Holiday Weekend Thoughts

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3 Responses to Holiday Weekend Thoughts

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Geez, a maxim for the POtuS to live by.
    I was in Saigon on the day MLK was shot, waiting for a flight home. The riots that erupted, as his dedicated followers saluted the Black Gandhi, delayed our flights. When we did take off we were supposed to land in Frisco but conditions there caused Braniff to switch our flight to Seattle instead. When we landed at Seattle we found out that we had to deplane as APHIS had to hose the inside of the plane down with insecticide and Customs would not let us on board again. We could not deplane at the terminal so we were dumped in a large open–sided carport where over a hundred of us had yto wait in falling snow for a Customs agent to be driven from the main terminal to where we were freezing our collective ass of – we were still wearing our jungle fatigues. After about an hour the Customs dude shows up, spends an hour clearing us and we finally get to board a bus for the terminal where we can change into warmer clothes. Ah yes, fond memories one and all.


  2. jordan2222 says:

    I was on a nuclear weapons SAC site (Westover AFB) in MA when he was killed. Less than 50 of us actually lived on the nuclear weapons facility (Stonybrook.) When this happened, almost everyone had gone home except for about a dozen black MP’s and guys who worked in the mess hall.. and one little white boy.. ME.

    We were upstairs watching TV when the announcement came. I slowly slipped down to my room, and spent the next few days drinking beer. LOL. I have to admit I was a bit concerned even though I knew all of them.

    What was strange is that no one discussed it until much later.


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