uninformed. But I didn’t. I stopped and realized that what her congregation felt was actually real … and both uniting and emotionally purging.
    And this is what Jack missed. Trayvon Martin was a valid American symbol … not of the race baiter’s scam … but rather of the black family’s terrible destruction by the “Great Society”. The 1960’s good intentioned ended up giving us Deedee, crazy ass-crackers, an abandoned Trayvon … and his generation of fatherless children. This is the real tragedy.
    Oh … and we still don’t know how Tracy knew Trayvon came in the “back gate” and had twenty dollars in a wallet which was never found … after he supposedly walked back from the 7/11 (past street side security cameras) without being seen!


    • Josh says:

      You should have taken the opportunity to inform your uninformed guest of “the black family’s terrible destruction by the “Great Society”.”


  4. flaladybug says:

    This book is the greatest example of what ordinary people who only seek the truth can accomplish. Armed with only a desire for facts and a need to see corruption exposed, the CTH and the “Treepers” have done what many could/would not do…..let in the SUNLIGHT OF TRUTH!!
    I am so very proud and honored to be among this group of AMAZING PEOPLE……CONGRATS and GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙂

    P.S. Sundance…..there is NOTHING ordinary about you. You are a true source of inspiration and a true AMERICAN HERO!!!


  5. The Treepers have restored many Americans’ faith and hope that honor, truth, and rule-of-law can still exist in the Republic, despite the ravaging of our nation by people whose obvious purpose is to destroy it. God knows HIs own. I thank Him for your good works.


  6. Lou says:

    If I had a son, he’d start beating up non AA’s ground and pound style. Trayvon supporters are sick pups! can’t stand their ignorance. hope Jack makes a million and gets media appearances for shining the light of truth. going to get the book.


  7. rashomon says:

    How appropriate the hardcover is released today when we have the Stand Your Ground Law being addressed on Capitol Hill. Of course, the BGI is in attendance. Ted Cruz is at least discussing the use of the topic to advance “some people’s” agendas.


  8. crossthread42 says:

    On C SPAN now..
    Senate Hears Testimony Regarding “Stand Your Ground” Laws

    Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on “Stand Your Ground” laws. She is joined by Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, who was…


    • raskog says:

      The Senate and libraries in general need to be gifted with a nice copy of “If I Had a Son”.

      It’s particularly relevant because it speaks to Loathesome in Chief’s dangerously inflaming race relations and peace among black and white Americans, and feeding more absentee parenting – especially among the black population. Instead of understanding the difficulty of not having a stable family and father figure, Loathesome has no sympathy for these *neglected* boys, and furthers more at risk behavior among parents. He promotes IRRESPONSIBILITY in everything…….. His leadership by example for *his sons* is a terrible pox on black youth.


  9. Josh says:

    I’m going to have to purchase several copies for those that I know that are too scared to stand their own ground. I should (again) say “eff ’em” but I believe this book needs to get out to them.


  10. rashomon says:

    Sybrina, if you repeat the same lie often enough, loud enough, to enough audiences, maybe someday, just someday, in the middle of the night you’ll realize…it’s still a lie.


  11. jsjavascript says:

    Published on Oct 29, 2013
    WASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Cruz defended stand your ground laws today at a hearing on self-defense legislation, arguing that Washington should leave such decisions to the states.

    Trayvon Martin’s mom prods Congress. Ted Cruz, defend Stand Your Ground laws


  12. rashomon says:

    Gee, what was the big elephant in the room at that hearing? Besides Crump.


  13. I’m definitely confused on one tiny point here:

    justfactsplz — a regular commentator at CTH — versus Justfactsplz — who wrote this one-star review of Cashill’s book over at amazon, which has more comments than any of the other thirteen reviews. (all five-star).


