The Nest – Understanding The Trayvon Martin Family and Political Connections

I want to present an accurate picture of Alicia Stanley – and why she views Trayvon as the pre-summer 2010 teen (between his 15th and 16th year)

However, before you can understand her, you have to understand which people hate her.   In order to understand who they are, you have to understand why they hate her;  Why she is viewed as a risk to them.   Believe it or not we have been researching these people since March 2012.

So, let me see if I can even begin to summarize all of these interwoven connections that form the Trayvon Scheme Team agenda:

Natalie Jackson, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks

It begins with Tracy Martin reaching out on February 28th to his sister-in-law attorney Patricia Jones, she in turn contacted Benjamin Crump from Parks and Crump law firm in Tallahassee. Crump contacted Tracy Martin February 29th and took the case March 1st.

Crump then contacted Orlando Attorney Natalie Jackson to begin the process of formulating the offensive strategy. Natalie Jackson is a Seminole County NAACP board member and serves as a member of the Legal Redress Committee. In addition Natalie Jackson’s mom, Francis Oliver, is a major activist and historian within the NAACP.

Matt Lauer (left) Ryan Julison (right)

Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump hire Media Communications expert Ryan Julison, who Jackson had previously worked with on the Sanford Sherman Ware case where they were able to extort leverage financial restitution from the son of a former Sanford Police Lieutenant; the son’s name is Justin Collison, and he was charged with beating Sherman Ware. In addition to money paid to Sherman Ware, Collison, the grandson of a very wealthy former federal judge, also paid off the NAACP. Ryan Julison ran the media campaign to support Ware.

While Julison went about pitching the racist white George Zimmerman murdering the innocent Trayvon Martin to the media, which he did very effectively, Benjamin Crump got in touch with his former cohorts from the Martin Lee Anderson case; namely Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and National NAACP President Ben Jealous.

The Zimmerman family quickly noticed the racist narrative being drawn and sold with reckless abandon on all the media, and they reached out to Sanford/Seminole County NAACP President Turner Clayton who they thought would support George Zimmerman from Clayton’s prior knowledge of how Zimmerman actively supported Sherman Ware within the black community. However, if Clayton supported Zimmerman and admitted the non-racist knowledge, then he would be undercutting Natalie Jackson, who was herself a member of his board and now attacking Zimmerman. So Clayton obfuscated and kept his mouth shut so he wouldn’t lose credibility within his own ethnic community.

Ryan Julison continued selling his media pitch to multiple media outlets, and running cover for a few slip ups by Sybrina Fulton, such as when she said she thought the shooting was an accident. The frenzy was fierce and Julison kept chumming the media water.

Sanford, Fla. City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., left, speaks to Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., and Sanford, Fla. Mayor Jeff Triplett, and Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., before a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 20, 2012, to talk about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The narrative was aided by association. The same congressional district now held by Fredrica Wilson is hopefully being passed to Walter A Sutton the appointed Chairman for The Trayvon Martin Memorial Foundation. In addition Fredrica Wilson joined forces with Congresswoman Corrine Brown and initiated a congressional hearing with the full support of the NAACP from Broward and Seminole Counties. Both of whom pressured Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte to dispatch Police Chief Bill Lee thereby providing further ammunition for Benjamin Crump to litigate the city of Sanford.

In addition Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett was backed against the wall and forced to compromise his position with the police chief or face the wrath of the local forces aligned within the NAACP. Triplett’s primary collapse under pressure was evident from his overriding of Chief Lee’s decision not to release the 911 tapes, and after a private viewing on March 16th with all anti-Zimmerman forces in his office he gave them everything they demanded.

Meanwhile NAACP President Ben Jealous, the Congressional Black Caucus, Civil Rights Activists Sharpton and Jackson were assisting Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson toward the goal of arrest and financial reward. They had an ACE in their sleeve in addition to the race card on their lapel.

Charlie Crist (left) – John Morgan (right)

The ACE was John Morgan, from Morgan and Morgan Law firm. Within the law firm Morgan and Morgan sat Partner Greg Francis. Greg Francis was the constructive decision maker behind the Pigford Settlement between black farmers and the Federal Department of Agriculture. Connected both to Washington DC, the CBC, and Orlando, Florida. Coincidently Greg Francis had previously hired Ryan Julison to do the PR and Media Relations work for the Pigford Settlement.

