Christmas Convo….. (part 1)

Fix the blankies just right, pull up a rock around the fire, grab a stick for your marshmallow, and copy and paste these questions along with your responses in the comment section.    What is your:

Favorite Christmas Carol ?
Favorite Christmas Song ?
Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ?
Favorite Christmas Movie ?
Favorite Christmas Meal ?
Most memorable present rec’d as child ?
Most memorable present rec’d as adult ?
Best time you ever had giving gift ?

Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?

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60 Responses to Christmas Convo….. (part 1)

  1. LouDaJew says:

    Andre Rieu: Home For The Holidays (2012) on DVD or BluRay
    Best Ever!


  2. stellap says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel
    Favorite Christmas Song ? The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting etc)
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Bing Crosby (White Christmas, 2nd favorite song)
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? Comedy – Christmas in Connecticut
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Roast Boneless Beef Rib Eye with all the trimmings.
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? A Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring marionette
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? A car – red 1985 Pontiac Grand Am – w/6,000 mile on the odometer. Also got pearl and diamond earrings that year. I was a very good girl!
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? No one year really stands out. I think when my daughter was young, picking out books for her to read, and decorating gifts beautifully (I used to go all out) was the most fun. Didn’t have much money then, but it was a fun time.

    Ask me tomorrow about the songs and the movie, and I’ll probably give you a different answer – because I love them all!

    What would I say to that person alone? That the greatest gift of Christmas is and always has been the gift of the Christ, who loves us all, and brought us eternal life, if we are willing to accept him.


  3. TandCrumpettes says:

    Best time I ever had giving a gift….well, this hasn’t happened yet but I think next year is going to be “the one.”

    I am going to donate a kidney to a stranger. I’m just waiting for my daughter to be old enough where I can recover at home and she’s in no danger of sticking forks in wall sockets (stuff like that) when I’m not looking.

    I can’t wait until next season! I just hope the person I am paired with will let me “know” them. They don’t have to become my best buddy or anything, I just want to know they did OK. I’ll have to update you guys next year. I’m really excited about doing this!


    • gretchenone says:

      You are incredibly awesome. I am in awe of you. May God so richly bless you for your selflessness that you grow your kidney back as well as bless the recipient with a chance for a normal life!

      I know a young girl who has been struggling with kidney failure. You are doing a great and good work to donate a kidney.


      • TandCrumpettes says:

        Thank you. I’ve always been an organ donor…but I finally realized, “Wait a second…I don’t have to wait!”

        Hopefully this will also be a good motivator to finally stop smoking. It was easy when I was pregnant because someone else was counting on me. Well, this is kind of the same…this time next year, someone will be “counting on me,” so better start now, eh? Perhaps my recipient will “help” me more than I helped them!

        I actually don’t know anyone who needs a kidney – otherwise they’d have it already! Still, I kind of think its more “special” this way. Imagine how utterly thrilled it will make someone waiting on the “deceased” list to be told, “Hey, guess what! Your wait is over! Some chick just called out of the blue!” Assuming we match and everything – I’m sure somebody out there matches me!

        I have it planned in my mind to start in October or November – I’ll have to check up on how long the testing takes. I’d really like to time the operation (or at least, have it scheduled and set in stone) around Christmas. What a gift!

        And besides, I’ll have all those great Christmas shows to watch on the hospital tv! haha!


    • ZurichMike says:

      Wow! major props. Good luck and lots of prayers.


  4. Josh says:

    St. Jude Holiday Rock


  5. Josh says:

    I really appreciate Bob Seger’s rendition of Little Drummer Boy. If you promise not to tell anyone else I will confess that his version of the song can bring me to some very hard and heartfelt tears so I will instead post what I will:

    I also enjoy:
    Handel’s Messiah
    Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas songs


  6. Sharon says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

    Favorite Christmas Song ? Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? for the old songs, Dean Martin. He sings cool.

    Favorite Christmas Meal ? fried chicken (don’t think it can be either restaurant purchased or made any more the way my mother made it…..mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmm!) and all the trimmins’

    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? I received so many typical and much-loved gifts, but for some reason, the most memorable is a blue plastic set of collapsible drinking cups! I was about 7, I suppose, and completely fascinated by having my own COLLAPSIBLE! drinking cups! It wasn’t the only gift I got that year, but I remember those cups in detail.

