A Message To Jordan2222 That Extends Beyond……

patriotJordan, in response to your comment here I’m going to attempt to share something that I really suck at explaining.   It is hard to find the correct assembly of words and put them in the correct order to make sense of, well, “it”.   So I’m feebly going to drop back to my fallback position of an analogy in a fumbling attempt to explain, and perhaps in a larger sense put some perspective on this place we call the TreeHouse – The Last Refuge.

Think of current considerations like being inside a massive warehouse constructed as a pitch black maze.   Within the confinement of the maze there is no light to afford any person perspective in relation to their environment.

Total darkness, total silence, and the incapacity for general use of any inherent sense: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, are all useless.   The only sense that works is the instinctive sense that none, or at least few, of us have spent any time perfecting.   It is exceptionally unnerving and disconcerting this place we find ourselves.

Yet, there is a coping mechanism available.   You see, the maze was constructed by individual people who were given a specific set of instructions on a particular piece to build.   Each person tasked with building their unit did not know what they were building, nor did they know how it would be assembled.   In addition, they were not aware why they were building it;  It was a request without explanation, and once the task fulfilled they were thanked for their contribution and instructed to leave.

The community that has come together in this Last Refuge is, in a large part, an assembly of many persons who were involved in the individual unit construction; and who know, with specific expertise, how their small section is navigated.   Yet they do not know the whole.

We find ourselves within this maze of darkness absent of external compass points.   However, each Treeper has a keen understanding, when their built unit is reached, of the entrance and exit.   So a large group is able to navigate using the individual skill set of the participants as each take turn with inherent knowledge of their geographical point of reference when reached.

Such was the exact same manner of affiliation for the original founding fathers of this great Republic who found themselves in need of the same skill set.   They were diverse and yet were generally comfortable with each other and their faith.   They individually pledged their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor in advancement of the journey.

From the beginning, the largest percentage of current long-term refuge members became affiliated after they walked into the “political” maze around 2006/07’/08′ or 09′.   Before that there were few who wanted to know what was behind the massive doors of this monolithic construct, but it was not empty.   There were some guides already in place to assist the first steps.

Such remains the same today.  As each day, week, month or year passes, more and more people find the courage to open the door.   Each carrying their own individual reason to join the quest for understanding and basic truth.    So each person inside has a responsibility to assist with the first uncomfortable steps.   And so it goes…….

The community is much greater than the sum of its parts because each has a specific skill set, a specific knowledge, and a desire to learn, absorb and understand;  Even though each has an individual, or personal, reason for doing so.   That reason matters not, nor is it ever asked.   If not abridged by the individual in the form of a question it remains irrelevant.

Baby Newt

To your direct inquiry.   I don’t know what you, or anyone else, might do, or not do, with the information we discuss.   It is irrelevant to us, as it should be.  No-one is telling anyone they need to do anything, nor do they need to avoid doing anything.   To each his/her own.

But what we do have here is a great collection of lightbringers who know, as previously mentioned, the construct of individual segments.

Many people here stem from military backgrounds, many more from affiliations and expertise with quasi-political forces who worked deep within the framework of the maze of societal construction.    Their expertise is as diverse as the fabric which quilts our nation.

 I like to think of the Treehouse the same way I view Mensa.   The Mensa organization is quite different from what people think.   The most intelligent, as quantified with abstract reasoning tests, are not elite academics, professors, or captains of industry.   Not even close.

The vast majority of Mensas’ are tradespeople of comfortable invisibility, and profoundly proud insignificance.   They are carpenters, nurses, plumbers, electricians, roofers, street sweeps, janitors and otherwise: the ‘invisibles’.   But bring them together and watch out.  Because quantum physics meets practical application and universal factors are dissected with massive intellectual acumen.

One common thread characteristic, or sense of commonality, is each person seems to enjoy the comfort of physical accomplishment.   Few, very few, are abstract white collarists.  Some are significant leaders but only because of what I call ‘their deep connection to dirt’, as in – physical earth covering dirt.   Working with your hands provides a comfort unknown in the world of the abstract intellectual thought; and yet, that physical effort allows the mind to travel to incredible places of cognition.

It is a journey.

This is a journey.   A journey without a specifically known destination, and an unnerving sense that despite our best efforts or intentions the destination might be a place we do not want to reach.  But we are committed to boldly finding out, because in its purest sense the only truth is available at the exit.

Such is life.

