Understanding the FOIA Releases and How They Pertain

Stella has now completed uploading the remaining FOIA statements from our exhaustive 9 month back and forth with the Miami-Dade School Police Department. The Tree House has a Scribd account which can be located HERE.

Miami Dade Schools Police Department

All of the documents are now posted to open public review. However they are, in many cases, “redacted“.

Meaning when you are reading the transcribed text when you see the “- -” symbol in the body of the text, there is a portion omitted by the transcriber at the request of legal counsel for the Miami-Dade Public School System.   Here is a summary of the latest FOIA release using the text from the initial follow up inquiry:

FOIA Cover Letter

I have only, at this moment, had the opportunity to review 3 of them, and I have posted those three with embedded posts.  However, if you go directly to THE ACCOUNT you can select for yourself those you would like to review.

We post these FOIA releases free of charge to any and all researchers who would undertake bringing forth sunlight.  This despite the fact that many of them cost a considerable amount of money, often in the thousands of dollars.

We do this because we want to provide traditional journalists with every resource to write accurately about what they are covering.  In addition any new media web-site, blogger, or social media network can also use the information to share with their audience.

We don’t believe in “exclusives”, because we do not believe the truth can be considered through the prism of ownership.  The truth exists on its own with or without attachment to any movement, ideology or agenda.  It simply is, what it is.  Such is the same reference for all material at The Last Refuge – nothing is proprietary, and all research, articles, opinion, and framed information gathering is free for the taking.  The only thing we ask is that you stay true in use to the concept of honest truth telling/sharing.

This latest effort has been a considerable undertaking and I would like to thank all of you who have donated time, effort and your own money into making this public records request possible.  I would also like to thank those sites who have sent their viewers to links in our collective undertaking.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant on any level of corruption;  And make no mistake in reviewing this information lightly – this is corruption, under the guise of ideology, of the highest order.

The Miami-Dade School Police Department failed Trayvon Martin and as a consequence George Zimmerman.   One can only imagine what the outcome would have been, if the M-DSPD had followed the laws as they are written, instead of ignoring law and manipulating/falsifying reports.  Indeed a strong argument could be made that Trayvon might be alive today.   Instead he was bounced out of trouble like a kid chewing gum in class.

Everyone should learn from this;  And we hope that George Zimmerman’s defense team will now benefit from the sunlight upon the issues which led to Trayvon being in Sanford with a propensity for violent confrontation.

Riding a bus to Orlando/Sanford with a baggie of wrapped marijuana between your butt cheeks does not speak to a 17-year-old who had learned a lesson from Krop High School having been caught with Marijuana and a Pot Pipe on campus.   But it does not take a psychologist to understand why.   Trayvon was never held accountable for the drugs he brought to school.  Instead the School Resource Officer falsified a report to keep him out of the criminal justice system.

How did that work out?

There may be a valid discussion worth having about how to keep teens out of trouble, but hiding their behavior behind a goal of lowering statistics is not in the best interest of the community or the student.


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67 Responses to Understanding the FOIA Releases and How They Pertain

  1. JAS says:

    And the parents were where while this was developing?


  2. kinthenorthwest says:

    The Miami-Dade School Police Department Not only failed, Trayvon’s parents used this failure to make money off their son’s death. I can’t help but think they knew all this before gong on thie vengeance kick against Zimmerman for an event they are pretty much responsible for. These two did nothing to help Trayvon with his problems, yet now they are making millions off a son they just shuffled around like a rag doll.


  3. moaldee says:

    Job well done….


  4. Judy says:

    Sent this link to Rush Limbaugh….who knows? He commented on the case today……


  5. marie says:

    “Indeed a strong argument could be made that Trayvon might be alive today. Instead he was bounced out of trouble like a kid chewing gum in class.”