Greg Francis

But more importantly, Greg Francis was Partners with John Morgan. Morgan is a HUGE democrat fundraiser, massive contributor, and he had just finished hosting a fundraiser attended by President Obama in Orlando, at the mega-mansion of NBA star Vince Carter. $30,000 / per plate to be exact.

In addition former Governor Charlie Crist works for Morgan and Morgan, and it was Charlie Crist who persuaded the Florida Legislature to pay off Benjamin Crump and the family of Martin Lee Anderson to the tune of $5 million from the State. The total cash haul from both city and state wrongful deaths lawsuits filed by Parks and Crump was over $7.4 million. The help of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, along with then Senator Barack Obama was instrumental in winning the award.

So with Benjamin Crump now holding a firm connection to now President Obama, and with John Morgan’s campaign money, and with Greg Francis’s Pigford Washington DC connections, along with the CBC and Sharpton/Jackson et al, in hindsight it was no surprise to see President Obama in the Rose Garden advocating for his donors, friends, and supporters. Heck, I’ll bet Axelrod saw immediate campaign dollar signs from that little quid-pro-quo. A good investment indeed.

Meanwhile unknown to the rest of the world, because the inept and lame institutional media refuses to do just a little digging and research, massive forces are aligned to insure that George Zimmerman remains nothing more than an avenue for more power, greed and prestige.

Just look at how many people are benefitting from this one event. It’s staggering.

Now go back and re-read this insightful American Thinker article, knowing now what you did not know then. READ IT HERE

Scott Swett laid out the roadmap for a paint by numbers picture, I just gave you the color key. Take a look at what picture you end up with.

If you have followed the case, even from a distance, you are no doubt aware of the toxic nature of the racist tone embedded within the story line of Trayvon Martin being shot by George Zimmerman. This intentionally seeded racist undertone has existed from the outset, and appears in the very first media stories surrounding the shooting.

We outlined in update #13 where this racial story line came from, and what was not done to stop it from spreading.

…  The initial cries of racism have now created massive local and national racial unrest; And at the heart of this intentional false construct we find a handful of key players who planted the seed, fertilized the hate filled soil and then walked away. To this day those same people still turn their back on the consequences of their construct.

In order to understand how horribly obvious was the creation of this false racism, including lies by omission, you must (re)familarize yourself with the former Sanford Florida case of a black homeless man named Sherman Ware. Ware was beaten by 21-year-old Justin Collison, outside a local Sanford Bar on December 4th, 2010:

Collison was captured on a YouTube video leaving a Sanford bar Dec. 4, walking up behind an unsuspecting Ware and punching him in the back of the head. That drove Ware’s face into a utility pole, and he then hit the pavement.

He was taken to a Sanford hospital, where he was treated for a broken nose.

Sanford police questioned Collison that night and had possession of the video but did not arrest him. He was arrested one month later after news organizations began airing the video. – Orlando Sentinel

Justin Collison’s father is a Sanford police lieutenant and his grandfather is former Circuit Judge Kenneth Leffler, one of several heirs to a land fortune in Volusia County. Collison was not arrested on the night of the beating. The non-arrest created a considerable stir in the community as it was perceived he was given favorable treatment due to his father’s status within the police department, and his powerful family connections.

The publicity surrounding the beating of Sherman Ware, and the cries for justice, were driven by the Seminole County NAACP, and by the actions of George Zimmerman himself. Zimmerman was personally involved in attending multiple small group community meetings, and organized the black community to rally behind Ware and seek justice.

(Daily Caller) Every Sunday, Zimmerman would stroll through Sanford’s black neighborhoods handing out the fliers demanding justice for Sherman Ware, and calling for the police to hold their own officials accountable. Zimmerman would also place the fliers on people’s cars outside churches.

“I challenge you to stand together and to have our voices heard, and to hold accountable all of those officers, and officials whom let this atrocious attack pass unpunished until the media revealed it,” one of the fliers reads in part. “This animal could have attacked anyone of us, our children or loved ones in his alcohol fueled rage.” (more)

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, when the institutional media was screaming racism, many voices within the Sanford community knew that Zimmerman was active in the case to help Sherman Ware find justice. This did not reconcile with screams of racist intent.

