It’s Not Insanity – It’s Simply Their Objective: President Obama Wants “His Money” Back…. (Video Retort)

We call it “his money” because in the world of all things progressive they view wealth, or income, as belonging to the State.   Progressives in a larger sense view wealth as a static amount of available resource, a single pie to be divided – the Scarcity mentality.

Therefore all production value, the income earnings of your labor, actually belongs to the State, and they alone will determine how much of their money you are allowed to receive.  It is, in its most direct sense, the essential tenet of fabial-socialism;  Which is, as you know, the essential ideology of modern progressives (Democrats or Liberals defined).

WASHINGTON – President Obama’s 2014 budget calls for a trillion dollars in new taxes, almost twice as much as previously thought, The Washington Examiner has learned.

“Of the more than $1 trillion in new taxes, about $800 billion is raised through the individual income tax system, about $125 billion comes from new excise taxes — including new taxes on tobacco and financial companies,” a source familiar with the president’s budget explained. “The remainder comes from reverting back to the 2009 estate tax parameters and other miscellaneous tax increases.” […]   (link)

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5 Responses to It’s Not Insanity – It’s Simply Their Objective: President Obama Wants “His Money” Back…. (Video Retort)

  1. Coast says:

    This can only play out in a few different scenarios. Either he is stopped, or we get taxed to death. Either spending is reined in, or we go bankrupt as a nation. Regardless, I have a book at home in which the last chapter tells a fairly shocking story about the world. It isn’t pretty. I’m counting on another chapter that says “we will be caught into the air…” I’m counting on that, i don’t want to be around when all this falls apart.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    As we were discussed a day or so ago, he wants this DOA so that he can go to that fulminating mass of parasites and say that he tried to get them more free stuff from the wealthy (i.e., anyone who doesn’t file their taxes on a 1040EZ) but those damned money-hoarding, tightwad, repressive Republican white guys blocked him again. Looks like, when the weather’s nice, he’ll probably try to get those Obamanaut ‘occupiers’ back to squatting on public property one mo’ time. Sigh – where are those B-52s and their precision carpet bombing when you really REALLY need them?


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