    No kidding. I actually believe he would be alive although I can’t say he’d be any more an upstanding citizen. I have seen school districts and administrators and some teachers who bend to pressure from those two groups, enable kids to continue down the road to hell. I used to be a liberal until one day, well into my 24th year of teaching, I sat down at my desk and said, “And where have all these liberal policies led? What good have they done? What bad have they done? You know the answer.


  6. Flaladybug says:

    Absolutely astounding work SD and crew!!! I am utterly AMAZED at the multitude of layers of corruption that have been uncovered by you guys during the past 14 months I’ve been reading here. It is an UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH….to say the least….to be confronted with. It is becoming increasingly clear that once deceit and corruption is allowed to enter into ANY SITUATION, it quickly grows tentacles that spread to even the most vulnerable of entities. It has now been witnessed within law enforcement agencies, court rooms, attorneys offices, judges chambers, media offices, and now even our school system in levels I NEVER would have believed if I had not witnessed it myself. I PRAY that Floridians (at least for starters) will avail themselves of this knowledge you have tirelessly worked to bring to light, SUNDANCE. The time is NOW to begin the battle of tearing down the curtains that have been hiding the truth, and BRING SUNLIGHT TO THE SUNSHINE STATE!!! (Ok…I know that last part was corny but I was on a roll). 😉


  7. Stormy says:

    Good pieces by Laura I. guest hosting O’Reilly and even more on Hannity tonight.


  8. Over the top says:

    I always said…going way back since April or May of 2012 that Trayvon was not just an average teen…I fought with people daily on HP, I was suspended and them eventually my profile was deleted…all because I said normal teens don’t necessarily get kicked out of school 3 times in less than 6 months, walk around with stolen jewellery, behave as a gangsta online and the several other behaviours that Trayvon displayed in his regular and daily life! I know teens do drugs or even shoplift BUT combining all those things and then having people defend those behaviours as a “normal teen” makes me cringe! If ever, any of my kids start going down that path I will definitely be paying attention and give major consequences from the first sniff of trouble!

    I’m not sure if people here have heard about this bit I read a story written from an AA man and a defender of Trayvon a few months after this whole sad case happened! He said something that has stuck in my mind and I can’t let it go…he said that the morning after, when Tracy Martin and Brandy Green realized Trayvon was missing, the first call they made was to Juvenile Justice…before they called police or anyone else…to me, that’s very telling! Ask 20 people who they would call if they woke up and realized their kid was missing? How many would make juvi justice their first call? Is that normal?

    My hats off to Sundance and those involved in uncovering this very serious scheme…you people have done an amazing job and I commend you on keeping the pressure on and making this happen, great job!

    My question is, other than this possibly becoming public knowledge (I hope it does), can this help George Zimmerman now?


  9. lovemygirl says:

    “Stella has now completed uploading the remaining FOIA statements”

    Can I make sure my donation goes to her instead of you? 😉
    Just kidding SD, all I can say is WOW, you Da’ MAN!


  10. pet says:

    Repeating….Affirmative Action Justice System.

    The apocalypse is upon us.


  11. diwataman says:

    Were these two guys statements ever requested? I have them on my list but I will have to go back and verify but I do believe they gave statements.

    O’Connor, Bob Cpt. SPD
    Scott, Darren Acting Chief SPD


  12. FoxyGranny says:

    Unless the Sunlight shines on the media distortion. Just how much good will this do.
    Corruption on epic levels has occurred. This has been buried,

    How will this reach, the media and defense? No matter what seems to occur
    The Judge, as well as court of public opinion at the hands of the media are
    Convinced otherwise.
    It is a travesty of justice for GZ GZ and his family need our heartfelt prayers


  13. Auntie Lib says:

    There’s something that has been bothering me since very early on. I haven’t seen the issue raised anywhere – but I haven’t been able to follow every bit of the voluminous material posted…

    Has anybody ever verified the “Chad” story? I have a hard time understanding how a 14 yr. old kid would ask for candy and a drink from an older kid/houseguest and then when he hadn’t gotten it in a reasonable time would not have raised some kind of alert – call or text TM – asking where the “f” his stuff was. And at some point looked outside and noticed some commotion, police, lights – you know? Brandi’s place wasn’t that far away, so it doesn’t seem plausible that Chad didn’t know something was going on and would tell Brandi and Traydad when they either got home or at least when they started looking for TM.