Unfortunately the voices of the Zimmerman defenders were drowned out by the megaphones of the institutional media, and the forward marching of the race-baiting class who saw an opportunity for notoriety, financial gain, power, prestige and influence at any cost.

George Zimmerman’s family pleaded with the community and even wrote a letter to local NAACP President, Clayton Turner, outlining their shock and disbelief. The very people George had tirelessly worked to help, with the specific example of the Sherman Ware case, were now turning on him. It just didn’t make sense:

“Do you know the individual that stepped up when no one else in the black community would?” the family member wrote. “Do you know who spent tireless hours putting flyers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church‐goers to get out of church so that he could hand them fliers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8th, 2011 at Sanford City Hall??”

“That person was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Ironic isn’t it?”

“The main point for this letter is to explain to you that the black community has labeled George a racist without any investigation at all,” the letter continued. “Regardless of the fact that George personally spoke to many of your constituents, not one has stepped forward and said, ‘Hey I know that face. That is the Hispanic guy that was standing up for Sherman Ware. That was the only non‐black face in the meetings for justice in this case.’”

“You know as well as I do that there are many NAACP followers that recognize George from the Ware case as well as many other good things that he’s done for the black community.”


However, NAACP’s President Turner Clayton had an agenda of his own, and he was not the least bit interested in the feeble pleas for honesty and support from the Zimmerman family. The New York Times would call them the “White-Hispanic” Zimmerman family:

NAACP leader cites complaints of uninvestigated Sanford killings Turner Clayton, longtime resident of Sanford, Florida and NAACP leader in that community, joins Brooke. Clayton discusses an NAACP gathering in Sanford the previous night in which several citizens voiced their complaints with the Sanford Police Department. He goes on to describe several complaints from citizens regarding killings that were improperly investigated and unprosecuted. (Video)

Orlando Sentinel – The shooting death of the unarmed Trayvon, also black, became “the boiling point,” said Turner Clayton, president of the Seminole County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“Right now there is no trust. There is no faith in the department,” said Clayton, a former Seminole County deputy sheriff. “It’s probably a good idea that the interim chief come from the outside and not be part of the good-old-boy system.”

Turner Clayton knew how hard Zimmerman worked to help in the Sherman Ware case yet he did nothing. Perhaps the visibility of National NAACP President Ben Jealous arriving with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were too challenging to face with divergence. But there is another player within the NAACP officers club who might have been an influence in the decision to turn away from Zimmerman. More on that in a moment.

For now it is important to understand that Zimmerman was, and is, an insignificant flea standing alone looking into the furnace of hate. Seemingly helpless, and yet anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Sherman Ware case would know how Zimmerman helped Sherman Ware find justice. In doing so he also helped hold Justin Collison accountable.

First, and most shockingly,  Natalie Jackson was Sherman Ware’s attorney.

Yeah, you read that right. The very Natalie Jackson that now goes on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS at every opportunity to disparage George Zimmerman and his defense. Yeah, THAT Natalie Jackson. She was Sherman Ware’s attorney in the case against Collison, and the civil suit that followed.

Orlando 2011 – On Tuesday, Ware’s attorney Natalie Jackson, announced that Collison has already sent a check to cover the victim’s past and future medical bills and pain and suffering.

She would not disclose the total.

Collison also agreed to get counseling for alcohol abuse and to be treated for anger management, said Jackson.

In addition, Jackson said he’s agreed to make donations of $1,000 each to three non-profit groups: the Seminole branch of the NAACP, Seminole Action Coalition Serving Our Needy and a Sanford drug rehabilitation center. (more)

The same Natalie Jackson who was enlisted by Benjamin Crump to become a part of his Scheme Team against George Zimmerman. The same Natalie Jackson who has inferred, and supported by omission, Zimmerman’s action as racially motivated. This is the same Natalie Jackson who worked with George Zimmerman in advocating for Sherman Ware.

Partial Bio – Ms. Jackson serves on the Law Alumni Council of the University of Florida’s Levin School of Law. Ms. Jackson also serves on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Seminole County Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club, and the Sanford Chapter of the NAACP, where she is a member of the Legal Redress Committee. (More Here)

Et Tu Brute’ – How’s that for professional ethics when contrasted against the malicious, and intentionally false construct of racism.