Tuck me in pwease

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33 Responses to A Message To Jordan2222 That Extends Beyond……

  1. Artist says:

    This was great Sundance…..and, in addition, being a children’s book illustrator…I must add, the two photos of the mouse with the tiny teddy totally bowled me over! yay you.


  2. LouDaJew says:

    I think the issue stemmed from knowing a lot about guns, or how Feinstein worded her bill to eliminate weapons prone to being involved in another horrible incident. I was provided some links about a thumb hole stock which Feinstein put in her bill. I’ve never even heard of a thumb hole stock, and I keep pretty up to date with tactical supplies and weapons in general. I still believe she meant a bumpfire stock which is manufactured by a company named Slide Fire Solutions, which will turn a semiautomatic AR15 into a fully automatic while still being classified as a semiautomatic (also will work on an AR15-22 with a trigger spring of about 2.5 pounds). I may be wrong, but I don’t think thumb hole stocks are popular or even if there is a demand for them. I do believe she made a mistake and meant a bump fire stock because they are becoming very popular very fast.


    • griz1234 says:

      For an example of a “thumbhole” stock that designed to circumvent the idiotic AR ban rules, just google “SAR-4800”


      • LouDaJew says:

        I still think Feinstein made a mistake. It’s obvious she doesn’t know about firearms, or current technology with firearms. I don’t see how banning thumbhole stocks will have a major impact on preventing another mass shooting. the bottomline is though there are crazy people who will abuse their rights, but that isn’t an excuse to take away rights of citizens who do the right thing.


        • elvischupacabra says:

          Come on… she didn’t write this. Her staffers did, likely with input from special interest groups, such as Tides Foundation, Brady, etc. They knew exactly what they were writing. Whenever you read their words or hear these people, put it into the context of Rules for Radicals. We’re fighting Saul Alinsky’s version of communication, governance and compromise.


    • Allfal says:

      This is not an attack directed at Lou. It’s just that you mention how aware that you are of tactical firearms products. I am guessing that you are fairly young or are not as knowledgeable as you claim.
      thumbhole stocks have been around over 40 years. In the 1980’s they were used on a few bolt action hunting and target rifles, often as a novelty. In the 1990’s with some states with an assault weapon ban and from 1994 to 2004 under federal law they were used as a tool to comply with the requirement that a weapon could only have a limited number of evil features, such as a pistol grip, bayonet lug, folding stock, etc, or it was considered an assault weapon. A thumbhole stock has the pistol grip attached to the stock, so it’s not considered a pistol grip. In 1989, president Bush instituted a partial import ban of military style rifles. This ban imposed sporting use restrictions as well as limited the number of imported parts that could be used in these weapons. The ugly thumbhole stock was used to comply with both the sporting use regulations as well as the regulation requiring a certain number of US made parts in the weapons.

      As to slidefire stocks, they do not convert a weapon to full auto, they are used as an aid to an action called “bumpfiring”. Google bumpfiring and you will find instructions on how to do this with no additional equipment. the slidefire just makes it a little more simple. There are a number of youtubevideos you can watch to see people bumpfiring ther semi autos with no other equipment other than the original rifle. It can be an enjoyable way to waste ammo without having to pay the many thousands of dollars required to purchase a legal full auto weapon. In general, it is not very accurate or reliable. It is of no use for defensive or offensive use of a weapon. Even with the slidefire, you have to pay attention to what you are doing in order to have the aid funtion as designed. Add a little stress to a situation and you would be hard pressed to get it to funtion correctly. The slidefire company has been around for a couple of years. there are other companies that make similar products. If you google it, you will find you can make your own bumpfire device out of simple scrap plywood. It’s a cheap, simple way to simulate full auto fire under controlled conditions, without the expense of purchasing a legal full auto. Since bumpfiring can be done with no additional product, given just a little practice and knowledge, what would you ban, the shooter’s finger? Please understand, bumpfiring is mostly just a trick. Performing bumfiring makes the shootinging platform {rifle} inherently unstable. The stock makes it somewhat more stable. If you research this some, you will see why the mechanics of the action makes the practice of bumpfiring or the use of the stock useless for most anything other than having fun and converting money to noise.


      • brutalhonesty says:

        my brother had an ak with the thumbhole stock, and a mak 90 with one as well. i know exactly what they are talking about. your thumb goes in the hole. why is this even being discussed? i know nothing about guns and I knew this…and i agree, i dont see how a thumbhole stock grip vs a pistol grip will change how many people will be shot.


