Luke, I Am Your Brother (via iOTW)

(BigFurHat @iOTW writes) I read a story a couple of days ago about a young man in Australia that was relegated to the back row for a class picture. The kid’s name was Luke Smith. He’s 11.  I’ve been in the back row, we all have.   But we can stand.

Look at this picture:


I have no idea what this school was thinking. This is idiotic and the Smith family was saddened and outraged. So am I.

BFH steps in to save the day CLICK HERE

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11 Responses to Luke, I Am Your Brother (via iOTW)

  1. fmhayes48 says:

    This is an outrage!! Scary to know that the idiots are multiplying and have reached all corners of the earth.


  2. Sharon says:

    That just makes me want to hit somebody…which I suppose is horrible of me. Our work is cut out for us, folks, both before and after (and during) the camps. So glad that BFH produced a good photo of the young man. Excellent. Thank God for the inertubz.


  3. sundance says:

    If you have spent even a modest amount of time understanding, truely understanding, the fabian socialist mindset that drives the political left, then this picture is not a surprise in the least.

    This is the optic of progressive values. Don’t turn away – look at it. Do.Not.Turn.Away. This one kid made it to eleven years of age, most don’t make it past 20 weeks enutero. He’s rare. The values of the Progs are in the movie theaters, on TV, in posters, in social media, upon the steps of the Capitol Building in Michigan, inside the Capitol rotunda in Wisconsin, in the stripper night EBT celebrations, on display with pissChrist, at the bottom of a tidal canal near Chappaquiddick Island, everywhere. All just matter of factly in-your-face.

    And yet – someone is surprised. Seriously?

    Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE who wants to debate me on this issue I will happily start a brand spanking new thread in your honor.


  4. Arkindole says:

    This is the most bazaar thing I have ever seen. Was it the photographer? I think not…If I was the teacher I would have moved the student in front of the first row in center. Wouldn’t that be the most “natural” reaction to most people? I had several classmates that followed me through classes, and that’s the way it was. Also, they usually had the biggest smile of all kids.

    And @Sharon: You can bet lists are being made as we move forward. I was going to post some Matt Bracken quotes about the CCW registrants that were outed in the NY rag, but it’s Christmas..


  5. czarowniczy says:

    My wife worked as a manager in one of the state’s many homes that house mentally disabled people for nearly 25 years. Her job was to ensure the facility met all state and federal guidelines and guidelines imposed by the Federal Courts. The facility was under the control of the Federal court when she was hired, some parents who’d found it more easier to send their children to a state-run home than take care of them at home (personal bitch there) didn’t like the way the state was treating their children (understandable) and filed suit so the courts just waltzed in and took over. She and the new director managed to get the facility out from under the courts in just a few years and they never again flunked any of the regular and ‘surprise!’ inspections the state and Feds threw at them. She even managed to get the facility certified by a national private agency that rated homes for the disabled. Funny thing is the private group had more strict but much more client-related and client-friendly means of rating than the Feds or state. It was as if the government entities reached way up or down some bodily orifice to make up useless or irrelevant rules that frequently bore no benefits to the clients she served. The NGO group was interested in the comfort and safety of the clients while the government trogs were interested in justifying their jobs. They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. After over 20 years of sterling inspection she watched the state sell the entire ‘retarded’ treatment and housing system to what could be described as politically connected private for-profit contractors. The damaged under Federal care are tools which, once used, are hung up on the wall until they are needed again.


  6. cajunkelly says:

    What a heartbreaking story, and then such a heart warming story when you click the link and see what BFH did. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    God Bless You Luke, and God Bless BFH. ❤


  7. sundance says:

    It does not go without attention the young mans name was Luke.

    Not today it doesn’t.

    Nor ever shall it.

    Luke 2:8-11


  8. cajunkelly says:

    borrowed this comment from over at iOTW, re the awful video game about little children in school. It fits here as well:
    You know, I can’t help but wonder how much worse the world was back in the time of Noah that God felt it necessary to flood the whole stinking place.


  9. Sha says:

    If that where my son I would won’t to know why they did that and who did it. In most pictures they put the shorter children up front so they wont be covered up by the taller ones , so I think this was done out of pure meanness by someone. I wouldn’t wont them around my son if this is the values that they have and when I got threw with who ever treated him this way they would always remember my name.


  10. Josh says:

    My heart breaks to pieces every day (sometimes several times a day) over some new atrocity.
    THANK YOU, Big Fur Hat for trying to right a wrong. I hope Luke saw this.


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