Consequential Erections – Call Girl Admits To Sex With Menendez…. “Hobbyist”

OK, that’s a word I had never heard before, “hobbyist”.   To find out what it means, read the Daily Caller Article.

Menendez 2WASHINGTON DC – A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities  from Miami to Boston has identified a photo of Senator as a man who paid her for sex. The  woman, in her late 30s, told The Daily Caller prior to seeing Menendez’s photo  that she had been paid to provide sexual favors to several U.S. senators,  including a New Jersey Democrat and other politicians who are no longer  living.

The escort, who earns money having sex with men in upscale hotel rooms, said  during an in-person interview that many of her wealthy and powerful customers  use pseudonyms when arranging for her services, and when meeting her in  person.

TheDC showed the woman a photo of Menendez, however, and she identified him  as a former client.  (continue reading)

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12 Responses to Consequential Erections – Call Girl Admits To Sex With Menendez…. “Hobbyist”

  1. Sharon says:

    She has serviced “tons of customers that are politicians,” she said, adding that when she is in Washington, D.C., “the majority of my customers are lobbyists.”

    So they call the lobbyists hobbyists.,,,that actually sort of makes sense.

    ….and they say we’re the kooks. They’re evil. It sure is sweet, though, that the DC madam expresses regret that the pols are doing this to young kids, when the young 20-somethings are right there for the taking. What does Jon Huntsman think? He’s one of our new moral authorities so he should have the opportunity for input, I suppose.


    • canadacan says:

      They. Are evil. Evil deevil. As my brother. Used. To say when. He was little .most. of them. Are. So ugly. They. Have. To pay. For it. Ugly. In soul and. Spirit. As well.


    • lovemygirl says:

      Hobby Lobby?


      • Sharon says:

        ummmm…no….those are some really nice people. They’ve worked hard, built a business and also self-identify as being dreaded Christians. And they have taken a very costly stand against the soft tyranny coming from Washington.

        Menendez, on the other hand, probably couldn’t keep a hamburger stand operating successful for 6 months. Anybody who forgets to pay a $58,000 (or whatever) airline bill, has reality issues that don’t work so well in the real world.


  2. justfactsplz says:

    To add insult to injury we are paying these guys. They are not only screwing us but every prostitue they can.


  3. elvischupacabra says:

    Think of it like this: these guys need to practice on somebody, before they do it to us.

    I’ve always said that the way the government screws us is something that requires practice and imagination to learn.

    Oh, being a Democrat, unless it turns out that this hooker is a Republican, he’ll walk away untouched.



    • griz1234 says:

      “Oh, being a Democrat, unless it turns out that this hooker is a Republican, he’ll walk away untouched.”

      I think the rule for Democrats is that they’ve got a get out of jail free card, unless the scandal is over a dead girl or a live boy.

      On second thought, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank prove even that rule isn’t valid.


  4. Inkraven says:

    “Oh, being a Democrat, unless it turns out that this hooker is a Republican, he’ll walk away untouched.”

    Democrats generally get the get out of jail free card because they’re not the ones who insert moral uprightness into their campaign platforms. It’s as though we expect them to do something stupid (see: Bill Clinton) and aren’t really surprised when it happens. On the other side, when you have a R senator pushing, say, lots of anti-gay legislation, then gets caught in an airport men’s room trying to get some gay action…


    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Had Clinton been the CEO of a Fortune 500 company I guarantee you that the full force of N.O.W. would have been brought to bear against him for sexual harassment of an intern. Because he’s a liberal Democrat and supports their agenda, though, he got a free pass from them.


  5. jimash1 says:

    Can I have Bob Toricelli back, please ?


  6. boricuafudd says:

    What the big deal? He is a Democrat, they don’t preach morality? Is only sex? Is a victim less crime. He belongs to FUN party. Is not like is rape rape. They all doing it.


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