        • Allfal says:

          I have no idea why it’s being discussed. I was responding to Lou. Your brother’s AK’s { the Mak 90 is also an AK } have those stocks because of sporting use regulations or restriction of imported parts regulations instituted in 1989. They function the same way they did before they were required to have the ugly stocks hung on them. Given current, not proposed, regulation, they can be replaced with a proper stock as long as the total imported parts count remains within the regulation.


          • LouDaJew says:

            so explain to me why a thumb hole stock is so much more dangerous than a bumpfire


            • Arkindole says:



              They’re available in many calibers. The are not bump fire.

              And, it’s that “dangerous” thing again…
              Feinstein originally had her aides go through firearms magazines and find “scary” weapons, or so the story goes.


            • Allfal says:

              If you read her proposal, it’s not that she bans thumbhole stocks. She is prohibiting them being used as a tool to comply with the ban. She is also prohibiting ” bullet buttons “. Bullet buttons are a tool california residents use to comply with that state’s ban. They convert a weapon that has a detachable magazine into a weapon the requires a ” tool ” to detach the magazine from the weapon, thus making it legal. Ban laws are passed and then reviewed by the people affected by them. These people, not wanting to give up their rights, sport or hobby then find a way to comply with the law while still exercising their rights and attempting to enjoy their hobby. Thus, pistol grips became thumbhole stocks and weapons that accept detachable magazines had bullet buttons installed. The statists observed this in current and previous bans and are attempting to close what they see as a loophole. Her bill also removes bayonet lugs and flash supressors from features used in determining if a weapon is an assault weapon. She must have determined that since the deadly drive by bayonetting or wounds from bright muzzle flash failed to decrease in previous bans, these features were not worth banning again. Just remember, when the 1994 ban was passed, she said that if she had had her way she would have had citizens turn in all their guns. She is no friend to freedom.


    • Allfal says:

      That’s probably a good example. You just watched an individual dump 90 rounds at targets around10 feet away, using a unstable shooting platform{ rifle ] and end up missing some of the targets. And that was with using the slidefire device that makes the weapon a little more stable. Fun? Sure. Some threat to be concerned about? Absolutely not.


      • brutalhonesty says:

        imagine a 30 round clip, shot like that, into a random crowd. there would be many injuries. fish in a barrel. no need for accuracy. think of it like bird shot. how many pellets in one cartridge? and how many actually hit the bird?


        • Allfal says:

          While that may have an element of truth to it, after watching that video, imagine how much more quickly he could have hit all the tagets firing with aimed semi auto fire. A good man with a bolt action rifle could have hit more targets more quickly.

          thinking of it as a shotgun, why do you suppose a hunter shooting geese with a shotgun aims for a specific goose instead of aiming for the flock? Aiming for the group is a very well planned way to miss all of your targets.


  3. akathesob says:

    hmmmmmmmmm nice!


  4. brutalhonesty says:

    “the largest percentage of current long-term refuge members became affiliated after they walked into the “political” maze around 2006/07′/08′.”
    In all my internet political discussion ventures, I had never heard of the tree house until researching the Trayvon Martin case. To be fair, my ventures were limited to facebook “groups” before timeline, I was always weary of signing up for any blogs that want my e-mail or wanted permission to post as me on my facebook…and as such I had never heard of dothprotesttoomuch or talkleft either.
    None of that really even matters about what I am trying to say, which is, im surprised it took me so long to find this place given how long its been here and also how wonderful and accurate the information is here. its almost as if it was hidden under the first rule of fight club…but certain people…the club….were in the know…found…recruited…. by those in the know…while others were left clueless……really dont know what Im trying to say other than i guess, i wish i found this place sooner….sorry for the mindlessness of this post


    • jordan2222 says:

      Sometimes I think I have too much stuff up there and need a larger hard drive since everything we have ever experienced is in a folder somewhere.

      I do not believe we can ever permanently trash it but I do try to free up space once in a while.

      Maybe mindlessness can open the door to learning?


  5. PatriotUSA says:

    Well written and the best response you could offer IMHO. You captured what drew me in here and WHY i return several times a day. I may not comment much but i do read and I read a lot. One has to go find the light and the light of the truth will wash away the filth of the times we are living here. I spend hours reading from many different sites.

    The truth lives here, darkness and evil are totally and completely exposed.

