Cultural Marxism: “Any race but Caucasian”

Cultural marxism is predicated on destroying the concepts of family, faith, stability, individual effort and personal responsibility.  It works by the politics of division and envy, and by the assignment of indulgences and patronage to favored groups to ensure loyalty.  Meritocracy and true equality based on effort is anathema to cultural marxists.

Take a look at a recent CraigsList employment posting for a new children’s show host posted by “Kids CBC” (Canadian Broadcasting Corp – a government sponsored, public entity)

The requirements are listed as:

1.   Male between the ages of 25 and 35 years.

2.   Any race except Caucasian.

Can you imagine an ad that would be tolerated if it listed ~

Any race except African – American

Any race except Latino

Any race except Asian

So why is “any race except Caucasian” perfectly acceptable in 2013?

“It would be wonderful to pretend that this sort of thing only happens in Canada, and not south of the border. It would also be wonderful to pretend that a thumb is not on the scale against Caucasians in this (and many other) job offerings. This is a sign of the times, the era of state-sponsored racism.”

h/t Newsbusters


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29 Responses to Cultural Marxism: “Any race but Caucasian”

  1. czarowniczy says:

    It’s tolerated as whites who are male and not disabled are not members of an Federally Protected Group. Simple a that.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Nor are white women that are not sluts.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Hoist them on their own petard.
      They’ve already been forced to revise the ad and explain it was a “misunderstanding” because the casting company was directed to find a “diverse” pool of applicants.
      I hope a group of white males sues them in a class action hiring discrimination case to make a point.

      “Human rights laws across Canada prohibit
      employers from discriminating against
      individuals in hiring, firing, or the terms and
      conditions of employment because of certain
      personal characteristics (unless it is for a valid
      job requirement).

      With some exceptions, workers in Canada are
      protected from discrimination based on:

      national or ethnic origin, race, ancestry, place
      of origin, colour;

      disability (physical and/or mental);

      religion, creed, political belief, association;

      sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy……”

      The “Human Rights” laws extend to employment ads, not just the hiring process itself.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Yeah, Great White North progressives tossing out a trial concept to see if it will take seed. Sorry they got caught is more like it.


  2. Coast says:

    So why is “any race except Caucasian” perfectly acceptable in 2013? Well, it’s not, rather its unfortunately tolerated. Why? Probably because conservatives whites are nice people, and they tend not to push back.


    • JC says:

      It’s far past time to be not so nice. Either they stand now up for what they know is right, or they will perish – violently. There is a systematic and institutionalized racist at work towards white, specifically aimed at white males, but white femnales are not immune. Race will always trump gender. Our enemies are at the gates. It is time to stand up, or die. Simple as that.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Lst night when I threw out the first line of my reply to the NY middle school curriculum post I was a bit worried about the flaming replies I might get but nada – and that’s fine. Reason I threw that ;little piece of bait out is I’d spent the afternoon with some friends, drinking beer and grilling dead animals. One had brought along, for entertainment and discussion, a short stack of ‘comedy’ CDs by black and Latino ‘comedians’ whose routines had a really large amount of materials insulting and derogatory to whites. I say that as, using contemporary standards and standards contemporary when the CDs were made, if these ‘jokes’ had been rendered by a white comedian who changed no more than the minority comedians uses of white to black or Latino, said comedian would have been skinned alive by every white progressive apologist NPR could assemble. The shots of the overwhelmingly minority audience did show a handful of whites, laughing heartily if not defensively, many seemingly laughing as if fearful of janitors cleaning up after the show would find their lifeless bodies surrounded by bloodied 40-ounce beer bottles with animals on the labels. (( Hey Hey – acceptable white humor – OK, see, obverse:…black bodies surrounded by bloodied Château Lafite wine bottles, none with vintages after 1985.”)))
    This came about as we were discussing the television’s general presentation, especially in commercials, of white males as bumbling, stupid, effete and non-effective clowns and the growing number of commercials showing what appears to be a single-mother household. There’s no doubt that television’s paid a large part in gutting traditional American culture through years of representation of certain concepts as ‘normal. Americans spend so much time glued to the TV that the lines between reality outside of the front door and reality as portrayed inside of the idiot box – I had people come to me at work and discuss TV characters not as such but as they’d describe flesh-and-blood people. The job of psychologically castrating the American white male is
    well under way – in thirty years or so I’m expecting it to be ‘Queer Eye for Every Guy”.


    • ytz4mee says:

      You also forgot all the ads which include the polished, urbane and sophisticated black male professional who looks down on his white clients as hopeless.

      It’s only acceptable if we accept it.

      I don’t.

      I make a point of not buying products or supporting companies that mock white culture, and specifically, white males. And I make it very clear that I strongly disapprove of their cultural marxism.