Secondly, we discover that Mr. Ryan Julison, of Julison Communications, was enlisted by Natalie Jackson to handle the media construct and PR of the Sherman Ware case, as outlined in this article:

(Sanford Herald – 2011) Collison already had compensated Ware for all past and future medical bills, as well as additional money for pain and suffering. Weighing into his decision to agree to a settlement was the victim’s own problems with substance abuse and the law, said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for Ware.

Matt Lauer (left) Ryan Julison (right)

So both Ryan Julison, the current media communications lead for the Trayvon Martin family, and Natalie Jackson, the current co-lead attorney representing Trayvon Martin’s family, were familiar with George Zimmerman and his advocacy for black homeless man Sherman Ware.

Both Jackson and Julison worked together on the Ware case against Justin Collison, and against the Sanford Police Dept.

The prideful Ryan Julison even brags of his relationship with Jackson on his blog entry dated September 8th 2011: Aptly titled “Here we go“…

The past couple of months have been crazy! Several high-profile national stories, a lot of regional news and the promise of some very cool things to come.

Today, I helped my client Attorney Natalie Jackson announce a lawsuit in Federal court against the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of African-American barbers who were unlawfully handcuffed and detained as part of a “barber license check.” Coverage is widespread and prominent. (visit blog)

Yet both Julison and Jackson still worked to advance a false narrative of racist intent against George Zimmerman; and neither ever disclosed to the media or public their prior connection to George Zimmerman in the Sherman Ware case.

What does that tell you about the content of both characters?

Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump

Apparently, as a member of the Legal Redress Committee, Ms. Jackson was in a unique position within the NAACP Chapter Organization in Sanford when the racist narrative erupted. It can reasonably be argued if she had spoken up early and quashed the racist undertone the entire narrative would have stopped. But Ms. Jackson chose to remain silent.

Had she been honest and forthcoming about George Zimmerman, and his historical advocacy for the black and minority community the case against him could have taken a completely divergent path. Most certainly the tone would have been different, and it’s doubtful so much hatred would have been present.

Then again, maybe that’s why she kept quiet. It took the seeds of a racist narrative to drive the media interest, and without the media interest, pressure, and influence George Zimmerman would never have been arrested. There just wasn’t enough evidence to support an arrest, so her silence aided Benjamin Crump in getting the desired outcome.

However also true is the reality that perhaps many innocent persons would not have suffered brutal physical assaults on behalf of “Justice For Trayvon“.

Matthew Owens

If Ryan Julison and Natalie Jackson had just spoken honestly and truthfully their words may not have gone over well with the race dependent, and professionally aggrieved, class of race-baiters. However, those words most certainly would have reflected courage, a solid set of principles, and integrity planted firmly in the truth.

Whether by intention, or by omission, it appears a racist narrative was far more valuable to Team Trayvon than the truth.

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66 Responses to The Nest – Understanding The Trayvon Martin Family and Political Connections

  1. pet says:

    Awesome recap. Thanks. I shared it around.

    BTW – I know people that interact with NatJack on a professional basis regularly. They describe her as a total B behind the scenes, but when people that don’t know her are in her presence she comes off as “absolutely mesmerizing”. Extremely talented, educated and well spoken, with extraordinary prettiness on top. Not my words. I’ve never met her.


  2. pet says:

    ps. And yes. George is being totally screwed by the ‘community’ that he worked so hard to support and stand behind. sad sad sad. But very telling…..


    • libby says:

      And yes, black racism is that bad


    • lineman says:

      Look what happened to Hillary how the black community turned on her for Obama… Why can’t we just say that when it comes down to it blacks will stick with their race and screw the rest of you no matter how much you have done for them…


  3. yankeeintx says:

    The last picture in the article looks like they are ready to jump up and yell “Cha-Ching!!” Looks like the lotto numbers are being read off, and they already know they hold the winning ticket, what a sick bunch of fools.


    • libby says:

      Utthe ghetto lottery aint like a normal lottery.
      Instead of tickets you have to look after, feral kids in da ghetto are like walking lottery tickets.
      If one overdoses in the streets sue the city and blame whitey.
      If one of your feral kids tries to steal a cops gun, sue the county for wrongful death. And hate on whitey
      If your feral kid dies trying to assault mental health profesionals, sue the state and increase the hate.
      cuz black racism is the good kind of hate.
      And blame whitey no matter what happens. The media will love hou for it.


