The Fraud That Is CNN – Through The Lies Within “The Truth About Benghazi” – Updating The Previous Expose’


This post merely outlines the supporting trail of evidence to follow-up on the original post.   Due to prior post length this independent update needed for intellectual absorption.

The original outline is HERE

The reason we are sharing this information is to help awaken those who only moderately understand the length, depth, and breadth of the manipulation put forth by CNN as a willfully blind leftist enabler to the Radically Left policies of the White House and administration.

We know there are many thousands of people who already understand how blatant this is.   The target audience for this information is those who just “can’t believe” what is outlined – yet have a common sense cognition to accept what is there, when it is shown.

So yesterday we constructed the pathway to deconstructing the narrative, and showing the points of attachment which are REALLY HARD to accept; but the truth does not care for your comfort – it exists with or without you being able to comprehend it.

As expected the CNN full hour Story “The Truth About Benghazi”, put forth by Erin Burnett, is not available on their website.   Actually, you really have to search to find any mention of it whatsoever.   However, we have done the logistics to create the shortcuts for you.

The transcript is available HERE.   However, the transcript only reflects the partial constructs of the show.  Some narrations, some voice-overs, and partial interviews.

The full video is NOT available.   Gee, go figure….   However, you can find individual segments of the show which we have captured in THIS SHORTCUT.

The presentation is intentionally fragmented upon the CNN site, because that fragmentation is exactly how it was constructed.   The fragmentation is a necessary aspect to the creation of the ruse.

{*note* you might remember another recent fragmentation story surrounding ABC, Robin Roberts, and the manipulative heavily edited interview of Zimmerman witness B-29.  In the ABC interview the full interview was never posted either – The purpose for the intentional fragmentation is the same in both the ABC and CNN constructs}

Fortunately for us, the narrative construction timeline becomes very obvious because Erin Burnett is right now VERY pregnant.

Yet in the production aired there are multiple segments where she is not visibly pregnant at all.   Meaning the expose’ was created over the course of several months.

Here is an example with Burnett not looking the least bit pregnant as she interviews Tyrone Woods’ mother:

cnn screenshot

My guess is this video production was done sometime in May or early June of 2013.

On July 9th  2013,  in a picture taken at a conference in Sun Valley, Burnett appears to present a strikingly similar physique to the standing narrated portions of the video.

Erin Burnett July 8th 2013

Erin Burnett – July 9th 2013

cnn screenshot 2

Erin Burnett – Production Aired August 6th 2013

You’ll also note in the segment “honoring the victims” that Sean Smiths’ mom is not interviewed.   Instead, they use stock interview footage from prior appearances on CNN.

Why?   Because she is a vocal and outspoken critic of the administration’s handling of the entire terror attack and the lies from the White House.

*Note* The screenshot (Ty Wood’s Mom) above was taken at the 2:52 point in this same video

American Thinker has a breakdown of the production story itself – CLICK HERE

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14 Responses to The Fraud That Is CNN – Through The Lies Within “The Truth About Benghazi” – Updating The Previous Expose’

  1. Judy says:

    Have any of Christopher Stevens’ family members ever spoken publicly?


  2. Judy says:

    Nice HT to CTH in AT article 🙂


  3. lovemygirl says:

    Amber rails against the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act. NDAA is a United States federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense. Each year’s act also includes other provisions. It is those other provisions that become troublesome.


  4. Bijou says:

    Did you all know that Lucianne has posted this article today as a “MUST READ”??
    She had this to say about it:
    “ConservativeTreeHouse is new to our forum. It may be
    posted but please ask for editors’ approval first.”


  5. FairWitness says:

    Governments are paying “journalists” & news organizations to produce & air “sponsored-content” reports without disclosing it. Propaganda from the Left & oppressive dictatorships & regimes are buying access to spread their lies. The corruption is astounding – so massive a crime that there are no words to accurately describe it. Who are these people that head news organizations today? What has happened to honor, integrity & decency? This is very hard to mentally digest & accept — THIS TRUTH — is devastating, disillusioning.


  6. John Galt says:

    Awesomeness in the detail and analysis. Zero – CNN need merely construct something superficially plausible to fool the masses. This expose should be another Bill Whittle million view video.


  7. Vivid Blue says:

    CNN= Constructed Narrative News. Slogan- Your money, your news!


  8. czarowniczy says:

    CNN – the Democrat’s Goebbels.


  9. CNN did the impossible – it proved in only one hour there is no reason to watch CNN. This report was absolutely shameful, a non-event of the first magnitude.

    Something interesting was the Directv program guide showed it only being shown once – no repeat showings. That is significant for a 24 hour a day network. I’ve got a feeling Obama talked them out of their original program and what we saw was cobbled together or severely edited at the last minute. Offering a “tribute” to the victims of the Benghazi terrorist attack while covering up what actually happened there is unforgivable.


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  11. JoanB says:

    So called “documentary films” are actually Obama administration government propaganda films. Government has completely taken over so called “news networks”. What has happened to free speach? No longer can rely on media to investigate and report on government activities.


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