    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? Coffee table books from my sons, including Sled Driver and Untouchables— about the history, performance and missions of the SR-71; Ansel Adams, 80 of his b/w photographs and FRONT PAGE/Historical Headlines from the Los Angeles Times, from 1881-1987.

    Best time you ever had giving a gift? A flowered plate for serving cookies that I gave my mom for Christmas in 1957, because I had earned the money myself. There wasn’t much chance for 13 year olds to earn cash in 1957 in rural Montana, so that was a very big deal to me. I now have that plate, returned to me in 1988 when her housekeeping was done.


    • thefirstab says:

      Sharon – “Grandma Got Run Over…” hahaha… that is a “classic” in my adopted state.
      But I am responding through tears (happy) due to your mention of the Blackbird! My dad was on the design team for P & W engine, that and F-14. i recall trips he took that I would ask where he went, and I would get very vague responses from my mother. As an adult, I finally learned he was on “business trips”, and even Mom wasn’t told.
      He was very affected by the huge P & W layoffs, due to military cuts, I think in the 70’s.

      Dad was the shopper in the family — Mom was a Midwestern farm girl. I remember getting a lovely “fab” suede coat from Jordan Marsh for Christmas one year – best present ever! Mom made me exchange it for something more practical (who needs that kind of coat in FL? Ooooh, but I looked so GOOD in it)
      Thank you for those memories…. and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  7. sundance says:

    My favorite Christmas Song: (from my favorite male singer)


  8. Sharon says:

    What to say to someone alone on Christmas–that’s a little bit difficult to answer. What might be helpful to them could vary widely depending on their Christmases past, and the what the reason is for them being alone this year.

    Some are alone because they’ve always been alone and may, in fact, prefer to be alone, regardless of their reasons. Some may be comfy with being alone.

    Some are alone because a recent divorce has left the family so shattered that no one can even bear to try to pretend that it’s normal Christmas, and it’s just easier to avoid the pain.

    Some are alone because their flight got cancelled because of ice storms perhaps, and there’s not time to make alternate plans…but even though they’re “alone” they’ll be on skype, screaming and hollering with their brothers and sisters in Alabama, talking about what they’re going to do for New Years.

    Some are alone in nursing homes and are hardly aware of what day it is…and it hasn’t mattered much anyway–what day it is–since her only son died in Vietnam 45 years ago.

    Some are alone and not even at home–they’re at some medical center, spending most of their time in some waiting area, waiting for that 5 minute spot on the clock where they’re allowed to go in and hold the hand of their family member who perhaps isn’t coming home again.

    If you are alone for Christmas and are reading this, I’d like to ask you why you’re alone and listen to your answer. What are your stories? Do you have a good memory that is helpful today? Or are you perhaps ok with being alone?

    Whatever your reason, whatever your story, I hope that sharing this part of your Christmas here in the Treehouse has been good. If you’d like to hang around for several days, you are most welcome to…whether you comment or not. Please know that you are welcome in our House for Christmas.

    Share in the ‘smores, grab a drink of eggnog or Diet Coke (git the hard stuff from Tilda or Weed! 🙂 ) and join us around the fire that Sundance started up top…please stay as long as you like. There’s a pile of blankets by that big ol’ snag over there–help yourself if you need more snuggliness. Sing along on the songs you know…or sit quietly if you prefer.

    Those who are reading and are alone at Christmas~~you are welcome here at the Conservative Tree House. I wish you a Merry Christmas.


  9. gretchenone says:

    Favorite Carol: Good King Wencelas
    Favorite Christmas Film: Holiday Inn
    Favorite Christmas Meal: Roast Beast with Yorkshire Pudding
    Most Memorable Gift as a Child: Narnia Chronicles
    Best Time Giving a Gift: Presenting a son to my husband on Dec. 24 at 11:45 p.m.