  4. clemma716 says:

    FUBAR! Anyone who puts a price tag on their deceased child’s name is scum.


  5. clemma716 says:

    Kinda OT but we also had one of those beatings in the name of Traydemark here in my town. A black man snatched a purse – ran off with it. A good man happened to see and took off after him. He got in back and they began to tussle around on the ground. AA onlookers began stomping the white guy chanting “Trayvon! Trayvon!” Sickening. The man who stole the purse was just released from prison that day and he was high on crack.


  6. elvischupacabra says:

    Listen…. if you DO NOT write a book when all this is over, history, posterity and, I’d wager YOU, will be much poorer for your not having done so. The former two, poorer in the sense of lost TRUTH and PERSPECTIVE, and you, my friend, in (as the Scheme Team would say) da Benjaminz!. Do it. Please.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Jack Cashill is writing a book that prominently features the CTH in the story.
      And, no, we’re not making any money from it — just another effort to get the Truth out there, which is why we cooperated. If you would like to help in our efforts here, donations for FOIA requests, etc are always appreciated.

      “If I had a Son: Race, Guns and the Railroading of George Zimmerman”

      That the shooting took place in Florida, the most highly contested state in that year’s presidential election, made its politicization all the more inevitable. From the beginning, the major media worked overtime to convict shooter George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. To promote their grudge against guns and their skewed view of race in America, the media ignored or denied the truth even after the truth had become obvious to those who followed the story closely.

      In another time and place, the media might have succeeded, but in the age of social media, their carefully crafted narrative has been thoroughly picked apart. If I Had A Son tells the story of a blogging collective called the Conservative Treehouse that has done much of the picking. Indeed, the clever research work of these unpaid “Treepers,” most of them female, may well be the defense’s best weapon.

      If I Had A Son is a thrill-packed David and Goliath story, the ending of which is still not known.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Excellent. All of you deserve praise for all of the long hours. They should make a movie about Sundance and this site. It would be really good. Kudos , Treepers are the best.


      • flaladybug says:

        AWESOME…..maybe we ladies can be called “TREEP-ETTES”??!? 😉


      • toetagger says:

        Today I found your site via WeaselZippers. ‘Honest’ ‘Investigative’ Journalism is truly an AWESOME thing to behold! Thank you for your commitment to the Truth and riveting reportage. TCTH has definitely been added to the top of my Favorites list. AWESOME!!


  7. mcbain346 says:

    Now that Rachel Jeantel has completed her testimony, unless she’s recalled, will the defense depose Crump and ask him about the interview/deposition in Sabrina Fulton’s living room? I’m assuming that wouldn’t be something a jury would see? Maybe they’re going to depose Crump and see what he has to say, then recall Jeantel and ask her about any inconsistencies? It would sure be nice if the media was forced to question Crump’s actions in this case. Can they ask him if he coached Jeantel and told her to make it sound like a racial thing?

    I’ve been watching a lot of media coverage and every once in a while someone will mention the unethical BDLR/Crump interview at Fulton’s house but there’s never any follow up. During the Duke Lacrosse case there was a lot more suspicion of Mike Nifong early on. People were talking about a possible investigation of his actions. So far, the media has given Crump and co. a pass. I wonder what it will take to get them to wake up?


    • michellc says:

      The media doesn’t want to wake up. I watched CNN a little today and apparently they want to have a race discussion, yet their panel was pretty much all about blaming whitey. We had a white woman with a black husband and bi-racial children try to sort of have a race discussion. She said the N word is heard in music all the time and white and black kids hear it. That her 10 year old child asked her, “if it’s okay for Dad to say the N word, but it’s not okay for you to say the N word, what about me?”
      A black guy says whites should never be confused, they are never to use the N word and bi-racial children are not to use the N word, but it’s okay for blacks to use the N word. Then there was a white guy who said the N word had a history of blacks being beat down and screams of kill the n….r, crackers never had the same, so they can’t feel all the hate and pain that comes with the word. (As a rational thinking person why would blacks use a word that causes them so much pain and hate?)
      The black guy who doing the show did say he heard two white guys calling each other the N word, but the white guy and other black guy says no that is wrong, whites are to never say the N word, period. The white woman said what if I’m singing in my car to a song? She was told she wanted an excuse to say the word, she said she just sings Wigger.
      Then an English professor comes on to tell the viewers that anyone criticizing the way Rachael talked was only doing so because of the color of her skin. There are all types of English and she was speaking Black English and very eloquently at that. (Thinking rationally again would an English professor pass someone in his English class who wrote Black English?)
      So no the media is not going to wake up, the media is going to play the next racist card, all whites are racist and it’s not possible for blacks to be racist and whites continue beating down blacks. We must also accept black children talking the way they do because cracka and n….er is part of Black English. Expecting them to learn to speak properly, write properly or even to be able to read English is racist. In other words the true racists on the left want to keep them uneducated and on the plantation. Lots of money and power would be lost if too many became educated and left the plantation.