    Darkness transforms and lightness transcends. One must step out of the shadow lands before we can ‘see the light’ and the truth. Light is found and abounds here, it is not colored or hidden. I am not even going to get into the discussion of the gun comment and issue except this, I know the difference, have known for years, have used both and the LSM is just a tool of the traitorous administration under which we suffer.

    Sundance nor this site has EVER told any one of us what to do. That is what progressive, liberal and some ‘conservative’ sites do and I will have nothing to do with such sites.

    I purposely work in the shadows but have stepped OUT OF the shadow Lands long ago. Much of what I do locally to help others with less than what we have, must be done in the shadows. HE knows what I do and what is my heart and soul. Those looking for the light of truth, goodness and love will seek it and find it, or die trying.

    To Jordan2222: You have a capable mind as shown through your comments. Use what the good Lord has blessed you with to discern the truth and step truly into the light of the truth. It becomes a tad bit easier after this but seeking the truth is never without peril, risk, difficult times or standing in the light of the truth.The times we live in are proof enough of what I just said.


  6. Sharon says:

    The nature of lies is to please…. Truth has no concern for anyone’s comfort. — Catherine Dunn


    Thought that quote by Ms. Dunn was a fit on this thread. It was added at the end of an AT article today.


    • jordan2222 says:

      One subject I never really studied was philosophy but I think we have a few of them here.


      • Sharon says:

        Feeling unable to directly push back, unable to directly influence things, unable to directly “make the next step happen” is not something most of us have spent time consciously considering.

        The way Sundance explained our predicament and our privilege, jordan, pretty well nails it: he paints a word picture that actually is detailed and specific.

        We want specifics: we’re not gonna get specifics. We want answers: we’re not gonna get answers. But those who oppose us cannot change our decision to stand and play our part. We will oppose them. That is our to-do list. We Oppose Them.

        It may not feel like that’s effective or like it’s enough–but look how we annoy them just by breathing. Look how they hate us just because we won’t stop standing. Look how they despise us for thinking our own thoughts. Look at the amount of time and energy they expend seeking to discredit us. Our very existence is effective opposition.


  7. jordan2222 says:

    Thank you very much for such a detailed, informative reply to my post. It’s much more than I expected. I think you know me well enough to know that I am truly a Truth Seeker. I have been that way all of my life since I first discovered different accounts of the same historical events and realized that a lot of Scripture was subject to various translations.

    Like many others, I found this site as a result of trying to learn the facts about the George Zimmerman case. I am here every day but I probably spend more time now on the other threads.

    Why is that? The easy answer is am a Constitutional Conservative and was a Brietbart disciple. As time went on, I found I could read reliable news and thought provoking dialogue here in one stop. The next step was the matter of trust. It makes a lot of difference when one can read an article and discuss it with others of similar minds, questioning things about which there may be doubts. Almost any reasonable question posed here is almost immediately met with a host of replies that includes links to support whatever is said.

    Your Benghazi investigation has been the most thorough available anywhere in the media. We all applaud you for your dedication to relentlessly pursuing the specifics of what actually happened and for exposing what really transpired with detailed time lines.

    During that time, I made a post similar to the one to which you are responding and you replied in much the same manner.

    No one could ever make a legitimate claim that you are not consistent in what you say is the purpose of this site.

    Without question, we have a collective body of intelligent, educated folks here who are dedicated to liberty. Most of us have expressed our concern and even “fear” of losing it.

    However, I think it’s natural to ask what we can do aside from being informed and armed with knowledge. If the time comes that we do have to take action, it would be difficult to decide what to do or what side to take without having an in depth knowledge of the “options” available. ”Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Barrack Obama is NOT my Savior nor is he even my leader.

    Like others, I am frustrated with all that has happened to destroy the America our Founders envisioned. Once in a while I think my limited knowledge makes things seem even more futile. The more I know, the more I realize there is to know so I can understand why some people think ignorance is bliss.

    The Progs have a clear advantage in that they do not have to use reasoning powers to fit their agenda. They blindly follow some mythical utopia with a belief that we are not just created equal, but we should all have the same stuff. Their leaders are to be totally trusted. I guess it’s an easier life when you do not have to use your brain.

    I do not know your educational or professional experience but you have very special talents, Sundance. Maybe this website is your calling but, damn, I think all of us agree that there is so much more you could do. Thanks for sharing all of your insight.