    To someone alone this Christmas: Find someone who needs a helping hand. Cook a nice meal and invite someone over who is also alone. Better yet, throw a party. Read the Christmas Story. Watch your favorite comedy film(s). Pray for those in prison. Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Pray for our military members who are on duty on Christmas. Buy yourself a gift that you’ve been wanting for awhile, but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Remember that ultimately, Christmas is about a Child and not about the tinsel and parties. Take care of yourself and remember that loneliness is a temporary condition. I and my family will remember you in our prayers over this holiday season. God bless you and all those who are alone at this moment. We will set a place for you at our table and perhaps God will bring you to our door.


  10. 22tula says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol?

    Favorite Christmas Song?
    Home Alone 2 Soundtrack

    Favorite Christmas Movie?

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?


  11. sundance says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Rudolph – Burl Ives version
    Favorite Christmas Song ? The Christmas Card by Jim Reeves (shared above)
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Singer-Jim Reeves. Group-Vienna Boys
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? Bells of St. Mary’s
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Peas, Bisto Brown Gravy.
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? Puppy, English Mastif “Lokie”.
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? An old claw hammer – belonged to Grandpa.

    Best time you ever had giving gift ? Taking my sister to see “Riverdance performance ” in Ireland.

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?

    You’re not and you never have been – He’s right there beside you, before you, within you, from the first creationary nano-second. Talk to him, but spend more time listening. You are, as you have always been, His child, His creation, a child of His universe – no less than the trees and the stars – and far more magnificent, you have every right to be here.

    That which is holy, of feeble merit, and poorly affirmed within the construct of my own flaws and frailties, salutes and cherishes that spirit which is you – He has uniquely chosen you as a vessel for that spirit, and I am humbled to share your acquaintence.


  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? I would say “What Child is This” So many to choose from–But if its a Carol..
    Favorite Christmas Song ? “Heaven Everywhere” (This Year)I do a double cd I give friends that contains Christmas Songs I have collected..I started making it in 2003 and it was barely 1 cd, got tired of trying to figure out which one to delete..
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ?Andy WIlliams
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? “Wonderful Life” got tired of it for a while when it was on TV 24/7 during the Christmas season.
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Roast, Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Filling, Yams, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Carrots,
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? Toddles Doll
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ?Two Huge Garbage bags—Filled with everything on my list (only two items on the list were over maybe $20 anyway.) They didnt give it to me until almost an hour after all the present opening was over. LOL
    Best time you ever had giving gift? Last year Was the most fun. I left poinsettias on doorsteps if I knew they had no kids, or a book titled “The Spirit of Christmas” on their doorstep if they had kids. Enclosed was a card that read “You Have Been Bitten by the Spirit of Christmas. Play it Forward. God Bless You.” I passed out many of the books in parking lots to families passing by too. (A bit too broke to do it this year)..


  13. ZurichMike says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? O Holy Night
    Favorite Christmas Song ? Not really a “traditional” Christmas song, but I adore “For Unto Us A Child is Born” from Handel’s “Messiah”
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? King’s College Choir
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? It’s a Wonderful Life
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? The usual Italian-American holiday meal: antipasto, soup, pasta, meat and fixings, cheese, nuts and fruit, dessert, coffee and fresh-roasted chestnuts
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? Wooden puzzle map of the US
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? A simple, heartfelt thank-you from my former neighbor, whom I had helped through a difficult financial and medical crisis. Once back on his feet somewhat after his ordeal around Christmas time, he slowly and unsteadily walked to my house (it took a lot out of him physically), knocked on the door, and said that he didn’t have any extra money to buy me a present (which took a lot out of him emotionally), but he wanted me to know much he appreciated all that I had done for him. I was walking on air for months.
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? Figuring out how to wrap separate groups of presents for three different poor kids whose names were on the giving tree at church. For each I picked something practical (warm socks and school supplies), something age-appropriate (Lego kits), something sweet (little bars of chocolate), and something religious (a little card about St. Nicholas), all individually wrapped, then each group of presents put in a larger box, then wrapped, and tied with a bow, and I attached a candy cane and an unbreakable ornament to the bow.
    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this? There is always room at the inn, in the back, in the stable, next to the Christ Child. Can’t get much better company than that.

    This was cathartic. I am slowly rallying after the Newtown massacre.


  14. ZurichMike says:

    Turn up volume. Triumphal and uplifting.


