The Case Against Jack Lew – Lew’s A Liar, and He Fits Right In…. What do Lew, Brennan, Hagel and Kerry have in common? Islamopologists !

Considering John O Brennan is nominated to head the CIA, Chuck Hagel is nominated to head the Department of Defense and John Kerry is nominated to be the next Secretary of State.   It may seem odd to align the Treasury Secretary pick with them.   Odd that is, until you remember:

Prior to his position as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, and prior to him being Obama’s Budget Director (comical considering Obama has never had a budget) Jack Lew served as State Department Director under Hillary Clinton.    It was Lew’s influence that shaped and positioned the failed Obama foreign policy toward the Middle East.   Specifically toward Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya during their upheavel, the Arab Spring.   How has that worked out for our interests ?

President Obama has presented his Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, as his nominee for Treasury Secretary.   Make no mistake, this is not a decision made with the economic interests of the United States in mind, this is a highly partisan decision made with the specific intent of finding methonds of spending that will work AROUND congress.

Senator Jeff Sessions is right when he calls Jack Lew a “liar”, but the issues with Lew are far larger than his intentional propensity to mislead:

As the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Lew has spent an inordinate amount of time honing one specific aspect of federal spending.

The LA Times summed it up nicely when Jack Lew took the POTUS Chief of Staff job:

JANUARY 2012 Lew, who replaces William M. Daley, steps into the role after a year of fierce partisan battles that saw Obama’s policy goals largely stalled in Congress. More and more, the president relied on executive orders to enact small pieces of his economic, education and housing proposals.

Lew is skilled in such practices. For two different presidents, Bill Clinton and Obama, he has headed the Office of Management and Budget, whose mission includes putting in place rules and regulations that don’t require congressional approval.

As Obama’s fourth chief of staff, he’ll be positioned to carry out the White House’s pivot away from engagement with Congress in favor of unilateral action. The approach jibes with a reelection strategy that includes running against a deeply unpopular Congress(link)

President Obama not only wants to put a professional manipulator and compulsive agenda driven liar in charge of the U.S. Treasury, but Lew has an entrenched background in the economic collapse from the Housing crisis.    Jack Lew was one of the key players at Citibank.

President Obama’s first chief of staff was Rahm Emanuel, he sat on the board of troubled federal mortgage giant Freddie Mac.  Obama’s second CoS was Bill Daley, a previous top executive at financial firm J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.   Next came Lew.

From 2006-2008, Jack Lew was chief operating officer of Citibank’s alternative investments division. And it was his division that made billions of dollars bettingU.S. homeowners would not be able to make their mortgage payments.”

Lew  made millions at Citi, including a bonus of nearly $950,000 in 2009 just  a few months after the bank received billions of dollars in a taxpayer  rescue, according to disclosure forms filed with the federal government.    Jack Lew was CEO of Citibank’s hedge fund of “credit default swaps“,  the financial tool that devastated the housing equity market and created the subsequent economic collapse.

But if you really want to understand how far Jack Lew is willing to go with lies and ideology, all you really need to see is this video from the first month AFTER he took the job as Chief of Staff.    The conversation revolves around the President Obama fiscal year 2013 budget proposal.   Remember, this is the guy everyone will tell you is a “BUDGET GURU”, the most knowledgable guy in Washington DC regarding Presidential Budget Proposals and the budget process.

Watch him intentionally lie, and tell the American people that 60 votes are needed in the Senate in order to pass a budget.   Watch:

(*note, this Budget he is discussing eventually did come up for a vote [forced by republicans as part of the another debate 2012] and received ZERO votes in either the House or Senate.   That is how absurd it was.   Not even one Democrat voted for it.)

The TRUTH is only a simple majority is needed (51 votes) which the Democrats controlled (still do) in their entirety.     This is a political liar, using a political platform, to frame a political narrative.    Jack Lew is framing the financial health of the U.S. economy, via a Presidential budget, as a campaign tool to re-elect the President.   This is no small point, for two reasons:

1.)  The guy is lying.  Intentionally lying to the American people.  And he doesn’t care.

2.)  President Obama wants him to be the key figure behind the U.S. economy, Treasury Secretary.

Senator Jeff Sessions is right, and hopefully Senator Sessions can squash this nomination – with our support..

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12 Responses to The Case Against Jack Lew – Lew’s A Liar, and He Fits Right In…. What do Lew, Brennan, Hagel and Kerry have in common? Islamopologists !

  1. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    Mr. Lew should fit right in.


  2. howie says:

    God, It’s gonna be a long four years.


  3. Brook says:

    Obama’s first Cabinet:

    A Treasury Sec. that didn’t pay his taxes
    An Energy Sec that thought raising energy prices through the roof was a good idea
    A Chief Of Staff that thought there should be mandatory public service for every teenager
    A Homeland Security Sec that thought Iraq war veterans were extremists
    A Sec of State that got pinned down by fake sniper fire in Bosnia and thought replacing dictators we didn’t like was wrong when Bush did it — but fine when she did it


  4. recoverydotgod says:

    WH Chief Of Staff Spends 5 Minutes Struggling To Explain How ObamaCare Isn’t A Tax
    July 1, 2012


    • canadacan says:

      I’m going to say something that I hope doesn’t get me in trouble., black helicopters and all that sort of thing. it is going to be a long four years. I am hoping that somebody doesn’t get into weakness and take a pot shot at. The president. Those in power are looking for a chink in our armor, Any excuse to declare martial law or something like it
      . We can’t give into that we have to live on in fight another day.


      • Sharon says:

        On the day they think they can get by with declaring martial law, they would be willing to do it for far less than that. You won’t “get in trouble” for making your observation here, even though we don’t care to make casual conversation about “worst possible scenarios.”

        As far as I’m concerned, I do not want a single hair on the head of our despicable POTUS harmed. It is my fervant desire that anyone intending to harm him goes down in flames. I want his lying head perfectly and successfully protected, 24/7.


    • recoverydotgod says:

      Lew sounds like a jerk…people…including my liberal relatives will not think he is so great come nomination time…if this is sound’bited right. Hello, Republicans……


  5. bob e says:



  6. Sharon says:

    This gang of obama’s really, really doesn’t like the USA. They have a deep antipathy for this country and for normal Americans.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    When a powerful DC politician finds a compatible and agreeable catamite who will follow him slavishly it would be foolish to do anything but continually recycle said devotee again and again. Loyal flying monkeys are a rarity in back-stabbing DC and when you have a necrotic agenda and adherents who put service and self-gain ahead of the Constitution and good of the public they (allegedly) serve you launch them as often as you can.


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