  8. Allfal says:

    To comment on the original intent of this post, this site is exceptional. I first came here as a result of a link from another site on the treyvon fiasco. The depth of knowledge and honest debate about not just that issue, but many others, caused me to stay and mostly lurk here. I try to not post about matters of which I have limited knowledge. This site is now often linked at other sites I visit as source material, not by me but by others that have followed those links. Other than on extremely biased sites, I have not observed realistic criticism of the reasearch, debate and conclusions performed here. This site and the people that run it remain impressive.


  9. justfactsplz says:

    This is an excellent article. What a privilege to be part of such a top notch site as this. I am constantly learning and yearning to learn more as I read and study the articles and comments here. I commend you for you and your crew’s efforts.


  10. LittleLaughter says:

    Jordan, I understand your frustration at not being able to *do anything* about the current state of affairs America finds herself in. However, one thing I have been doing more of in the last few years is talking A LOT to my only child who is in college. College is the breeding ground for liberals and atheistic teaching. We raised him in church, with conservative teachings, but when they go away to college, they become fair game to the ideologs (idiots). I have spent invaluable amounts of time just conversing with him; explaining the truth over and over about various topics. Now in his third year of college, he is sharing that knowledge with others that are his peers. He has found that he enjoys the respect he is given and the way in which people come to him for advice and his opinion. I have taught him to pray for wisdom; to seek the truth on his own; and learn to discern. Perhaps in a small way, I am actually *doing something*. I hope so. And I hope you can find a way to teach someone in your own life. Maybe it will be a ripple effect that we will see results from later on down the road. 🙂


    • Sharon says:

      LittleLaughter, yes. Yes. It’s actually a few years back that this very conversation (including Jordan’s question and the frustration we someetimes feel) was going on with one of Rush’s programs. He spent the better part of one of his programs sort of talking through the whole thing, and he kept coming back to this thought, “You can be the ‘go to’ person in your family.” I found that helpful. It’s hard to keep in mind how effective “normal conversation” can be when things seem so critical, but considering how they hate the fact that we don’t just all drop dead, our very lives must be accomplishing something that perhaps we are under-estimating.


      • I have to believe that Jordan (Wayne) would have been very pleased by the result of the November 8th election. Whether he would have supported Trump I do not know, but I can’t imagine him not smiling at the thought of Hillary Clinton being defeated once again. Who knows? Maybe Wayne even played a part in the miraculous “flips” of the “Swing states”.


    • jordan2222 says:

      My oldest daughter, now 34, has more intuitive and reasoning powers than I do. She is conservative like me and is married to a liberal lawyer. I do not know how that works but I suspect her views have been challenged in the past and I also think he realized he might be outgunned. He will NOT discuss issues with me. We have had a ” peace treaty” for awhile now and I think my daughter was included so maybe they do not even talk politics.

      However, she still reminds of it before I go over and especially if his liberal parents are there.

      My youngest girl is 20. I raised her alone from age ten, when she lost her Mom In addition to regular school, including Montessori, I home schooled her in the Constitution and American History, especially the War Between the States. She will marry a conservative Christian in May. Neither has done drugs, booze, and they live in different parts of Kansas City instead of together because neither believes in sex before marriage. They met in church over 5 years ago. They are just a couple of old fashioned people. LOL

      She did missionary work in Haiti and the Dominican when she was in high school and I now expect her to graduate in 2014 but he has already finished and has a great job.

      So I am a proud papa and grand father twice.

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      • arkansasmimi says:

        Super proud to call you a Friend Wayne! Prayers and many blessing to your family. I am sure they know how proud you were of them, and we are all touched that you shared so much so many times with us. We are all better for having known you! Always, Mimi


  11. anthedohmy says:

    So the total upheaval in my household that came with barely clinging to the end of a branch is not in vain, after all. And all those “speculations”/delusions I had about this treehouse I crashed into by accident may not have warranted the over-reaction of the old hippie I live with, who is slowly reading the links I send and realizing that truth is truth in the pine tree and the maple tree. Even the nut trees.


  12. Phil McGee says:

    He was my friend of many years, we worked together and stayed in touch periodically due to my relocations. We hailed from the same state and had similar family situations. I have many fond memories of Wayne. He was always hospitable to throwing his home open to me at any time. Sadly most didn’t work out although he did visit me here in Maine. I will miss him and his most determinational life’s quest. Alathough, he probably wouldn’t like that word choice so much. (smile)



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