The Welding Torch Killer – Mona Nelson Trial Continues As Does National Media Avoidance

In Houston Texas a middle-aged black woman named Mona Nelson kidnapped a 12-year-old white boy, Jonathan Foster, from his home on Christmas Eve 2010. She tied him up with string, tortured him, then burned him with a welding torch and dumped his body in a ditch. Reverse the races and this would be the lead story every night in the media – the same reason it’s being ignored.

Court update from Thursday HOUSTON (KTRK) – Investigators took the stand again on Thursday in the Mona Nelson trial. She’s charged with capital murder, accused of killing a 12-year-old boy. For the first time we heard about the autopsy of Jonathan Foster, whose body was found face down in a ditch and severely burned.

Jonathan FosterMona Nelson

Dr. Paul Radelat, a pathologist testifying for the defense, admitted that he had not actually examined Jonathan’s body, but merely viewed photographs of the boy’s remains and read the forensic pathologist’s report. He said we may never know what happened to Jonathan, but he was confident the child was neither strangled nor burned alive.

Dr. Radelat testified, “I believe he was dead by the time he was burned. & This child was turned into a piece of firewood. & I can’t say with any certainty what burned him. & There is no clear-cut cause of death.”

As for how the child died, there were some theories, but nothing stated as a fact.

Dr. Radelat testified, “You have to think some sort of smothering event. & It’s very difficult to come up with any conclusion, the body was badly charred. Any external evidence was gone. & We don’t have any affirmative evidence that he was smothered, but smothering wouldn’t leave any affirmative evidence.”

Prosecutors introduced something on cross-examination that indicates someone hit Jonathan in the center of his chest, supporting some theories that he was struck by his killer and possibly smothered afterward. (read more)

Mona Yevette Nelson 2

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18 Responses to The Welding Torch Killer – Mona Nelson Trial Continues As Does National Media Avoidance

  1. My logical mind understands why everyone gets their day in court but sometimes my emotional mind, especially in this case, is screaming to just charbroil this evil *itch already


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    She called this little boy’s mother to make sure she had the correct child. Unbelievable. And, who told Medical Examiners they could do autopsys with cameras instead of scalpels?


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      The person testifying here (Dr Radelat) is just a pathologist testifying for the defense, and not the Medical Examiner who actually examined Jonathan’s body. It appears that the defense strategy here is to minimize the reaction to the horror of what Mona Nelson did to Jonathan. If, as Dr Radelat suggests, an actual cause of death cannot be established, or, if it is established that Jonathan was already deceased *prior* to the destruction of his body, the defendant may try to claim that his death was not intended, and the mutilation was done in a panic to escape detection. Either way, it does not diminish what she really did, but it could mean the difference between a capital murder conviction, with a life sentence, and a conviction on a lesser included offense. This was probably the factor that motivated the decision to have the case decided by a judge, and not a jury.


      • Sam says:

        If the pathologist for the defense thinks there’s no way to establish that someone was smothered, he’s incompetent. It does leave some evidence and he should know it. A victim of asphyxiation has bloodshot eyes and a high level of carbon dioxide in the blood. There may be bruising around the mouth and nose and fibers in the mouth, nose and windpipe. Sorry for the graphic details, but there’s no way to explain it without details. If the child was badly burned after death – and yes, there are ways to tell if the burns happened before or after death – then some of the evidence may have been destroyed. I hope the prosecution’s forensic pathologist is/was competent.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          I thought that I read that the medical examinar who testified only looked at pictures. Gee, I wonder if he could tell from the pictures that there were fibers anywhere??? 😦


  3. I’m “glad” to hear they think he was dead before being burned. I’ve lived in horror of the thought that he was alive and/or conscious what that was occurring. This entire thing is beyond comprehension. Anyone who can harm a child – and then treat that child’s remains as garbage – deserves swift and sure punishment. Death. Until we get rid of the exhaustive appeals, etc. and begin executing guilty murderers immediately, we are not deterring crime by the death penalty. It’s a “far off” possibility IF they get caught. If they were assured of being swiftly and certainly dispatched to their maker they may think a little harder before taking a life. This case makes me sick – and has from day one.


    • peachteachr says:

      Adding to the disgust and horror of the crime is that it occurred on Christmas Eve.


      • Absolutely – the news of a “missing 12 year old boy” was hitting just as my own son and I (he was 3 at the time) were sitting at the kitchen table frosting sugar cookies for Santa that night. We were finishing up the Christmas preparations, joyful, excited and happy. We didn’t learn much more until a couple of days after Christmas – that’s when we got the horrible news that he had been abducted, etc. Of course, then the ultimate news. It was a very, very sad time.


        • Harley says:

          I think you’re being naive txcmomof2. Law enforcement lies all the time about black on white crime, and often about black on other races. While I’m not certain in this case, it’s more likely from what I’ve seen that he was tortured on purpose. But there are tons of instances where LE has been caught by family members lying, attempting to repress the truth of motive, racial hatred, etc. in black on white crimes.

          Try out viking bitch’s blog as a concerned white mom.


          • Thanks, Harley – no, I’m not naive. I know the savagery these animals are capable of. I just choose to “hope” that he was not tortured. The alternative is too sickening to even consider. I “hope” that the ME was correct when he said he felt he was already dead before being burned. I think there are ways they can tell. That’s all.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    First off, don’t even read anything into this. This guy’s testifying for the defense – the defense doesn’t go out and grab just any pathologist, they only bring in ones who compliment the defense. Did anyone think that the defense would have brought him in had he said: “Oh yeah, she did it, burned that kid to death with a welding set, no doubt about it!”? Note that he didn’t contradict the prosecution, he just made the prosecution’s pathologist’s testimony a bit fuzzy, attached a wee bit of reasonable doubt which the defense will try to inflate during summation. There’s a huge industry in ‘expert shopping’, the truth is out there somewhere but if you’re the defense you frequently don’t want to get too close to it.


    • dulce025 says:

      Good point. I hope this woman crashes and burns. Who could do something like this to a child. Odd thing is, it was never even on the news in ANY of the 3 cities I’ve been in during the past month


      • czarowniczy says:

        The beating death of the 90-year old vet and the Aussie shooting in OK made it to our news but without comment. They didn’t edit out the footage of the suspect(s) though, which is frequently done. General rule seems to be that if the event makes the national news of the parent network our stations will carry it.


      • czarowniczy says:

        The beating death of the 90-year old vet and the Aussie shooting in OK made it to our news but without comment. They didn’t edit out the footage of the suspect(s) though, which is frequently done. General rule seems to be that if the event makes the national news of the parent network our stations will carry it.


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