Pierced Moron VS. Newt Gingrich – Gun Control Debate

The only good thing from these debates is the doubling down by the insufferable water-carrier Moron on the issue which further slides him toward the land of perpetual irrelevance.

The ridiculous points again are evidenced: “the first step“, which we all know is EXACTLY their point. This is only the first step, at least he admits it. Secondly, this entire Pierced Moron mantra of “I don’t want to stop the second amendment” is insufferably moot. Pierce is a TV personality, the real people who do matter on this issue do indeed proport to remove all guns: Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Feinstein, Mayor Corey Booker, Governor Cuomo, Senators Schumer and Blumenthal et al, along with Attorney General Eric Holder have all advocated for the forced removal of “ALL” guns from law abiding citizens.

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25 Responses to Pierced Moron VS. Newt Gingrich – Gun Control Debate

  1. lovemygirl says:

    “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is
    time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” – Ronald Reagan


  2. Craig Miller says:

    The best way to make him irrelevant is to stop giving him press.


    • Coast says:

      That is so true. He is using this issue to make himself relevant. He is not interested in an meaningful discussion or debate, but rather to define himself in the lamestream media.


  3. brutalhonesty says:

    is she really that effing stupid ” I was the one who put a finger in a bullethole trying to find a pulse”????? really? wtf is her malfunction? 10 year old cubscouts know better. Carotid artery or the wrist…..my god.


    • lovemygirl says:

      Major malfunction in her brain. Just a petulant child who did not get her way in the 90’s and began dusting off her failed bill and piling on before the children were even buried. What happened to people actually doing research, and having a dialogue? She is just as smarmy as Feinstein and Obama saying “We need to reinstitute the AWB” when in fact this is 1,000% worse.


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      “I was the one who put a finger in a bullethole trying to find a pulse.”

      That one had me scratching my head. That’s creepy stupid.


  4. howie says:

    Pierced would be a good human shield. Maybe Iran will hire him ate their nuke factory.


  5. lovemygirl says:

    I say ban anyone with a British accent from commenting on gun control. Which weapon cannot fire as many rounds as a AR-15?


  6. brutalhonesty says:

    “it isnt like the movies” I agree…hollywood makes it bloodier.
    and he wanted to avoid chicago so hard,,,,he wants to blame police that the laws didnt work when the laws exist…just like murder is against the law and still happens….and now he lies that you cant kill your family without a gun lmfao uh lizzy borden……….and kitt darrent.


  7. 22tula says:

    Does Piers Morgan has have some unfinished business back in the UK?

    “Piers Morgan’s illegal receipt of information from the police, his perjury and Operation Elveden”
    Robert Henderson – January 24, 2013

    Piers Morgan gets a spanking

    Be a big boy Piers. Go home and face the music.


  8. rmactsc says:

    Newt Gingrich is fantastic; Piers Morgan is idiotic.


    • sundance says:

      Agreed. Actually, I like Newt Gingrich much more now than when he was in congress. It appears age has smoothed his rough edges, and yet wisdom has afforded him a keen capacity to speak obvious truths. It is too bad so many people do not hold him in higher regard.


  9. lovemygirl says:

    I always want to strangle him when he says things like “A weapon that can kill 100 people in a minute” type BS. Gee, Adam killed 20 in 10 minutes and the clown in CO 12 in about the same timeframe. They act like one bullet equals one death and rapidly firing kills more people.


  10. lovemygirl says:

    Live And Let Die

    Just seems appropriate.


  11. Lou says:

    CNN is the problem. I would have voted for Newt instead of that piece of crap Mitt Romney who only cared about restructing American companies and then outsourcing those jobs so he could get wealthier from producing in China and getting tax breaks. anyway, I do like Newt a lot.


  12. Piers Morgan is an asshat, everyone knows it, he now presides over one of the lowest rated shows and there is even talk at CNN about moving him to a much less lucrative time slot. A one trick pony, who has had more than his 15 minutes already.

    Someone tell me this. Where, oh where have Newt, Rush, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly BEEN? The 2A was always a winning issue for the right and a losing one for the Dems, yet this debate has not happened at all the last 4 years. Add the Senate to that list, whose body confirmed Sotomayor & Kagan without so much as a wimper, knowing these two would be decidedly against any 2A issues. Should have been a huge, huge issue during the 2012 campaign.


