Nebraska FACT – Demographics: White 81.8 Percent, Black 4.7 Percent, 51 Murders and 80% from One Black Community….

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Why?   Another audio visual reality……

NEBRASKA – Nebraska has a population of a 1.8 million people, of which 81.8 percent are white and 4.7% are black. According to an incredible story out of the Journal-Star, the state of Nebraska saw 51 people murdered in 2012; 80 percent of those slain occurred in North Omaha, which is almost ¾ black. [Omaha looks to combat its homicide problem, 1-20-13]:

At least 51 people were killed in Nebraska last year, and of those, nearly 80 percent were slain in Omaha.

That statistic has been fairly constant over the years, and it’s led some to view Omaha as dangerous while others point to a clustering of the killings in the city’s lower income areas and question the factors behind the deaths.

Most Omaha neighborhoods had no homicides in 2012, but that hasn’t stopped an image from spreading in the state that the entire city has a problem with violent crime, said John Crank, a criminal justice professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

“My wife is a Realtor, and she’ll tell you that she has had clients tell her to turn the vehicle around when they go into the city,” Crank said. “They say they don’t want to live here.”

The Nebraska Crime Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice won’t release statewide homicide totals until July 1, but media reports show there were at least 51 homicides in 2012. Of those, 40 occurred in Omaha, compared to four in Lincoln.

Many of the Omaha deaths were in lower-income areas near the city’s core, and more than half were in northeast Omaha.

A number of factors — from poverty and high unemployment to gangs and poor housing conditions — play into Omaha’s high homicide rate, experts agreed.

“That area of northeast Omaha has the highest level of concentrated poverty in the state; it has the highest concentration of unemployment,” said Willie Barney, president of the Omaha Empowerment Network, a group committed to revitalizing north Omaha.

“If you look at any map across the country that has heavily concentrated poverty, heavily concentrated unemployment — in places like Cincinnati, Newark, Baltimore, Chicago — you’ll see the exact same thing.”  (link)

Omaha Empowerment Network?   Hmmm, wonder what this is coded language for?   The Black Grievance Industry has convinced everyone that whites cannot need empowerment because their sheer race is an empowerment all by itself.   So this is a Black Empowerment objective to improve the community, and lower violence.

July 22nd, 2011 – The Empowerment Network initiated plan, which drew input from residents, business concerns, philanthropists, planning consultants and others, envisions $1.43 billion in redevelopment along key corridors.  The initiative puts the Northside in the crosshairs of major transformation as never before. North Omaha is a much studied, social serviced area suffering disproportionately from poverty, unemployment, underemployment, educational-skill gaps and health problems. […]

If North Omaha is to be a sustainable community, and that means it really takes care of itself and it doesn’t need to be a welfare community, we have to have a different mind set,” says Maroney. “That does not mean we forsake those in need, but we have to create the atmosphere by which we not only bring back people with higher incomes but we elevate those people within upward. We must create a community that is generating resources that turn around in the community by creating jobs, creating opportunity.”  (link)

“If North Omaha is to be a sustainable community”….  So what, or more specifically who is non-sustainable?    The Black population.  A self-admitted non-sustainable community.

And the solution?  Spend billions of State tax dollars to empower a non-sustainable community model.

Again, 80% of all the murders in the entire state of Nebraska come via one non-sustainable majority black community in North Omaha.   Money will not fix that.

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50 Responses to Nebraska FACT – Demographics: White 81.8 Percent, Black 4.7 Percent, 51 Murders and 80% from One Black Community….

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    Perhaps they should move to Detroit, Atlanta, D.C. or Chicago?
    The plantation system and syndrome is an epic fail no matter where it shows up and look no farther than the scum in the White House. Baa baa black sheep anyone


  2. taqiyyologist says:

    Excellent post. Racist.


    Parliament’s Chocolate City. That was the Genesis of this little Canon.


  3. taqiyyologist says:

    Chocolate City, in which Bootsy intones that we should all just vote for people BECAUSE of the color of their skin, and DESPITE the content of their character.

    Amazing. Truly amazing.


  4. nobaddog says:

    The people of Nebraska are going to be very disappointed. Communities have been trying this for 50 or so years and it hasn’t worked yet. It will be a waste of money.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      It’s all about the corruption. That’s why these places are flat broke. On one hand, you have the elected thieves, and on the other hand, you have the teachers and public employee unions. In the middle are the poor people, living on Uncle Sam’s largesse and being cynically used as pawns to keep who they’ve been told are “our people” in office.

      The only good thing about Chicago is the way racial and ethnic diversity is expressed in its corruption.


    • Shhhhhhhh….we aren’t supposed to point that out. You raycist.


  5. taqiyyologist says:

    Meanwhile, my supposedly racist a&& would like, more than anyone on God’s Green Earth, for Walter Williams to be our nation’s President, and for Allen West to be his V.P.

    More than any sitzpinkler white, asian, hispanic, or “other” persons.

    They can hire Bill Whittle to be their press sec.


  6. Nat says:

    I could solve Omaha’s problem in 2 years. Reduce the murder rate to almost 0, then once reduced keep it low. But the United States intenitonally allows these type murder zones to continue, even thrive! Me thinks Omaha should change it’s name to Baghdad or Kandahar to recieve assistance from the government.