    If I missed the boat on this one would someone take the time to enlighten me? Thanks. :-).


    • lovemygirl says:

      No one knows how Chad missed all the action, the helicopter, the place lit up like a football field. All the other neighbors heard the commotion. It was just “let alone”. It doesn’t look good beating up on a 12 year old, wait 15 year old.
      My guess is he was never waiting and was upstairs playing games or he was not there.


      • rooferx says:

        His comment to ABC when the reporter asked what he learned about this “not to be racist” says A LOT about this case. That is what sticks out in my mind about him. I hope he takes his own advice.


      • canadacan says:

        Just off of his own selfish little self absorbed world just like the rest of these non entities.


      • Auntie Lib says:

        I have a real problem believing this Chad was just “hanging” around. No way! Which I think opens up another avenue to explore about what TM was really doing that evening. As the mother of three former teenagers, I suspect that a good cross-ex from West could unlock a very interesting narrative. Probably too late for that now….


      • BigMamaTEA says:



    • ZurichMike says:

      Because I am guessing that the sound of police commotion is something very normal in his life. Maybe he spends time with his biological father, too, and not just his mother (you know, TrayDad’s “fiancée” as DD was coached to say).


    • It’s pretty obvious that Chad never expected him to or not to come home with.. or without anything. Likely he told Chad that he would bring some stuff over later to make “drank” with him.. but I doubt he was actually counting on Trayvon for much of anything.
      Just a guess.


  14. recoverydotgod says:

    From Benjamin Crump’s March 20th press conference

    Questions Arise Over Trayvon Martin Killing, Feds Step In; Attorney for Trayvon Martin’s Family Gives Press Conference; Robert Bales Meets with Attorneys On U.S. Soil
    Aired March 20, 2012 – 11:00 ET



    A kid who is up to no good isn’t on the phone constantly calling his friends back. Somebody who is looking to break in somewhere isn’t on the phone talking to their friend when she’s in Miami. That isn’t what happens if he’s up to no good. She says he is his regular self, all this stuff about him being high and stuff is preposterous. It’s what Zimmerman wants you to believe so he can justify killing this kid in cold blood.

    Trayvon Martin’s mother and dad and all of his teachers, they have given the information about what kind of person Trayvon Martin was. And in this phone record as we said, it’s 7:12, makes the last call. That call lasted for four minutes. Four minutes.



  15. nomorebsplease says:

    He was never home. Been saying it forever. No mom lets trayvon baby-sit their child after drug use and suspensions. The cousin showed him hi as f as he said the night before the shooting with tray. They aint doing that with chad in the house. The story used limited evidence and they holed it would stick. Who would dare challenge them?

    Before the 711 vid and tweets there was no risk if finding illicit behavior in the house and halftime of all star game could not be questioned. Nobody would know when tray was at the store. All blunt evidence and drug past were deleted and then comes the narrative that crump, chad and chads dad got wrong. One of them says tray wanted a snack.chad wanted the skittles, remember? But he forgot to buy His snack. Whoops.

    It is all a deflection because tray has to be 12 for them to sue. It is why funeral director focused on zimmerman angle by “proving no fight”. But that hurts the state case now. That is what happens when you do not care about tray and only george and the money he represents. On iphone, sorry for any typos.


  16. The Engineer says:

    My guess is that Chad never asked for anything. Trayvon was gong to the store to get Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail was for the next batch of “lean”, and the candy was just something to snack on. TM was essentially unsupervised that evening, and was gonig to have a blunt and a “slurp”, then watch the game. I can’t see what TM went back for on the floor in the 7-11 after his purchase, but I guess it was a “roach” for the blunt. Unfortunately, events played out differently that evening.


