Happy Birthday, Menagerie!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our dear and beloved Menagerie’s 29th birthday!  Many of you do not know that Menagerie is famous – she single-handedly pulled the Jack Daniels Distillery out of hard times many years ago, much like her friends Waltzing Mtilda and WeeWeed saved Coors Light from calamity.

But here in the treehouse, she is a fearless and hardworking admin who more than carries her weight in responsibilities, postings, and convivial bantering with visitors. Oh, and if you’re feeling down or lost and need a bit of prayer, Menagerie’s your girl. Her faith is  constant, glowing softly like a candle or blazing like an inferno, depending on the requirements of the situation, but always, always shining.


Here is Menagerie’s reaction when Sundance asked her to be an administrator the first day of the Tree House:


She’s also a major stockholder in Reynolds Metals, ’cause she gets all tin-foilly like y’all do.


But we’ve started a new business in tin-foil clothing – lotza call for that, especially the fancy formal wear. Her latest design is this one, super-effective against liberal probes:  we call it “the dress” since it’s not quite yet on the market.

tinfoil dress 

Laugh all ya want! Kate Middleton ordered one for some occasion coming up.

Of course, there will be cake – MenagerieLabradorbirthdaycake_zps1368a3d7



And other goodies.  And more cake.


Of course, Menagerie needs a comfy place to sit and observe all of her admirers on her special day!


And a baby to kiss –


And a dog or two to snuggle with –


And last, but not least, friends to celebrate with!



Puddy started without the rest of us!  Hey Puddy!


¡Ay, caramba!


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Sarcastic cat herder extraordinaire. And an angel.
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175 Responses to Happy Birthday, Menagerie!

  1. Ad rem says:

    And now that her birthday’s arrived, I’m gonna have to let this cat outta the bag! Remember all those nights when Menage said she was “working late”? Well, she was burning the midnight oil all right…..or should I say “purifying the waters through distillation”…..ahem.

    Today, prepare to have your mind blown. The Treehouse is proud to announce the fruits of Menage’s labors….something the world has not beheld since those most regretful days of Prohibition……her very own “White Dog Whiskey”. Yes…white whiskey is no longer for the under dogs! 😀


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  2. ZurichMike says:

    Oh, finally something to wake us out of our Obama doldrums. Happy Birthday!


  3. ctdar says:

    Happy Birthday Menegarie!!!
    I know its a bit early but never too early to have some cake with Jack…er Jack with cake…er Jack Cake!! 😆



  4. Sha says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you……. happy birthday to you…… O.K. I’ll stop singing… I know you still need your hearing ! Happy Birthday Menegarie ! I hope you have a wonderful day and many many more to come.


  5. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday, Menagarie! You’re the best, and we wish you the best on this good day, and the days to come. May you have some unexpected joys and all the blessings you need during the next year.

    Yer a fine Wolverine, and it’s a pleasure to tromp the hills with ya.

    Happy Birthday!

    I believe this bit of music is by a friend of yours.


    • Menagerie says:

      Nothing like a laugh early on your birthday! Sharon, this dog could be a part of my menagerie. As you know, we live out in the country, and my dogs are not used to many things “them city dwellin'” doggies put up with. Every time they hear a siren or a plane flies over, they all howl just like that dog. I guess it hurts their ears. Anyhow, sounds like home and my babies. Thanks so much.


  6. WeeWeed says:

    Happy, happy birthday, dear Dawg!!! May you have many, many more. Whenya gonna break open that Rye up yonder?? 😀


  7. stellap says:

    Happy birthday, dear Puppy! May all your dreams come true.

    Found this for you:



  8. texan59 says:

    I am not at liberty to discuss this any further, other than to tell you Happy Birthday Menage! As the bikers say – Live it like ya stole it! 😀



  9. texan59 says:

    I got a few of my mates back together to sing you a song! 😉


  10. dawndoe says:

    Happy Birthday!


  11. maggiemoowho says:

    Happy Birthday Menagerie!!!


  12. Happy Birthday Menagerie! 🙂


  13. Menagerie says:

    This is how I will be spending my day. I am having lunch in the Tea Room in my world famous little town with this young lady and her lovely mother.


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  14. Happy Birthday, dear girl. Love you.



