Universal Background Checks = Universal Registration – Ann Coulter Interview

Oh, gag-a-maggot…..  I’m forced to violate my own principled six-month-old decision to ignore this Decepticon.  Why? Well, because the message is important.   Yes, as said, there are times when Institutional Republicans can align with freedom-minded conservatives, this, apparently, is one of those times:

“Everything they’re telling you about what they could do about guns is a lie… For some reason Wayne LaPierre is not making this point so you’ll have to hear it from me. Universal background checks means universal registration. Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. That’s how it goes in history. Do not fall for universal background checks.”

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12 Responses to Universal Background Checks = Universal Registration – Ann Coulter Interview

  1. 22tula says:

    “First of all, when you skeet shooting, you shoot up.” – Sean Hannity

    “The great constitutional law scholar apparently is the second amendment was because the framers of the Constitution really liked skeet shooting. No that’s not what’s it about.” – Ann Coulter

    “The President right now, all he wants to talk about is ah, he’s talking about gay scout masters apparently, excepting gay scout masters, gay marriage, ah gun control, watering down welfare requirements, um abortion rights, war on women, everything but the bad economy. Strategic? Purposeful?” – Sean Hannity

    So, Sean is an expert on skeet shooting and Ann is an expert on the Framers of the Constitution.

    “Everything they’re telling you about what they can do about guns is a lie.” Ann Coulter

    And everything they don’t say, like shooting blanks, is the Big Lie. Strategic? Purposeful?


    • michellc says:

      To be perfectly honest even if he was a professional skeet shooter it wouldn’t change the fact that he is a marxist/communist who wants to limit our freedoms.
      After watching all those New Yorkers stand up and say in front of them that they won’t abide by the law it is a given to me that the majority of gun owners won’t abide by their universal background checks, their national gun registry or their gun bans. So they better get busy on those concentration camps because they don’t have enough prisons to hold everyone.


    • 22tula says:

      Steve Malzberg Show – on line
      February 5, 2013 – 3:30PM – EST
      Guests – Ted Nugent, Congressman Louie Gohmert etc.


  2. Bongo says:

    Universal Gun Registration will result in Gun Taxation and Permitting. Liberals love new taxes, especially when they can tax something conservatives hold dear, such as guns.

    And the next step is gun confiscation.


  3. ed357 says:

    Why doesn’t the proposed “Universal Background Checks” (UBC) for guns mirror the “No Fly List” (NFL) for air travel?

    In fact, the UBC could start with the NFL, add the “felons” and mental health deficients and have a downloadable database that the Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers could access.

    Like the airlines, the FFL dealers would input the purchaser’s name to the list and if you’re on the list, then you can’t purchase a firearm. If you think your name is on the list in error, you have to get it cleared off before you can buy your firearm.

    No records are kept………other than the names of the bad guys.

    If it’s good enough for our airlines and air charter companies……it should be good enough for firearm purchases.


    (BTW….I called my Congressman and suggested this if they are dead set on doing “Universal Background Checks.”


  4. Tim says:

    only gun control should cover only guns that can be concealed….the government shouldn’t be infringing on your privacy (which we’re protected by the constitution) we don’t tell our enemies what guns we have ….so why should us private citizens keep letting the government into our homes….


  5. thomas cuny says:

    The No Buy List should have a recent photo, current address and be online like the registered
    handgun owners list put out by the newspaper.


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