  13. Stupid or ignorant? I won’t bore you with the definition, but this guy is stupid. This is a guy who lacks the intelligence to articulate what he really wants. He wants to help put an end to mass shootings. Then ignores all the factual data and instead posses a hypothetical question to make his point. This kid wanted to kill his family, so yes, if there were no guns in his house, he would have used a hammer or any other tool, to get his task done. HE’S CRAZY !
    And I pray if I ever get shot, that this witch is nowhere to be found. Last thing I’d need at that point would be someone sticking their finger in the bullet hole to check my pulse…


  14. michellc says:

    1.Why would you stick your finger into a bullet wound to check for a pulse? Seems like the Senator needs to take a first aid class.
    2.Piers says how many have used an AR-15 to defend themselves. I don’t have the answer, but it’s not zero as he claims. The first on the list of my quick search was a 15 year old who used his Dad’s AR-15 to defend not only his home and himself, but his 12 year old sister. http://www.therightscoop.com/15-year-old-defends-home-against-burglars-shoots-one-of-them-with-fathers-ar-15/
    On the first page of the search was also a Long Island Man who was arrested for defending his home with an AK-47.
    3.Just because they outlawed automatic weapons because they thought they were too dangerous, doesn’t automatically make it constitutional. I think a lot of things are dangerous, but I don’t go around wanting to ban everything I think is dangerous.
    4.The Aurora shooter may have had a 100 round magazine, however he didn’t fire 100 rounds, the large capacity which is often the case caused the gun to jam and probably more lives would have been lost if he had just had several magazines holding 30 rounds or even several magazines holding 15 rounds for his glock.(I think it was a glock, I’ve slept since then.)
    5.It’s an assault weapon according the stupid Brit because in his words it will fire 100 rounds in a minute. Well, if you’re fast, you can reload a revolver and fire a bunch of rounds in a minute as well. The same with a semi-automatic, especially a semi-automatic with a magazine, regardless of capacity. A shotgun can do some major damage with fewer rounds. Which everyone seems to forget was the weapon the Aurora shooter started off with.
    6.Kill a 100 people a minute? Both the Aurora shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting lasted longer than a minute and 100 people were not killed. I guarantee Adam Lanza could have killed just as many kids with a revolver, a handgun, a bolt action rifle or a lever action rifle, etc. as he did with an AR-15 in 10 minutes.
    7.So called assault rifles being the gun of choice in mass murder. Columbine, a 9mm handgun, 12 guage double barrel shotgun, 12 gage pump shotgun, a 10 shot Hipoint rifle. One kid shot 67 rounds, the other 121. Virginia Tech, a 9mm glock and a .22 semi-automatic handgun, 32 people killed. Not to mention the truck bomb in OKC or the planes used in 911.
    13. Why does anyone need an AR-15? For the simple reason it is their right to have an AR-15, I like shooting an AR-15 as a woman if I’m home alone and see a thug or thugs coming up my drive and I walk out on the porch with an AR-15 pointed at them, chances are they aren’t going to try me and turn around and leave without me ever firing a round, if there are several of them, a handgun isn’t going to make the same impression. So Piers I want one, I enjoy firing it and the looks alone is enough to deter some would be thieves, attackers, etc. and in the end saves some thugs lives.
    14. As for would the boy have killed his family if he didn’t have access to firearms? I’m sure the house had knives in the kitchen, if he was nuts, then he could have slit their throats in their sleep. Nobody is arguing parents should be responsible and as a lifetime gun owner, I 100% believe in parental responsibility with firearms and believe at certain ages guns should be kept out of the hands of children and children should be taught gun safety and when they can and cannot handle a firearm. However, you cannot legislate parental responsibility.
    15.Liberal communists don’t want to look at mental health, video games, television, music or movies. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control period. Solving or addressing problems or saving lives has nothing to do with it, if it did every liberal commie in Washington would be on board for having our children protected with firearms the same as they are protected. It’s only about control, period.


  15. Bongo says:

    While watching that CNN Piers Morgan show the other night, I kept hoping Newt Gingrich would inform Piers that many people in the U.S. actually do legally own fully automatic rifles. Sure, they are required to have expensive special licenses to do so, but the fact remains there are gun aficionados who own machine guns, tanks, bazookas, hand grenades and many other war weapons legally.

    Currently, Piers Morgan has a heart-on for military-appearance semi-automatic rifles. If he’s successful pushing that agenda, he’ll next want to ban all semi-automatic guns, including pistols. He won’t be happy until all law abiding American citizens are disarmed and this country is ruled by a monarchy.


    • cajunkelly says:

      Bingo! I was screaming at Newt to correct the fully automatic ban claim. An application is required along with a $200.00 fee which is actually a Federal tax stamp, to own a fully automatic weapon. It IS NOT TOTALLY BANNED! Fully auto weapons are additionally REGULATED because of gangsters (think Al Capone) and rum runners were using them.

      The power hungry 2A attackers keep using this argument successfuly because those they are debating are too stupid to know it’s NOT TRUE.
      It’s truly sad that average responsible gun owning citizens know more than the six digit salaried politicians we entrust via our votes, to protect our rights.

      As an aside: Bonnie and Clyde died in Arcadia, Louisiana, not far from where I live. There’s a small museum there with B/W pictures of the scene and pre-autopsy photos, along with a lot of other documentation. I went out of curiosity, not knowing the contents were so graphic. Left nauseated.


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