      It’s only acceptable if we accept it.


    • libby says:

      Can we make a movie called “black men cant read”? Nah, that would be horribly racist, but a movie called “white men cant jump” is heralded as being groundbreaking ?


      • czarowniczy says:

        I gotta rant on that one, I just have to refine it some so that the apologist vultures who sit in virtual trees looking for small parts they can use todestroy and discredit the whole have less to pick on.


  4. LOu says:

    whenever the word “cracker” is used in a blog etc. , one needs to speak up and call that slanderous and unacceptable.


  5. partyzant says:

    This Communist aggression will not stand. The CBC is a den of marxist-leninists in need of purging. Canada is a land of paradox… they stopped the long gun registry because even in a socialist wonderland it was unworkable, yet they go forward with this sort of twaddle.

    Canadians have a proud history of fighting totalitarianism. I hope that they succeed at home before they legislate away back bacon, Molson and walleye fishing. As well as the hunting/killing/grilling/eating of large herbivores. Like Moose. And Elk. They are about as tasty as you can get. I tell my daughter that they are free-range, antibiotic free and organically fed.


  6. saltwater says:

    This cracka won’t apply!! Just sayin


  7. Burgers says:

    This is par for the Canadian course. A few years back…
    (do comments support italics?)
    Managers in the Public Works department must hire only visible minorities, women, aboriginals and the disabled, except with written permission from their superiors, David Marshall, the deputy minister, ordered in an e-mail circulated yesterday.

    Many companies in the west have hired only Chinese workers, which hit the news recently:

    School board favoring anyone but white women:


  8. auscitizenmom says:

    (sigh) Sometimes I don’t even know what to say. This is so unbelievable, so wrong on so many levels.


  9. diwataman says:

    “So why is “any race except Caucasian” perfectly acceptable in 2013?”

    Because whites only is bad.


  10. Unicron says:

    There are so many examples today in every western nation of anti-white biases that it’s mind-boggling.

    The progs think that this is forgivable, acceptable, even praiseworthy because it’s countering “white privilege”

    What nobody seems to be saying, is what I’ll say now… to whatever degree “white privilege” exists, and that’s debatable… why should it not? We’re talking about nations which white people, largely, built. We’re talking about a civilization based on their inventions and ideas.

    There’s a whole lot of Asian privilege in China and Japan and South Korea… and I don’t see why there shouldn’t be.

    Only whites are suicidal enough to open our borders, and then give preferential treatment to those who would dispossess us in our own lands.

    8% of the world population, and it’s going to get lower. And as we lose power, expect to see some really nasty retribution for our “historical oppressions” (real or imagined) which we’ve been feverishly teaching immigrants and other groups within our nations about since the 60’s.

    Lots of chickens are going to come home to roost in my lifetime, and none of them pleasant.


    • libby says:

      I was raised on daily doses of cultural marxism……..I was taught that the most important thing I could ever do was to NOT step on other people’s toes.
      I was taught that because I was white, doors would magically open for me that would all stay closed for men of other ethnicities.
      I was taught that becausde I was male, doors would magically open for me that would be closed for women.
      I was taught that becuase I was straight, doors would magically open for me that would be permanently closed for all gay people.
      And the wierdest thing happened ot me in life. I never once found oen of those magical doors (and it was not because I hadnt looked for them-I looked for them not to take advantage of them, but to see if they were even there as described-I had been taught to avoid these doors, that they were everywhere, but I never found any).
      What I did find while looking for the magical doors that open only for straight while males was many many many portals in society that have been declared women only, minority only, gay only.
      And the nasty looks and nasty comments I have recieved in life for daring to point out that there are no advantages to being white or male or straight have made me far less sensitive (to others) than I used to be.
      Oh, you think men deserve rights equal to those of women? You must be some kind of man hater….
      Oh, you think whites deserve rights equal to those of minorities? You must be a racist….
      Oh, you think straights deserve rights equal to those of gays? You must be some kind of homophobe.
      One last thought….Many years ago my sister was thinking about getting married (gasp). Her and her latino man were getting much pressure about the co-habitating they were doing and since his family was latino, they still had strong desire among his family for them to marry. of course, my ma was in a lesbian relationship at the time and she and her lover were real upset that my sister would get married without first coming to tell them how guilty they felt for their getting married.
      THIS is/was my upbringing. I didnt choose it. This is why I HAD to call myself libby.


  11. John White says:

    Well, doesn’t anybody realize the most plain and simple truth? And it is that “anti-racist” is just a CODE WORD for anti-White.

    There’s no other way to say it.


  12. libby says:

    Dont foreget a healthy dose of heterophobia (we could all use some). /sarcasm
    Straight guys need not apply


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