  17. libby says:

    Nancy grace is harassing frank taffee big time – asking why would trayvon circle back or hide in the bushes to surprise George.
    But isnt there an early interview with $abrina in which she states a favorite game of trayvon’s is is to hide in the dark in the kktchen to surprise people????


    • FrenchPug says:

      Her whole thing is bs. She wants to know why a kid who was scared and running away woukd circle back and confront. The only proof that TM was scared is Rachel’s testimony. And rachel just ain’t believable.


    • Zenny Cellef says:

      I made the mistake of watching her yesterday.. something I haven’t done a long time (way before this shooting even happened). It made me just want to tear out my eyeballs! How does this person keep a TV show?


      • FrenchPug says:

        If they up the lighting any more to hide her age she is going to look like an albino. I guess that’s why she wears such heavy, dark eye makeup.


    • Over the top says:

      She’s obnoxious and a joke…Jerry Springer has more credibility than her!


  18. diwataman says:

    I just don’t get this, well I do but damn. Hurley says they kicked both incidents regarding Trayvon back to Krop. Hurley says the M-DSB knew of the reports. O’Mara subpoenaed Miami Dade County Schools(Carvalho) and Krop(Baglos) back in late Nov early Dec last year. And yet he got nothing from either of these two entities regarding Trayvon and these incidents? Damn, wtf.

    page 11(Hurley)
    22 It is the position of the Miami-Dade School Board
    23 Attorney’s Office that these two reports are
    24 protected under FERPA and will not be released.



  19. Zenny Cellef says:

    The jurors did learn something today about Trayvon Martin.. it was a very subtle point near the end of Rachel’s testimony. They now know the kind of culture he was growing up in… and the jurors know exactly what culture that is. That’s probably as close as the defense will get to saying anything about his history..


    • Over the top says:

      After today’s session I really do hope there will be an opportunity to bring up Trayvons history…I do think its relevant to put this kids behaviours in the public…portray him exactly as he portrayed himself in school, on social media and on the streets, he obviously wasn’t embarrassed for who he was so I can’t imagine as to why the people shouldn’t find out the truth about him…after all, if his parents are so proud maybe some light needs to be shed on them as we’ll for their lack of parenting!


  20. libby says:

    I think rump may have been right.
    Jr connected mamy dots.
    We now know who the rackst was-trayvon.
    Who did the prfiling? Trayvon
    .thuhs , gangstas & con artists come in all colors and cultures
    Good people of all ethnicities find thugs repulsive


  21. FrenchPug says:

    NatJack just tweeted a link to a Wikipedia article on the history of the term “cracker”. I’m sure that both TM and RJ were aware of this history when they chose to use that word and that they only meant it in the historical sense.


  22. libby says:

    Trayvon always called me before assaulting people (or just crackas)?


  23. Good job SDC!

    The dereliction of duty by the school district is symbolic of the dereliction of duty by most law enforcement in the US over the last half century. As the FBI annual publication Crime In The USA documents, clearance rates for crimes have plummeted. Back in the 1950s and early 1960s, cops made an arrest in well over 90% of all homicides. Rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults were solved more often than not. Then in the mid 1960s cops suddenly stopped solving crimes. Clearance rates for murder suddenly dropped below 70%, so the chances of literally getting away with murder increased by a factor of about five. Murderers have a 2/3 chance of not being arrested in progressive controlled cities such as Chicago. Only the red neck, small town and rural sheriffs bother to arrest violent criminals. Things have only gotten worse in subsequent decades with an increasingly large percentage of crimes that have allegedly been “cleared” being “cleared by extraordinary means” (translation, the cops decided that some dead gang banger had done it based on questionable evidence so they can close the case and inflate their clearance rates). Interestingly, arrest rates remain abysmally low even after the historic decrease in crime rates from the 1990s to 2010s and all of the new forensic technologies.