  7. Lou says:

    that’s why I love this site. articles like this are truth. also, whites don’t throw trash on the ground and litter like I’ve seen many times with African Americans. African Americans are trouble makers, and that’s why thereare white people moving out of the old neighborhoods. white flight is for a reason. if they deny this. let them stay there or ship their white butts to Atlanta.


    • Coast says:

      If I lived in Nebraska, I would look into any possible way of “motivating” the blacks into moving out of the state, after all, why live where you are just 5% of the population. Offer them something to move…better to solve a problem than just throwing more money done an endless rat hole.
      This country has been paying a huge price for having blacks, and I’m wondering if the ultimate price, that is, the life and existence of USA, will eventually be the requirement. People like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson…they have all caused great harm to everyone. And most of the blacks in Congress work against the country…just the concept of having a congressional “black caucus” to me is an outrage. Just look now and see that our financial health, from both a national level and from a personal level, has been put into jeopardy by these community organizers and the general “taker” black community. During this last election, blacks have proven that no matter how bad something is they will still vote based on race, than on character. This country made a possible fatal error when social security, welfare, food stamps and numerous other social programs were created, because it is draining the life out of everyone. The Federal government does not have any legal constitutional power to take money from anyone with the purpose of giving that money to someone else. We all lose, and we are all loosing right now. It seems that blacks never want to help themselves become better, but rather they want to help themselves to other people’s money. Diversity is not our strength…but rather it our Achilles heel.


      • griz1234 says:

        If diversity were such a strength, why do blacks preach “solidarity”?


      • John Galt says:

        “I would look into any possible way of “motivating” the blacks into moving out of the state”

        Cut off all government benefits except a one-way bus ticket to Florida.


        • scubachick75 says:

          Why Fl?


        • thefirstab says:

          JG – why one-way to FL? Because of the obvious corruption and blurred lines between the state’s criminal justice system and the race-baiting BGI? I am quite sure there are many other states with this same “partnership”. Chicago, IL comes to mind.
          Hey, how about DC?
          Whatever the do-gooders are doing or have tried to do, it’s not working. Other than banishing the worst to some remote place, I have no clue. The criminality and corruption has metastisized.


        • Josh says:

          If it must be Florida, can we agree that it be South Florida, as in Miami-Dade County ONLY? Why can’t it be California? In California, they care so much about people that the people should be there. Come on, let’s make it California.


        • mcfyre2012 says:

          “Cut off all government benefits except a one-way bus ticket to Florida.”

          No thank you…we are already overrun with them. Send them to Detroit.


          • flaladybug says:

            As a resident of northwest Florida I must agree with mcfyre2012!!! We have enough of our own(thanks gov. Scott). Florida is as screwed up as all the other states…..the louder the mob yells the more quickly the powers that be cower to political pressure and give in to any and all demands legality,morals,and ethics be damned!!! The persecution of the Zimmerman family is just one example of MANY!

            IMHO…part of the solution is to STOP THE HANDOUTS of free housing,food stamps,medical coverage,etc. For those who are capable of working and contributing in any way……no more FREE RIDE!!!! If people are forced to earn what they own instead of it GIVEN TO THEM AS IF IT IS OWED THEM JUST FOR BREATHING….(ex. Sec8 housing) they will begin to take better care and not destroy what they have. When you are given something instead of earning it….you don’t appreciate it because you didn’t have to do a DAMNED THING TO EARN IT!!! For those of us who work to get what we have….we take care to make sure we have it for as long as possible and take pride in the fact that we worked hard to get it!!!!


        • thefirstab says:

          Blowbackk from FL residents – reaching hurricane proportions!


      • Lou says:

        it takes someone that is honest to say how it is. Black this or Black this is HATE! the Black Greivance Industry is HATE! Black Entertainment TV is racist and saying separate but equal is okay. NAACP gives preferential treatment to a certain group of people. NAACP is about non-black HATE, and once GZ is free, this HATE group should be attacked. I’d vote for any politician that spoke on this issue, and I’d even show this video to show what black culture has become. if you speak ghetto, you should bne denied any gov’t assistance. if you keep popping out kids, cut off welfare. if you’re a lazy bum who refuses to work, cut them off. I actually like what Rudy G did as a mayor although think he became stupid when he was running for President.


  8. Mark says:

    For near on 50 years the Progressives have been conflating poverty and unemployment as _causes_ of crime, instead of realizing that they are symptoms of the deeper issue that is a broken culture. The crime rate is also a symptom of that same broken culture. Herein lies the rub: To adequately address this causitive issue would require judging one culture to be better than another, which, as we all well know, is anathema to the culture that is True Believer Progressives.


  9. hardfacts says:

    The solution is … repatriation.


    • Coast says:

      I assume this is sarcasm, but nonetheless, this nation has been paying reparations for the last 150 years. The civil war, social programs, HUD, welfare, passage of the civil rights act, affirmative action, racial quotas, electing a socialist black no-good president, massive federal debt, hate crime legislation, etc, etc.


      • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

        I think you misread hardfacts’ post. He mentioned repatriation, not reparation. I’m assuming you were referring to his post?


      • hardfacts says:

        Take anyone who is convicted of a violent felony (regardless of race), strip him of his citizenship, give him $100,000, send him and his family (this would provide some motivation for parents/wives to try to diminish violent impulses of their loved ones) to Liberia and block any future reentry into the US for any purpose.

        It’s a win-win-win solution, no? The felon gets a pile of money and a place to live where the money could last a long time. Those of us who are not violent felons get rid of a serious monetary and social drain on society. And the Liberians get an injection of dollars into their economy and the addition of relatively educated people to their workforce.


        • mcfyre2012 says:

          I knew several blacks who were really into their “African-ness”. They even moved to Africa “to be with their people.” Within a few short months they were back in the US because they couldn’t hack living in Africa.

          While I was a contractor in Iraq, I worked with many Actual-Africans. Most of them chuckled whenever they heard American blacks call themselves “African-American” and would trade places with them in a heartbeat.


      • Lou says:

        I think you would get more people to agree with the truth if people who see what we see by leaving out the President. he did get a lot of support to get elected. I was not hired once because of a racial ratio and have been discriminated by against blacks. there is no where for my to turn though because the system sees them as victims. I think someone posted a clever point before about the Black Grievance Industry. the truth is both candidates sucked. look at the Republican Governor who wanted to make an issue out of the Trayvon Martin issue by accusing George. it’s not a political divide, it’s about being a racial realist.


  10. John Galt says:

    Genetic. Google: thug gene


  11. I am Trademark says:

    As Ron White says: You can’t fix stupid.


  12. cajunkelly says:

    “That area of northeast Omaha has the highest level of concentrated poverty in the state; it has the highest concentration of unemployment,”

    OK, let’s have some honest statistics. Show us how many of those unemployed have even *applied* for a job, other than working the system.


  13. lovemygirl says:

    I attended Creighton for my undergrad studies. North Omaha was the same way back in the stone ages. It isn’t going to change until the people themselves change.


  14. czarowniczy says:

    As I posted a few minutes ago on another item here, New Orleans uses most effective ways of reducing black gun violence rates: (a) the press just doesn’t report all of it – out of sight, out of mind, (b) the police will reclassify the crime to one that is not reportable in the FBI Uniform Crime Report, e.g., a shooting (aggravated assault or battery) which is reportable to the FBI to ‘negligent injuring’ ( a misdemeanor) which ain’t. Car theft getting a bit too high, well here you can reclassify car theft to ‘unlawful use of a moveable’ which ain’t. As cities can use the FBI Uniform Crime Report to play musical rates with their crime figures it is easy to shuffle the input to make you look more betterer than you are. f you can’t raise the ceiling, lower the floor.


  15. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    This idea that unemployment and poverty causes Omaha’s high homicide rates is provably false. Unemployment and poverty were rampant during the great depression, yet the homicide rate dropped by 50% after prohibition was repealed.

    You mention that 80% of the homicides occur in the neighborhoods where African Americans predominate. The implication that most of the homicid victims are Black as well as the perpatrators is almost certainly correct. However; it is equally certain that most of these homicides remain unsolved.

    (note to the Treehouse Admins. Put your journalistic skills to work by contacting the FBI-UCR offices by phone and ask them to email you the Supplementary Homicide Reports for Nebraska. This will list every homicide known to the police. You will know the gender, race and age of all victims and weapons used to kill them as well as the circumstances, and may be gender, race and age of the perpetrator if and when the homicides are solved. The fact that so many homicides remain unsolved should give you a hint of what the real cause of homicide is.


  16. Josh says:

    We must start punishing people for their crimes and stop taking color into account.


  17. yadent says:

    My reference to this story via this site was just moderator deleted at the supposed conservative It was a reply to a comment and not a independent post. Wonder why???


  18. michellc says:

    Right after Obama got elected, many blacks thought they hit the jackpot. I remember right after he was elected a black person and not a project black person mouthed off in the grocery store that come January it was their turn. I asked him his turn for what? He said for whites to kiss black a$$e$. I laughed and several others told him he better leave our little town and run to North Tulsa or keep his mouth shut, he was way outnumbered and blacks had not been kissing white a$$es and whites around here wouldn’t be kissing any color of a$$e$.
    A cop friend of mine in Tulsa said they were told by several thugs they could do as they please now because the n… was in the big house now and there wasn’t a da.n thing they could do to them. Add in the fact that they can witness someone being gunned down and suddenly have amnesia and the problem has grown and will continue to grow. Not only now do they think they won’t be turned in they seem to think they’re now above the law.
    If you look at the murder rates in Oklahoma’s two largest cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, they were at an high that hasn’t been seen in 30+ years and the majority of them are committed by blacks, but to point that out makes me racist. Blacks kill blacks and a large percentage of the time it goes unsolved, but a white kills a black and it’s solved in a matter of days. I don’t know how any other conclusion than they’re willing to come forward as long as it isn’t one of their homeys.


  19. akathesob says:

    It is silly to the fact that if we point out such facts we are then called racist. I do not get it.


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