Thug Tactics – DOJ Targets More Journalists – Fox News Latest Victims

(Wa-Po) When the Justice Department began investigating possible leaks of classified information about North Korea in 2009, investigators did more than obtain telephone records of a working journalist suspected of receiving the secret material.

They used security badge access records to track the reporter’s comings and goings from the State Department, according to a newly obtained court affidavit. They traced the timing of his calls with a State Department security adviser suspected of sharing the classified report. They obtained a search warrant for the reporter’s personal e-mails.

The case of Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, the government adviser, and James Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent for Fox News, bears striking similarities to a sweeping leaks investigation disclosed last week in which federal investigators obtained records over two months of more than 20 telephone lines assigned to the Associated Press.

At a time when President Obama’s administration is under renewed scrutiny for an unprecedented number of leak investigations, the Kim case provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of one such probe.

Court documents in the Kim case reveal how deeply investigators explored the private communications of a working journalist — and raise the question of how often journalists have been investigated as closely as Rosen was in 2010. The case also raises new concerns among critics of government secrecy about the possible stifling effect of these investigations on a critical element of press freedom: the exchange of information between reporters and their sources. (continue reading)

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11 Responses to Thug Tactics – DOJ Targets More Journalists – Fox News Latest Victims

  1. Serpentor says:

    Faux News has been marginalized to such a degree that this just seems silly for “the one” to get into. It reminds me of the time some campaign workers broke into the competition’s offices over night even though re-election was near landslide territory. What ever happened to that guy, anyway?


  2. Sharon says:

    a massive government is being slowly converted to a campaign machine. Is this Barack Obama’s real “legacy”? Will he leave behind a repurposed bureaucracy, protected by a thick layer of impenetrable regulations whose unspoken mission is “Democrats Forever?”

    Rush commented this morning about the phrase some are using as they charge that “this is government out of control…..” and points out that the statement is flat wrong. This is not a government out of control. This is a government firmly in control. And the goal is probably not “democrats forever” but “we who are in power forever” — whoever that might be.


  3. Josh says:

    Those in the media need to understand that their day is coming.
    No one is safe with a dictator in control.


  4. RMNEWT says:

    Sundance is next, then all of us informal journalist will be targets.

    It will be interesting to see the rest of this story. Being familiar with TS/SCI, I dont recall a noticable leak in recent times…. Oh except for the bin laden raid where we were so busy spiking the football we didnt have an opportunity to exploit info captured at the scene and the AQ network was alerted via prime time.


  5. doodahdaze says:

    Once upon a time. In a far away land. The young people of a country went to battle and died young for freedom. Now if they have to come after old farts at the end of their life…….Good Grief.


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