Angela Corey’s 4th SAO Responds To Public Records Request Follow-Ups….

But interestingly the Public Records Clerk, Jessica Clifton, is not the one responding. Instead, Lisa A. DiFranza, an Assistant State Attorney responds to the follow-up on behalf of Angela Corey.

Y’all know we are patient, very patient, but we are also relentless.


It took almost a year, and a painstaking methodical strategy, to get the Public Records from M-DSPD which revealed the truth behind Trayvon Martin’s history, and the illegal law enforcement diversionary practices which kept him from the Criminal Justice System.

One of the things we have learned (over time) is that when you are requesting these “risk records”, the public officials ‘at risk’ will easily lie.   So, unfortunately, the strategy to actually get the records means you have to anticipate being lied to.   You must  know the truth of the existence of what you are seeking, before you actually request it.

If you do not know what exists, you are blinded to accept the less than truthful delivery of the information the deceivers are willing to provide.   The deceptive Public Officials will NOT include the information that presents a risk to their careers.

Following the Zimmerman trial verdict, we again formulated a strategy to uncover the lies behind Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey, the prosecution strategy toward the Zimmerman case, and her team at the 4th District SAO in Jacksonville.

Make no mistake, by all appearances and given research into the Jacksonville history with Angela Corey at the helm, this is a very truth adverse State Attorney’s Office.


The strategy is almost identical to M-DSPD.   Basically three fold.  #1) Know what you are looking for before you begin.  Which means face to face conversations with people in/around the issues, to confirm the existence of records.   #2)  Request the records with specificity which does not allow obfuscation or hidden information to remain undisclosed.  #3)  Let the receiving entity know that you will:  a] jump through all their hoops, b] comply with all their *unlawful* instructions, and tactics for delay, yet… c] will not relent.

As with the M-DSPD experience, you can gauge the *risk* within the information based on who ends up answering questions when you submit follow-up status inquiry.

With that in mind, the latest communication from the 4th SAO to our inquiry has not been with the Clerk who handles the process fulfillment.    The latest communication [excerpt below] comes from the Asst. State Attorney, Lisa A. DiFranza:

[…]  This office diligently works to respond to each request in the order it was received as quickly as possible.  We anticipate having the requested documents to you by tomorrow.  If there are additional costs above the deposit amount, we will let you know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Have a great day!


Tomorrow ?  !   Cool.

Baby Newt

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34 Responses to Angela Corey’s 4th SAO Responds To Public Records Request Follow-Ups….

  1. Shannon says:

    I rarely like “have a great day” at the end of a correspondence. It comes across as false and just a bit too perky. Now, will she deliver the goods?


    • sundance says:

      Regarding the salutation. Who cares? Regardless of verbiage we are still standing here.

      Regarding delivery, we already know what exists. The only question is: will they be honest about it?


      • auscitizenmom says:

        Sundance, thank you for your dogged persistence. (That just reminded me of my late rottweiler. When he played tug-of-war, he would look me right in the eye and give out one tiny little “grrrr”, and he.would.not.let.go.ever.)


  2. Sal says:

    Will you be able to get the full information on the chain of custody for TM phone?

    I know there was a discussion on this site a month ago about the deleted information, but was mostly speculative because who had it, when they had it, remains unknown.

    Thank you.


    • sundance says:

      Mark O’Mara has full, unfettered access to that information (the CoC). It is, quite simply, a part of the evidencury record he was/is 100% capable to look into. He has this in his possession – always has.

      So why would that matter to us, if it does not matter to Mark O’Mara?


  3. partyzant says:

    The “have a great day!” is similar to the Southron “well, bless your heart!”. Know that she means you the opposite. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free….. I read that somewhere. Recently. I swear.


  4. TruthSeeker says:

    Been there …… Done that! Even when you know with specificy what exactly you need want or know you should have you will not get it if it infringes on their well you know…….

    Advise ask public records request to other agencies related to your inquires and there is where you may find what the State Attorneys Office refuses to provide you thus violating the law herself.

    As for Ms DeFrazio I have had my rounds with her at least 20 times…….needless to say I prevailed in the long run with all these fraudulant modified documents and records withheld to protect the guilry by the directive of other agencies. I knew there would be a day where everyone of them woyld point fingers at each other. I would just love to have them all in one room to watch the b***ch fest!


  5. sangell says:

    Yeah that does sound a little too cooperative as in will give you everything you asked for in unsorte form with one word per page in no particular order. Bin file squared.


  6. jadsavage says:

    Angela Corey needs to be indicted


  7. jadsavage says:

    Angela Corey is not to be trusted her and she has destroyed evidence in the Natasha Boykins case just like she and her team tampered with George Zimmermans evidence…her elite team of schemers will soon be exposed-along with Jacksonvilles ME and his stealing property off the departed-
    I cannot wait until the day Angela Corey is indicted and put in prison
    We as humans need to form a union and protect the victims of murder that Angela Corey deemed as a suicide-there is no way in hell that there is
    47 suicides to 11 murders in Florida in a 7 mile radius-
    Angela Corey was born on Oct 31 which makes her a real live witch

    Rest in peace victims…justice is coming


  8. justfactsplz says:

    I have been wondering how these requests were coming. We will see if she really means tomorrow and what you actually get. Relentless, Wolverines.


  9. hawkeye13 says:

    Thanks Sundance for staying the course. Many of us would like to see the unlawful behavior come to an end.


  10. scaretactics says:

    Good for you SD. Hopefully she will be disbarred.

    It can’t be fun working for Corey. Maybe saying “have a great day” was the highlight of her day…


  11. karen says:

    Thank you Sundance for being on the right side of humanity.


  12. El Gordo Loco says:

    Maybe it took so long because the documents were in cursive. I hope some of this leg-work helps save the next person..maybe even you or me…from being railroaded! Godspeed .


  13. eastern2western says:

    lets hope we find out more about Rachael, I can not read cursive, jeantel.


  14. El Gordo Loco says:

    Forgot to mention I stole the “cursive” pun fom Jack Cashill interview : )


  15. JAS says:

    Godspeed SD, and watch your six!


  16. recoverydotgod says:

    Lawyer: Angela Corey missed deadline to release evidence
    Published On: Apr 28 2012


    When Local 6 emailed Corey and her public records attorney, Lisa DiFranza, asking for an explanation as to how they concluded the records were still exempt criminal investigative information, even though Ponce advised the information was required to be given to Zimmerman Friday, the two attorneys did not respond.



  17. El Gordo Loco says:

    Whatever happened with this? This article was written well over a month ago..did I miss the update?


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