    By Justfactsplz
    This review is from: If I had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman (Kindle Edition)
    Jack Cashill begins his “book” giving praise to the Conservative Treehouse: The Last Refuge for Misguided Misfits. His book is a regurgitation of all the lies and distortions created solely by these racist, homophobic, right wing conspiracy theorists from the Conservative Treehouse. The “Conservative Treehouse” should be read daily by everyone to understand how terribly sick and racist this country really is. Being that that the biggest contributors to the GZ defense fund come from the Treehouse, Mark Omara was under constant threats of these GZ supporters cutting off support to said defense fund…Omara was obligated to present every lie and misrepretation of facts germaine to this case as presented soley from this site. This site ran by Sundance whose original name was Sundance Cracker…he changed it to appeal to the sensibilities of new readers…to not appear too racist. See, Rachael Jenteel clearly defined the term “cracker” meaning an wannabe authority figure who is racist toward black folk…and that defines Sundance. If you don’t believe me…google Conservative Treehouse. They relentlessly slandered a slain 17 year old child and his family solely to fit their narrative. Everything said about Trayvon Martin…that he was a thug, on drugs etc. came from this site.

    Jack Cashill is a published author, journalist who promotes conspiracy theories. He has been described as racist, homophobic and a right wing nutter. Here’s an article “Jack Cashill Endorses Murder” to google and read. Please read before purchasing this book.

    Is someone impersonating OUR justfactsplz? If so, that’s “bogue”, as my dad would say. If not, then WTF.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Someone absolutely is impersonating me. I did not read the book yet and have not written a review at Amazon or anywhere. I am justfactsplz. There is al a justthefacts who is not me. There are those who don’t like me and would do such a thing. This is dispicable and unacceptable. I won’t name names but I can count on one hand those who would do such a thing. What little tidbits I have read about this book and the credit he gives our wonderful website I think it is very very good.


      • justfactsplz says:

        After reading the review again it sounds like this came from a member of another website who constantly bashes Sundance. This person has sunk to an all time low. It would be interesting to know what IP address they used. It is not me.


        • justfactsplz says:

          I just went over to Amazon to reply to that comment and the name has been changed and no longer says justfactsplz. Odd.


          • taqiyyologist says:

            I don’t know how to do screenshots, but it (follow my link above) still says the review (and all the down-voted comments) are by “Justfactsplz”. Note the capital J.


        • stella says:

          We all know it isn’t you. It was written by some woman named Valerie. I think somebody said she hung out at Leatherman’s site.


          • stella says:

            If you check the profile, there are only two reviews – the one for the Cashill book, and the other for the review of Osterman’s book.


          • justfactsplz says:

            Thanks, Stella. I probably had a run in with her at Click Orlando in the early days. A lot of the Leatherman’s people were there during that time.


            • KPM58 says:

              Leatherman is has become a small world onto itself. I think the light is spreading, on the NBC vine article about Sybrina’s testimony today, the majority of comments are not too kind.


          • Josh says:

            “We all know it isn’t you.” Actually WE all didn’t know. This has been bugging me since yesterday. I wanted to ask about this yesterday but did not have the time so I came back today to query. I am happy that this discussion has taken place. I understand that they troll this site and others but to use someone else’s name well … that just speaks to how desperate they are. Or, it could simply mean that the like the name justfactsplz and think it’s cool 🙂


            • stella says:

              Sorry, Josh! That review was written at the beginning of last month, and I presumed that those who had seen it would understand if they read the comments to the original review.


            • justfactsplz says:

              I don’t think it was because they liked the name. It was deliberate to choose this name. It is desperate. I chose this name when I came to this site because I was looling for just facts on the Zimmerman case, not the media lies. This person who used my name was not looking for facts and obviously had not read the book. Make no mistake, there are enemies among us who hate sunlight.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        That’s kinda what I figured. Before GP switched to Disqus, the mobys were doing that regularly. Anything for that OFA paycheck, I guess.


  14. safvet says:

    Thomas LIfson has a nice review at American Thinker. See:



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