Well Beyond Creepy…. POTUS Exploits Youth (More Ironic 33′, 34′ Coincidences)

Notice the page Header?

Look similar?


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14 Responses to Well Beyond Creepy…. POTUS Exploits Youth (More Ironic 33′, 34′ Coincidences)

  1. BertDilbert says:

    “Make schools safer” is a statement not a plan.
    But is not access to mental health the problem, the drugs issued by doctors that make kids want to kill kids? Increasing access means more dead children. And Obama wants to increase it.

    The president’s actions will result in more dead children than when he started. Brilliant..


  2. Cesar BBiano says:

    Taejah is the most jovially saddened child I’ve ever seen. Bless his courage!

    Seriously, this kid is just wanting to go home & play video games, watch cartoons or surf the web, not read some class assignment for a couple of old politicians. lol


  3. jordan2222 says:

    Is there no limit to what this guy does to exploit children? This is shameful and embarrassing. Who on earth would allow their child to do something like this? Never mind.


    • Coast says:

      Disgusting, disgraceful, political child porn. These kids have no concept of the second amendment …and anyone who would use them for their political agenda will stop at nothing. This is evil at its core.


  4. cajunkelly says:

    The second kid says “I think there should be a good reason to carry a gun”.

    Stupid filthy prog parents didn’t teach him that the 2nd Amendment is the BEST and GUARANTEED reason to carry a gun? đź‘ż

    Speaking of guarantees, I’d bet my next paycheck not ONE of those human shields for the jackass composed their own letter. Nope, didn’t happen. Bet on it.


  5. waltherppk says:

    Those videos look like some interesting alternative payment arrangements to square an IRS debt, or to be “cooperative” in regards to some other similar little “difficulty” being resolved.

    And yeah the similarity of the page header iconography hits the nail squarely on the head. I did say the beast is on the loose and it is the fifth column communist-socialist-fascist subversives which are euphemistically called “progressives”. It wasn’t over the top hyperbole when I spoke of “whiskey nazis” and “tobacco nazis” and GUN NAZIS …and anybody who has had their eyes open lately should be “getting it” about that by now, even if they were caught sleeping before.


  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    Like someone said on another forum….Wonder why Obama doesn’t use children as a backdrop when pushing abortion policies…
    Really made me realize how low this guy is…


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Ask Taejah (if he even wrote that letter) who he’s scared of shooting up his neighborhood. I cannot even remember when the last case in New Orleans of a white person doing a drive-by and hosing down a kid’s party was, nor can I remember when the last time a white shooter went and shot up some folk siitn’ on their stoops or killed a child with a stray bullet during some revenge killing – I could go on but you get the message. Let’s have the CDC do a portion of its gun violence report by race so that we can see which portions of the population have the highest gun death/injury rates. Urban whites have that fear the Usual Suspects will in some way use a firearm to injure them. When we did off-duty security details in better-off areas of the city the residents would let us know without saying who and what they were worried about. Upper middle-class and above areas are hiring off-duty police to patrol their neighborhoods to prevent robberies, muggings and home invasions, some have even created special taxing districts to force all residents in the district to cough up money to pay off-duty police for a more proactive version of the security their regular taxes are supposed to cover. They are placing one more level of security between their homes and the bad guys, hoping like hell that in a home invasion they won’t have to go into the closet and get that baseball bat or dusty revolver that’s been on the shelf for years. I notice how people walk the streets in major urban areas, slumped into submissive, please don’t eat me positions, never making eye contact. People in the rural and ruralish cities here walk upright, make eye contact and most often smile and say hello or good day. Then again, last time some city boys tried a home invasion out here they discovered why country folk can’t be messed with like city folk.


  8. Cay Raymond says:

    These kids were coached and the letters written by liberal adults, dictating to the poor kids who probably had little knowledge of what happened until they were exploited. Remember, HITLER did the4 same crap. IMPEACH OBAMA.


    • Coast says:

      This is really hard to take…and to think he will take the oath of office this weekend.


      • Sharon says:

        He may say the oath of office, but he will not “take it” any more than he “took it” (without mental reservation is the phrase, I believe) the first time….

        He hates our Constitution.


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