  15. ReginasZooWorld says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Jingle Bells
    Favorite Christmas Song ? Mary Did You Know
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Mariah Carey
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Honey Baked Ham, Baked Mac-N-Cheese, Warm Yeast Rolls, Candied Yams and Green Bean Casserole…with a big glass of sweat tea
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? A Pogo Stick…man I loved that thing
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? Two pet Rats (Bianca & Nibbles) I just finished putting their cage together. The are absolutely adorable. A Dumbo and a Hairless Albino
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? I gave my mentally disabled sister a lap top last year so she could chat with her friends online and not feel so lonely (She suffers from Depression and schizophrenia) I’m not sure which of us cried the most…it was magical.
    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?

    God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Remember that as you celebrate the birth of Jesus this year. Keep Christmas in your heart and good things will come. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS !!


    • ZurichMike says:

      Laptops, iPads, and other touch-screen gadgets have opened the world for many who are mentally or even socially challenged. A really REALLY good use of technology. Well done!


  16. ackbarsays says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Oh Come, All Ye Faithful
    Favorite Christmas Song ? All I Want for Christmas is You
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Michael Buble
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? A Christmas Story
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Lasagna (yes, I know it’s weird)
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? A 3-wheeler (joint gift to my brother and me from our parents)
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? New washer and dryer
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? Last year, I gave my son a trip to Oregon football camp

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this? Call me maybe…


  17. eweturn says:

    Favorite Christmas Movie ?
    Lethal Weapon


  18. caruhsel says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol
    Rudolph the Red….

    Favorite Christmas Song
    Silent NIGHT

    Favorite Christmas Singers
    My daughter – and – Andrea Bocelli

    Favorite Christmas Movie
    Miracle On 48th Street

    Favorite Christmas Meal ?
    Mom’s… Ham, Turkey cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes,
    pumpkin pie – and a list of sides too many to mention

    Most memorable present rec’d as child ?
    Pink Bicycle

    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ?
    A story from the limbs of The Conservative Treehouse,
    Just the right words, just when I needed them most.

    Best time you ever had giving gift ?
    Every gift for my family

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?


    You will be in our prayers,


  19. maggiemoowho says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol – Welcome Christmas
    Favorite Christmas Song – Dominic the Donkey and Mary’s Boy Child
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group – The Carpenters
    Favorite Christmas Movie – Nutcracker
    Favorite Christmas Meal – Turkey, sweet potatos, Califlower w/cheese and apple turnovers
    Most memorable present rec’d as child – Ice Bird Snow Cone maker/shaver, Snoopy electric toothbrush and my first pair of Riedell Rollerskates. (that was a good year)
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult – Now that we live far away from our families, just getting together and seeing everyone is the best present.
    Best time you ever had giving gift – Instead of buying gifts for each other my husband and I donate Kuranda Beds and supplies to different animal shelters. It is always a good feeling helping animals in need. So many need homes.

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this? I would tell them to Celebrate the birth of Christ and make some new Christmas Traditions that they can enjoy each year.

    Merry Christmas


  20. Menagerie says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? O Holy Night
    Favorite Christmas Song ?Baby Please Come Home by U2
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Dean Martin
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? White Christmas
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Ham, turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, about a half dozen other vegetable dishes, home made bread or rolls, and finish it off with derby pie.
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? Secret Sam
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? “I owe you” back rub coupons from my son as a child.
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? The year Bill Elliot began driving for McDonalds, my sons and I went to Dawsonville to Elliot’s shop and bought tee shirts and hats for my husband that no one else had yet. It was 2 days before Christmas, we spent all the money we had, and we sang carols most of the way. They were young teenagers and preteens, and we had a fine time driving those old mountain roads, excited to be making the trip and getting special presents. Several years later, we bought him a one day Richard Petty Driving Experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Bought it a month or two ahead of Christmas, and we just about died keeping that secret. 😀

