May 1945

Trophies 1945

September 2013

Trophies 2013

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26 Responses to Trophies

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Three pictures worth 3,000 words.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    And watch both sides (Obama/Republicans) sully the moment by claiming it was a victory for them


  3. God bless those true American heroes. (D.C., I’m not talking about you.)


  4. Stormy says:


  5. Polk8dot says:

    Disgusting! This vile turd needs to go!
    How many more insults is this nation going to swallow in the name of political correctness? Obviously history teaches us one thing only – that appeasement never works! And yet majority of American politicians seem to glide through life on appeasement and favoritism reciprocity.
    He was illegally elected POTUS, but has turned now into the TOP PIECE OF SHIT’US. But somehow HE clearly thinks of himself as an EMPEROR of the US!

    I almost choked from laughter yesterday when he said in a presser in front of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE that ‘HE will NOT ALLOW ANYONE to sully a good name of the US’.
    He’s the one to talk??????? The hypocrisy has now turned into a straight up lying to our faces, making up stories, inverting facts, spinning stories not based in reality.
    It is like we’ve already jumped into the alternate universe, and every day is the opposite day – opposite to reason, opposite to intelligent thought, opposite to honesty and dignity.

    I AM SO PROUD that these Old Birds (said with all my love and adoration) showed this pretender, amateur and usurper who the BOSS in this country is.
    President is NOT the boss. WE ARE.
    Time for the turd to be flushed, and start rebuilding this nation.


  6. yankeeintx says:

    I hope and worry that nobody tries to escort any Veterans off the property. It will not end well.


  7. ed357 says:


    should be……

    an annual day of…….

    “National Patriotic Civil Disobedience.”


  8. raskog says:

    Obama thinks he can play chess with God and win. This is a country built on God.


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