    • nivico says:

      “…will the defense depose Crump and ask him about the interview/deposition in Sabrina Fulton’s living room?”

      I’m more interested in hearing more about the interview that took place in the closet with a bluetooth headset, lol…


  8. bullnuke says:

    Maybe our buddy, Richard Hornsby, would like to take this information to WESH and let them run with it. I’d even wager they would increase their bottom line since thats the goal of any decent media operation.


    • woohoowee says:

      Some poor overworked and underpaid staffer, working on the fly, will just mess it up with an “innocent mistake”.


  9. dizzymissl says:

    These people are pure evil


  10. woohoowee says:

    OT but related:

    “Obama Would Have Lost in 2012 Without High Black Voter Turnout”

    -snip- (****mine****)

    “The**** battleground states**** of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, ****Florida****and Colorado would have tipped in favor of Romney as well if the 2012 voter turnout was similar to that in 2004.”


  11. labrat says:

    But, but I’m confused, the family says this trial is NOT about race.


  12. teajr says:

    I was standing in-line at a convenience store when I overheard the clerk say, ” That Zimmerman guy killed that kid just because he was black. You can’t get more racist than that.” To which I replied “You really don’t have a single clue about this case, do you?”, and I began to give him the run-down. He just looked at me like I called him the N-word. It dawned on me that being racist isn’t what they have a problem with (many of them are pure D racist)–it’s depriving them of the privilege to lob around the epithet of ‘Racist that they have the problem with. It’s a wildcard ( a form of guaranteed currency) that they can spend anytime it suits them, and many do, with total disregard to the devastating fall-out of the real victim.


  13. Cesar BBiano says:

    I can’t believe what I just heard on FOX with Judge Jeanine’s two female panelists.

    The white one went on some endless rant about her being a star witness to a murder trial herself, basically excusing RJ’s behavior.

    The black panelist talked about the inevitable impression that people perceive on a person’s physical appearance, describing RJ as dark and lovely, avoiding her obesity entirely (yet George’s weight is definitely an issue by the media). This panelist also said that RJ was a just a baby when Crump found and interviewed her, and still sees her as a baby. Also the argument “George was told by police to stay in his car” came out of this woman’s mouth.



    • marie says:

      That’s the one thing that bothers me, that the women on Fox have been anti-George. I can only hope this is because they don’t know the details of the story and until yesterday’s testimony from John Good, I don’t think they thought anything except unarmed kid killed by armed man wannabe-cop. Then, the story turned to feeling sorry for RJ, which is NOT the story at all.


      • michellc says:

        Juries always scare me. It wouldn’t matter if they were all men. Although this is the only trial I’ve ever been a witness to that every prosecution witness seems like a defense witness and I can see no way anyone could still think him guilty, I still see stupid people like the women you’re talking about. So I want to believe they’re not stupid, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was concerned.


  14. uselessdebate says:

    Anybody else notice that the trademark is filed under Sabrina and not Sybrina? More legal ineptitude?


  15. froggielegs says:

    Who dat in da hat?? check out the date. (Yes I know who it is I’m being a smart butt LOL) 🙂


  16. sbguy says:

    So that waspy looking dude standing next to Matt Lauer did a pretty good job of spinning a story to remind the whole country how racist we still are.


  17. sangell says:

    The sad thing is this will go on until whites ( and now Asians) just can’t take it anymore. It was one thing to pay a small ‘racial peace tax’ when times were good but times are no longer good and they are not getting better. Giving blacks a hand up through AA and set asides may have stepped on poor whites chances but poor whites could still get ahead. Not so much these days and what is worse the hand up doesn’t work either as blacks keep falling back down to the bottom. Case in point Jesse Jackson’s economic extortion schemes. The man is just too stupid to even know how to extort.