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this?
    Oh how I wish you were with loved ones, sharing the joy that love brings. But one of my finest, most joyful Christmas memories comes from a sad time, spent mostly alone. My father was dying, and I was exhausted and hurting. We cancelled our usual trip to midnight mass with our young sons. At the last minute, I decided to go alone, to a different parish where I was a stranger. As the bells rang at midnight, my heart burst with joy, hope, and I realized that Christmas had come, without my usual attention to presents, wrapping, cooking and decorating. Where I had thought Christmas would pass us by, because I had no time for anything but presents for my boys, I found the Grinch was right. It came without boxes, ribbons or bows. Never did I understand the gift of the birth of Christ more than I did that year. I always remember those who are alone, and perhaps far from home, on Christmas, and pray for those who face that loneliness. A few times we have been blessed to share our home and meal with others my sons brought home for Christmas, and it was a special gift. God bless and keep you, and know there are those of us out here reaching out to you in spirit and prayer. Merry Christmas to you.


  21. Favorite Christmas Carol ? “O Holy Night”
    Favorite Christmas Song ? “We Need a little Christmas”
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Frank Sinatra
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? “It’s a Wonderful Life”
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? honey glazed spiral ham sandwich on rye, with spicy brown mustard
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? E.T.
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? salt and pepper shakers shaped like our youngest dog, shown to me by Em the night she bought them, even though are for this year (she couldn’t wait)
    Best time you ever had giving gift: The Christmas I had the idea to pay for my parent’s cable/internet bill for a full year. My stepdad (who I called Dad) was such a worrier about money and he talked a LOT about how they needed those services but he just thought it was too expensive. Got all the sibs to chip in and we wrapped up a letter in a pretty box. He read it and looked at us with tears in his eyes.

    What would I say to someone alone? Just that if you are reading this, you are not really alone. We’re here.


  22. tara says:

    I have some old Firestone Christmas albums and there are two songs that always touch my heart when I hear them, Dorothy Kirsten (opera singer) singing I Wonder As I Wander and Julie Andrews singing the Wexford Carol.

    Someone put these things on YouTube, not the best recordings:

    Anyone else a fan of those old Firestone albums?


  23. Y’all are making me cry…had no idea how much I needed this thread.


  24. Auntie Lib says:

    Favorite Christmas Carol ? Mary Did You Know?
    Favorite Christmas Song ? Ave Maria (every version)
    Favorite Christmas Singer or Group ? Il Divo & Celtic Woman
    Favorite Christmas Movie ? The Muppets’ Christmas Carol
    Favorite Christmas Meal ? Shrimp cocktail, prime rib, leg of lamb, green rice, Christmas salad, pumpkin cheesecake.
    Most memorable present rec’d as child ? Books. Lots of books.
    Most memorable present rec’d as adult ? More books. Oh, and my MacBook Air last year.
    Best time you ever had giving gift ? Taking the family to DisneyWorld in 1983.

    Lastly, what would you say to someone alone for Christmas and reading this? If you’re anywhere in the neighborhood – c’mon over – we always have room for one more!


  25. czarowniczy says:

    Favorite Christmas carol: most any old Gregorian carols. To me they were per-commercial and at the heart of what Christmas is about
    Favorite Christmas song: Sorry, it’s ‘Santa and his Reindeer Used to Live Right Here” by Bennie Grunch. Can’t explain it if you don’t know New Orleans
    Favorite Group: Oxford’s Children’s Choir
    Favorite movie: hands down, White Christmas
    Favorite Christmas meal: anyone with family at the table
    Most memorable..present…child: Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun
    Most memorable present…adult: my first son, born on 20 December while I was in training for first deployment to Vietnam
    Best time giving gift: I was working a late shift on the PD on Christmas Eve and didn’t get off until about 8 PM. The department had a Santa they’d used to distribute gifts to kids and I was sitting down having coffee with him and talking about how we’d delayed opening presents until I got home. He volunteered to go to our house with us and hand out the presents to our kids,. Our kids were wide-eyed and still remember when Dad brought Santa home on Christmas Eve.

    There are worse places and worse times to be alone. Not everyone’s having a Hollywood Christmas, and there are plenty of really unfortunate people out there relying on the kindness of strangers to make it through the 25th. You can go out with them, volunteer your services or just sit and enjoy living in the first country in history to give its citizens endless opportunities to start over and get to a better place.


  26. stellap says:

    Also posted this on the open thread – it is so cute!


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