    Now that crime stats are being manipulated to appease the BGI, it will only get worse.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      The problem is widespread. They don’t want to arrest more because it means that a lot more work has to go into it for police departments. More work and more trained employees means more money that has to go into the system. In addition, they don’t want more arrests because it means the courts have to handle more cases. Again, more time, energy, and a heck of a lot more money. But no one wants to fix the system. Here we are, 16 months after the incident in this case, and the trial has just barely started. Witnesses have changed, memories are affected, evidence may not have been preserved, and we run into problem after problem (including more money).

      All of this talk about how it is more money is also ridiculous because this case is a farce, and is costing millions by itself. Millions that could be better served elsewhere. Heck, the fake audio experts are being paid tens of thousands of dollars. For a system that was written to be perfect, we have progressed to the edge of outrageous. People like Judge Nelson, the prosecution, the Scheme team, and Angela Corey are part of the problem. We need to wipe the slate clean and start over. That’s the only way we can have a chance of getting things right again.

      Individuals like George Zimmerman, who are active in their community, cares about others, cares about the property of others, and is always trying to be helpful is what we need in this country. We don’t need any more corrupt officials, judges, lawyers, and race promoters.


  24. nivico says:

    (*Hat tip to margegunderson for finding and linking to this NY Daily News article in the #6 thread)


    ““She really doesn’t want to be here,” Jeantel’s lawyer, Rod Vereen, said before she took the stand.”

    So we now have confirmation that Rachel did lawyer up… and a quick Google search turned up that her lawyer was running for Miami-Dade SA last year on the platform of criminal justice reform.


    I found this part of the article particularly interesting:

    “He has never run a large law firm, and ran into some personal financial problems in recent years, including a $40,267 federal income tax lien (he says he’s paying it off) and a condo foreclosure (the case was dismissed in April [2012]).”

    Now didn’t somebody just recently post info about Sybrina purchasing a foreclosed property… was it in April 2012?


    • nivico says:

      Are campaign contributions a matter of public record in Florida…?

      Any way to find out what individuals, businesses, or (cough cough) foundations donated to his election bid…


    • nivico says:

      I also noticed something tonight while watching Wit 8 on tv… she has braces (that’s why she was having problems speaking clearly).

      So I got to wondering, when did she get them… checked her Tweets and it would seem she just got them in late March (posted the Tweets below).

      Now orthodontics aren’t cheap (if you catch my drift). Around $4,000 at a dental college, twice that much at a private orthodontist. Who paid for her braces?


      Lord if I’m still alive after this I swear I will be in church when I have time

      My head hurting me and I cannot talk shit man😷😷😷😩😩🍔📺

      My teethes killin me

      My teethes still fuck killing me😷😷😩

      Still horrible pain I am f*cking dying right now my mouth is killing me SHIT MAN 😩😩😩😩😷😷😴😢😢

      Goin to change my brace


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Attention Treepers: As you find stuff, screen-shot and capture everything relevant.
      Sometimes within days things disappear.


  25. rtmc says:

    I have wanted to move to Florida for some time now. I am in New England and if this is what the school districts are like in FL, I think I will wait until the kids are out of school! Is this “culture” of youth seen in Miami? I’m not sure if this is a small problem or a large one but if these children are our future, we are screwed!


    • Eric says:

      It’s like this in NC aswell just not as bad. THe wife and I were looking at going to FL this summer for our 2 year anniversary but I told her that whether or not George Zimmerman is found guilty, I will not ever put another dime in FL.’s pocket. I’ve seen corruption here in the state I live in but not nearly as much as I have lately with FL.

      It’s to the point where I was interested in watching White House Down but anyone like Jamie Foxx, I’d rather take and not even give a crook like him my money.


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