    Back in the 1970’s Jackson made a big effort to get US auto companies to award dealerships to blacks. They complied and GM, Ford and Chrysler handed out dealerships to inexperienced but well connected blacks just as Toyota, Honda and Nissan were eating American auto manufacturers market share. Almost all of those minority dealers went bankrupt. Jackson and the rest of black America are forever looking in the rear view mirror of history while the rest of mankind moves into the future. Jesse Jackson could have ( and would have if he could have gotten away with it) demanded that Blacks be given ownership of GM, Kodak, Pan Am, Bethlehem Steel, Sears and a dozen other icons of American business and industry as ‘reparations’ and nothing would be different today save those companies would have failed even sooner. In fact, it may have been a bargain for whites to have made such a racial settlement 40 or 50 years ago and rid ourselves of a permanent and ever growing ‘racial tax’ but that’s not the way it will ever work. As Rudyard Kipling said “Once you pay the Danegeld, You never get rid of the Dane”. The dangerous thing is the black American ‘ummah’ paymaster, the Federal Government, is itself going broke and will not be able to pay the Danegeld even if it wanted to in a very short time. Then we come to the reckoning!


  18. marie says:

    As I read this superb summary, I was thinking of the book and the movie “All the President’s Men.”

    Don’t misunderstand, my first concern is with justice and truth and hoping this trial reveals the truth and justice is accomplished, but wow, good outcome or bad, this is the basis of a script . I thought first a HW movie, then thought better of that. It has too many interconnected parts and players and movies always condense too much. This need to be a mini-series like those of old, maybe an HBO enterprise. You know what my thought was, though: would black actors agree to play these people?


  19. nameofthepen says:

    Sundance, this is wonderful. A great “Cliff’s Notes” to show uneducated friends who are finally going, “huh?”. Can’t believe you managed to condense it down so far and still keep it so powerful. Nice!


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  22. alan says:

    I AM SHOCKED! SHOCKED I tell you, that you would insinuate that these nice black attorneys would contemplate running a RICO scheme to extort monies from our towns, cities, and other HOAs! Both a criminal, and a civil RICO, by the way…How to make money? First, find some victim. Second, represent them, no matter what the facts. Third, sue someone. Forth, collect, and then make the story go away, and move on to the next victim. Ironically and karmically, George Zimmerman, the ONLY half-way white person (Hispanic/white…don’t you just love that new interpretation of race>) out there helping the black community by passing out flyers and attending meetings for justice for homeless people that get assaulted by police liewtenant’s dads and whose father is a retired judge, yes, THAT George Zimmerman, trying to help the black community gets completely abandoned by ALL the black community, even the homeless guy who collected mega bucks in the settlement……anyone seen a SINGLE black man or woman trying to help George? JUST ONE? What does THAT tell you about culture? What does THAT tell you about all those people in the NAACP? George got thrown under the bus….temporarily. George, however, can sue all of those law firms for hopefully 100 million dollars, and put Crump and all his gang out of business, and maybe even win a criminal conviction for RICO, and supornation of perjury. Let is hope Z has the huevas or chuckpah to do just that.


  23. Chip Bennett says:

    The memory of Sherman Ware should haunt NatJack every day of her miserable existence; but the BGI is a tool. Her object is personal wealth and power; racial grievance is merely a means to that end. She doesn’t care about Sherman Ware or Trayvon Martin; she cares about how she could take advantage of them for her own gain.

    Job very well done, indeed.


    • Josh says:

      Of course you are correct, CB. “…the BGI is a tool.” The object for those that partake in it “is personal wealth and power; racial grievance is merely a means to that end.” They care naught for those they use to achieve their goals.


    • pet says:

      So very well said. (Like Every Chip B commentary always is : )


  24. toetagger says:

    If only more of the public were aware of the information you’ve uncovered and published. I’m not foolish enough to think there wouldn’t still be those who would rather put their agenda or bigotry ahead of the truth. However, I ‘truly believe’ that MANY more people would have a much different take on the case if they only had the information you’ve worked so hard to provide. Great job!
    Surely, Andrew smiles down upon you all.


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