  15. Bijou says:

    Hope you have a stupendously Happy Birthday, Menage!
    Heaven knows you deserve it.
    “Anniversary of your 29th”…excellent! Must remember that one.
    So par-TAY!!! Jack and birthday cake…what could possibly go wrong?


  16. jordan2222 says:

    I hope you will have a blessed birthday.


  17. ytz4mee says:

    Happy Birthday, Menage!
    You share your birthday with the Saint Day for William of Bourges. He was a reluctant warrior, but defended the rights of the clergy against the state, and prayed for the sick and lost.
    His spirit lives on!

    Have a wonderful Bug day. Hugs to you!


  18. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend! Enjoy a day of fun and pampering! 😀


  19. recoverydotgod says:

    Happy Birthday, Menagerie!

    These cupcakes looked pretty swell. [Ain’t just dad’s who love their whiskey and dark chocolate.]



  20. Omar says:

    Happy Birthday, Menagerie!! We share the same birthday 🙂 I hear that the most awesome people are born on this day. I really can’t name any right now, besides you and me, of course….but still. If they say it, it must be true!! I pray your day and your year are filled with everything wonderful, joyful, peaceful, and graceful. Be blessed!


  21. czarowniczy says:

    Happy B’day from someone who spends a lot of time keeping the George Dickel brand solvent. Sour mash is nectar to the redneck’s heart, par-tay on.


  22. ottawa925 says:

    Hey Menagerie. A very Happy Birthday wish from me. Hope you will do something special to celebrate.


  23. rumpole2 says:

    Happy Birthday, Menagerie!

    I gottcha a present……


  24. thefirstab says:

    And Happy Birthday to Canadacan and Omar, too!
    I was going to comment on the party table up yonder, but thought better….. tee-hee.
    I AM a guest, after all, and we suthern girlz DO have mannahs 🙂


  25. aliashubbatch says:

    Happy Birthday Menagerie. 🙂


  26. justfactsplz says:

    Happy Birthday Menageriie, and a toast of a shot of Jack to many more.


  27. elvischupacabra says:

    …and judging from the photo, she has the sweetest little puppy-dog eyes. 🙂


  28. 22tula says:

    Happy Birthday Menagerie!


  29. 22tula says:

    Happy Birthday Omar!


  30. 22tula says:

    Happy Birthday Canadacan!


  31. sundance says:

    Happy Birthday Menagerie and Canadacan !! 😀

    Y’all might not know this but Menagerie is the deep water of reflection round here. If you have ever heard the term “always let your conscience be your guide”, then you know who carries the compass on the daily journey…. that’s Menagerie.

    Happy Birthday Menagerie, you deserve nothing but the bestest and finest ! Always.


    • Menagerie says:

      Thanks Sundance. I have always found myself to be in good company here in the Tree, and it’s a fine, fine place to have friends who share my hopes and values.


  32. Menagerie says:

    i SHALL COME BAca later and thank EVeryine. righy now sADIE IS HERE! THanks for the good wishes. I am unabke to type right now. Grabby babty hands.


  33. tessa50 says:

    Happy birthday menagerie and canadacan and omar too!!


  34. Auntie Lib says:

    Happy birthday Menagerie, Canadacan, and Omar! Wow three in one!! Sorry I’m so late to the party – and I can’t stay, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the party completely.

    Here’s some little presents – tons of good wishes for the best year ever to each of you!

    Save some cake and I’ll be back tomorrow. Luv ya’s!


  35. texan59 says:

    Since it’s late, they ran out of cakes so, for Omar and Canadacan, I found this. Hope ya’z enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Menagerie says:

    Thanks to all for keeping me laughing throughout the day. A big thanks to Wee, Puddy, Sharon, Stella, PD, Tilda and Yatz for coming up with the hilarity, and being the bestest friends ever, and SD for putting up with all of us. Do we have a corporate jet yet? 😉


  37. MRM says:

    oh, happy, happy birthday Menage!! I’m sorry to be so late, but judging from all the goodies and fun vids, it’s been a fabulous birthday!! 🙂


  38. Patriot1783 says:

    Happy Anniversary Menagerie!! Hope you had a great day with family and friends…hugs to your beautiful grandson.

    Liked by 2 people

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